OLTL Update Monday 11/2/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 11/2/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

At Dorian’s campaign rally, after Fish stands up and lets everybody know that he is gay and proud of it, Langston tells Dorian that maybe he has now inspired her to act on her true feelings. She has somebody on her mind that she is in love with. And that is David.

Meanwhile, David and Destiny arrive in London. He tells her that he is certain this is the correct Buchanan compound. But she is not certain that he knows how to find Matthew. They both admit that it’s very odd that Bo would kidnap Matthew when he had the legal right to get the surgery that would enable him to walk. He tells her that he knows it’s probably because his “father” has a soft spot for Nora and is listening to her.

Todd goes to see Viki. He tells her that he wants to help her beat Dorian in her election. Maybe he can use her help with his personal life the same way she can use his help.

Elijah accompanies Téa on the flight to find Dani. She reveals to him for the first time that Ross is not the father of her daughter. Todd Manning is.

Dani and Matthew both have a sense that maybe they should try to get out of the boarding school. He reminds her that he is in a wheelchair with limited access for which to escape. Hearing that, she tells him that she is sorry. She keeps forgetting and that he seems “not” disabled to her.

Not far away, Ross tells Dani that “Daddy” is going to rescue her from the place where her mom has kept her.

Rachel comes down the stairs to talk to Nigel. He tells her that he knows she is ready for a date with Shaun. She reveals to him that Shaun is not the man she loves. Shaun appears outside the door with flowers and not a clue of what she has just decided.

At Dorian’s rally, Fish watches discontented as Nick accompanies Kyle to start their wedding. It appears Kyle is ready to go through with his plans even though Fish has really come around and surprised him by being honest.

Reverend Carpenter announces to the masses that he has heard from the anti-gay protesters. He realizes that many of them are Christians, and so he would like to ask all of them to respect and love their neighbors. He tells them that these living couples are there to celebrate and consecrate a sacred union. They want a higher power to affirm that they will be united today.

David tells Destiny that his plan is that she hides in the bushes while he goes and distracts Bo and Nora. While he does that, she goes to find Matthew. He knows what he is doing, he tells her. She questions his every move. At that moment, a man answers the door who looks just like Nigel (played by the same actor). Noticing him, David assumes he is Nigel. But he appears to be Nigels’ cousin. He has glasses and weird teeth. He asks David who he is. David replies that he is David Buchanan -- Bo’s “boy.” But at that moment, Nigel’s cousin slams the door in David’s face.

Bo affirms to Nora that he is in love with her. She does not want to hear or face that. He tells her that now they are finally out with it. He knows that she is married to Clint and he realizes that Clint is his brother. It is what it is. But he knows that he loves Nora. He has a feeling that she loves him too.

Greg goes to the door to see Vivian. She takes off her clothes and is ready to seduce him. He is nonresponsive.

Shaun has the flowers ready for Rachel. He’s wearing formalwear. He has a limo waiting for them. He’s scheduled a night on the town with a five-star restaurant, hotel, and fine dining. She does not appear as enthused as he would like, and she asks if they can talk.

Dani tells Matthew that she has a plan for the two of them to escape and find their way to Tahiti. She knows that her dad can help both of them. But she just has to find him. Ross is outside the door not far away. The head matron approaches him and asks if she can help him.

While Todd is with Viki, she asks him how things are with him. He tells her that he knows that Blair was “up to something” right after he broke up with Téa. He clearly does not trust Téa. He believes that Téa had no intention of telling him that she was still married to Ross. The “big secret” she was hiding is that she was going to scam Todd and she and Ross were going to clean out all of his money.

On the flight, Téa reveals to Elijah for the first time that she was pregnant with Todd’s child while married to Ross. She did not know for certain until recently. He assesses that Ross has spent the last 15 years believing that Danielle is his. If she thinks that she can make things right by telling him now, she’s crazy. When he finds out that she has neglected to tell him that Todd is her daughter’s father, he will kill her.

At the boarding school, Ross informs the head matron that he is Ross Rayburn, Danielle Rayburns’ father. Hearing that, she informs Ross that she knows that he is not on the approved visitor list for Miss. Rayburn.

After Vivian is ready to seduce Greg, he asks her if she is trying to get him thrown out of there. She tells him no. She just wants to get him hot and bothered. He resists her advances. She tells him she has had a hard day at the hospital. He suggests that maybe she should take it to the gym. She tells him she knows that this is about Rachel. Isn’t it?

