OLTL Update Friday 11/6/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 11/6/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

When Jessica gets ready to leave Natalie and go back to Bree, she runs into Jared in the dark. She greets him and tells him that they’ve all been worried about him and asks where he’s been. He grabs a hold of her and covers her mouth.

Meanwhile, back in Llanview, Viki remembers the anniversary of the birth of her deceased granddaughter, Chloe, and she goes to the gravesite.

At the same time, Starr and her entire family celebrate the birth of baby Hope along with Dorian’s campaign.

While Viki talks to baby Chloe by her grave, out of nowhere, Marcie McBain appears and remembers the anniversary of her adopted baby. Viki rushes up and hugs Marcie happily surprised to see her after all this time.

John finds out that Nadine and Corinne have attempted to kidnap Rex and Brody. Brody breaks free of being tied to the chair and he and John question the two of them and ask why they had to do what they did to Brody and to Rex.

Jessica tells Jared that she knows it was him who has been pretending to be Nash and who has been pulling these stunts including killing two people.

Marcie is seven months pregnant with her own child. Viki is really happy knowing that she has had this miracle right after she and Michael were heartbroken to have lost the baby that they adopted and found out she died. Marcie tells her that she remembers saying goodbye to Jessica’s baby. Viki reflects that she knows that Marcie was the last person who her granddaughter saw before she died. Marcie tells Viki that although Chloe was not her baby or Starr’s, she loved her and were it not for the death of Chloe, she and Michael might not have ever gotten back together. Viki asks Marcie how things are in Seattle. Marcie replies that she and Michael are happy living there. Although, she is still registered to vote in Pennsylvania . Part of the reason she came back was to vote for Viki for Mayor. Viki smiles.

Meanwhile, Dorian is having her campaign celebration with baby Hope’s 1st birthday. Todd interrogates Amelia knowing that she is not Dorian’s fiancé or marital partner. Marty, Blair and the kids all want him to leave her alone. He knows that Dorian is scamming and he reveals that he is certainly going to vote for his sister for Mayor and wants her to defeat his ex-wife’s aunt in the election. Starr takes a picture of her daughter and the family.

Gigi gets drunk at Rodi’s and tells Schuyler that when she observes the sonogram of Stacy’s unborn baby, she wonders who it looks like. Does the baby resemble Rex or her slut sister? Schuyler tells her that he wants to take her home. He knows that she is not okay, and he does not want Shane to see her like this. She suggests going to his place.

Brody asks Corrine how she could do something like this to her own nephew. Why would Nadine team up with her? Brody then tells John that he needs to reach Jessica and make certain that she was okay.

Meanwhile, Jessica confronts Jared and tells him that she knows that he stalked her and pretended to be Nash. He protests that he had some issues with Wayne Landers. She tells him she is getting out of there to be with her daughter. He grabs a hold of her to prevent her from doing that. He takes her to a big warehouse and tells her she needs to listen. She tells him she knows he killed Landers and Pamela Stewart and pretended to be Nash. The reason he cannot let her go is because he must have done something to Natalie.

At the same time, John and Brody are asking Nadine and Corrine just what their “plan” was and if they might not be “working” for Jared.

At Dorian’s campaign celebration, Langston reveals that she is not okay with the fact that Markko may be voting for Viki instead of Dorian even though she tells him she is okay with it. When he tells her he will vote for Dorian, he notices she is a lot more “receptive,” so he lies.

Todd is holding baby Hope, and Blair tells him she did not think it would be possible for him to just have a good time and enjoy being with his family. She holds the baby while Todd talks about how he won’t let Téa ruin his life. At least he doesn’t have any kids with her (Téa). At that point, Blair remembers when Marty hypnotized her so that she could remember Téa revealing that she had a child with Todd and her (Blair) deciding that she will never tell Todd that he has another child. They notice that the baby needs to be changed. Todd takes her off. When they are alone, Marty demands that Blair tells her how she could do that. How could she prevent Todd from knowing about his child? Blair tells Marty that it’s not her business to tell him that. Todd reappears and asks the two women what they are arguing about. At that point, Marty announces to Todd that there is something she needs to tell him.

