OLTL Update Monday 11/9/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/9/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Gigi goes with Schuyler to his apartment drunk and takes off her clothes. He does not want to sleep with her. But she seduces him and he does not resist her advances. Out in the hallway, Roxy runs into Kyle who is happily ready for a date with Fish. She tells him that he knows that the lucky rabbits foot has worked for him to get back the man he loves. He tells her that he wants everything to work and doesn’t want to “take any chances”.

Fish gets ready in his apartment and asks Layla what she thinks of the baggy colorless polo shirt he’s wearing. She asks him if the word “dork” comes to mind.

While Gigi is ready to seduce Schuyler, he tells her that he knows she does not want to do this to Rex.

The cops take both Nadine and Corrine away after they have drugged Rex and tied Brody up. Corrine protests that Rex must know that she is his aunt and he cannot let them do this to her. He tells her that she is no family member of his. But she asks him if he does not want to know who his real father is.

On the flight back, Brody and John are brainstorming about what could possibly be going on with somebody appearing to be Nash and stalking Jessica. Isn’t it obvious that Nash is dead?

Back in Llanview, Viki notices Nash’s gravesite and is shocked to see an empty casket.

Jessica goes to an abandoned warehouse to see what appears to look like the back of Nash’s head. She rushes to him. But it appears to be a wig on a skull. She screams.

Rex tells Corinne that she does not care who his father is nor does she care about him. She proved that today. She protests to him that she has proof. The cops are ready to take her away. But at that point, Rex asks them to wait.

Gigi asks Schuyler why he does not want to do what she wants to do. He tells her that she needs to get her clothes on and have some coffee. She asks if he is mad at her and if he does not want her. He tells her he is not mad at her and it should be obvious that he wants her. Just not like this. She tells him that she wants him to make love to her right now. What would be wrong with that if they both want each other?

At angel square, Roxy encourages Kyle to go and have a good time and not be afraid of anything. But he appears to be very cautious about something

Noticing Fish in his very “non sexy” shirt, Layla tells him that that is the type of shirt he would wear to play goofy golf with the kids. And she knows how he can look sexy. She reminds him that she would know since they “know each other pretty well”. Hearing that, he expresses how guilty he feels to have hurt her. She tells him he need not worry. She is his friend and she’s there to help him. But he tells her he feels as though he has not right to accept her help. He knows that she has helped him to see how he was standing in the way of his own happiness by not being with the guy he loves. And he wishes he could do the same thing for her. Cristian is not there with them for a reason.

Meanwhile, Cristian is working late a Buenas Dias. Carlotta knows why her son is avoiding going home and urges him to “call her”.

After Viki discovers the empty casket that has been dug up by Nash’s grave, she calls Charlie. They are both shocked to see that apparently somebody has done this. They haven’t a clue who it would be.

After Jessica notices the skull with a Nash wig and screams in horror, she runs out. But she notices Jared outside the door and isn’t about to let him in or go outside when he’s there. So she locks the door.

Cristian tells his mother that he is not going to call Layla. He cannot. The situation that prevents them from being together is not going to change. Layla has made it clear that since her sister is in a coma, she cannot be with Cristian. And he knows that he maybe should not be “cheating” on Evangeline. Carlotta tells her son that she knows how he was similarly hesitating to move on with Sara after Evangeline. And she tells him he must know that Evangeline would not want him to prevent having a future with Sara or with Layla.

After Fish indicates To Layla that he wishes he could help her with Cristian the same way she has helped him with Kyle, she tells him that instead of talking about Cristian, she needs to get him changed into something that will attract Kyle. Right then, Kyle enters. Layla asks if she can get him a beer. Fish then comes out of his room. Kyle smiles and tells him he looks nice. Layla assessed to tem that Fish ahs great taste in clothes and in men.

Brody tells John that he should have known that he cannot trust Nadine, sister or not. John asks Brody if he believes that Nadine would really sell out her own brother just because somebody paid her off. Brody tells John yes. But they both believe that it does not appear that Rex’s aunt Corrine would do that. It appears to them that Corinne must be scared of something or somebody if she would resort to such drastic measures..

After Corinne tells Rex that she knows who his real father is, he asks the cops to let him talk to his aunt alone. He then tells her if she has proof of whom his dad is, he wants to see it right now.

