OLTL Update Monday 11/16/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/16/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

The doctor announces the grim news that Jared has died on the operating table. Both Natalie and Charlie are hysterical and distraught. She cries uncontrollably. Clint holds his daughter and tells her she must go on. She can’t accept that this has happened.

Dorian sits impatiently at Buenos Dias with Starr, Cole, Langston, Markko and Amelia. They are reading the Sun that it’s an extremely close race between her and Viki for mayor. She gets a call form the election committee. Everybody wants to know who the winner is. Destiny and Shaun walk in and she urges him to try to persuade Greg to get to Seattle before it’s too late and Matthew gets the surgery done by the inferior doctor.

Meanwhile, when Bo and Nora rush to the Seattle hospital, Dr. Nance announces he is sorry. He assures them that Matthew is okay. No further damage has been done. When he started the surgery, he realized that he really couldn’t continue without risking further injury. He tells them that, maybe, they should convince Matthew that life in a wheelchair is better than no life at all. At that point, Nora appears relieved. Bo physically grabs a hold of his son’s doctor and tells him that he will make him pay for getting his son’s hopes up for nothing. He promised Matthew that he would be able to walk again. Matthew has his new sneakers and everything. He reminds Dr. Nance that Matthew will wake up and expect to put his shoes on and play basketball again. How could Dr. Nance do that to him? Right at that point, Greg rushes in and demands that they wait. Dr. Nance admits to Greg that he really didn’t know how to prevent further damage. Greg then asks him if it’s too late. Dr. Nance replies that he’s not going to do anything further because he knows he is not qualified. Greg asks if the other doctors will authorize him to scrub in and reinstate his privileges to do surgery at that hospital before it’s too late. It appears that Dr. Nance and the others have not prevented Greg from having that chance.

At Buenos Dias, Shaun tells Destiny that it’s no used to convince Greg to save Matthew. She must know that the man doesn’t care about anybody except himself.

Dorian and her family and friends all notice the election results. It appears that Viki has won by only one vote. She demands that they recount it. Amelia reminds her that they have already recounted three times, and the law won’t let them recount again. She then demands to know who the “one person” is who voted against her. Markko silently reveals that it was himself although he is not about to let her know.

Natalie tells her parents that sometimes doctors make mistakes. She was just talking to Jared a few minutes ago. He was going to be okay. They all tell her that she will have to say her goodbyes. Clint walks her away. Charlie cries and is devastated. Brody and Jessica are worried, and Brody tells the others he has to make a call to John. Natalie leans over her husband, sobbing and tells him he cannot die. He can’t let Mitch kill him.

While John is with Mitch, he gets a call from Brody who informs him that Jared didn’t make it. Natalie is distraught and fighting the truth. After hearing that, Mitch tells John that he (himself) won’t get charged with murdering John’s ex girlfriend’s husband. But John will.

Roxy asks Rex just who would have given him the idea that Mitch Laurence was his father. He replies his Aunt Corrine. She tells her son that Corinne doesn’t like her and would do anything to turn her son against her. Rex shows his mother the birth certificate that Corrine gave him that names Mitch as Rex’s father. When Roxy sees that, she opens her mouth in shock.

Natalie tells Jared that they are going to have many children together. But Charlie comes in and tells his daughter-in-law that they must know that Jared is gone. There is nothing they can do to bring him back. They both cry and he holds her in his arms.

Starr admits that she is really glad that her aunt Viki won the election. She realizes that it’s not good news for her other aunt, Dorian. Langston then tells her mother that she’s sure that nobody she knows and counts upon voted for Viki. Besides, being the mayor and kissing babies with runny noses might not be what she wants anyway. She did accomplish one very important goal, though. She helped to advocate gay marriage rights. Dorian is not going to take that without a fight and seems to know that somebody voted for Viki and is going to pay. Markko sits silently not knowing what to say.

At the Seattle hospital, Rachel fills her mother in on the information that she can thank Destiny for Greg’s change of heart to come and perform the surgery on Matthew. She begged him to get on the plane. She knew that any other doctor besides her big brother just wasn’t good enough. Bo tells her he hopes this wasn’t all for nothing. Rachel then assures him that this is Greg’s specialty and he has a lot riding on this.

After Natalie leaves Jared’s room and Viki enters, Charlie tells her that he thinks he just broke her heart and he needs a moment alone with his son. He then leans over his son’s bed, distraught crying, and affirming that it’s his fault that Jared is dead. He tells his son that he died trying to protect his father. Yet, Charlie was never there for his son when Jared was a child when all Charlie could do was crawl into a bottle. He gave Mitch Laurence a way to get to Jared. Why couldn’t he have died instead of his son? It’s his (Charlie’s) fault. He took his son away from the woman he loves and his future. He tells Jared he killed him just as if he’d pulled the trigger himself. Viki tries to console her husband but it’s of no use. Jessica and Brody are upset and worried.