After Rachel tells Shaun that they need to talk before they can go through with their plans, he asks her why he is afraid to hear what she has to say. She replies that when he got shot, everybody was so afraid of losing him. He was heroic to take a bullet in order to save Starr Manning and her baby. She is so proud to be his “friend.” But she admits that she feels guilty for something and she cries. She tells him that she just wishes she could feel what he feels for her.

David attempts again to get into the place where Bo and Nora are staying and tells Nigel’s cousin, Neville, that he is a Buchan. But Neville tells David that nobody in the family has told him anything about David. Destiny hides in the bushes and shakes her head in disbelief.

Nora tells Bo that after all these years, he has no idea how she has felt. He has no idea how much guilt she felt. He tells her that he is sorry. She then asks him if that is it. After all these years of never being able to forgive her for what she did with Sam. He tells her that he has wasted a lot of time. She asks him how all of that could disappear. She does not understand. Bo then tells her from seeing all that Matthew has gone through and all that she has gone through, he has been able to see and understand how passionate and brave that she is. She then reminds him that he made it clear that he would never forgive her for what she did to him with Sam Rappaport. He admits to her that he now knows what it has cost him, which is her.

At Dorian’s rally, Starr and Langston wonder where David is. Langston calls and leaves a message for him that she knows that Dorian is still in love with him. She knows that. So he better get his butt down there to Angel Square before he loses her to another woman. Reverend Carpenter makes the speech that these couples are about to take their vows. Amelia reminds Dorian that Langston, Starr, and their boyfriends are behind her. Langston and Starr both wonder where David is. Reverend Carpenter continues to make his speech and asks the couples to take out their rings. As they acknowledge the rings, he will pronounce them partners. At that point, Kyle is with Nick ready to take out the rings. He then asks to wait and admits that he cannot do this. Kyle reminds Nick that he wants to be able to marry the person he loves legally. He does not love Nick. He knows who he loves. He looks back to see Fish in uniform watching him and appearing stunned.

After Todd informs Viki that he believes that Téa and Ross were going to bilk him out of all of his money, she tells her brother that she does not believe that. There must be something very major going on with Téa regarding her secret marriage. Todd asks his sister just what she assumes that may be. She replies she really doesn’t know but suggests that he gets over himself and goes to find Téa.

On the flight, Téa admits to Elijah that she did not tell Ross that Dani was Todd’s child because she wasn’t sure. There was a possibility she could have been Ross’s. So she made up her mind to believe and have Ross believe that he was her father. He then asks her what changed. She replies that Ross did. So she did the DNA test to make certain. She now knows that Dani is Todd’s daughter and acts more like him every day.

Dani brainstorms with Matthew on how they can get out of the place and she plays some loud music.

Ross protests to the head matron that Dani is his daughter. She tells him that regardless of that, she is off limits. He asks her who made that rule and then later concludes it must be that control freak of a mother she has. She tells him that she will not get in the middle of a family dispute. She has a guard physically remove him from the premises. He yells to Dani that her father is there. Dani hears and senses something from Matthew’s room.

Rachel admits to Shaun that she wishes she had feelings for him beyond friendship. But sadly, it’s not there. He asks her if that’s because of his brother.

Greg tells Vivian that he does not have a “thing” for Rachel. She tells him she saw it when she first noticed the two of them at Capricorn. He tells her that his brother is in love with Rachel. He cannot get involved with her because his brother got there first.

Nora tells Bo that he must know that he cannot love her if he cannot forgive her. He tells her that he has always loved her. She then asks him if he knows how long she has been waiting for him to say that. She tells him that she loves Clint and would not have married Clint if she did not. She asks Bo why he is doing this now. He tells her that they have been avoiding and ignoring and saying that this doesn’t mean anything. But they keep coming back. Don’t they?

Outside, Neville is ready to physically fight David to prevent him from entering the house. But Destiny distracts Neville and gets him to run inside so that David can sneak in to find Bo and Nora.

Bo asks Nora if she can say that she does not love him. She then admits that she cannot say that. She smiles and appears like she is going to cry and affirms that she loves him so much. He smiles looking elated and they kiss. David bursts in the door to see them and appears to be stunned. Destiny walks in with him. Neville apologizes and tells Bo and Nora that he will remove David from the premises. Bo then tells Neville that will not be necessary and grits his teeth as he affirms that David is his son. Destiny then demands to know where Matthew is. Bo asks David if he brought Destiny there. Destiny tells Bo and Nora please, she just wants to see Matthew and make certain he is okay. Bo and Nora then look at each other not certain what to say.

The matron and armed guard attempt to remove Ross from the premises at the boarding school. While Dani is distracted listening to music in the room with Matthew, she exclaims that she knows that her dad is there. She then goes downstairs but sees nothing. She tells Matthew that maybe she was hearing and imagining things. But she could swear she heard her dad. It was really weird.

