OLTL Update Wednesday 11/11/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/11/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At Llanfair, Viki is on the telephone. When she hangs up, she tells Charlie that it was John McBain calling from the Napa Valley, CA airport. She tells him John thinks Natalie and Jessica are there and that he thinks they are in serious danger.

Natalie, Jessica, and Jared are in an abandoned cottage in Yountville, CA with Mitch Lawrence. Mitch tells them he didn’t want to have to use his gun, but Jared has left them no choice. He says he will not allow Jared to play hero and take away his wife and daughter.

Todd and Jack are at home watching a scary movie. Jack is hiding under a blanket and tells his dad that his mom told him when the screaming stops it is safe to watch. Jack says they can switch to “Christina comes home for Christmas” instead; it is one of Mom’s favorites. Todd tells him that it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet so he doesn’t want to watch a Christmas movie and besides, Blair isn’t there. Jack says she should be.

At La Boulaie, Blair is watching “Christina comes home for Christmas.” Ross arrives and tells her they have a score to settle.

Nora, Bo, Clint, and Téa are at the Warwick boarding school in London trying to figure out where Dani and Matthew went. Téa concludes that it is possible that Ross had nothing to do with it. Bo is on the telephone checking if there is a record of the kids flying out of London. Nora asks Téa if Matthew knows that Daniela is Téa’s daughter. Téa says that after what Nora did to Matthew, she wouldn’t tell her what he knows.

Matthew and Daniela arrive at the hospital in Seattle.

In London, Nora tells Téa that she married a man that she can’t trust with his own daughter. Téa sarcastically retorts that Nora’s life is so neat and balanced. Clint says that if Ross is after Daniela and Matthew is with her, Matthew could be in trouble too.

In Yountville, CA, Brody and John look around Nash’s old vineyard. John is concerned that they have not yet seen the backup they requested from the local police department. Brody opens a barn door.

In the neighboring cottage, Jared demands to know what Mitch wants. He says he wants his wife, Natalie and his daughter, Jessica. He says he has big plans for his girls. Jessica asks Mitch why he couldn’t just stay dead. Mitch says he couldn’t deprive his followers of their messenger. Natalie reminds him that all his followers got away from him; he doesn’t have any followers. Mitch says there are always lost souls to reconstitute his following and that the resourceful new batch lured them here. He tells him they all live in a beautifully serene community where they build their own homes and grow their own organic food. He says his life is complete except for his family; he just needs his wife and daughter.

At the Warwick School in London, Téa tells the Buchanans that Ross had been there, but security caught him and threw him out. Nora says he may have found another way to get in. Clint asks Téa if her daughter would have willingly left with her father. Téa says yes. Nora asks Téa why she never told anyone she had a daughter. Bo interrupts by telling them that nobody knows anything. Elijah enters and announces that he has questioned Matthew’s roommate, Tom. He says that Tom confirmed that Daniela and Matthew left together but would not reveal where they went. He says Tom did reveal that he gave them enough cash to ensure that they could not be tracked. Bo asks Elijah why he is there. Elijah reveals that Ross is his brother and Danielle is his niece so he is there to help. Clint asks if Ross is here to help Téa or Ross. Elijah tells Clint he does not answer to him. Nora asks Bo how they are supposed to figure out where the kids went if they aren’t using credit cards. Téa says she doesn’t need to track credit card activity to know where Daniela went; she went to Tahiti.

At Seattle General Hospital, Matthew tells the triage nurse that he needs to speak to Dr Nance. He asks if she can page the doctor. Daniela asks her to hurry because it is important. Then she tells Matthew that the sooner he gets his surgery, the sooner she will get to see her dad.

At La Boulaie, Ross reminds Blair that the last time he was there she told Todd the big fat lie that Ross and Téa were scamming Todd for his money. Blair reminds Ross that he didn’t deny it. Ross says he had his reasons. Blair says that she heard she went to London with Téa. She asks him if he is rekindling an old flame. He says not even close. Blair asks him what he is doing there.

At Todd’s house, he opens his door to the private detective he had hired to follow Téa. He reveals that his associate in England tracked Téa to a prep school for rich kids.

At the Warwick School, Téa tells the Buchanans that Daniela thinks her father is still in Tahiti, so that is where she will go to find him. Nora asks why Matthew would go to Tahiti with Daniela. Téa suggests that perhaps they think they are in love. Bo says the kids have only known each other a few days. Nora says Matthew is not impulsive. Téa reminds them that Matthew is a teenaged boy and Daniela is a teenaged girl. She asks them if they have forgotten what it is like to be young and impulsive. She says that Bo and Nora of all people should know what that is like. Clint asks what that is supposed to mean.