While Gigi is intoxicated and slurring her speech, Schuyler asks if she should not call Rex. She tells him she has already called Rex too many times. He is not picking up his phone. She can see Rex has more important things than her. He hasn’t even returned her calls.

Brody demands that Nadine tells him why she lied to him telling him she had an emergency and got him to leave Jessica and rush out to see her. She admits that “somebody” paid her. Corrine admits that she had the same situation that “compelled” her to get Rex to come out so that she could drug him. John then shows them a picture of Jared and asks if they have seen this man.

Jessica tells Jared that she was with Natalie when he sent Natalie that text message. Hearing that, Jared acts very surprised to find out that Natalie is nearby. But Jessica does not believe for a minute that he does not know about the text message nor that Natalie is there. She tells Jared she is going to call the police. He pulls the phone out of her hand and demands that she listens to him. She tells him that if “somebody” finds out that Natalie is nearby, then she could die.

Dorian and her family and friends are watching the election results between her and Viki. After Marty announces to Todd that she has something to tell him, she tells him it’s regarding Starr and Cole’s baby. She knows that although she is getting along okay with Todd, if she sees him coming between Starr and Cole, he will be answering to her. He tells Marty that he is past that. She tells him that she knows he loves his daughter and granddaughter and Blair knows that, too. Blair is silent.

Starr asks Cole if he thinks that their baby knows it’s her birthday or if she remembers all that has happened. They admit that they are happy together.

Viki tells Marcie that she thinks it’s extraordinary that after she adopted Starr’s baby and fell in love with her, she was able to give her back to Starr. Marcie replies that she could see that Starr made a lot of changes and was ready to be a mom. They reminisce how they all wound up in Paris, Texas at the Bon Jour Café not long ago with their mutual friends, Gigi, Noelle and Moe and how Viki and Charlie fell in love from meeting there as did Moe and Noelle and how Gigi was able to connect with the “love of her life.”

Meanwhile, Schuyler takes Gigi to his apartment. She can barely stand up. She asks if he has anything to drink He replies coffee. She asks if he has anything else. He replies he has no alcohol. She tells him she does not want or need coffee. She grabs a hold of him and kisses him. He does not stop her.

Rex is unconscious and drugged in the bedroom while John and Brody ask Nadine and Corrine if they recognize Jared, Pamela Stewart, Wayne Landers or Nash Brennan. They reply that they have never heard of any of them. John tells them he finds that hard to believe.

Jared is struggling with Jessica and he’s worried that he might have hurt Natalie.

Starr and the family notice a gift that Aunt Viki sent baby Hope. Dorian tells Amelia all about her competitive spirit with Viki. Starr reads that Viki has written that she promises to love her baby niece forever. Dorian tells Amelia that she doubts anybody will believe a word of any promise that Viki keeps to the baby or the people of Llanview. Amelia then asks Dorian if she plans to keep her promise. Dorian replies that she (herself) does plan to make gay marriage legal. Amelia tells her whatever happens, she does appreciate the efforts that Dorian is making. But Dorian tells her she need not say “whatever happens.” She knows she is going to win this election. Jack enters and tells Cole and Star that he has a bet going after talking to Markko. Cole then pulls some money out of his pocket. Marty then comes by and tells them that she bets on Viki and is certain she is going to win.

At Chloe’s gravesite, Viki tells Marcie that some strange things are going on. Jessica has been stalked by some strange person pretending to be Nash. Hearing that, Marcie is shocked.

John and Brody attempt to find out information from Nadine and Corrine. Jared struggles to explain to Jessica the method of his madness.

