OLTL Update Wednesday 11/4/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 11/4/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

In Todd’s office at The Sun, he tells somebody on the phone to find out who won the election before the polls have closed, and it had better be Viki. He hangs up and then looks at the copy with his marriage to Téa on the cover. A private detective enters with a folder containing information Todd wanted on Téa.

Téa and Elijah are in the office at the Warwick Boarding School in London. Téa tells the headmistress that she got her message about her ex-husband’s visit. The headmistress informs her that Mr. Rayburn was removed before he was able to make contact with his daughter. She assures her that as long as Danielle is in her care, she isn’t going anywhere.

Upstairs in Matthew’s dorm room, his roommate, Tom tells Danielle that her escape plan is flawed. Matthew is on the phone talking to Rachel.

Rachel is in a park talking to Matthew on the phone. She tells him he seems to be adjusting to England. He says he still wants to come home. She offers to come visit him, but he says Shaun need her more. He asks how Shaun is and adds that he has not been able to reach Destiny. Greg enters the park and sees Rachel.

Destiny is at the Buchanan compound. She tells Neville that she wants to call Matthew but her phone battery is dead. Neville suggests she use the house phone but before he can get it for her, it rings. Neville answers the phone and leave the room. David enters the room and asks Destiny what is wrong. He wonders if his little brother didn’t swoon when she declared her love to him. She tells him she hasn’t talked to Matthew yet. She says she was hoping Bo and Nora would take her to see Matthew today, but they have been busy. David tells her to leave Bo and Nora to him. He says somebody in this house should be able to be with the person that they love.

Neville tells his cousin Nigel that he can tell that David is going to stir up trouble. Nigel advises him to prevent it when he finds out what David has planned. He then asks if Nora is available to talk to Clint.

Nora enters the living room and asks sees Bo working on his laptop. She asks him if this is a bad time. He tells her he has been looking for her all day. She says she went out for a walk. He tells her that he would have gone with her. She tells him she was avoiding him. He concludes that she doesn’t want to be around him after their conversation the previous night. David enters and tells Bo that it is the opposite; Nora is afraid she will jump his bones.

In Todd Manning’s office, he asks the private investigator why Téa is in London and who she is with. The PI tells him he doesn’t know and that if Todd wants better answers he will have to provide a longer leash. Todd tells him to do whatever he has to do to get the dirt on Téa. The PI tells him that Téa’s travelling companion was a tall, dark, and handsome type. Todd says it could be Ross Rayburn. Blair repeats Ross Rayburn’s name from Todd’s doorway.

In the office at the Warwick Boarding School in London, Téa thanks the headmistress for watching Daniela. She warns the woman that when Ross comes back for Daniela, he will get ugly if he doesn’t get what he wants. The headmistress says he was already ugly; it took some doing to remove him from the premises. Elijah asks her how much doing. instead of answering the question, the headmistress looks at Téa. Téa tells her that Elijah is Ross’ lawyer. Elijah adds that he is Ross’ brother. The headmistress then reveals that it took several security staff to restrain Ross. Eli asks if Ross is alright. The headmistress tells her that Ross’ well-being was not her concern, only removing him. Téa asks if Daniela knows that Ross was there. The headmistress doesn’t think so. Téa asks to see her daughter now so the headmistress goes to get her. Téa takes off her wedding rings and puts them into her pocket.

Upstairs in Matthew’s dorm room, Matthew’s roommate, Tom tells Dani that everyone that has tried to escape Warwick has failed. Dani suggests they didn’t have the proper motivation. Matthew asks them to be quiet because he is talking on the phone.

In the park in Llanview, Rachel tells Matthew on the phone that it sounds like he is busy so she will call him tomorrow. He asks his sister to say hi to Destiny for him. When Rachel hangs up, Greg asks her how Matthew is doing. Rachel tells him that Matthew is angry because his parents put him in boarding school in London to keep him from having the surgery. He reminds her that the longer he waits his odds for the surgery working decrease. She tells him Shaun came to see her last night with flowers and a limo. She reveals that she ended it with Shaun.