In the barn at Nash’s old vineyard in Yountville, CA, Brody and John find two police officers unconscious on the floor. John determines that they have been drugged but they are alive. Brody observes the similarity of his experience in Michigan and asks John if he thinks this is Mitch’s work. John says he wouldn’t be surprised.

In the neighboring cottage, Jared asks Mitch if he really thinks Jessica and Natalie will join his little cult. Mitch says yes, but Jared is not invited; he is just in the way. He raises his pistol. Natalie steps in front of Jared and tells Mitch that if he wants to shoot Jared, he will have to shoot her first.

At Seattle General Hospital, Daniela wonders what is taking so long. She tells Matthew that his parents will eventually figure out where he went and that they are together. Matthew tells her that if their mothers are together, they are fighting. Daniela surmises that it makes sense that her mother as a defense attorney and his mother as a prosecutor would not get along. When he says it is more that that, she asks Matthew if his mother got “Delgadoed” Matthew reveals that he had the dirt on his parents. Dani asks if her mother used the dirt. Matthew says Téa has not used it but she knows about it. After some prodding, Matthew shares his secret that he saw his parents kissing the night before his mother’s wedding to his uncle.

In London, Bo tells Téa that he knows the only thing on Matthew’s mind is walking again so he would go straight to Seattle to have the spinal surgery. Téa reminds them that it is Matthew’s right to do that. He won the case and has a court order. She tells them that they should not have dragged him here to keep him from walking again. Nora says that’s rich, coming from the woman who dragged her daughter here to hide her from her father.

At La Boulaie, Ross tells Blair he had nowhere else to turn. He says that other than his brother, Blair is his only friend in this town. He says he hopes Blair will help him. He reveals to her that he has a kid. She pretends to be surprised and concludes to him that he is just deciding to tell her about it. He tells her it kills him to talk about it; Téa won’t let him see his daughter. He tells Blair that Téa has not told Todd; the so-called love of her life doesn’t even know she has a kid. Blair flashes back to her conversation with Téa when she figured out that Téa’s child is not Ross’s but is Todd’s. Blair asks Ross where his daughter is now.

At Todd’s house, he asks the private detective what Téa is doing at a prep school in London. The detective says he doesn’t know; his associate couldn’t get in because of its heavy security. He hands Todd a picture and tells Todd that Téa was with this guy. Todd tells the PI that the man is the picture is Elijah Clark, a lawyer that did some work for Todd. He tells the PI that Téa couldn’t stand Elijah. He wonders why is with Téa in London. He asks the detective where Rodd Rayburn is since he is not in London with Téa.

At La Boulaie, Ross tells Blair that his daughter is in a boarding school in London, and Téa gave them orders not to let him see Dani. He tells Blair that the boarding school staff thinks he is a danger to Dani. He says when he got there, they sicced security on him, and he never had a chance to see his daughter. Blair says Ross doesn’t seem like the type to take no for an answer. He tells her that he would not go storming in there with guns blazing and scare his kid. He says when he couldn’t find a way to get back into the school safely, he got on a plane and came back to Llanview to see Blair. He asks her if she will help him.

At Nash’s old vineyard, Brody tells John that nothing is in the car that is parked there and its battery is dead. John says the officers in the barn will be ok. Brody sees the light at the neighboring cottage so they start walking toward it to see what is there.

At Llanfair, Viki tells Charlie that John said he found Brody and Rex in Michigan where they had both apparently been drugged so they could not protect Natalie and Jessica. He says he think the person responsible for that is also responsible for digging up Nash’s body. Charlie wonders who would take Nash’s body out of his grave and why.

At the cottage in Yountville, CA, Natalie is standing in front of Jared while Mitch is pointing his gun. Jared tells her to let him face Mitch. Natalie refuses. She says Mitch needs to face her. Jessica joins Natalie in front of Jared and says Mitch needs to face her too after all that he has done. He reminds her that Mitch was trying to drive her crazy; he had her thinking Jared was stalking her, one of his thugs was alone with Bree, and he dug up Nash. Jared tells Jessica he will make Mitch pay. Jessica says it isn’t Jared’s fight; that bottom feeder is her father. Mitch says that as long as they are talking about fathers, they can talk about Jared’s father.