Vivian asks Greg why he is not going to admit to his feelings for Rachel just because Shaun met her first. He tells her that he made that promise to his mother. Hearing that, she asks him how old he is and why he needs to answer to his family for personal decisions like that. He tells her the reason is he owes a debt to his family. They all gave up many things and made many sacrifices so that he could go to college and become a doctor. He left them all in the dust. He’s lucky that they still speak to him. She asks him if the price he pays is that he cannot fall in love. She then asks him what about what Rachel wants. Although she doesn’t want to be the one to admit this, Rachel is not “into” Shaun. She’s into Greg.

Shaun tells Rachel that he thought that they were good. She clarifies that they were good friends. But she knows that he wants more. He tells her she cannot tell him how he feels. She tells him she is so sorry. He tells her so is he.

At Dorian’s rally, Kyle faces Fish and admits that he came there ready to get married in a tux with all of the people who really love each other. But he knows that the only person he loves and wants to spend his life with is Fish. He cries and asks Fish if he wants to give it another shot. Fish cries and asks Kyle if he is certain he wants to call this off. Kyle affirms to Fish that he only loves him. Nick runs off. Noticing that everybody is watching them, Kyle is ready to go after Nick. But Roxy comes out and urges him to wait. She tells Kyle that he must not give up on Fish and instead marry him.

Neville gets on the phone to call Nigel back in Llanview and informs his cousin that they have a “situation” with some strange character he’s never heard of before with the name of Vickers. Nigel then affirms to his cousin that David Vickers is Bo’s son just like he says. Neville tells Nigel that these Buchanans are very strange people but he’s very honored to have served them all these years.

After Shaun finds out that Rachel has chosen Greg over him, he tells her that his brother better treat her right or he will be sorry. He appears upset and goes out the door.

Elijah asks Téa just why she doesn’t want to tell Todd that he has a daughter. She tells him a major reason for that is because she knows that Blair always has her claws in Todd and he is not over Blair. Elijah asks Téa if she is really in love with Todd. She affirms that she really is.

Viki tells Todd that maybe he needs to find out the truth about Téa instead of making assumptions that he cannot trust her. He is ready to leave. But she tells him he doesn’t have to leave. They can watch the television and eat Halloween candy. They get some candy out of a box and turn on the television. Viki is then very surprised to see Roxy on the set ready to encourage Fish and Kyle to get back together. Roxy convinces them to get back together and asks the Reverend to continue. He then tells them that when people choose to commit and exchange rings, they are making a sacred commitment. Even in the uniqueness in their commitment, it is all the same in the eyes of God. Dorian remembers her very strange history with David.

David has a similar fantasy when he informs Bo and Nora that Destiny demanded that he takes her to see Matthew. She protests that she tried and failed to reach Matthew. She was worried because Matthew has always been in contact with her but hasn’t returned any of her calls. She even called the hospital in Seattle and was informed that Matthew’s surgery was cancelled. Hearing that, Nora tells Destiny that she is deeply sorry for causing her the worry and did not mean to deceive her. David asks Bo and Nora if they really kidnapped the kid. Bo tells him that Matthew is their son and they did not kidnap him. Destiny tells them she just wants to know where she can find Matthew. David tells his “father’ he must know what it’s like to be prevented from being with the person you love. David notices a message from Dorian. He hears Langston’s message from Dorian’s’ phone informing David that Dorian is still in love with him so he better get his butt to Angel Square before he loses her to another woman. Neville rushes in the room and tells them they better turn on the television. They turn it on to notice Dorian ready to marry Amelia and Reverend Carpenter performing the ceremony. David holds the phone in his hand and is torn not knowing what to do. The Reverend makes the speech about how people must never give up even when they feel betrayed. No matter what happens, love reunites their lives when they least expect it. We see Shaun leaving Rachel’s home distraught and heart broken. We see Matthew and Dani together in their room not certain what to do. We see Viki and Todd together alone in her home. We see Bo and Nora watching attentively from the television. The Reverend tells people that no matter whom one finds themselves in love with, it is always a gift. He tells the couples they may kiss their spouse. Dorian then kisses Amelia. Everybody cheers. But David drops his cell phone shocked. Bo and Nora stare at each other still not certain what to do. Starr and Cole kiss. So do Langston and Markko. The anti-gay protesters fight against it. But Roxy goes and kisses Mrs. Burns, tells her she mustn’t knock it until she tries it. Mrs. Burns then smiles. Shane stands by his grandmother and cheers with her. 

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