OLTL Update Thursday 11/19/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/19/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Blair tells Dorian she has what might be “good news” for her. Hearing that, Dorian tells Blair she could sure use some good news after the devastating blow of losing the mayoral election to Viki. Blair then informs her aunt that Todd was with her and they were about to make love. Hearing that, Dorian tells her niece she does not want to know the details of that and it’s definitely not “good news”. Blair then informs her aunt that it did not happen because she could clearly see that Todd has Téa on the brain and he is now in the process of going to look for her in Seattle. Hearing that, Dorian remarks that it’s great news for her that her niece is done with Todd Manning for good. But she can clearly see that Blair is not ok with losing the man she loves.

Right then, Todd goes to the Seattle hospital in search of Téa. From inside Matthew’s hospital room, Rachel overhears him and knows she better not let him near his daughter, observing that Dani is standing right beside her. She goes and asks Todd what he is doing. He admits that he is looking for Téa and asks Rachel if she has seen her. Todd also notices that Rachel is closing the door to a room and preventing Todd from “finding” something or somebody.

Right then, Ross finds Téa in her hotel room and demands to know where “his” daughter is.

Jessica and Brody go to see Mitch Laurence in his jail cell. Brody asks her if she is really ready for this. When Mitch sees his “daughter”, he tells her he knew that she would come and find him. Jessica observes her “father” and is horrified.

Bo and Nora return to Llanview. They offer their condolences to Clint for losing his son in law. He tells them that everybody has been distraught. But he’s glad they are both there. They then realize that Clint hasn’t a clue what they have just decided and they haven’t a clue how to let him know at a time like this.

Natalie goes to John’s apartment. When he answers the door, she hauls off and smacks him rally hard. She tells him that he is responsible for her husband’s death. He killed Jared..

Dorian asks Blair to just tell her what happened noticing her niece is upset to have turned Todd away. Blair tells her aunt that she just looked at Todd and could tell it was over between them. He only wants Téa.

When Rachel sees Todd in the Seattle hospital, she tells him that she just wanted to make certain that her brother is ok after surgery. He’s in that room and needs his rest. He asks her why she is worried if Matthew is going to be ok and if Téa might be nearby. He knows that that Téa represented Matthew and enabled him to have his surgery even though his parents wanted to prevent it. She tells him she has not seen Téa. She’s not there.

Inside Matthew’s room, Dani tells him that her mother had some sort of “secret” about her father. And it sounded very weird and as though he’s not the man she’s always know, Ross Rayburn. Matthew sounds intrigued to hear that.

Téa is ready to go out the door. But Ross physically restrains her and tells her she better tell him where Dani is.

Clint informs Bo and Nora that Viki informed him that Charlie almost strangled Mitch Laurence. Brody and John were going to let him. He’s very upset and resting. So, he asks Bo, how they bring Mitch Laurence to justice. Bo tells his brother that the Napa cops told him and John that the Llanview police department can’t do anything. He is under their justification since the murders of Pamela Stewart and Wayne Landers were there and not here. Clint intensely tells them that he hopes that Mitch Laurence dies in prison so that they will be rid of that son of a bitch once and for all.

In Mitch’s jail cell, he tells Jessica and Brody, in a calm and unemotional tone that he assumes that they will bury Jared and have a proper funeral for him. Jessica tells him that she hopes he burns in hell for what he did to her husband and to Natalie’s husband and all the evil he has done.

Natalie screams at John about how he wanted to believe that Jared was guilty. He forced her husband to run and be desperate. So Jared had no choice except to put himself in a dangerous position and get himself killed. She cries and tells John that he made her doubt her husband. And now he’s dead. She tells John that she was the person who Jared could depend on and the person whom he thought would always believe in him. And she let him down because of John. John mad her doubt Jared. And he knew it. Jared could see it. She cries and tells John that she broke Jared’s heart. And she physically attacks John until he holds her head in his arms while she sobs uncontrollably. Natalie tells John he better not give her his famous silent treatment. Isn’t he going to tell her that the investigation was strictly by the book? He may go ahead and tells her that there was nothing he could do to save Jared. She dares him. But John admits that she is right. He should have done things differently. And that way, Jared might still be alive.

Brody urges Jessica not to let Mitch twist her words around. Mitch asks her what she is doing there. Does she want absolution? He forgives her for attempting to kill her own father. But she tells him that he is not her father.

