OLTL Update Friday 11/13/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 11/13/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

While Jared gets rushed to the hospital and everybody is afraid he could die, we hear Mitch Laurence reciting the prayer about walking through the shadow of death. John and Mitch Laurence are both back at the greenhouse where Jared was shot. Mitch tells John it appears that he is a non-believer. John tells Mitch that is correct. He does not believe that people like Mitch have anything to do with God. At the hospital, Natalie screams that Jared must be okay. He cannot leave her.

Rex returns home and Shane runs to greet his father. They both know that Gigi is not there. Shane tells his father that he had a very interesting time attending a gay wedding with his Grandma Roxy. Hearing that, Rex asks what he just said. He heard nothing about it. Shane fills him in that several gay couples have gotten married including “Evelyn Evil’s” mom. She married a woman and is announcing that at her mayor election. Rex then asks what on earth could have happened regarding Dorian marrying a woman.

Gigi awakens terribly hung over at Schuyler’s home. She asks what happened the previous night. She reflects to him that the last thing she remembers was having no way to contact Rex and having Stacy shoving a sonogram in her face. When she called Rex, Corrine answered his phone and told Gigi that Rex did not want to speak to her. He lied about his aunt betting sick. She concluded that getting hammered was the best way to deal with that. She asks if maybe she “did something” with Schuyler. He assures her that did not happen. He has “rules.” At that point, she knows she must return to her son.

Bo and Nora rush to the hospital and demand that the doctors tell them where their son is. They tell Bo and Nora that Dr. Nance is in the process of doing the surgery. Bo and Nora protest that they did not allow for that to happen. The doctor reminds them that it’s too late. They know that Matthew has a court order to legally authorize the surgery without their permission. Not far away, Téa is looking for her daughter knowing that she is with Matthew. In the other room, Marcie is ready to deliver her baby. She is not ready and worried. The doctors tell her it’s time to give birth. Michael stands by her. They encourage her to push and have her baby.

Roxy is outside the hallway at Angel Square. She knows that Gigi has spent the night with Schuyler. She then pounds on Schuyler’s door after Gigi has left. She angrily tells him she knows what he did. He tried to snag her son’s girl.

When Rex notices that Gigi is not back soon, he asks Noelle and Shane were she is. Noelle tells him that Gigi had to get to work early. But he knows that that is not where she is. The bar does not open this early. Gigi enters and rushes in not exactly looking like she’s been working.

Danielle appears to see Téa and Ross. Her mother tells her that she does not have her permission to leave the boarding school. Dani tells her mother that she can go where she wants. She is there for Matthew.

Nora tells the doctor and hospital administrator that if they don’t end her son’s surgery, she will slap a lawsuit on them that they will regret. The hospital administrator tells Nora that she is very well informed about the law. They are within their legal rights to do this procedures on Nora’s son. If Nora does not calm down and stop threatening them , they can have her removed form the hospital. Nora then cries and asks Bo what they're going to do.

While Natalie is very worried about what will happen to Jared, Clint holds his daughter and tells her she must know that everything will be okay.

Back at the greenhouse in California, John tells Mitch Laurence he will charge him with the murder of Pamela Stewart. Mitch informs John that he did not kill her. Jared did. John asks why Jared would kill Pamela Stewart. Mitch replies that they will all find out soon.

At the Llanview hospital, Clint tells his daughter that he wanted to be there sooner but got held up in London with Nora after they found out that Matthew was missing. At that moment, the doctor comes out. Natalie and Jessica tell him that Jared must be all right. He cannot assure them of that yet, however.

Roxy tells Schuyler that she saw Gigi tiptoeing out of his apartment early this morning making certain not to be seen. He tells her that Gigi had too much to drink and had to sleep it off. But he did not sleep with her. He is not the type of guy who would do that. She asks why then he didn’t just take Gigi home after she was drinking. Schuyler explains that he did not want Shane to see her in that condition. Roxy then demands to know how this happened in the first place. Why Gigi is getting too drunk to be seen by her own kid. Schuyler then angrily tells Roxy she may ask her son that question. At that point, Roxy realizes that Rex has gone away and nobody knows where he is.

At Gigi’s home, Noelle takes Shane outside so that Rex and Gigi can talk alone. He notices that she smells like Tequila. She tells him that she spilled a bottle when she was working this morning. He asks her where she was. She tells him she tried to call him in Michigan. Corinne answered his phone and informed her that Rex was gone and didn’t want to see or hear from Gigi. He then tells her that he tried and failed to contact her. He needs to tell her the whole situation involving Corinne.

Mitch Laurence tells John that he won’t let Jared hurt poor Jessica and Natalie again.

The doctor tells Natalie, Jessica, Charlie and Viki that they removed the bullet from Jared and he will probably be okay. Viki asks if, maybe, his wife or father can see him. The doctor tells them they can see him but only one at a time. Charlie then tells Natalie that she may see Jared first. Charlie reflects that he has met Mitch Laurence for the first time.