At Llanfair, Charlie asks Viki if she is sure that John didn’t say he thought Jared was behind this. Viki assures him that John didn’t even imply it. Charlie wonders if Jared is. Viki tells him no, Jared loves Natalie and he loves Charlie. She says she is afraid there is more going on than they know.

In the cottage in Yountville, CA, Jared screams to Mitch to shut up about his father. Mitch says he would be happy to; if Jared would just move away from his human shield, they can handle this like men. Natalie tells Mitch he is not a man; he is a monster. Jared tells her to stop trying to protect him. Natalie tells him that nothing Mitch can say will change the way she feels about him. Mitch says he thinks this can.

At Seattle General Hospital, a man in a lab coat comes up to Matthew and introduces himself as Dr. Jason Nance. They shake hands and Matthew thanks him for seeing him on such short notice. Dr Nance tells him he is happy to help but he thought Matthew had decided against surgery. Matthew says if his parents said that, then they are liars. He takes a document out of his jacket pocket and hands it to Dr. Nance. He tells the doctor that he took his parents to court and won the right to make his own decision about the surgery. Daniela adds that Matthew’s parents tricked him by telling him they were bringing him here but dumping him in a boarding school in London instead. Matthew assures the doctor that he wants the operation. The triage nurse advises Dr Nance that he has a call from a Commissioner Buchanan. Matthew reveals that that is his father and asks the doctor not to reveal that Matthew is here.

At La Boulaie, Blair asks Ross what makes him think she could help him with his daughter. Ross says Blair has a daughter a couple of years older than Dani. He asks her what if Todd took Starr away from her. Blair reminds Ross that Todd did that and Ross helped him. Ross says Blair moved heaven and earth to get Starr back, and that is what Ross is trying to do now. Blair asks him where she fits in. Ross tells Blair that the two of them have something. He tells her he knows she felt what he felt. She tells him to keep dreaming. He tells her that he did her a solid by coming all the way from Tahiti to help her break up Todd and Téa. She replies that she is the reason that he is in this country legally. He tells her he just wants to see his daughter and he knows Blair knows what that is like. He asks her to help him.

The private detective leaves Todd’s house. Jack asks his father if he is going to London to see Téa.

At the Warwick School in London, Elijah concludes a call and tells Téa that the American Embassy is working on tracking down Daniela. He tells Téa she should probably call Ross. Téa says she will not let Ross know that Daniela is missing. Elijah asks her if she doesn’t want to know if Dani is already with Ross.

Clint says, “Oh my God” as he takes his phone away from his ear.

At La Boulaie, Charlie says if Jared is mixed up in this, it is Charlie’s fault. He says he was a lousy father; he may have messed Jared up in ways that Jared cannot control. He says the man Jared is today is the result of the man Charlie was when Jared was young.

John and Brody sneak toward the cottage in where Mitch is holding Jessica, Natalie, and Jared.

In the cottage, Jared tells Natalie that he loves her for saying that. Natalie says she loves him more than anything. Mitch tells Natalie that Jared has not told her about the lengths he went to in order to keep Charlie out of prison.

John and Brody arrive at the cottage. John observes that Mitch has a gun, so they can’t storm in there.

Inside, Natalie asks Mitch what Charlie would go to prison for. He tells her that her drunken father-in-law is a murderer.

John and Brody watch from outside. Brody leaves to go around to the back.

Inside, Natalie and Jessica conclude to Mitch that Charlie is not a murderer. Mitch does not relent. Natalie asks Jared what is going on. Jared tells her that he caught Landers lurking around Llanfair not long after Jessica had started thinking she was seeing Nash. He slams his hand on a table and says he had him and he was about to call the police. Mitch tells Jared that Landers reminded Jared that he knew Charlie was a killer. Jared says Landers said he was going to scare the family before he shook them down. He says he couldn’t turn him in knowing what Landers knew about Charlie so he thought if he gave him some money, he would stop.

Brody watches from the back window.

Jared says he and Landers staged Jared’s beating and covered up Landers having passwords to Buchanan Enterprises accounts. He says he thought that was the end of it and then Landers turned up dead. He tells Natalie that when he received the text message to go to the Buchanan lodge, he found Pamela there and confronted her about the text message, but she didn’t know what he was talking about. He says the power went out, and when the lights came back on Pamela was dead. Mitch tells Jared he cannot let him ruin the plan, so Jared should say his goodbyes. Natalie tells Jared to stop. Jared says this one is on him; he did it all to protect his dad; he made the deal with the devil. He tells her he is sorry and he hopes she can forgive him.