Gigi is drunk and tells Schuyler that Rex abandoned her with some story about this sick aunt. She called and Corrine informed her that she was not really sick and Rex needed a break from her (Gigi). Hearing that, Schuyler tells her he’s sure that is not really the case. She tells him she doesn’t even want to think about Rex. She wants to be with him instead. He then assesses that it appears she wants to stay drunk so that she can come on to him. She tells him that is not the reason she is coming on to him.

Meanwhile, Rex appears to come to, and moves up off of the bed.

Brody tries to get a hold of Jessica and gets her voice mail. He tells John that this is not something normal for Jessica. He knows that she never turns off her phone. She has that policy whenever she’s away just in case someone is calling about Bree.

Jessica and Jared struggle after he’s pulled her phone out of her hand. He falls over. At that point, she is afraid that Jared has been hurt.

When Rex comes to, he tells Brody he knows where Jessica is. She’s in California with Natalie. Brody then demands to know what Jessica is doing in California. Rex is not certain how to answer that.

Viki asks Marcie how long she is staying in town. Marcie tells her she has to get back to Seattle the next morning but definitely wanted to visit her friends before she leaves. Viki tells Marcie she better send some pictures of her baby when she has him/her. Marcie tells Viki she will be sure to do that.

Jack ask his parents to explain the election results of his two aunts. Blair and Todd are not certain how to explain all of the districts counting up their votes for Dorian and for Viki. Markko admits to Cole that he has never before lied to Langston until now. He told her that he voted for her mother, but he did not. He voted for Mrs. Banks. Cole tells him that he knows that Langston will detect his lie. Markko tells Cole he’s right about that. But if Dorian loses the election, Langston can’t exactly blame him for that, since he is only one vote.

Rex explains to Brody and John that he went with Natalie and Jessica to find Jared, but nothing happened. John concludes that whoever is behind this is playing them all.

Gigi is drunk with Schuyler sounding off about Rex going away and not calling or returning her calls, and now she finds out he’s lied to her. She tells him it does not matter where he is or what he is doing. Schuyler urges her to know that she has had too much to drink and, maybe, needs to sleep it off. She tells Schuyler that, maybe, they can “do something else.” She turns off her phone assuming there’s no reason to leave it on.

At that same moment, Rex tries and fails to get Gigi on the phone. Brody tries and fails to get Jessica on his phone. John tries and fails to get Natalie on his phone.

After Jared is passed out on the ground, Jessica gets into her car but it won’t start.

Dorian asks why it’s taking so long. Langston indicates that she knows that everybody is pulling for her. Yet, Cole and Markko indicate that they may not. Starr gets up to take her baby to bed. Marcie appears with a gift for Hope. Starr notices that Marcie is an expected mom. Everybody welcomes Marcie. Starr and Cole ask if she wants to hold the baby. Marcie tells them she’s not certain, and that a lot of toddlers are afraid of strangers. They remind her she is absolutely not a stranger to Hope. Marcie reminds them she is only there for a night but holds the baby.

Blair reminds Marty that whatever was said in their “session” was confidential. If Marty tells Todd the secret, Blair won’t hesitate to report Marty and get her license to practice medicine revoked. She tells Marty that she knows that everybody thinks Marty is so great and it’s none of Marty’s business whether Todd finds out about his child. Not far way, Todd somehow cannot get Téa out of his mind and knows that he has to find out where she went and what she is doing. He is calling a Private Investigator to find her.

Brody concludes to Nadine that he was wrong to think that his sister was back in his life. She cries and urges her brother not to think that. The cops take both her and Corrine into custody. Corrine protests to Rex how he could let them do that to his aunt. He tells her that after what she did, he no longer cares. She asks her nephew if he does not want to find out who his real father is.

Gigi takes off her clothes and is ready to seduce Schuyler.

Jessica runs off in the dark afraid of Jared. She runs into an abandoned house near where Nash’s vineyard is and asks if anybody could help her since her car won’t start. It appears she sees Nash.

We see Nash’s gravesite at Llanview. Viki goes to observe it and notices an empty casket. She opens her mouth in shock.

Jessica sees what looks to be the back of Nash and rushes to him. 

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