Mitch tells John that it appears that John was telling the media that Jared was a “person of interest.” Yet, there were many secrets and mysteries that nobody could unravel about Jared. He tells John that anything he wants to know, he may ask Mitch and Mitch will tell him. Mitch tells John that knowing about Jared’s father, it’s not surprising that he would do the things he does. He knows all too well that the apple never falls far from the tree. Hearing that, John asks Mitch what he is talking about.

Natalie goes in to see Jared and tells him she knows he will be okay. Outside the room, Viki informs Charlie that, apparently, Mitch told the girls about how he coerced Jared to make them think that he (Jared) was responsible for the murders and many other things. Charlie tells her he knows about that. How could Jared have gotten through to that psycho? Viki replies to Charlie that it was through him (Charlie).

In Jared’s hospital room, he struggles to get up and tells Natalie he must talk to his father.

Charlie asks Viki what he would have to do with Mitch Laurence finding Jared. He doesn’t even know this Laurence guy. Viki then informs her husband that Mitch and Jared both seem to know that Charlie killed somebody.

Marcie is ready to give birth. She is very afraid that maybe she can’t have this baby. She thought she had six more weeks. It hurts so much, and she’s in so much pain. She’s worried about the baby. She cries. Michael holds her hands. She has another contraction and screams in pain. The doctors are very encouraged to help her to give birth and let her baby come out.

Roxy asks Schuyler if he is really blaming her son for what happened the previous night. He tells her that if he had been there for his woman, she would have been with him and not with Schuyler. Roxy tells him she can see that he wants Gigi.

Rex can see that Gigi is not okay and wants to comfort her. She then asks him to tell her from the beginning just what happened. He wants to kiss her and be intimate with her. She is hesitant knowing she’s hung over.

At the hospital, Téa approaches her daughter. Dani coldly asks her mother what she wants. Téa hands her a root beer and reminds her it’s her favorite. Dani reminds her mother that may have been the case when she was 10 years old. Téa then leaves her daughter alone. Ross comes by. She asks him what he wants. He tells her that he’d like to give her a good swift kick in the ass but knows that would be child abuse. She needs to go easy on her mother. Téa then goes in the room to meet with Nora. She admits that maybe she was wrong by encouraging Matthew to have the surgery. Nora tells her that if that is what she considers to be parental instincts, she cannot imagine what kind of a mother Téa would be to her daughter.

Mitch Laurence informs John that Jared Banks held him captive after he got out of prison. Jared, Jessica and Natalie threatened to kill him. But Mitch got a hold of his gun and used it for self-defense. John smirks and tells Mitch he knows of Mitch’s extensive rap sheet and nobody would buy that for a moment. Mitch tells John that he believes that the statute of limitations is on his side. He tells John that he knows what he is doing and he can outsmart John.

In Jared’s hospital room, Charlie talks to his son and tells him that he just needs to get better and not worry about anything else. Jared seems to remember that his father killed his stepfather. He knows that when Charlie was drunk once, he got violent with Jared’s stepfather. Charlie may not remember it. Jared admits that he hated himself and his mother for covering for Charlie. Mitch Laurence used that against him. Also, Wayne Landers got out of prison and used that to keep Jared in line. Charlie takes his son’s hand. Jared tells his father that he doesn’t want to lose him again after he finally got him back.

Charlie then comes out and tells Viki he absolutely does not remember what Jared speaks of, when he killed Jared’s stepfather. He must have blacked out.

At the Seattle hospital, Ross and Dani have a discussion about her mom. Téa and Nora are both worried about what will happen when Matthew has the surgery performed by Dr. Nance. Marcie is delivering her baby. Dani approaches Bo and Nora and shows them the shoes that Destiny gave to Matthew that she is keeping for him when he is walking again. They thank her and Nora cries in Bo’s arms. Téa approaches her daughter and tells her that, maybe, she should give Bo and Nora some space. Dani firmly tells her mom she is not leaving the hospital. Téa tells her she understands, but maybe they should give Bo and Nora some space.

Marcie and Michael get to hold their new baby. It’s a boy. They wonder what to name him. She considers Tommy. She tells him that she considered Gabriella if it was a girl. But why not Gabriel? At that moment, an informant comes to tell Bo and Nora that he has some bad news.

Gigi calls Schuyler and tells him that she really hopes that Rex doesn’t give him any grief. She didn’t tell him where she was the previous night. He informs her that he might find out soon. Roxy saw her (Gigi) leaving his apartment this morning. Meanwhile, Rex goes to talk to his mother. She assumes that he might have found out about Gigi and Schuyler. He has something else on his mind and angrily tells her she better save it. He has found out that his father is Mitch Laurence. Why didn’t she tell him?

While Michael is with Marcie and the baby, he gets a call from John and happily tells him he has a nephew named Gabriel.

While everybody believes that Jared will be okay, the doctor informs them that there was a bullet lodged near his heart that they did not find. Jared is dead. 

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