At Llanfair, Charlie asks Viki how he can live with it if his son did this to her family. He asks how she could live with it. She tells him that he is her husband for better or for worse. She assures him that Jared did not do this but even if he had, she would never turn her back on Charlie. The phone rings. Clint tells Viki he is sorry it took so long to get back to her, but he just got her message. He reveals that he is in London with Nora.

On the telephone, Bo asks Dr. Nance if he has seen Matthew. Dr Nance says he thought Matthew had changed his mind about the surgery. Bo reveals that Matthew ran away from boarding school and is probably coming to Seattle. Dr Nance lies and says he hasn’t seen or heard from Matthew. After Dr Nance ends his call, Matthew thanks him. Dr. Nance tells him that his duty is to his patient. He says that with any luck, he will have Matthew out of his wheelchair soon. Matthew tells Dani that he is finally having his surgery because of her. He tells her that she is as great as her mom. She says she is nothing like Téa. She asks him what her mom told him about her. He says Téa didn’t tell him anything; he didn’t even know Téa had a kid.

At La Boulaie, Ross tells Blair to help him for revenge against Téa. His phone rings. Téa tells him that she is at the Warwick school and knows he was there. She asks him if he took Dani. He tells her that if she knows he was there, then she knows they kicked him out. She asks again if he took her. He says he didn’t and asks her what is going on. Téa hangs up on him. Blair asks Ross what happened. He reveals that his daughter is missing and Téa won’t give him any information. Blair says she is sorry but she can’t help him. He says she has to; she is all he has.

At Todd’s house, Jack asks his father if he is going to see Téa. Todd says Jack is not supposed to look out for Todd; Todd is supposed to look out for Jack. That is the way it will be from now on. Jack tells Todd he is a sucker. He tells him that he got all mushy when he found out that Téa is not in London with her husband-guy. He says that maybe Téa wasn’t sticking it to him when they got married. Maybe she really loves Todd and she will come running back in slow motion while the big clock chimes at midnight. Todd just stares at his son.

At the Warwick School, Téa tells Eli that Ross seemed surprised. Eli says that Ross is a terrible liar so if he seemed surprised, he was surprised. Eli says he really doesn’t think Ross has Danielle. Téa wonders where else Dani could be. Nora tells Bo that she was sure he was right that Matthew went straight to Seattle to have the surgery. Bo tells her that Dr. Nance says no. Nora wonders where else Matthew could be. They hug. Clint enters and tells them that he just spoke to Viki and found out that Natalie and Jessica are in trouble.

In the cottage in Yountville, CA, Natalie tells Jared that she forgives him but not if he die son her. He says he doesn’t have much choice; she can’t protect him. Mitch tells her to listen to Jared. She tells him she is listening to Jared’s heart and it is full of love for her, which Jared will never understand. Natalie hugs Jared. Jared catches sight of John McBain outside the window.

A the Warwick School, Clint tells Bo and Nora that Viki said John McBain thinks someone lured Natalie and Jessica to Nash’s old place in Napa, but John does not think it was Jared. Clint tells them he will take the first flight back to the States. Bo tells him to take the jet. He tells them he can’t do that because Bo and Nora need it. Bo insists that they don’t need it yet because they still don’t know if Matthew went to Seattle. He tells Clint to take the jet and call him when he finds out about the girls. Bo takes a call and walks away. Clint tells Nora he is sorry he has to go. She tells him that she is the sorry one. He says he loves her. She says she loves him. He leaves.

Téa tells Eli that she has been a terrible mother this past year. He tells her she can make up for it when they find her, and the first step will be to tell her that Todd is her real father.

At Seattle General Hospital, Danielle recounts to Matthew how her mother suddenly moved to Pennsylvania and shipped Dani thousands of miles away, won’t let her see her dad, and never told anyone that she has a daughter. Matthew suggests that Téa has a reason.

At Todd’s house, he tells Jack that he needs to mind his own business. Jack says he saw him and Blair almost kiss on Halloween. Todd says that was a mistake and that he and Blair are not getting back together. Jack tells Todd he likes Téa, but says that after Todd found out that she lied to him, it really messed Todd up. Todd went from happy dad to mad dad in two seconds. He asks Todd why he wants to go running after Téa when he has everything he needs right here with Blair.

