OLTL Update Tuesday 11/17/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/17/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Clint is on the phone with Jessica. They are both worried about Natalie now that Jared has been killed and the horrifying shock that Mitch Laurence is still alive. He admits to his daughter that he has not been able to reach Nora as she is not answering her phone.

Meanwhile we see Nora and Bo “busy” and happily together with the good news that their son may walk very soon.

At the hospital, Daniella and Téa are inquiring about Matthew. Right then, Rachel observes them and asks Téa what she’s doing there and who this girl whom she’s never met it. Téa then introduces Matthew’s sister to her daughter.

Todd and Blair enter Rodi’s together. She talks about how Ross is having issues and she has a dilemma on what to do with him. Todd smirks. Right then, we see a guy hidden behind a newspaper wearing a hat to make himself unnoticeable. It’s Ross noticing them unseen.

While Schuyler works at Rodi’s, Roxy enters. He knows that he has seen Rex very upset about something and assumes the reason is that Roxy ratted him and Gigi out to her son.

Rex returns home. Gigi can tell he has something on his mind yet has no idea that it is regarding finding out that Mitch Laurence is his father. Assuming that he has heard that she spent the night with Schuyler, she tells him he must listen, let her explain, believe her and realize it’s “not what he thinks”.

At Rodi’s, Roxy firmly tells Schuyler that he is completely mistaken if he assumes that she told Rex that he was with Gigi. She and her son both have far more important things to worry about than that and she has far greater concerns for her son’s well being at this point than to get into things like that.

Rex assumes that Gigi must have heard about his real father. He tells her that all the times he’s asked Roxy about “something”, she’d lie or clam up. And he spits out to Gigi that he has now found out whom his father is. He is a guy named Mitch Laurence.

At the greenhouse, after Charlie is ready to strangle Mitch, Viki follows her husband and attempts to break it up. Mitch tells Charlie that he must know that Jared threatened Mitch many times. And even though Charlie protests that his son is not a violent person, it didn’t stop Charlie from murdering Jared’s step father. Mitch reflects that he has never believed that nurture can supersede nature. He knows that a child will grow up just like his or her parents.

Rachel informs Téa and Daniella that things might be “better than expected” for Mathew. Dani then asks if she can see him. But she wants to find out how it is that Matthew’s sister is her mom’s friend. And she wants to ask Rachel if she knows some answers about her mom.

At Rodi’s, Todd tells Blair that he remembers before John McBain owned the place. They reminisce about old times. And he asks her what is really the issue behind having him leave when Ross might reappear. Is she afraid to see Ross again? Or is she afraid of Todd going alone to find Téa?

Bo admits to Nora that he does not want to leave. They end up kissing and look like they will sleep together. They keep their clothes on and kiss. But they pull away and conclude that they cannot do this to Clint.

At the hospital, a nurse asks Clint what he would authorize to be done with his son in law’s body and tells him they are very sorry about his loss. He thanks her but does not appear comfortable with the present situation.

Stacy and Kim appear at Rodi’s and tell Roxy and Schuyler that they could see that Gigi got drunk and didn’t want to deal with seeing the sonogram.

At Gigi’s home, she tells Rex that she has heard bits and pieces of Mitch Laurence who was a phony preacher. He fills her in on the details about how Viki Davidson (now Banks) had DID years ago and he brain-washed her along with Roxy and many other people about the time Rex was born. She then asks Rex if he is really certain that Roxy knew what she was talking about in confirming that Mitch is his father. He tells her that he has proof that she is not just yanking his chain. He shows Gigi his birth certificate along with a “souvenir” in case Shane wants something from his “dear old grand dad”. He then shows her the emblem that Roxy took from Mitch that got into Corrine’s possession that Corrine gave to Rex. Gigi asks Rex if he found out all about this when he went to Michigan. She tells Rex that at least they can be relieved that Mitch is dead. But Rex tells her it does not change the fact that Mitch is his father.

At the greenhouse, Mitch taunts John and Brody reminding them that they are police officers and must arrest this man who is a murderer. Charlie screams at Mitch for killing his son. Brody tells Charlie that this man is not worth getting upset over. Mitch then looks at Viki and asks her why she is ignoring the father of her beautiful daughter.

