OLTL Update Tuesday 11/3/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 11/3/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dorian looks at the headline photo of herself and Amelia kissing. And she is clearly not ok knowing that she still has feelings for David.

Amelia is talking to Nick about the election. She tells him he need not worry. He and Kyle have made history regardless of who chooses whom to marry. But he is depressed knowing that Kyle has left him at the alter for Fish.

Fish and Kyle are together reunited and catching up on their history together. And Kyle tells Fish that he was in awe of how amazing he was by standing up to that crowd. And Fish kept him from marrying Nick. Kyle tells him he knows it would not have been fair to Nick if they had gone through with that. But Fish does not seem as enthused and tells Kyle that they have to talk. And he is not ok with having the police department, the town and Llanview and his family knowing that he is gay. But Kyle tells Fish that it can only get better now that he is proud of who he is. If Fish’s parents are going to blame anybody, they can blame him (Kyle). But Fish admits that he really hasn’t a clue how to have a real relationship with a man. Kyle asks if he’s ever had an “in the closet relationship” with a man. Fish replies he’s never even gone out on a date with a guy. Kyle then tells Fish they may do the step one. They can go to dinner and a movie. They can hold hands in public. Fish keeps telling Kyle that he is uneasy about it. Kyle tells him that it will never be perfect. But he knows that since they have waited this long and now know what they want, he knows that they are committed to doing whatever it takes in order to make this work. And he suggests that they celebrate with some breakfast. Fish admits to Kyle that he loves him.

After talking to Amelia Nick goes and finds Kyle who attempts to console him. Nick tells Kyle, in a very depressed tone, that he hopes he is happy with the person he has chosen.

Rex gets a phone call from his Aunt Corrine who tells her nephew that she needs him there to see her because she is dying. Natalie and Jessica are there and trying to find Jared. And he is torn not knowing what to do. Natalie then tells him that she and her sister will be fine. He needs to be with his aunt.

Meanwhile, Jared is in a room, tied to a chair and gagged.

At the end of the election, everybody watches the results.

Kyle tells Fish that he wants to take him out, buy him popcorn, be open and honest with their relationship. But Fish still has his reservations. Kyle keeps urging him to know that it will never be perfect. But it will always be worth it especially since they’ve waited this long.

Nick and Amelia are talking about the outcome of the election. He tells her that he really hopes that it’s worth losing the man he loves today. She seems to only be concerned about the voting polls.

Dorian runs into Moe and Noel confident that she will win and invites them to her victory dinner. But they “respectfully” decline and tell her that Viki has already invited them to her victory party.

Not far away, Markko asks Langston if she would be ok if he voted for Mrs. Banks instead of Dr. Lord. She asks if he is really going to vote for her mom’s opponent. He tells her that he just wants to know if she would respect his decision to vote the way he feels is right. Cole then reminds Langston that this is the guy who was forced out of his parents’ house because of Dorian’s behavior and whom Viki offered her home for him to stay for an entire summer when he had nowhere to go. At that point, Langston tells her boyfriend that she would never pressure him. She kind of defensively tells the two guys they may vote for whomever they want. As long as it’s her mother. She leaves and they are not certain what to do with that. Not far away, Starr runs into Schuyler. He asks her how Hope is. She asks how he is and realizes he is not teaching. He tells her that he is ok with his future now. He is actually going back to med school. She smiles and tells him that’s great as she knows that his mother would be really proud of him. He appears happy to tell her that. But as soon as she leaves and he is alone, he is clearly not complete about something.

John goes to Clint and Nora’s home to tell them that he’s not really certain where Natalie is. He can’t find her. She has not called him back It’s entirely certain that she is hiding Jared somewhere. Viki and Clint then remember that Natalie has had a tendency to lie to cover for somebody. She did that with Jessica by hiding the fact that she knew that Chloe was not her sister’s child from everybody for months. Hearing that, Charlie protests that he does not blame her. He would do the very same thing himself for somebody he loves.. He tells Viki however he’s worried what could happy to Natalie if she covers for his son. Viki then assures her husband that Natalie has Rex with her and he won’t let anything happen to her.

Natalie and Jessica affirm to Rex that they will be there when he gets back after seeing his aunt. Natalie informs him that John said he would be there soon. Rex tells them he will be back in two more hours. He goes out the door. Alone with Jessica Natalie admits that she does not want John to be there. Jessica tells her that John will be there soon. Natalie then informs her sister that she lied about calling John. She did not call him and does not intend to.

Everybody watches the election results. From Angel Square, Cole remarks to Starr that he noticed her talking to Schuyler Joplin Remembering his ill history with their former teacher, she asks if he is ok with that. He tells her of course he is as long as he has her.

Not far away Marty runs into Gigi who greets her and tells her she apologizes for not rescheduling her appointment for couples’ therapy with Rex. She explains to Marty that Rex is out of town and she hasn’t a clue when he will be back. Last she heard, he was headed to Michigan to see his aunt. Marty then encourages Gigi to come and see her and maybe get a heard start.

Right then, after Rex has left Natalie and Jessica alone, Natalie protests to her sister that she had to lie to Rex that she called John back. She knows that he will nail Jared for two murders if he finds him before they do. Hearing that, Jessica concludes that now that she knows that, she could be an accessory for what Natalie is doing and John could get them both in serious trouble. Natalie tells her sister that she thinks they can get through the rest of the day without calling John. Jessica agrees not to call him yet.

John runs into Marty at angel square. He admits that he hasn’t a clue where Natalie is. But he suspects she might be with Rex. He might be helping her hide Jared. Marty then informs John that she can’t tell him where Natalie is. But she thinks she can tell him where Rex is.

Viki and Dorian both announce their candidacy and introduce their respective “spouses and campaign managers. Viki with Charlie and Dorian with Amelia

Marty tells John that Gigi informs her that Rex is headed to Michigan to take care of his aunt. Hearing that, he informs her that he happens to know that Brody has had to interrupt helping Jessica and Natalie with their issue when he got an urgent call from his sister in Michigan. She then asks if he thinks it’s not coincidental that both Brody and Rex have family emergencies in Michigan.

Meanwhile, two women have Brody bound and gagged. Rex then appears outside the door of his aunt’s home. When they see him, they hide Brody. Brody’s sister Nadine prepares Téa and puts drugs in it.

Natalie and Jessica are waiting for Rex to return and worried.

Brody’s sister, Nadine answers the door, introduces herself to Rex and tells him that his aunt is waiting for him. She pours the Téa and it appears that Rex’s aunt Corinne is deathly sick and lying on the couch. Nadine offers Rex some Téa. Corrine encourages him to “Drink up”. And he drinks the Téa suspecting nothing..

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