OLTL Update Thursday 11/12/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/12/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

John and Brody go to find Mitch Laurence right before he pulls a gun on Jared and shoots him. But there is a struggle.

While Bo and Nora are flying back to Llanview, they know that they have two very major situations to deal with. First of all, they have to tell Clint that she is breaking up with him and in love with Bo. Plus they have to deal with the fact that Matthew has escaped from the boarding school with the help of Téa’s daughter and is going to have the surgery with Dr. Nance in Seattle if they don’t get there first..

Right then, Matthew and Dani arrive at the hospital. He tells her that he expected to have the people he was closest to with him and it’s not the same.

Destiny returns home and goes to see her brother Shaun. She happily greets him and asks if he has talked to Greg, remembering the heroic act of Greg saving his brother’s life. But Shaun informs his sister that he is never speaking to Greg again.

Right then, Rachel goes to see Greg and tells him she cannot spend the night alone.

Right then, Blair is with Ross Rayburn considering maybe hooking up. Todd barges in and demands to know where Téa has gone.

Téa and Elijah are flying back from London. She is very impatient to get back soon. She tells him she realizes she may not have been that great of a mother. But he must know that there are reasons for why one must keep a father away from his own daughter.

While in the struggle, John managers to save Natalie and Jessica from Mitch Laurence. But it appears that Jared has been shot. Natalie rushes to her husband horrified.

After Todd has informed Ross and Blair that Elijah and Téa have gone to London together, he admits that he had no clue that his brother and Téa have gone there together and asks where they are. Are they still in London? Hearing that, Blair expresses that she never before knew that Ross sand Elijah are brothers. Afraid that Todd will find out about the daughter he has with Téa, Blair tells her ex husband that he must know that Téa and Ross are going to scam him for his money. But Ross appears ready to tell Todd about his (or Todd’s) daughter.

ON the flight back to Llanview, Elijah asks Téa if she thinks she is doing the right thing to prevent Ross from ever seeing his daughter again and prevent Todd from knowing he has a daughter. And he believes that the only person whom she believes this will benefit is herself.

Bo informs Nora that he appears that Matthew has already gone to the hospital in Seatlle and isready to have the surgery. And there is nothing they can do to “save” him. Bo tells her that maybe there is something he can do. And he gets on his phone.

At the Seattle hospital, Dr. Nance tells Matthew and Dani that now that the forms are filled out, they can start the procedure. And then, not far away, we see that Michael McBain is working at the same hospital. Marcie is with him after just having her check up and ready to have her baby very soon. But right then, Michael gets a call from Bo. He asks Bo if everything is ok. Bo tells Michael he might need his help.

Destiny asks Shaun why he is refusing to speak to Greg. He tells her he refuses to talk about it and even if she does, this is his house. She clarifies this is Todd Manning’s house. He tells her this is where he works so they are going to talk about what he wants to talk about. She asks what he wants to talk about. He asks her how her “field trip to DC” went. She then admits to her brother that she did not go to DC. She went to London. She lied to their parents. She took money from her bank account to pay for the flight. David Vickers came with her. She found out that Matthew’s parents have taken him to a boarding school in London to prevent him from having the surgery so she went to see him. But it’s too late. Matthew and some girl found a way to escape from the boarding school where they are staying. And they are headed to have the surgery with Dr. Nance who Greg recommended. Shaun then reminds her that they both know that Dr. Nance is not as good as Greg. She tells him she knows that. And maybe when Greg finds out what happened, he might listen to Shaun and realize he has to get back and do surgery again and help Matthew since he’s the only one qualified to do it. She tells her brother that whatever happened between him and Greg cannot be that big of a deal. Maybe Rachel can help, she suggests. But he tells his sister that Rachel cannot help because Rachel is what “happened” between them.

Rachel announces to Greg that the reason she wanted to see him is to let him know that she can’t see him anymore. She can’t do that to his brother. When he reminds her that it’s kind of hard for her to stay away from either of them since they all live in the same town, she informs him that she is going back to Chicago.

Viki and Charlie go searching for their kids. Charlie rushes into the barn where Jessica and Natalie have stayed and sees some unconscious people on the ground. He also notices a cell phone. He takes it back and Viki identifies it as Jessica’s. At that point he goes calling for Jared and she calls for her daughters.

Brody, Natalie and Jessica struggle to help Jared and control his bleeding after he’s been shot. John gets ready to arrest Mitch Laurence. But Mitch is completely smug.

Rachel tells Greg that her entire life is in Chicago. He asks her if she dos not have a life here. She tells him that she only came to Llanview to help her family. Now her mother is married and has Clint. Matthew is now in a boarding school in London and there’s nothing she can do about it. He asks her if she does not see him as a reason to stay in town.

Destiny asks Shaun if Greg took his woman. Shaun clarifies to his sister that Rachel apparently never was his woman. She asks how that could be. Shaun was ready to take her on a date with flowers and all the festivities. He tells Destiny that it appears Greg had “better flowers”. She reminds him that their brother saved his life. He tells her that that was after Greg “put” him in the coma. She asks if he really believes that Greg would have done something like that in order to take his woman. He tells her even if she doesn’t want to believe that Greg or Rachel would do that to him, she must know that a person can “stop at nothing” when a “prettier face” comes along.

