OLTL Update Tuesday 11/10/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/10/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After David finds out that Bo and Nora are ready to admit to Clint that she is going to leave Clint for Bo, David offers his “father” some advice warning him that his uncle Clint can be dangerous. Right the, Clint enters to overhear him and indicates that he is just as dangerous and David says and David will be his first target. Yet he doesn’t know what the three of them are talking about.

Téa tries frantically to find Dani. The head matron does not know what to tell her. She tells her that she knows that Ross did not sneak in unseen.

Meanwhile, Matthew is accompanying Dani to Tahiti. But it appears that she can see that maybe he is not ready to leave Destiny.

Kyle waits for Fish after Fish has had to go and investigate Nash’s grave being dug up Fish returns with soiled clothes and needs to shower. Kyle is ready to wait for him.

Right then, Layla goes to find Cristian at work and him that some things cannot wait. She has to talk to him.

While John and Brody are flying back to Llanview after Corrine has been somehow forced to help Nadine kidnap Brody and Rex,, John tells Brody about the cult that was lead many years ago by Mitch Laurence.

Right then, Corinne lets Rex see his birth certificate to reveal that Mitch Laurence is his biological father.

Right when Natalie, Jessica and Jared struggle to get out of the warehouse without a clue what is going on and Natalie has been knocked unconscious, Mitch Laurence appears out of nowhere to announce that he has been risen from the dead. Jessica notices him and panics remembering that her biological father is supposed to be dead. Natalie also stares in horror. Mitch then holds out his arms and asks Jessica to “come to poppa”.

At Buenos Dais, Layla asks Cristian to just let her4 say what she has to say. She admits that there are many reasons why she should walk away from him. One of which is Evangeline. And maybe for reasons of her own, Layla) should maybe say no remembering her track record with men. She also maybe needs to consider that she can be independent without anybody. She has her own place and a good job. But Cristian makes her feel good. She knows how Oliver and Kyle have denied their feelings for each other and missed out for so many years because they were afraid of the “obstacles”. And noticing them, she doesn’t want to do that same thing

After Fish reveals to Kyle that he’s tired and maybe doesn’t want to go out, Kyle tells him that they needn’t go out. Maybe they can stay in.

On the flight to Tahiti, Dani tells Matthew that parents are very stranger. He tends to think about his own parents and their dilemma with each other as well as their issue with him. She tells him that her mother really is messed up and too controlling. And she doesn’t know how her mother and father could have ever been married or hooked up in the first place He still has no clue that her mom is Téa nor does she know his previous relationship with her mom.

While Téa and Elijah demands that the head mistress tells them who kidnapped Dani, Téa assumes that it must have been Ross Rayburn who snuck into the place unseen. She demands that they run a security camera. The head mistress tells them that she did not notice Ross Rayburn anywhere on the premises unless Ross Rayburn is a young black girl. Téa then views the surveillance photos and is shocked to see Destiny Evans.

Right when David is talking to Nora, Bo and Clint, Destiny enters with him. Nora runs to Clint and asks if they found Jared. He admits that they did not. But he figures if they wanted him they can always reach him. He left to be with is beautiful wife. Nora is ready to hug him but realizes that she must hesitate. Clint then asks them to pour him a welcome to London drink. But he knows that Nora and Bo must have had something going on. He asks them to fill him in.

On the flight, John tells Brody about Mitch Laurence and realizes that Jessica would probably have never told him anything about Mitch. Brody asks why she would have. John replies that Mitch is Jessica’s father. Hearing that, Brody is shocked.

Mitch holds out his arms and asks Jessica if she has a hug for “dear old dad”. At that point, she runs away terrified and calls him a sick son of a bitch. She and Natalie hide behind Jared who guards them. He asks them if this is Mitch. Jessica remembers that she killed him. Hearing that, Mitch smirks and tells his “daughter” that that was not very “Christian” of him. And he reflects his history of being married to Natalie many years ago.

Corinne tells Rex that she needs him to believe that she is telling the truth and she is in a desperate situation. She asks if he thinks that she would have drugged him unless she absolutely had no choice. But she needs for him to see the “proof” in the envelope. He asks her if she means that Mitch Laurence is his father. Rex assesses that his father is a psychopath.

Mitch talks about the sermons about women having to ask their husbands for permission to talk and says it’s a sin for women to speak in the church. He reminds Jessica that she is a widow. And he reminds Natalie that he was her first husband and he has authority over her in the eyes of God. At that point, Natalie picks up a weapon and is ready to use it on Mitch.

Rex then asks Corinne who this mysterious person was who gave her the envelope and manipulated her to contact him. Could it have been Mitch? She admits that she wasn’t really certain if the voice she heard on the phone was Mitch. But she remembers all too well how Mitch Laurence brainwashed Roxy and Walter Balsam and many others and made them follow his cult before Rex or Natalie were born.