On another park bench, Kim gives Stacy an ultrasound image of a baby that is one month farther along than Stacy’s is. Stacy tells her she is a genius. Kim says if she were a genius, she wouldn’t be broke and alone in Llanview. Stacy tells her she won’t be when she works her magic on Bo Buchanan. Kim reveals that she has heard that Bo only has eyes for his ex.

At the Buchanan compound, Nora tells David he needs to learn to knock. David quips that if he knocks he wouldn’t walk in on anything good. Bo tells David he has to stop eavesdropping. David asks Bo if he is sure he wants that because after all, the two of them spent years burying their feelings for each other. He tells his father that if he doesn’t look out for him, he may end up old and alone. He tells Nora that she might end up old and alone too and still married to Clint. Neville enters and announces that Mr. Buchanan is on the phone for Nora. David tells Neville to say Nora is busy.

In the park, Rachel tells Greg he seems surprised she went through with it. She tells him that when Shaun arrives with his huge plans, he looked so happy. She told him they need to talk, and everyone knows that nothing that follows those four words is ever good. She tells him that she started to cry and Shaun told her she was wrong, they have something special between them. She says she told Shaun that she enjoys spending time with him and values his friendship. She says that the truth became too painful so she lied to Shaun about her feelings for Greg.

In Todd’s office, he introduces the private investigator to Blair as a reporter who has informed him that Ross Rayburn skipped town. Blair says that is good and she hopes he took Téa with him so they can scam another rich sucker. Todd tells the PI to let him know when he has the rest of the story. The PI departs and Blair closed the door behind him. Todd asks why Blair is there. She tells him she thought they should celebrate his child.

In Matthew’s dorm room, he tells Dani that her plan is awesome. She tells him she always tries to think of ways to bust out, but it is always a two-man job. Tom reminds her that this is a three-man job, because the plan wouldn’t work without him creating a distraction. He says he doesn’t want to risk expulsion or find out that Matthew’s parents caught him before he got on the plane. The headmistress comes in and tells Dani she thought she would find her in here. She tells Dani to come with her and tells the boys to get back to their studies.

At the Buchanan compound, Nora excuses herself to take Clint’s call. Bo tells David to stay out of it. David tells Bo that he overheard Nora say she loves Bo too, which he guesses means Bo said it first. He asks Bo what he intends to do about it. Bo says he is still trying to figure it out. David tells Bo and anybody can see that Bo and Nora belong together. Bo brings up Clint. David suggests that they lock up the shotguns before they break the news. Bo is unsure that there will be any news. David warns Bo not to be like David and Dorian, both too stubborn to say they belong together. Bo asks David why he cares. David says s he just wants to see his daddy happy, and he can’t wait to start calling Nora “Big Mama.”

On the telephone, Clint asks how Matthew is doing. She reveals that it didn’t go well when she visited him yesterday. Clint tells her to let him help. Nora insists that he has enough to worry about with Natalie and Jessica. Clint tells his wife that her problems are his problems and they should work them out together.

In another room, Neville tells Destiny that Nora may be using the telephone for a while. Destiny says it is ok; Matthew isn’t going anywhere.

Outside of the office at the Warwick Boarding School, Dani asks the headmistress if they can make this quick because she is tutoring Matthew. She asks what this is about. The headmistress tells her that her visitor can explain. Excited, Dani runs into the office expecting to see her father. She is disappointed to see her mother inside.

In Todd’s office, he asks Blair what child she is talking about. She says Starr. She reminds him that last year this time he called off a kidnapping. Todd recalls that this is Hope’s birthday. Blair tells him they are throwing a party for Hope. Todd asks why Hope’s parents aren’t throwing the party. Blair suggests homework. Todd scoffs that that is what happens when you have a child at sixteen years old. Blair says she thought they would do something simple because a big bash might make Jessica sad. Todd tells her to do whatever she wants to do and he will pay for it. Blair says a party for a little baby isn’t expensive. Hope needs her granddaddy. She grabs a notepad from Todd’s desk and knocks over the folder that the PI had brought. Surprised, she asks if Todd is having Téa followed. She asks him why he doesn’t let that witch go.

