OLTL Update Thursday 11/5/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 11/5/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Téa tells Elijah that all she knows is that she has to get Dani out of this boarding school before Ross finds her. But he reminds her that her daughter is a teenage girl. She’s made it clear that she hates her mom and does not want to go anywhere with her. But she tells him that she has to protect Dani from her father.

Right then, Destiny is able to find Matthew in the boarding school. He notices her and is amazed that she came all the way out there to find him. She replies that David helped her find him.

After Rex’s Aunt Corinne and Brody’s sister Nadine drug Rex’s Téa and he’s knocked out cold, Corinne asks what they are going to do next, noticing that she has done this to her only nephew. She knows they might both get in trouble and the cops might be looking for both Rex and Brody. But Nadine reminds her that she was just “following instructions’. They know that they must prevent Natalie from finding Jared no matter what they must do.

Meanwhile, Natalie and Jessica are waiting for Rex to return. They are both baffled why they cannot find Jared or Brody or Rex. And Jessica is wondering why it was that it appeared that somebody was calling her that might very well be Nash.

Brody is bound and gagged while Corinne and Nadine struggle to get Rex out of sight so that nobody will find him. Right then, John knocks on the door. He rings the doorbell. And they know they have to answer it. But they must hide Rex first. Corinne drags Rex’s unconscious body behind the chair. Nadine goes to answer the door.

Nora informs Bo that she just had a phone conversation with Clint. And it finally hit her that she has really been isolating her husband. She tells Bo that it has appeared that the two of them are in this little cocoon away from everybody else. And she concludes to Bo that she cannot kiss him when she is married to his brother. He reflects that he cannot believe that she is married to his brother. She affirms that she loves Clint. But he asks her what they missed and if it is too late for the two of them.

While Destiny finds Matthew in his room at the boarding school, Dani enters. Matthew introduces them and informs Destiny that this is the girl whose mom wants to ship her off against her will. Dani tells them that they have to leave right away otherwise her mom will have armed guards there any minute. Matthew admits that he is so in awe of the fact that Destiny has finally found him. But Dani reminds him that they have to go now.

In the other room, Téa tells Elijah that she wonders why the head mistress would tell them this place has such air tight security when Ross can sneak in so easily. And it seems she can sense that he’s not the only person who’s found their way to the place unseen. He asks her just how long she thinks she can keep the secret that Ross is not Dani’s father and Todd Manning is. She just asks how she can reveal that startling information to her daughter.

Schuyler and Gigi talk at Rod’s’. He knows that she has things on her mind. He wants to talk about the status of their relationship. She tells him that she came way too close to crossing the line and cannot let them have “more” than what they have. And she informs him that she is going to go out of town for a few days. Rex is in Michigan taking care of his sick aunt. And she is going to help him.

John enters the house in Michigan where both Brody and Rex are being held prisoner. Nadine answers and asks her where Rex Balsam is. She informs him that she just missed Rex. He’s gone out.

Jessica tells Natalie that they should have called the cops long ago. It’s a little odd that nobody can find Brody or Rex and that they have both so suddenly been called to Michigan. Natalie protests and tries to prevent her sister from calling John. But Jessica tells Natalie that she is calling John whether Natalie approves or not. She asks Natalie what she is so afraid of if she is convinced that Jared is innocent. Natalie protests that Jessica must realize that John wants to incriminate Jared and throw him in jail. How can Jared prove that he’s innocent when he’s locked up? She asks Jessica of she really wants to find out who is pretending to be Nash and get some answers and if so, she needs to give them and Rex a chance before John shuts them down. Jessica then agrees. But she makes another call. She tells Natalie that she’s just going to call John and asks if he’s heard from Brody. But she won’t’ tell him where she and Natalie are.

John talks to Nadine outside the house and makes up a story about how he is not a cop and just a friend of Brody’s. But she doesn’t want to let him in. He pushes the door open. Corinne is busy hiding both Rex and Brody in the other room. At that point, her phone rings.. She answers it. Gigi is calling. She tells Corinne that she wants to come out and see Rex. But Corinne tells Gigi she can’t. Right then, John gets a call from Jessica. He asks her where she is and she cannot answer that question.

Téa and Elijah demand that the head mistress tells them where Daniella is. She hesitates to answer that but tells them she’s sure that Dani is ok and there is no need to worry. Téa furiously tells her that the security in this place is not adequate when Téa’s ex husband was able to sneak in last night unseen and almost kidnapped her daughter. So she demands that the head mistress finds Dani immediately. The head mistress leaves. And Elijah tells Téa she may have overreacted. Téa tells him to shut up.