Mitch tells John he happens to know that were it not for John’s wrong instincts, none of this would have happened. If he had just kept an open mind about Jared and not wanted to falsely accuse him of the crimes, he might not have died. He knows that Natalie will never forgive John of that. He knows that John will never forgive himself for that.

Roxy looks at the birth certificate that Rex got from Corinne. He tells her he knows that she must recognize it. Corinne got it from Mitch. Hearing that, Roxy asks how that could have been since Mitch Laurence has been dead for many years. He tells his mom that she can give it up. He knows better, so she can give it up. He tells his mother she may now tell him the truth. Was Mitch Laurence the guy in the clinic from whom she got the stem cells to save Shane? Rex demands to know if that son of a bitch is his father.

At the Seattle hospital, Nora tells Rachel she realizes her daughter believes it was wrong for her and Bo to take Matthew to London. She admits, maybe, that’s true. But they felt as though they’d run out of options. Matthew was so determined to stop at nothing in order to have the surgery. Rachel then tells her mom she gets it. She knows Nora was just trying to protect Matthew. Bo grimly says look where their “effort to protect” him got them. They practically locked Matthew up, yet, it didn’t prevent him from doing what he set out to do what they couldn’t accept in the first place.

At Buenos Dias, Dorian tells her daughter, her niece and their boyfriends that she is determined to find out whom the “Benedict Arnold is.” Hearing that, Markko protests that whoever it was, it was their right to choose. She tells him it’s her right to investigate. Markko again “protests” (while all the others are silent) that, maybe, he (or she) just changed their mind. Dorian then faces him and tells him she’s going to find that wishy washy flip flopper and make them pay. She walks away and Markko is spooked.

Roxy tells Rex that his “father” is dead so he may drop it. He tells her that regardless, it’s time to come clean and admit that Mitch Laurence is his father. He realizes why she may have felt she did what she had to do and not tell her son in order to protect him since Mitch Laurence is evil. But why had she lied and tell Rex that she killed his father? Roxy replies that Mitch is dead and out of their lives. Shane is going to be all right. Rex will never have to deal with that miserable son of a bitch again so why can’t he leave it alone? He tells her he can’t. She demands to know why. He tells her if Mitch Laurence is his father it changes everything. It means that Jessica is his sister. He can’t let it go.

At the hospital, Jessica cries and tells Brody she’s sorry she never told him about Mitch. She believed he was dead and put it out of her mind. Mitch Laurence is her biological father because of a tragic thing that happened to her mother many years ago. She didn’t find out about it until recently. The thought of it is more than she can deal with.

Back at the greenhouse, Mitch brilliantly recaps to John all that has happened and how John failed all the people he loves and who count on him to protect them.

Brody then tells Jessica that he needs to go and talk to John and see what has been done about Mitch.

Charlie tells Jared that he thought that now that he’d found him again, maybe he’d be able to make up for what happened in the past. He knows he failed his son before, but he won’t fail him again. He tells Jared that if he was capable of killing one person long ago, and he’s capable of doing it again. He won’t let Mitch Laurence live and get away with what he did.

Mitch Laurence tells John he knows how John has a need to protect everybody. When the system conspires against John, he carries the people’s deaths in his heart. He mentions how John failed Caitlin. He knows that John thinks he will get back with Natalie. Unless, of course, John lets her die too, he adds. At that point, John is ready to assault and kill Mitch. At that moment, Brody rushes in and urges John not to do it and to realize that Mitch is not worth it.

Charlie cries and tells Jared that he wishes there was some way for him to know how proud his son made him feel and how much he loves him. He knows he may have been a pretty rotten father. But Jared was the best. He kisses his son on the forehead and cries. He gets up to leave. He tells him he swears to him that Mitch Laurence is going to pay for this. He will make sure of that. Viki attempts to console her husband. Charlie goes off alone without telling her where he’s going.

Greg comes out of the OR. Bo and Nora ask him what the outcome is. He tells them with much medical technical jargon about the difficult endeavor he found and conquered in surgery. He’s pretty confident that Matthew will wake up and be able to start physical therapy and walk again just as he’d promised. At that point, Nora hugs him and cries. Bo asks if they may see him. Greg tells them that they can. Bo shakes Greg’s hand, thanks him and Bo and Nora rush into their son’s room. Rachel then sits by Greg and asks him if he really did it and how it feels to be back in the OR. He tells her that he could not have done it without Destiny. That girl’s faith in him is what inspired him. He owes Shaun for motivating him to get on the plane. He tells her that his brother is everything he has always wanted to be.