Right then, Dani accompanies Matthew and Dr. Nance into the exam room where he briefs Matthew and tells them he can get him prepped for surgery right away. When they are alone, Dani tells Matthew that she’s glad that this is finally happening. He tells her he knows and also knows that his parents are totally clueless about what is happening. He ods not appear completely encouraged.

Not far away, Michael talks to Bo while Marcie is with him and while Nora sits beside Bo on the plane. When Michael gets off the phone, Marcie asks him if it’s true that Matthew ran away. He tells her that that is what Bo thinks. Matthew appears to be desperate to have the spinal chord surgery and Dr. Nance is ready to perform it. They both reflect how they can see Bo’s and Nora’s worries as parents. She asks him if he has the authority to prevent it. He tells her not really. But he can “stall” it before it’s too late. She tells him it’s entirely possible that Matthew is not even there. But right then, they walk around the corner to see that he is right there in front of their faces. Marcie stares at her former student and Matthew at her.

Natalie, John and Brody rush to help Jared to breathe. Mitch Laurence taunts Natalie telling her that Jared is does not deserve her and very soon he will die and will never see her again. She screams at him to shut up and is ready to physically attack him. But Brody restrains her. Right then, Jessica runs to get help.

VIki and Charlie finds Jessica’s car and it appears that it’s dead and won’t start even though the key is in the ignition. There is no sign of her but her cell phone is on the ground. And they wonder how Jared could be tied to that. Right then, Jessica rushes to find them, hugs her mother and they express how happy they are to see her. Viki asks her daughter where Natalie is. Jessica informs her mother that Natalie is there and she’s ok. Charlie asks her what about Jared. She tells him she is terrible sorry. But Jared has been shot.

Natalie, John and Brody cover Jared with coats and attempt to get him to wake up and control the bleeding. But Mitch reminds Natalie that Jared is not her husband. He is. She screams at him that he is a monster. He tells her that he will have his family back together with his adoring wife(her) and his daughter, Jessica. She screams that Jessica is not his daughter. Mitch laughs and tells them he realizes it’s a bit confusing that Natalie will now be her own sister’s step mother. At that point, John goes over and knocks Mitch to the ground.

After Blair tells Todd he must know that Ross and Téa wanted to scam him for his money, he asks why it is that Ross cannot find her and she is off with his brother the lawyer. Blair tells Todd he must know that Elijah is as big of a snake as Ross is. He’s been fooling around with his brother’s wife. Todd asks if that is really true. Blair tells Todd yes. And Téa is playing both Todd and Ross for fools. Right then, Todd’s phone rings. He then takes it in the other room. Alone with Blair, Ross asks her why she wont’ tell Todd that Téa has kept his(Ross’s) daughter form him. Not wanting to reveal to Ross that she is not his daughter but she’s Todd’s, she offers an explanation that maybe if Todd finds out that Téa has a “child”, he might “feel sorry” for her. And he might help Téa prevent Ross from having anything to do with his daughter. And Ross won’t want that. Would he? Ross then assesses it’s kind of like Blair not wanting Todd to have anything to do with Téa. So, she reminds Ross that the two of them have incentive to help each other. In the other room, Todd finds out that Téa is headed to Seattle and asks what there is in Seattle.

On the flight, Elijah tells Téa that maybe she should tell Daniella who her real father is. She tells him she doesn’t remember asking him. He tells her that it’s plain to see that she still loves Todd Manning. He asks her why she doesn’t believe that Todd would forgive her and welcome both her and their daughter. She then informs him that Blair told Todd that’s she(Téa) and Ross were trying to scam him. Todd believed Blair like that. Todd does not know her or understand her, she tells Elijah. He then tells her that he doesn’t know her either. He thought she was the powerful Téa Delgado who takes no prisoners. Maybe she’s that way in her professional life but not in her personal life.

Bo tells Nora that he just called Michael McBain who is now practicing medicine in Seattle to see if he might be able to stall Dr. Nance or talk to Matthew before it’s too late. And they wonder if there might be a way for everything to be over soon.

At the Seattle hospital, Michael calls out to Matthew. Matthew greets Michael and Marcie and introduces his doctor friend and former teacher to his new friend Dani. Marcie then asks him where his mom and dad are. He tells them that they are not there. But before they can continue their conversation, Dr. Nance appears and informs Matthew that the O.R. is ready. And he can take him down there and get him prepped for surgery. Alone, Marcie and Michael realize that his hands are tied. But she tells him even though maybe he can’t “do anything”, maybe she can. Dr. Nance then tells Matthew and Dani he’s confident that before too long, Matthew will be dancing with his “girlfriend” again. Matthew is ready to clarify that Dani is not his girlfriend. But she tells them that she’d love to dance with him as long as he is wearing his new sneakers(the ones Destiny gave him). Matthew then asks her if she can hold them for him. They are kind of his good luck charm.