In Matthew’ room, Destiny informs him that Shaun is doing ok. He tells her that is great. She tells him that she bets that Greg will regain his confidence to do surgery and she might be able to convince him to help Matthew walk again. She tells Matthew that he need not settle for the doctor in Seattle to do the surgery. He can come back to Llanview with her and Greg can do it.

Meanwhile, Bo and Nora are reminiscing about their history together and all of the problems they have had. She asks him how they can prevent anything else from getting in the way of their future together. He tells her that they can just do their best. But she questions whether that will be good enough. He tells her that he is willing to take a chance. And he asks her if she is willing to leave Clint and try again with him.

At the boarding school, the head mistress returns to Téa and Elijah and informs them that Dani appears to have packed up her things and his missing. Téa is furious and holds her responsible. She leaves. Alone with Téa, Elijah tells her if Ross finds Dani and hurts her, he will never forgive himself. But she tells him that it’s her fault if something happens to Dani because she stayed with Ross too long.

Matthew tells Destiny that he is stuck there and has to go with Daniella to Tahiti to find her dad. But she asks if he will return to Llanview afterwards. Right then, Tom enters and asks who the strange girl is when he sees Destiny. He is very suspicious and detects that somebody has broken in and breeched security. He is worried that a bomb could go off in 5 seconds.

Clint and Nora reflect all the turmoil all the Buchanans are going through. Clint is all alone in Llanview. His son in law is on the run. Both of his daughters are going through hell. And now he (Bo) is going to add to all of that.

After Nadine had let John into the house and Jessica calls John, he asks her if she is at the house in Llanview. She tells him no. She’s in the car. He asks her to please talk to him. She tells John she’s just worried about Brody and would like him to call her if he finds something out. And she hangs up. John then tells Nadine that she just talked to Brody’s girlfriend who has not heard form him in days. It’s a little odd that he has not called Jessica and she cannot reach him.

While Gigi talks to Corinne on the phone, Corinne makes certain to whisper and sounds like she is sick. But Gigi finds it kind of odd that she can’t talk to Rex and that Corinne won’t let her come out there to help Rex take care of her. Corinne tells Gigi that just between the two of them, Rex said he “needs a little space” and so Gigi needs to “just give it a rest”. And she hangs up. Rex is passed out on the floor and Brody is bound and gagged while she is in the room with them. At that point, Schuyler asks Gigi when she is going to leave for Michigan. She tells him she is not. And she is not “doing this either’. He asks her what she means. She replies that she is not going to run to him every time she has a problem with Rex. Right then, Stacy enters and gloats to see that Gigi cannot find Rex and is with Schuyler. Gigi asks her what she wants. Stacy replies it’s about the baby.

Right when John tells Nadine that he does not buy her story about not knowing the whereabouts of Rex or Brody, she tells him he needs to leave now. He is trespassing. He tells her in that case, she may call the cops. Right at that moment, Brody overhears from the other room and struggles to break out of the chair where he’s bound and gagged.

Natalie and Jessica agree that they don’t want to fight. Jessica tells her sister that she needs to call Bree. She cries and remembers that she also had Chloe and that she would be a year old today. It was all Tess’s fault that she died. She tried to kill Natalie and Jared and was more concerned about revenge than taking care of her own baby. Now she believes that she is hearing Nash’s voice. What is happening, she asks?

John informs Nadine that he finds it odd that Gigi has not been able to reach Rex. Nadine informs John that she remembers Gigi. She got knocked up with somebody else’s kid and her (Nadine's) brother was there for her yet the slut dumped him. So why is John concerned about her?

At Rodi’s, Stacy appears smug to Gigi when she talks about herself and Rex. Gigi then reminds her sister that there is no Stacy and Rex. There is only Stacy and the baby. So now Stacy is getting obsessed about her delusion of Rex. She asks Stacy if the baby is ok and if there is something wrong. Stacy tells her of course not. She has a healthy baby. And that was what she wanted to show Rex. She shows Gigi an ultrasound.

The head mistress goes looking for Dani. She informs Matthew and Tom that Dani is leaving. Matthew asks where she is going. The head mistress tells Matthew she doesn’t have that information but if he sees Dani, she would like to know immediately. As soon as she closes the door, Dani and Destiny come out of hiding form under the sheets of the bed. The mistress has warned them that security will be there soon. So they all wonder what they are supposed to do in order not to get caught.