When Natalie is ready to attack Mitch with the weapon, He turns and uses it on her, puts her in a stranglehold and asks Jessica and Jared if they want to watch him slice her with it. Jared shouts that he swears if Mitch hurts Natalie. Mitch then tells them that he would never “hurt his lovely bride”. He tells them he has plans for her and has a weakness for redheads. Natalie then tells Mitch that John McBain will find him and put him away. But Mitch laughs and tells them he doubts that since he knows that John McBain is back in Llanview chasing his tail.

Brody assesses to John that Mitch Laurence is a rapist, a murderer and is Jessica’s father. He does not understand that. He thought that Clint was Jessica’s dad. Jessica and Natalie are twins. John clarifies that they are fraternal twins. And Laurence is Jessica’s biological father. They only found out a few years ago for the first time that he raped Viki when she was unconscious. Brody then assesses no wonder Jessica has never mentioned him. He asks John just how Mitch resurfaced. John tells Brody that everybody thought that Mitch was killed 5 years ago.

Jessica and Natalie ask Mitch why he is not dead. He tells them that he realized that Llanview wasn’t really the place for him. And he resurrected himself in more “hospitable situations”. Natalie furiously tells Mitch that he should be burning in hell. Mitch then grabs a hold of her and she gasps. He tells Jessica he’s so sorry that she had to believe all these years ago that she killed her own father. But the good news is that daddy is back.

At Buenos Dias, Layla admits to Cristian that maybe she kind of used Evangeline as an excuse to avoid getting hurt. She knows that she has feelings for him. But if he does not return her feelings…He tells her that is absolutely not true. She then asks him to tell her what he thinks. He asks her what she means. She tells him that maybe he can just paint a picture for him.

Fish takes his hurt off and gets ready to shower. He and Kyle are wondering what they should do together. They can play cards or watch old movies together. Kyle tells him he doesn’t want him to rush into anything he’s not ready for. He can always wait. But at that point, Fish pulls Kyle toward him and kisses him. Kyle asks him if he is sure. Fish tells him yes. But it’s been a long time. He hasn’t been with a man since college. Since him. And they are ready to kiss when Cristian and Layla walk in the door kissing. Both “couples” are in awe to see what they see when they come into view.

Destiny tells David that she wanted to go back to Llanview with Matthew. He asks her why she is not doing that. If she is his brother’s girlfriend and has special feelings for him, then she should be with Matthew. She tells him that she tried to. But it appears that Matthew was “busy” with somebody else.

At the boarding school, Tom enters to reveals that he cannot find Matthew and bets he left with Dani. Hearing that, Téa asks what on earth. She asks how it could be that Matthew Buchanan is there. The head mistress tells them that Matthew is in fact a student there and is quite friendly with Téa’s daughter. Hearing that, Téa opens her mouth in shock. She then remembers that Matthew called her right before Elijah pounded on her door to inform her that Ross may be headed to London to find Dani. She had to interrupt and forget about her phone conversation with Matthew when he was ready to inform her that his parents kidnapped him to prevent him from having the surgery and took him to Britain. Elijah then assesses that at least they know where Dani is.

ON the flight, Dani tells Matthew that she is so worried about seeing her controlling mother. He tells her he has a very similar situation with his controlling lawyer mother. And it’s both of their parents’ fault that they are forced to run away. Little do either of them know who the others’ parents are.

Clint has no clue what Nora and Bo have decided. She tells Clint they have a lot to talk about. Hearing that, Clint tells his wife that he can see that she probably does. He knows that they must have had a real confrontation with Matthew. And he wants to hear all about it. But Bo and Nora tell him that they need him to sit down. They have something else to tell him about.

David asks Destiny if Matthew’s new friend is the same girl whom he borrowed the phone from so he could call Destiny) She tells him that that’s the girl and she likes Matthew. But David asks her how she knows if Matthew likes this girl. Destiny is convinced that Matthew does like her. David then assesses that maybe he should get a wheelchair so that he can attract a woman with a big heart and a small brain. He tells Destiny he’s really sorry that things did not work out between her and Matthew. But he can’t return to Llanview with her. She has family and friends there. But his days there are over.

After Layla and Cristian run in to unexpectedly see Fish and Kyle in an intimate moment, they apologize and she tells Fish she thought that he got called out. He then tells them that he came back. He attempts to justify himself for kissing his boyfriend. And he turns to ask the two of them if they were just kissing.

While Nora, Bo and Clint are talking, the butler Nevil tells them they have a call. Bo answers it and the head mistress informs him that Matthew has escaped from the boarding school and she has no clue where he went.