At the Warwick Boarding School, Dani asks her mother what she is doing there. Téa asks if a mother cannot visit her daughter. Dani tells her she has nothing to say to her until she sees her father.

In Matthew’s dorm room, Tom says the plan is kaput; someone must have revealed their plan. Matthew reminds him that only the three of them know about the plan and besides, if that were true, the headmistress would have taken all of them, not just Dani. Tom tells Matthew that with Dani out of the picture, he isn’t going anywhere.

Downstairs in the office, Dani asks Eli if he is Téa’s new boyfriend. Téa says he is Ross’ brother. Elijah introduces himself ask Uncle Eli. Dani asks her mother if she is keeping any other relatives from her. Dani concludes that this is about her dad. She asks her mother if someone told her that she heard her father yesterday. Téa says no. Dani asks why Téa brought Uncle Eli if this is not about her dad. Téa says it is complicated and she will explain everything, but right now Dani needs to pack. They are leaving. Dani asks if they are going home to Tahiti. Téa says no, she is moving her to another school. Dani says the hell she is.

In the park, Stacy asks Kim why she thinks Bo is only hot for his ex. Kim reveals that she got dresses up and waited at the Palace bar for Bo to come in for his nightcap, but he never showed up. She asked around and discovered that he is in London. Stacy is unimpressed, telling Kim that half the Buchanan family lives in London. Kim says Bo is with his ex-wife while her husband stayed in Llanview. Stacy says Clint is alone and vulnerable in Llanview, so perhaps he is the Buchanan that Kim should target.

On the telephone, Clint tells Nora it is time for reinforcements with Matthew so he is coming to London. Nora tells him that he just needs to face the facts that he is needed in Llanview and she has to stay in London for a while. Clint tells her that he wants to help her and if someone needs him in Llanview he can fly back. He tells her he misses her anyway. She says she misses him too and it won’t be much longer. He says he loves her. She answers, “Me, too.”

After Nora ends her call with Clint, she goes back over to Bo and David. She asks David id he is finished. David says there is one more piece to the puzzle and calls Destiny in. Destiny says she needs to see Matthew. She tells Bo and Nora that she would like to have their permission to see him, but she doesn’t have much time and will go without it. Bo and Nora tell Destiny she may go to visit Matthew.

In the park, Rachel reveals to Greg that she told Shaun that she thought she was using him as her safety net. She says that when Shaun asked about Greg, she lied and said it had nothing to do with Greg. Greg tells her that is probably good because they should break the news to Shaun together. Rachel tells him she does not want to pursue anything with Greg; she can’t do that to Shaun. Greg says they shouldn’t punish each other when they haven’t done anything wrong. Rachel says she needs time to think. Greg says that maybe this will start the clock and he kisses her. Shaun enters the park and sees them kissing.

In Todd’s office, Blair tells him that she cannot believe he has no time for his granddaughter’s birthday party but he has time to chase Téa. He says he isn’t chasing her. Blair reminds him that Téa confessed to using him and planning to take his money and run. Todd tells Blair that if Téa confessed to something this big, she must be hiding something bigger.

At the Warwick Boarding School, Dani tells Téa she is not going anywhere with her. Téa reminds her that she always complains about being here. Dani asks her mother if she ever says she wishes she were a hostage at a different kennel for unwanted rich kids. She reminds her that she always she wants to go home to be with her dad. Téa says she will let Dani choose the school this time. Dani asks what is wrong with this place. Téa tells her it is no longer safe for her to be here. Dani asks why not. Téa and Eli look at each other. Dani concludes that she didn’t imagine hearing her dad; he was there. She sees a paper with her father’s picture on the desk and runs to pick it up.

In Todd’s office, he tells Blair that Téa keeps huge secrets all the time; it is her job. He says he doesn’t know why she would admit to this and wonders what else she is hiding. Blair flashes back to the day she realized Téa’s child isn’t Ross’s, but is Todd’s. Todd says he was an idiot. Téa had him completely fooled. Blair tells him that at least he found out in time. Todd agrees, but still believes Téa is still hiding something bigger.