Bo tells Nora that he does not want to push things. And he doesn’t want to pretend that there is something there if it won’t work. He tells her if she is going back to Clint now, she needs to tell him. And he will figure out what is going on in his life. She asks him how he can do that. He admits that he cannot do that without her He cannot imagine his life without her. She admits that she cannot imagine that either. She tells him that she did not believe that he could ever forgive her. But he is all she has ever wanted. She has always loved him and she hates what this is going to do to Clint. And she hates herself for not thinking this through before the wedding. But she knows if she stays with Clint, it’s only going to make things worse. She is going to tell Clint that it’s over between them and she is going to leave him. At that point, she admits that she cannot believe she just said that. And she hasn’t a clue how she is going to tell Clint. Bo tells her that they can make his brother understand. She hugs Bo. He tells her that she will find the words. But she tells him that she has to take the next flight out of there. She has to get this done now. And she will go alone since it’s her problem. But he tells her he can’t let her do this alone. He will stay out of it if she wants. But he is going to Llanview with her.

Dani tells Matthew that they have to move if they expect to get to Tahiti. He turns to Destiny and tells her he will really miss her.

Téa and Elijah tells the head mistress that she better find Dani. Téa tells the head mistress she is going to call the authorities and find her daughter if the head mistress cannot find her.

At Rodi’s, Stacy tells Gigi all about the baby she is having with Rex and how significant that will be. Schuyler overhears and rammers the night when Stacy drugged him and they had sex. She leaves and gives Gigi the sonogram photo. Gigi makes it clear that she is furious.

Jessica tells Natalie in the morning she is going home. She would really like it if Natalie comes with her. But she will realize that it’s Natalie’s decision. She promises not to tell anybody where Natalie is. But she has to be with her daughter. She reveals that she regrets all of the trouble she’s gotten into in the last year.

At the house where Nadine and Corrine are keeping Rex and Brody, John tells Nadine that he really has to find out what is going on. But Nadine tells him that he has to leave. In the other room, Corrine finds that Brody might be able to break free and Rex might wake up soon.

Gigi admits to Schuyler that she’s not ok. She pours herself a drink. She tells him that her boyfriend has not called her. He’s off on some secret plan that’s more important than them. He knocked up her sister. She is done being upset and wants to have some fun. She drinks a shot.

Bo tells Nora if she tells Clint, there will be major fallout. She asks him if it would not be worse if Clint sees him with her. But she reminds him that somebody has to be near Matthew. He then reminds her that they both know how Matthew feels about them now. So maybe it’s just as well they both stay away from their son for now. He still has Kevin and Kelly. And maybe after being away from them for a while, Matthew might feel differently when he sees them again. But, Nora remembers that when Matthew is talking to Destiny, she will inform him that Greg is confident to do surgery again and encourage Matthew to have Greg do the surgery. He tells her they need not worry.

Matthew tells Destiny that he will never forget all she has done for him. And the next time he sees her, he will walk to her in the sneakers she gave him. In fact, he will run to her. He will never forget her and he will come back just like he promised. She then tells Matthew that she has something very important to tell him. But when Dani urges him that they have to go, Destiny is not able to inform him that Greg is doing surgery again.

Téa admits to Elijah that she is horrified that her daughter is gone. Ross might have kidnapped her. Does he know any law enforcement here? He tells her that it’s entirely possible that Ross has not found her. Maybe Dani ran way. But she asks why, if Dani was ready to do that, didn’t she do it months ago? But she realizes that it may be due to the fact that she has come to see her daughter and take her out of the boarding school that Dani has chosen to run away. Téa cries and asks what if she lost her little girl forever.

Nadine encourages John to get out of her home. He gives her his card and asks her to call if she needs anything.

Gigi drinks and plays the jukebox. She becomes very intoxicated and almost falls when Schuyler catches her. She then looks into his eyes and asks if he will take her home.

Jessica gets ready to leave but finds that she cannot. She notices something very suspicious.

Right when it appears that John has left her home and Nadine is confident that everything is ok for her, she notices that Brody has broken out of the shackles and is ready to escape. John then appears with a smirk letting both her and Corinne know that he is onto them.

Jessica goes looking for Natalie out in the dark. And she runs into Jared.

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