At La Boulaie, Ross tries to kiss Blair. She pulls away from him and says she doesn’t want that or him. She tells him not to do that again. He protests that they have something. She tells him no. he concludes that it is Manning. He says Blair told Todd that big lie so she could get back with him. He says she used her to get her ex back and now she is blowing him off just like Téa did when she found her way back to Todd and now Ross is history and is out of his child’s life. Blair tells Ross that they helped each other and that was a good thing for both of them, but Ross has to let this go. She tells him that he needs to let her go, let Téa go, and let his daughter go. She tells him to go home. She says trust her, it is all for the best. He asks her if she is out of her freaking mind to suggest that he let his kid go.

At Todd’s house, Jack says Todd always does what he wants, but asks him not to string Blair along if he chooses Téa. Jack goes upstairs.

In the cottage in Yountville, CA, knowing that John McBain is there, Jared asks Mitch what he thinks this is going to get him. He says it isn’t as if Natalie and Jessica are his freaky followers. He says they will never love Mitch. Mitch says Jessica is his blood and Natalie… Jared finishes Mitch’s sentence with “hates you.” Jared says Jessica hates him because of what he did to Nash. He turns around, pretending to look at Nash’s body, but is really checking the back of the cottage where Brody is in position. He tells Mitch that Natalie only married him because she was young and desperate. He says Natalie loves him and is willing to die for him. Natalie and Jessica look at Jared, confused. Mitch tells Jared he can’t always get what he wants. Jared says Mitch has an ex-wife who hates him and a daughter who would kill him but he thinks his little commune will be one big happy family. Jared moves from behind the women and slowly makes his way toward Mitch. He positions himself behind a beam so Mitch still doesn’t have a clear shot. Mitch says he is the head of the commune. Jared says the women will cut off its head. He asks Mitch who is to say Jessica and Natalie won’t turn his followers against him. Mitch says “never” and begins to walk toward the beam that Jared is standing behind. Jared tells Mitch that Jessica and Natalie will claw their way to freedom even if it means over Mitch’s dead body. Mitch yells for Jared to shut up as he pushes him, startling the women. Mitch tells Jared he is nothing but a means to an end. John appears in the doorway, gun drawn and yells, “Drop it!” Jared ducks down to give John a clear shot. Brody storms in the back and grabs Jessica, but Natalie runs toward Jared. Mitch grabs her, puts his gun to her head, and tells John he will kill her.

At the Warwick School, Bo asks Nora if she is ok. She says her son is missing, both of her husband’s daughters are in danger, and she is in love with Bo. He tells her he loves her too, and he wants to keep that information in her hip pocket until this is over. His phone rings. When he hangs up he tells everyone that airport security just informed him that Matthew and Danielle were seen on tape boarding a flight to Seattle. Téa hugs Eli. Bo says the plane has already landed. Nora says Matthew is probably trying to set up the surgery now. Bo says Dr. Nance was probably exercising doctor-patient confidentiality when he denied seeing Matthew. He tells her they have to get to Seattle.

Dr Nance tells Matthew he has an immediate opening in his surgical schedule if Matthew wants it. Matthew jumps at the opportunity. Dr Nance tells him they can get him admitted and prepped now.

Blair tells Ross that no one is trying to take his daughter from him. He tells her that Dani brings out the best in him. He says she is the only person who would never hurt him. Blair tells him he needs to go now. He asks her where he should go. Tahiti? He says the only reason he stayed there was that he thought his girl would come back. She tells him he needs to leave now. She tries to get to the phone, but he gets there first and pulls it out. Blair goes and stands at the foot of her bed. He yells that it is time for Ross Rayburn to finally get something he wants, just as Todd arrives at Blair’s door. He sees Blair fall back onto her bed and Ross try to catch her feet so he comes from behind and pulls Ross away from Blair.

At Llanfair, Charlie says he can’t stand waiting. Viki tells him they should go to Napa. She tells him she will pack a bag while he makes a reservation.

In the cottage, Jessica is hiding behind a table while Brody sneaks around to Mitch’s side behind another table. Mitch has the gun to Natalie’s head. John still has his gun aimed at Mitch. Jared is standing beside John. Mitch says Jessica is his daughter but Natalie is just his wife; she is dispensable. He tells John to make his move. He asks John if he thinks he can kill Mitch before Mitch kills Natalie. John notices that Brody is in place and tells Mitch that it is over. He tells him to drop the gun and let Natalie go. Mitch tells John that he has him. He releases Natalie and puts his hands up. He backs up a few steps and crouches down to comply with the order to put the gun on the floor, but then he raises the pistol and fires.

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