In the other room, David tells Destiny he will give her something he’s never given her before and that is money. He has it to give to somebody who may need it. She asks him why he believes there’s nothing left for him in Llanview. He tells her that he doesn’t belong there now that Dorian “plays for the other team”. She then tells him she will miss him and hugs him. He remarks that that’s the nicest thing anybody has ever said to him. He tells her that they make a great team. Don’t they? She reflects to him that Dorian is going to be sorry. He then tells her that Matthew is going to “kick himself” so to speak. She tells him she doesn’t know about that. He tells her he does. She needs only give it a little time. And he encourages her to get out of there. Right then, Nora, Bo and Clint rush and ask David if he’s seen or heard from Destiny or Matthew. He tells them he has not heard from Matthew. But if he does, he will be sure to have him contact them. Right then, he goes out the door and then notices it’s locked.

Mitch is ready to attack Natalie with a weapon. Jessica tells him she knows that he has dug her up dead husband’s body. He tells her that that was unfortunate. But they will at least have the proper burial for his son in law. Jared on the other hand won’t be so fortunate. And he indicates how Jared has betrayed him and is going to pay. So will Natalie if she backs Jared.

Rex tells Corinne that he has known for a long time that Mitch Laurence is evil and terrorized many people 5 years ago until he died.. He heard about the things that happened before he was born. He asks her if Roxy knew that he was her son’s father and why she never told him.

Mitch holds Natalie down and tells Jared that he knows all about the sins of the father and the son.

After Fish asks Cristian what changes they may have made, Cristian admits that they were kissing. And the four of them seem happily in their new situations. Kyle tells Fish that it’s ok if they slow down a bit. They can take their time and get re-acquainted. They can do what feels right. He does not want to scare Fish off again. He asks if they are good. Fish laughs and says as long as Kyle does not think he’s some kind of prude. They laugh about how Kyle is an outlaw and Fish is a law abiding law enforcement officer.

Nevil invites David into the house and tells him that his family members will have to share. There is a new Buchanan in the house. And Nevil is looking for him.

After the head mistress admits to Bo, Nora and Clint that Matthew is missing, they tell her that she better find him. Where could he have gone in a wheelchair? And they will bring criminal charges against her. Right then, she brings them to find Téa and Elijah in the other room.

Matthew tells Dani that he knows that his mom will be crying. His dad will console her. They will start making phone calls. And they will get all freaked out. But he’s not going to worry about it again. She then suggests to Matthew that he could always call his lawyer, remembering his telling her about the lawyer who won his case for him but still having to clue whom his lawyer was). He tells her that he is afraid that his lawyer is done with him.

Right then, Téa is shocked to find out that her daughter may have escaped with Matthew Buchanan.

On the flight, Dani firmly tells Matthew he should call his lawyer. She’s serious. That’s what he pays her for. But he tells her that the last time he called his lawyer, she got distracted and didn’t even call him back. He then reveals to her that Téa Delgado really turned out to be sharp lawyer. Hearing her mother’s name, at that point, Dani is stunned.

Nora confronts Téa about how she is at fault for what she did to Matthew not realizing he is a minor. Téa then tells Nora she would never take Matthew anywhere he doesn’t want to go. She had nothing to do with this, she tells Nora. Bo then asks Téa to please tell them what she is doing there. They still have no clue that she has a daughter nor that Matthew would be with her. Nora protests that she must act fast since Nora’s son is alone out there somewhere. Téa then replies that she knows he is not on his own

Right when Dani hears Matthew mentioning Téa Delgado’s name, she asks if he knows Téa Delgado. And she reveals that Téa is her mother.

Nora tells Téa if she thinks she had some serious consequences the last time she lost her license for sleeping with a client, wait till the board finds out about this. She will now get disbarred for life. Téa then reminds Nora that she is a fine one to talk when she and Bo both violated a court order. Nora then tells Téa if any harm comes to her son…. If he goes and gets that surgery without their consent. Téa reminds them that Matthew does not need their consent and she would not blame him if that’s exactly what he is doing now. But that’s not why he ran away. They then talk about that “kid” who may have helped Matthew escape and how they will bring charges against him or her. Téa then tells them she shouldn’t be so sure. Because nobody messes with her daughter.

Layla, Cristian, Fish and Kyle all watch “Kristina Come Home For Christmas”. And they all reflect that it’s about how people find out that they cannot live without the person they love.

Nevil asks David if he is staying. David asks Nevil to cheer up and tells him he knows he will have fun. He asks him if he knows the royal English family. When he finds out that Nevil knows princes and Princesses and royalty, he tells him this will be the start of a great friendship.

While Destiny is on her flight home, she sadly reminisces her friendship with Matthew while she looks at a cell phone photo of them together. She looks out the window feeling sad and lonely and tells Matthew good luck, she hopes he gets what he wants.

After Dani reveals to Matthew that Téa Delgado is her mom, he asks how that could be. She has a different last name. Dani explains that she has her dad’s name which is Rayburn. Matthew assesses how weird this is. She tells him she knows and tells him this is a small world.

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