At the Warwick Boarding School, Dani demands to know what the hell the paper is. She accused her mother of keeping her father from her as if he is a criminal. She asks Eli what kind of brother he is. She turns back to Téa and reveals that her dad always said Téa was in love with someone else. She demands to know if it is Eli. Téa tells Dani to stop asking questions and start packing. Dani concludes that mama shark shuts down the conversation when she doesn’t have a good answer. Téa starts to count to three. Dani continues 3,4,5,6. She tells her mother she can count too and right now, she is counting the reasons she hates her. Daniela storms out.

At the Buchanan compound, Nora tells Destiny that Matthew will be thrilled to see her. Destiny says she and Matthew have much to catch up on. She says she knows he flipped when they told him that Shaun woke up. When they don’t respond she wonders if they told him.

In Matthew’s dorm room, he tells Tom that he knows Dani will be back. Tom says they will never see her again. Dani returns and informs them that her mother wants her to leave. Matthew says he knew the escape plan was too good to be true. He tells Dani that at least she is getting out of there. Dani informs him that she is going nowhere with her mother. The only person she is leaving with is Matthew.

At the Buchanan compound, Destiny tells Nora that Greg is the reason that Shaun woke up and Matthew needs to know about it. She says she understands their concern that the doctors in Seattle would not be competent enough to perform Matthew’ surgery but now Greg can do it. Nora tells her they just don’t want anything bad to happen to Matthew. Destiny reminds her that something bad already happened to Matthew and they still have time to make it better. She says she has to tell Matthew about Shaun. Bo encourages Destiny to keep looking out for Matthew.

In the park, Greg concludes that their kiss is it for a while. Rachel says she doesn’t see another choice. Shaun surprises them when he says she is not looking hard enough. He tells Rachel that she could have told him the truth. He says it may not be easy for her but it is better than making a fool out of him. Rachel tells Shaun that she and Greg didn’t want to hurt him. Shaun says they didn’t want to hurt themselves by telling him the truth. He asks her if she thought he would forget he loved her if she kept it a secret for long enough. He gets in Greg’s face and demands to know how long he has been playing him. Rachel says no one has been playing him. He tells her he was not talking to her. He asks Greg if it started when he was in the hospital, when he found them together at the Palace or from the first day that Greg came home. Greg says Rachel would not do that. Shaun concludes that he does not know what Rachel would do but he knows Greg. He says he knows he only went after Rachel to prove that he could take her away from Shaun. He tells Greg he won. Greg denies that it was like that. Shaun says he knows how it is and how it will go. He tells Rachel that Greg will get bored now that he doesn’t have anyone to take Rachel from. He tells Greg that he knows that the second a new “piece of tail” comes along, Greg will turn his head. Greg tells Shaun not to talk about Rachel that way. Shaun says he is not talking about Rachel except to say that she will end up a drain on his precious time like Destiny, their parents, and him. He says that after all the crying and apologizing she will end up alone.

In Todd’s office, Blair asks Todd why he is making himself crazy thinking about Téa now that she is out of their lives for good. Todd tells her he knows what he is doing. She tells him she understands that when someone is conned they get suspicious and she doesn’t blame him for not wanting to get hurt. He says he will not get hurt. She tells him to keep his children and grandchild in mind because chasing Téa is taking time away from them. Todd says he just wants to find out what Téa is up to, and he thinks it has something to do with her trip to London. Blair tells him not to forget what is in front of him while he is thinking about what is in London.

In Matthew’s dorm room, Dani says they have to make their move now. Matthew asks Tom if he is ready with the distraction. Tom tells him to wait for the boom and rotten egg smell and then run. He gives Matthew some money but Matthew doesn’t want to take it. Tom insists and tells them he hopes he doesn’t see them again. Tom leaves the room. Dani tells Matthew she is going to get her stuff. Matthew thanks her for coming back for him.

At the Buchanan compound, Bo reveals to Destiny that Matthew is not speaking to them and asks her to tell him to call them if he needs anything. Destiny agrees. David is surprised that Bo and Nora are not coming. Bo says he and Nora need to talk about things. David tells them not to do anything that he would do. Bo asks David if he thinks he is going to take his own advice and work things out with Dorian. David asks if Bo is asking because he cares or because he wants a heads-up. Bo says a little of both. David tells Bo he doesn’t need to worry about becoming Dorian’s father-in-law; they can’t seem to make it work. David exits the room.