Schuyler gets Gigi back into her blouse. She tells him that if Rex would sleep with her sister, why can’t she sleep with him. He tells her that he knows that she is “better” than her sister. He then tells her that there is a saying in rehab about thinking before one drinks. You must think about how you are going to feel after doing something you may want to do before doing it He knows that she would regret cheating on Rex after doing it.

Charlie and Viki all wonder how and why so many coincidences are going on involving somebody pretending be Nash, an empty casket, Jared disappearing, both Brody and Rex having to rush to Michigan for family emergencies and both becoming uncontactable. And the fact that it’s Chloe's birthday today. And Viki tells her husband she is very grateful that Jessica is not there to see what has happened to Nash’s gravesite.

Jessica is in the warehouse, struggling to get out when Jared appears. She screams at him and locks the door afraid that he must be the murderer after seeing the skull and all that has happened. But he demands that she lets him in.

Carlotta tells Cristian that he is so stubborn. He tells his mom that it is Layla who is stubborn. She has laid down the law that there is no way she can have a relationship with him because it would mean she’s being disloyal to her sister. But Carlotta does not accept that.

Fish gets a call and takes it in the other room. Kyle and Layla talk about what it’s like to “date a cop”. They get called into work on a moment’s notice all the time. Fish then announces that they are short handed at the station and need his help. But he hopes that Kyle can wait around for a while. He leaves and tells them he will not be long. Alone in the apartment, Layla and Kyle talk alone.

Schuyler tells Gigi that he realizes how she has had a horrendous day with Rex gone and uncontactable and her sister walking in with a sonogram picture of Rex’s baby. She tells him she doesn’t want to think of things like that. He tells her that if she keeps drinking her problems away, it’s not going to do any good for Shane to see her that way nor solve anything. She asks Schuyler why he is being mean to her and implying that she is a bad person. He tells her that he thinks she is a wonderful and beautiful woman. And none of this is her fault. She then reminds him that not long ago, she had a chance to become Mrs. Rex Balsam. But it looks like that chance is gone. And now, she is beginning to wonder if maybe Rex is not the person she should be with in the first place.

Corinne shows Rex an envelope from a medical clinic that he seems to be aware of and he is shocked.

When Jessica struggles to prevent Jared from entering the warehouse and he demands she lets him in, she opens a closet door. And Natalie falls out of it unconscious.

Kyle talks to Layla alone about how he had to “hurt” Nick and break up with him in order to admit that he loves Fish. He tells her that he knows that she has similar “loyalty” issues involving her sister and Cristian.

Cristian cooks with his mother in the kitchen and tells her he wishes he could find a way to move on. She asks him if he loves Layla. He appears frustrated and asks who knows what love is. She then concludes that he must love her. He tells her that there are many things that people can change if they want to be with the person they love. But there’s no way anybody can change the fact that her Layla’s sister in a coma. And maybe he has to accept that Layla is just not that into him. Hearing that, Carlotta tells her son she does not believe that. He then tells his mother she has to go home and stop worrying about him. But she tells her son that he better return home with a smile on his face or he can forget about being “her new boarder”.

By Nash’s gravesite, Charlie tells Viki that since his son is on the run and in trouble and nobody has seen or heard from him, he is afraid that he has failed Jared again. She tells him that he mustn’t blame himself for that. But he tells her that if Jared was in trouble, he would have come to his father if he was fit to be a father. Right then, Fish and the cops come to investigate. Viki tells Charlie that she hopes to God that they find Nash’s body before Jessica finds out what has happened.

After Jessica discovers Natalie unconscious in the closet, she urges her sister to wake up. Natalie opens her eyes but seems disoriented. From outside the window, Jared pounds on the glass and demands that they let him in because Natalie is in danger.

John tells Brody that what he knows about Rex’s aunt Corinne is that she took Rex into her home and raised him because Rex’s father Walter died and they felt as though Roxy was not fit to raise him And they later found out that Walter was not Rex’s father. And it appears that they still don’t know to this day who his father really is.

When Rex sees the envelope from the named clinic he knows that Roxy has been to that place. She had some sort of secret not long ago (the bone marrow donor family member for Shane who was Rex’s real father). He demands to know what is going on. Corinne explains that she hasn’t a clue exactly how to explain everything to him. But he needs to read and discover what is in the envelope.