Nora asks Clint if Jessica came back with him. He replies no. She had to stay back in Llanview. Mitch had to terrorize Jessica by digging up Nash’s remains. Hearing that, Nora tells her “husband’ that that is hideous. He then tells BO and Nora that he’s sorry. He didn’t even ask them about Mathew.. HE knows that they have good news and asks how his Nephew and step son is doing. They tell him that Dr. Evans successfully completely the surgery and Matthew is likely to walk again soon. Clint tells them he’s so happy for them and loves Matthew. Bo also informs his brother that Matthew was going to demand that they let him attend Jared’s funeral because he was really close to him. Clint then tells them that their son is a wonderful kid and they should be proud of how they have raised him. He then tells them that maybe he needs to go and check on Natalie. He thanks them both for coming back there and tells them it means the world to him that they are there for him. He then tells them he loves them both so much. Hearing that, they are silent not knowing how to react to that.

Ross tells Téa that she must know that he has never laid a hand on Dani. Why would she want to “protect” her from her father? But she tells him that Dani is not a little girl anymore. She’s practically an adult. Ross has broken the law and had trouble controlling his temper. But he protests that Dani does not make him angry and treat him like an idiot the way she does. And he knows that Téa is using Dani in order to punish him. But she tells him that all she is doing is trying to take care of “her” daughter.

Dani tells Matthew she is wonders why her mom is preventing her from seeing her dad. She’s afraid that her dad might think she doesn’t love him anymore. Hearing that, Matthew tells her that for what it’s worth, he thought her mom was pretty cool. Maybe there’s a good explanation for what she is doing. And he remembers when his mom had serious problems with his dad.

Outside, Rachel guards the door from Todd. He tells her that he thinks she is hiding something from him. She tells him she just doesn’t want him disturbing her brother. Assuming Téa is behind the door, Todd smirks and tells Rachel she cannot prevent him from going in there. Greg then appears and tells Todd that he can prevent him from entering Matthew’s room.

After Clint has left them alone, Nora tells Bo that she doesn’t know what to do. She has never seen Clint as wrecked as he is now. But before they have a chance to talk privately, Clint enters and tells them that Natalie is gone.

Natalie tells John about how she feels responsible for Jared’s death. She cries. John holds her in his arms.

Mitch tells Jessica he is her father and knows that part of her loves him. She tells him that that is so not true. He tells her he remembers when she thought she killed him, how consumed with guilt she was. He tells her that she tried to be so strong when in reality she is like spun glass. And he knows she is not always “herself”. Hearing that, Brody yells at Mitch to back off. He tells Jessica he knows she wants to believe that there is something human in Mitch, that there is a conscience or a soul but there is not. Mitch then tells Brody that he knows about Brody’s own issues with “insanity”.

Blair tells Dorian that she tried every trick in the book to get Todd to turn his back on Téa. But it didn’t work. Dorian then reflects that Cramer women are nothing if not resourceful. Blair tells her aunt that she can see that Téa has a daughter with Todd and she’s very worried that when he finds that out, it will bring them together forever.

In the Seattle hospital, Todd tells Rachel and Greg that he is merely looking for Téa Delgado. Greg tells Todd that Téa was there for a while but has left. Todd then asks Rachel why she told him a different story and why she is so hell bent on preventing him from entering that room.

Ross asks Téa if she does not realize that he was there for Dani just like she was throughout Dani’s life. From day one when she was born, he took care of her and she ‘his” daughter also. Realizing that Ross did take care of Dani and they did have a relationship, Téa cries and tells him she is sorry. He then urges her to tell him where she is. She then decides that she will.. But he must really listen to what she will say. He then asks her what she expects from him. He is tired of “begging for table scraps” and being dependent upon whatever Téa decides. Dani is his daughter too, he protests. But in response to that, Téa cries and tells Ross that is exactly what her point is. She is not his daughter.

While Clint is very agitated to notice Natalie gone and telling Bo that they better put an APB on her, he gets a call from John informing him that Natalie is with him. He then gets off the phone and apologizes to Nora and Bo for “losing it’. But they assure him that he has every right to be upset when his family is in danger. They both assure him that they will be there for him and they will all get through this together.