At the hospital, Téa privately tells Rachel that she is worried what will happen when Todd finds out that he has a daughter. Now that Dani has met many people and has gotten out of the boarding school, it will only be a matter of time before she finds out that Ross is not her father.

At Rodi’s, Todd is on the phone asking his contacts where Téa is. They know that she is at Seattle General but have to explanation why she’s there. Right then, Blair finds Ross. They meet secretly. He reminds her that he thought that they had a deal where he would not tell Todd about “his" (Ross's) daughter, if Blair helps him find her. He knows that Blair might have a clue where she is. She better tell him or he will help Todd find Téa.

Viki tells Mitch that he is better off dead. He tells her she must know who she married. Charlie is a drunk, a worthless father, a murderer. And he let his own son bear the burden of his sin. Mitch then screams to Viki that she thinks that he (Mitch) is evil. He tells her that compared to Charlie Banks, he is a saint. She then tells Mitch he better not ever say her husband’s name again.

Gigi acknowledges that Mitch is Rex’s biological father and suggests maybe he doesn’t need to let that ruin his life. But Rex reminds her that she must know that Mitch is a murderer, socio-path and rapist. The only good thing he put on this earth is Jessica. After finding that out for the first time, Gigi is very surprised that Jessica is Rex’s sister and Shane’s aunt. Gigi tells Rex she always thought that Clint Buchanan was Jessica’s real father. Rex tells her that most people believe that as Jessica doesn’t like to talk about her “real dad”. And he tells her that he is not ok with the fact that Mitch Laurence’s blood is in him and in Shane. How is he supposed to “make peace” with that?

Bo and Nora order a pizza and talk about how it was good that they didn’t “lose their heads” although they both acknowledge that they wanted to. She tells him that they can’t drop the bombshell upon Clint right now with all that has happened regarding Jessica and Natalie. But when it all settles, she must tell him that she and Clint are through. Bo then suggests that they touch base with some happy family members. She smiles remembering that they have a lot to be grateful regarding Matthew. Right then, Nora calls Rachel who reports that things look good. But when Nora sees her cell phone log, she notices that Clint has tried to reach her many times and she hasn’t answered.

At the hospital when Rachel is talking to Téa, Dani goes into her mother’s purse assuming Téa must have Ross’s number somewhere

At Rodi’s, Ross reminds Blair that she told him she thought that when Todd finds out about Danielle, he will “feel sorry” for Téa and help her hide “Ross’s” daughter. And Blair does not want that to happen. Blair reminds him that Todd is “this close” to taking Téa back. He then urges Blair to tell him where Dani is. Blair can get Todd back. Ross can get his daughter back and everybody can “be happy”. Blair then informs Ross that last she heard, “his” daughter was in Seattle.

While Dani is alone looking for Ross’s number on Téa’s phone, a call comes in from Todd. Dani answers it and it appears both she and Todd are baffled to hear each other’s voices and do not know how to respond.

Gigi tells Rex he must listen very carefully to her. Finding out who his biological father is does not change who he is. He is still the man she loves and Shane’s father. But he argues that he cannot ignore that he is also Mitch Laurence’s father. And he reflects that many of the wrong doings he’s done in his life might have something to do with his biology. She then shows him the sonogram that Stacy gave her. She tells him that this child who will be born soon and whom he will love has Stacy Morasco for a mother. But does it make the child any less perfect? She tells Rex that he must forget about Mitch and about all the other negative circumstances in his life.

At Rodi’s, Kim tells Stacy that she has been contacting Clint Buchanan who may be married to the D.A. But his new wife is so wrapped up in her son and ex husband that she has no time for her husband. So Clint will be easy pray for her (Kim).

Nora manages to call Clint. She informs him that everything is great. Matthew came out of surgery and will probably walk again. He tells her that’s great. But she can tell from Clint’s voice that he is not ok. She then asks if Natalie and Jessica are ok and if they found them and found Jared. He tells her that he found both of his daughters. But Jared is dead.

Blair suggests that Ross tells Téa that he wants her so that Todd gives up on her and she gives up on Todd.