Gigi tells Schuyler that she wishes she had been with someone who was not Rex. She really hasn’t had anybody else in her life. He then remembers that Rex left her when she was pregnant an in high school. And the two of them did not reconnect until Shane was 9 years old. In all that time, she never “hooked up” with another guy. He asks her why. She replies because she had a little boy and a full time job. He then asks her if she was too tired to have a boyfriend. Didn’t she have offers? She tells him that she never even slept with Brody. She could not. She was still in love with her baby’s father. She built him up so that nobody could ever take his place. And all this was going on while Rex had no idea. He didn’t even know that he got Gigi pregnant. Rex was living with his aunt Corinne. And she remembers calling Corinne earlier tonight and finding out that Rex didn’t want to talk to her. And she has never felt so alone in all her life. She tells Schuyler that she has never told this to anybody before. But there is a part of her that remembers standing on the porch in Michigan waiting for Rex all alone. And that ‘s how she feels tonight.

After Kyle has admitted to Layla that he knows about her issues with Cristian, he can see that she is upset. He tells her he didn’t want her to think that he and Fish were talking about her behind her back. But Fish remembers her sister. Layla then tells him that she has always felt in competition with Evangeline. She as so smart and successful and beautiful and could sing. He then tells her that maybe he should not have brought that up. She tells him it’s ok to be able to talk to somebody who is not telling her what to do. He tells her that he and Oliver had a really bad situation in college, and now he’s sitting there waiting for him to return. And that is an indication that you never know what you should have done differently in the past. She then asks if he’s ok if she goes out and takes care of something. And Fish will probably be back soon.

Fish talks to Viki and Charlie at Nash’s gravesite and assures them that the police will find out what has happened to Nash.

John tells Brody that there must be somebody who knew that his sister Nadine and Rex’s aunt Corinne lived in the same town. And somebody is obviously holding something over on Corinne if she would have drugged Rex, the nephew she always loved and cared for. John also informs Brody that when Viki went into labor with Natalie and Jessica, Walter Balsam, Rex’s father delivered them. And until Natalie was an adult, nobody knew that she was Viki’s daughter. Everybody thought that Roxy gave birth to her. And there is some “guy” who was behind all of that. Hearing that, Brody asks John who that guy would be. Before John can answer that question, he gets a call from Fish.

Natalie comes to, sees Jared and rushes to let him in. She jumps into his arms. Jessica watches them stunned and untrusting.

Schuyler asks Gigi why it was that she never told Rex that she was pregnant, never tried to find him and he apparently he never tried to find her. She protests that Rex loves her and loves Shane. Buts she knows that she has abandonment issues. And she needs to talk to Dr. Saybrooke with or without Rex. He assesses that she loves Rex and he was not there for her when she needed him the most. Yes. She does not blame him. But maybe somebody should have told him about condoms or something. But she tells Schuyler it was an accident. They both realize that she was a pregnant teenager and did not know what to do. At that points he assesses that she has always been taking care of herself without any help. So she will get herself home again. But he tells her that he won’t let her go home alone. He is taking care of her.

Corrine shows Rex the envelope from the clinic and let him open it. He notices something monogrammed that appears noteworthy.

Cristian believes he’s alone at Buenos Dias when he notices somebody enter. He assumes it’s his mom and tells her he thought he asked her to go home. But to his surprise, it’s Layla.

At Schuyler’s, Gigi knows she has to sober up before she can go back to Shane. So she calls Noelle and tells her that she needs her to stay with her son a little longer. She reflects to Schuyler that she has been taking care of Shane alone all his life. And she knows all about what it’s like to have fears about many things. She lies on his bed and ask shim if he will just hold her. They are both fully clothed and she tells him she swears she is not coming on to him. She falls sleep in his arms and admits that she feels good to be with him.

Corinne asks Rex to keep going and look at more things in the envelope. He then reads his birth certificate that names his birth mother as Roxanne Balsam. And he sees his father’s name but appears shocked and stunned and cannot read it.

John and Brody are then talking about what type of life style Walter Balsam was into. John tells him he knows that Walter and many others were part of a religious cult where they were never alone. And they were lead and brainwashed by a dastardly evil man.

Right then, at Corinne’s home, Rex reads that his biological father is Mitch Laurence.

Natalie, Jessica and Jared are alone in the warehouse when Jared protests to them that somebody is “pulling” his and many other people’s strings. They turn to see who it is. It’s Mitch Laurence.

John tells Brody that the cult leader who Walter Balsam and many others followed was Mitch Laurence.

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