At Buenos Dias, Dorian attempts to “brainstorm” to Shaun and  Destiny about who might have been the Benedict Arnold who voted against her and enabled Viki to win. Shaun tells her that Destiny isn’t old enough to vote. Dorian should always know that he has her back. So both of them are “clean.” Destiny then tells Dorian that she has a message for her from David Vickers.

In the other room, Markko admits to Cole that he voted for Viki. Had he not, then Dorian might have won the election. It’s not so much the fact that he voted against Dorian that he has on his conscience. It’s that he lied to Langston by telling her he voted for her mom when he did not.

Destiny tells Dorian that she was with David when he watched her marrying Amelia on the television. Dorian is intrigued to hear that, assuming David has given up on her. Shaun reminds Dorian that she must know that David still has feelings for her. Yet, Destiny knows all too well of David’s dilemma with Dorian that is not unlike hers with Matthew.

Bo and Nora lean by Matthew’s bed when he awakens. He asks if the surgery was successful and if he will be able to walk again. They tell him it looks good. Dr. Evans told them he thinks things are looking good. Hearing that, Matthew admits he’s puzzled to hear that Dr. Evans did the surgery when he heard that Greg has given up on it. He tells his parents that whatever happens, he’s glad they are there.

At Buenos Dias, Destiny asks Dorian why she doesn’t call David. Dorian smirks and tells her if she did, it would probably go straight through to voicemail. She asks them to excuse her and attempt to find out who voted for her and who did not. Destiny then tells her brother that she has not yet heard from Greg.

At the hospital, Rachel tells Nora and Bo that she will stay there and wait until Matthew rests and they need to go and get some rest. Greg also tells them that they are not doing their son any good waiting around. They better go. "Doctor’s orders," he tells them.

When Brody goes to the greenhouse to see John ready to murder Mitch Laurence, he urges him not to do this and tells him it’s too easy. John then lets go of Mitch. Mitch “calmly and graciously” tells Brody he offers his condolences to Brody’s friend’s death. He hopes that Brody will let Jessica’s father spend time with his daughter. Before anybody can say anything, Charlie appears and asks what about his son.

Rex tells Roxy that he can’t believe that even she would have willingly slept with Mitch Laurence. He must have raped her. Roxy does not want to talk about it. Rex demands that she fesses up. She then admits that maybe she owes her son the truth.

At the hospital, Clint asks Natalie if she wants him and Jessica to come with her to say goodbye to Jared. She asks him to give her a few minutes. She then goes into Jared’s room acting as though he is alive and well and that they will have a future together. She reminisces about their time together when he first confessed he loved her. She was so relieved to find out they had the same feelings for each other and the same dreams to spend their lives together. There is one thing that she never told him that night, she admits. She made a wish that she would die before him because she knew she could never handle him dying. At that point, she leans over him and cries uncontrollably.

Langston talks to Markko and reflects that “somebody” voted against Dorian. He then admits that he voted for Viki Banks and not for Dorian Lord. Langston is very shocked and disappointed in her boyfriend for being the “swing vote” that let her mother down.

Shaun remarks to Destiny that that was a sweet thing she did by encouraging Dorian not to give up on David. He tells her he used to “believe in all of that” and reflects grimly on his own failed romance. At that moment, Destiny gets a call from Greg. She urges her brother to tell her that Matthew is okay. Greg then tells his sister she may see for herself from that “fancy phone” he bought her. He sends her a photo of Matthew on her cell phone. She smiles.

Bo and Nora go to a motel. He gets ready to leave and tells her he will be down the hallway. She smiles and encourages him to know that their son will be okay. He then asks her if she wants to dance. They dance and laugh and hold each other. Then they kiss. It looks like they are ready to sleep together. Nora’s phone is turned off when Clint calls her.

At the hospital, Jessica asks her father if Nora is still not picking up. He grimly replies no. He is not about to leave her a message that his son-in-law is dead and Mitch Laurence isn’t.

Rex asks Roxy if that is the big secret she’s been keeping from him all these years. Mitch Laurence is his father. She tells her son she is so sorry. He walks out of the building angrily.

At the greenhouse, Charlie pushes Mitch down on the ground and looks like he’s going to strangle him. John and Brody do not attempt to stop him.

When the doctors are ready to take Jared away, Natalie leans over her husband and cries uncontrollably. Viki, Jessica and Clint all stand beside her. 

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