IN the foyer, David tells Destiny they should go now. Destiny is surprised David is coming. David tells her the city is filled with dangerous cads. Destiny says he can handle them. David admits he just wants to get out of the house. Destiny tells David that it would be easier for her to say what she has to tell Matthew without an audience. David concludes that Destiny is finally going to tell Matthew that she likes him.

In the living room, Bo asks Nora what Clint said. She tells him Clint wanted to come to London but she told him not to. Bo asks her what they are going to do. She asks if anything has changed since last night. They both conclude that they are still as in love with each other as they ever were. Bo adds that Nora is still just as married to his brother.

IN the park, Stacy tells Kim that Clint Buchanan is the way to go. Kim protests that he just got married. The two of them list the pros and cons of Bo and Clint and conclude that Bo is across the ocean with this ex-wife and their kid while Clint is alone here in Llanview with a son-in-law who is accused of murder. Stacy says kids bring people closer and it would only take a tiny nudge for Bo and Nora to go from weeping over Matthew’s paralyzed legs to having an affair. She tells Kim she can pick up the pieces of Clint’s broken heart.

Meanwhile, Clint is at home looking at his wedding picture, missing Nora.

In the park, Rachel tells Shaun she is sorry. He asks her if she is sorry that she led him on, or sorry that he caught her. She says she is sorry for everything. He tells her that her apology would mean something if she had told him the truth last night. He says she is only trying to make herself feel better and that does nothing for him. Greg asks Shaun what they can do for him. Shaun tells Greg he can leave him the hell alone.

Téa and Elijah are waiting in the boarding school office for Dani to return. Eli tells her Dani probably has a lot to pack. Téa says she should help her. Eli says it’s Téa’s funeral. Téa tells him she can handle her daughter. Eli tells her that the last thing Dani needs is to be handled. He reminds her that she sent her daughter to boarding school and cut her off from the father figure that she clearly loves very much. He says Téa is about to turn Dani’s life upside-down again and should give her some slack. Téa says she is not turning Dani’s life upside-down. She is just moving her to a different school; Dani will adjust as Téa always did. Elijah ask Téa how she thinks Dani will adjust when she finds out that the man she has known as her father her entire life is not really her father but Todd Manning is.

In Todd’s office, he tells Blair that she knows nothing is more important than his kids. He tells her that he will get on the party planning after he deals with today’s election. She says she knows they will work it out. She pats him gently on the back and tells him everything will be ok. Blair departs. Once outside his door, she makes a victory gesture.

Toss calls the PI and asks him if he has booked the flight to London yet. The PI informs him that the next flight is tomorrow. Todd tells him to charter a jet; he doesn’t care hoe much it costs. He wants him to find out what Téa is up to so he can get on with his life.

Dani returns to Matthew’s dorm room and tells him it is now or never. She asks him if he is nervous. He admits he has never done anything like this before. Dani says she keeps calling it an escape, but her mother would call it running away. Matthew points out that they are not running away from anything; they are running toward something. She is going to find her dad. She says he is going to walk again. She asks him if he is ready to go. He picks up his backpack and says he has no reason to stay. When Dani opens the door to leave, Destiny is standing there. Matthew and Destiny smile at each other.

In the park, Kim tells Stacy her plan is genius and foolproof. She says she cannot wait to show Stacy her moat. Stacy says screw the moat, she wants to see the diamonds. They call each other “the future Mrs. Rex Balsom” and “the future Mrs. Clint Buchanan.

At the Buchanan home, Nigel asks Clint if something is wrong. Clint says it is nothing he can’t fix. He asks Nigel to pack a bag for him and call the airfield to have the jet fueled. He is going to London.

At the Buchanan compound in London, Bo concludes that they have both declared their love out loud. He asks Nora if that helped clear thing up. She says yes. He asks where they go from here. She tells him that he will stay here and she is returning to Llanview.

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