At the Seattle hospital, Téa comes in to notice Dani on her phone when Todd has called and she snatches it out of her daughter’s hand before Dani and Todd have a chance to “meet”. She asks Todd why he would call and want to check up on her after he’s thrown her out of his house and declared that he hates her. Todd then clarifies that he does not hate her. But he reminds her that she never told him the specifics of the “big secret” involving Ross. She does not answer that question. Todd tells her he may not be a genius lawyer but he’s not stupid. So she needs to tell him what is going on. She then attempts to answer the question. But Blair snatches Todd’s phone out of his hand to confront Téa. She tells Téa that she has done enough damage. She’s ruined Todd’s life, tried to scam him out of his money and she needs to give it up. She makes certain that Todd hears her “acknowledge” that she knows that Téa and Ross were going to scam Todd. Todd then tells Blair that she had no right to do that. She asks him what kind of nerve Téa has to call him after what she did. Todd clarifies to Blair that Téa did not call him. He called her. Hearing that, Blair is very unsettled to know that Todd has had a chance to talk to Téa.

After Rex informs Gig that Mitch is his father, he remembers that when he first came in the door, it appeared there was something she was going to tell him. He asks her what that was. She is not certain how to explain that.

At Rodi’s, Roxy tells Schuyler that she and Rex have a problem that has “resurfaced”. Hearing that, he concludes that it sounds that they are talking about something other than Gigi and Rex.

At the table not far away, Kim shows Stacy her fake resume to make it appear as though she’s had work experience beyond being a pole dancer that she will submit to Buchanan Enterprises so they will hire her and she can put her claws into Clint. Stacy is very impressed but asks Kim if she rally believes that she can successfully pull this off.

When Nora calls Clint and Bo stands beside her, she is shocked to find out that Jared has been killed and asks Clint just what happened. Bo is shocked to overhear. Clint hesitates to tell her just what happened.

At the greenhouse, Charlie tells Viki that maybe Mitch is right that he (Charlie) killed his son. She tells her husband he cannot listen to a word Mitch says nor believe that any of this is his fault. But Charlie tells her that he just found out that he killed a man and did not know that. Right then, some local cops come in to talk to John and Brody about Mitch Laurence. The detective gives John his ID. He tells John that Mitch committed these crimes in Napa, CA and not in Llanview, PA. So Mitch is not going back to Llanview. This case belongs to the Napa police department.

At Rodi's’, Stacy tells Kim now that she has Clint Buchanan figured out, what about Stacy and Rex? Kim tells Stacy she must trust her. She has a plan for that.

Roxy reveals to Schuyler that she’s worried that her son will spread a “secret” all around. But she won’t tell him the nature of the secret.

Gigi concludes to Rex that what she wanted to tell him is regardless of who’s son he is, he is a great guy. He’s a great dad to Shane and will be a great dad to his new baby. He kisses her and tells her she’s not too bad herself.

The Napa cops tell John that Mitch Laurence is not in John’s jurisdiction. They will handle the whole situation and John must stay out of it.

On the phone, after finding out the devastating news, Nora tells Clint she is so sorry. She tells Bo she cannot understand how something like this could happen to Jared. Clint did not say. Jared is such a young guy. And he is dead.

At the hospital, when Dani notices Todd Manning’s name on her mother’s phone, she asks if “that Todd guy” was the one whom Téa was seeing in Llanview (without any knowledge that her mother married Todd), and who broke up her mom and “daddy” Hearing that, Téa walks away and asks her daughter why she would think that. Téa tells her daughter that Todd is a client. Daniella then concludes that’s good. She would hate to think of her mother with somebody “that gross”. Right then, Daniella leaves and Rachel enters. Rachel asks Téa what happened. Téa tells Rachel that Daniella was just on the phone with her own father. She was so ready to tell them both the truth. But something “stopped” her.

While Todd is alone at Rodi’s, while Blair is with Todd, he has his mind “elsewhere”. He dances with Blair. But he sees Téa and has only Téa on the brain.

At the Seattle hospital, Téa stares at her phone with Todd’s call and doesn’t know what to say or do.

Bo is alone with Nora after they’ve finished their pizza. They are both worried about Clint losing his son in law and not certain what to do.

At the hospital, Clint is all alone and not looking like he’s ok.

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