Shaun asks Destiny just what she’s doing there anyway. Her boyfriend has gone to Seattle with another girl. She then reminds her brother that a minute ago he was all in her face because she lied about going to London. He asks her sister to just answer the question. Destiny then tells her brother that Dani is just his friend. Besides she had to come back here. Otherwise his family would be asking many questions about whether she knew where he was. Besides, she just needs Greg to help. Shaun tells her she may talk to him. But she tells him she cannot do it without Shaun. Greg will listen to his brother. Shaun then asks his sister if she is suggesting that he go and attempt to convince their brother to do the surgery on Matthew right after he finds out that Greg took his woman while he was in a coma. She then tells his brother it’s fine with her if he wants to stay there and feel sorry for himself. She will go and convince Greg to do the surgery for Matthew with or without Shaun.

Rachel tells Greg that she cannot get between him and his brother. He asks her if she is running away again. She tells him no. She will always be grateful to him for helping her to see how she has been limiting her life. But she can’t get between him and his brother. She knows that his family needs to come first.

Jessica informs Viki and Charlie that she has now found that Jared is not behind all of the things that happened. She knows that somebody dug up Nash’s body. She saw it for herself. And there’s only one person sick enough to do that along with all of the other things and frame Jared for it. Charlie then runs in the dark to find his son. Jessica tells her mother she doesn’t know how to tell her what she is about to tell her. Viki urges her daughter to just say it. Jessica then announces that Mitch Laurence is back. Hearing that, Viki covers her face with her hands in shock. Charlie arrives on the scene and meets Mitch Laurence for the first time while the others are attempting to save his son’s life after Mitch has shot him..

Greg tells Rachel that his family can survive. And he believes that Shaun can forgive him in time. He doesn’t want her to go anywhere and he kisses her. Right then, Destiny walks into the room and tells them she can see that it’s true. They then attempt to explain to her assuming she will be furious. But she tells them she has no time to argue or be angry at them. Right now, Matthew urgently needs Greg’s help. But Rachel informs Destiny that it’s a bit too late. Matthew is in a boarding school in London. Destiny tells her no, he’s not. He’s gotten out of there and is headed to Seattle to have Greg’s inferior colleague do the surgery. So Greg has to get out there right away.

At the hospital, Matthew is stunned to see Marcie and Michael and notices that she’s pregnant. He is going to talk to them. But before he has a chance, Dr. Nance tells him he’s ready. Matthew then spins his wheelchair around and tells the doctor he’s ready to get the show on the road. At that point, Marcie and Michael don’t know what to do. She tells her husband that it appears that she could not keep Matthew distracted long enough. But he reminds her that Bo is on his way and might get there in time. Right then, Matthew gets in the elevator with Dr. Nance and Dani and waves to them. At that point, Marcie has an unexpected contraction and looks like she might be ready to go into labor.

On the flight to Seattle, Elijah asks Téa if she should not heed the fact that Todd is her daughter’s father. She asks him why that is of interest to him. He asks her why she is so cynical and untrusting of everybody and everything.

When Blair sees that Todd is ready to go after Téa, she asks him why. Téa is a lying slime bag and was going to scam him. But he somehow knows that that is not true and knows there is a secret he must get to the bottom of.

Matthew, Dr. Nance and Dani are ready to get things ready for surgery and just getting off the elevator.

Viki asks Jessica if she heard correctly that Mitch Laurence is back and is responsible for all of the unexplained things that have happened. Jessica tells heir mother that Mitch had some sort of secret about Charlie killing somebody and how Jared had to take drastic measures in order to protect his father. And right then, they notice an ambulance. Jessica directs them to where Jared is. And Viki and Jessica go with them.

While Charlie and Natalie crouch beside Jared, he tries to tell his father something. Charlie asks what he is saying. Natalie tells him it doesn’t matter. All they need to be concerned about is getting Jared to a hospital to save his life. Jessica and Viki arrive with the ambulance. When Mitch sees Viki, he smugly tells her how long it’s been and how good she looks. She tells him he belongs in hell. The ambulance takes Jared away. Mitch smugly says good bye to Jared.

Elijah tells Téa if she does not tell the truth about her child, she will be “losing to Blair”. She tells him she believes she already has.

Blair tells Todd that Téa does not need him. But his children and family do. He then tells her maybe she’s right. So he will stay.

After Destiny finds Greg and tells him he must help Matthew, he tells her she must know that Dr. Nance is a very qualified surgeon. She protests that he is not Greg. He tells his sister that he is not doing surgery anymore. Shaun then tells his brother that maybe he can do that for him. Maybe Greg owes him that.

Right then, Bo and Nora’s flight arrives at the Seattle airport.

At the hospital, Marcie tells Michael that she might be ready to have her baby very soon.

Matthew is getting wheeled into the OR and Dani tells him she will see him in a few more hours.

Jared gets taken away in the ambulance with Natalie by his side.

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