John lets Natalie stay with him. He informs her that he called her father. She then thanks him for his help and apologizes for hitting him and going off on him. She tells him that none of this is his fault. It’s all her fault. She deliberately lied to John and threw him off of Jared’s track. She did exactly what Mitch wanted her to do. She could have at least called John to inform him where she and Jessica were doing. But she didn’t tell him because she was afraid. And John was right.. She was not ready to face her suspicions about Jared. SO she kept John in the dark. And she ended up getting Jared killed. Her husband is dead because of her. She cries uncontrollably again and leans on the floor. John comforts her and tells her it’s not her fault. He tells her that Mitch Laurence has played all of them

Mitch tells Brody that he hopes he did not “touch a nerve” bringing up Brody’s court ordered stay at St. Anne’s. Hearing that, Jessica protests that Brody was a war hero. Mitch tells them that he knows that Brody kidnapped a 10 year old child, took him to Llantano Mountain and almost got Rex Balsam killed. Brody then tells Mitch he knows that he did that. He completely lost it and is so grateful that Jessica was there for him. She helped him and was his angel of mercy and is the love of his life. And he knows that Mitch is a soulless bastard who does not care about anybody or anything. Mitch then reminds them that whatever they say, Jessica will always be his daughter. He tells her that they will be together. If not in this world, in the next.

Todd tells Rachel and Greg that he knows that they are lying and not telling him where Téa is. He tells Rachel he gets that she and Téa are friends and she may want to protect Téa from him. But he just wanted to make certain that she is ok. He was a little worried when he called her and she sounded weird on the phone and has flown across the country to talk to her and realize that he may have made a serious mistake by distrusting her. He just wants to talk to Téa and find out what is going on.. Rachel then goes and privately leaves a message for Téa while Téa is ready to “spill the beans” to Ross. She makes certain she is not overheard when she informs Téa that Todd Manning is right there at the hospital. And she doesn’t know what to tell him.

Right then, Téa admits to Ross that when she was pregnant, it was with Todd Manning’s baby and not his.

Clint tells Bo and Nora that he wants to stay at Viki’s until Natalie is back and asks Nora if she will stay with him. She tells him of course she will. Bo and Nora go off alone not certain what to say or do.

Blair admits to Dorian that she found out that Todd and Téa have a daughter together when Marty hypnotized her. And as soon as that happened, she decided she would not tell a soul including Todd. And she thought that the chips may fall where they may. Hearing that, Dorian concludes that Cramer women do not give up without a fight. Blair then tells her aunt that this Cramer woman is tired of fighting a losing battle.

When Daniella tells Matthew she knows that her mother will take her away again, she tells him she really enjoyed meeting him and has had fun for the first time in a long time. Outside in the hallway, Rachel returns after leaving the message for Téa and is not certain what to tell Todd.

Téa tells Ross that the time when she as afraid to leave Todd on the island, she had sex with him. It was the only time it happened then. But right then, she realized that he wanted Blair so she gave up on him. And at that time, she didn’t even know she was pregnant until after she was married to Ross. She believed the whole while that Daniella was his daughter. She was committed to Ross and ready to forget about Todd. But little did she know that Dani was not Ross’s daughter. Ross protests that Dani is his daughter. But she cries and tells Ross that she is not. And she has proof of that.

Nora follows Bo out the door when he leaves Viki’s. He tells her that he will tell her when he finds out the verdict of Mitch Laurence. She tells him she is still afraid of what will happen and how they break the news to Clint. He assures her that they will get though all of this together.

Natalie sits with John wrapped in a blanket. She tells him she’s afraid to go home and sleep in the bedroom. It’s like Jared is still there. He then tells her she can stay with him as long as she wants. And he holds her.

Jessica tells Mitch that if he ever gets out of prison and comes near her or her family….And Brody finishes that sentences by telling Mitch he will kill him. Brody and Jessica then walk away. And Mitch yells to Jessica that he ill always be her father and she can’t escape that.

Téa gives Ross the results of the paternity test. She admits that she had Todd’s DNA tested against Dani’s. And that is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that Todd Manning is Daniella’s father.

Dani then tells Matthew that the next time they see each other, he will be walking. In response to that, he tells her no. He will be surfing.

While Blair lies down discouraged about Todd and Téa, Dorian tells her niece she knows that she cannot give up. Why does Blair assume that Todd will want to stay with Téa when he finds out they have a child together? Won’t he be furious when he finds out she lied to him about his child? And he might come back to Blair. Blair then admits to her aunt that whether either of them like it or not, she loves Todd Manning and is afraid to lose him.

At the hospital, Todd yells to Téa. Greg and Rachel attempt to get him to shut up. Dani then comes out of Matthew’s room and tells this “strange man” that he is talking too loud and needs to keep it down in a hospital. Todd smirks at her and asks who she is. She stares at him and asks who he is.

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