OLTL Update Friday 10/30/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/30/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Nora asks Bo if the old Matthew they used to know will come back and if their son will ever love them again. He tells her that they need not worry if that will happen again. In the meantime he is not going to apologize for preventing his son from making stupid decisions about his life. He just won’t do it. At that point, he throws a glass against the wall and smashes it. She does the same. They both throw drinks against the wall. They both laugh and admit that it felt good. They kiss.

Roxy joins Shane and Gigi at the costume party and assumes that her son is with them since she cannot see they guy hidden behind the Halloween mask. At that point, Shane informs his grandma that it’s not his dad who is joining himself and his mom. It’s Schuyler. Roxy then admits she does not know what to say.

Kyle and Nick are wearing their wedding clothes and ready to get married; although, Kyle obviously has his reservations. Not far away, Fish appears and watches them and appears very dissatisfied.

Dorian is ready to start her “wedding” to Amelia. Reverend Carpenter is ready to perform the ceremony. Dorian greets her former son-in-law and asks him if he has been in contact with her daughter or grandson. The reverend informs his former mother-in-law that Cassie and River know all about what she is doing and know that there is no way that Dorian is a lesbian.

At that moment, Destiny and David are on the airplane ready to find Matthew. She can see that he has some other things on his mind and has taken time away from his own personal things. He concludes that Dorian has made her choice, and he’d rather help her find his brother and her friend, Matthew.

At Dorian’s wedding, Starr and Langston appear. They happily greet Dorian and hug her. They admit that they do not agree with what she is doing but they support her. She happily greets them and confirms to the reverend that her two Cramer girls are there for her.

Danielle lets Matthew use her phone. He then calls Téa yet, still has no clue that he has just met her daughter. He informs Téa that he has a problem. His parents have kidnapped him.

At that moment, Bo and Nora kiss passionately.

At Dorian’s wedding, Starr and Langston assume that they are alone without their boyfriends. But Cole and Markko appear and surprise them. Cole confirms that it’s for a good cause. Markko confirms that his parents will freak, but he doesn’t really care. Amelia joins Dorian to announce the “good news.” Fish comes up to see Kyle and has his full uniform on. He informs Kyle that he got his badge back, and John has asked him to help with some important police business. They are ready to talk about whether Kyle and Nick are really ready to go through with their wedding. Before they can continue their conversation, Dorian gets up on the stage and takes the microphone. She introduces herself as the next mayor of Llanview. She tells everybody that all protesters have the right to be there. Nobody can stop any of the gay couples from saying their vows. She welcomes Reverend Carpenter. She acknowledges that the law does not yet allow gay marriages. Though, when she is elected mayor, her first act will be to issue a marriage license to all gay couples so that they can be wed not only in their hearts but in the eyes of the law. Everybody then cheers.

On the airplane, Destiny asks David why Dorian would be marrying a woman if she is not gay. Maybe she really is gay. He tells her she may trust him to know that Dorian is not gay. If she was, he would know that. He and Dorian are soulmates.

Matthew talks to Téa on the phone, telling her that his parents have ambushed him. She assures him that he has the legal right to have the surgery against his parents’ wishes and the court ordered document is valid whether he is in Llanview or in Seattle. At that point, he asks her what about England. She then asks him what about England. He then informs her that his parents said they were flying to Seattle, but they wound up in England instead. At that point, Téa asks Matthew to hold it. She asks him where exactly in England he is. Before he can tell her, Elijah is banging on her door demanding that she lets him in.

At the Halloween party, Blair tells Todd that he must know that Téa only wanted to scam him. At that moment, Jack and Sam appear. Todd smiles and tells Blair that at least he has his kids. She remembers Téa confirming to him that she knows what it’s like to lose a child because she has one. She tells Todd that Téa has Ross.

While Elijah pounds on Téa’s door, she tells him he needs to give up as she is not about to tell him where his niece is. He tells her he’s not there about that. Ross may be finding her right now as they speak.

Matthew is on the phone with Téa, and informs Dani that he has a really good lawyer who helped him win his case and if anybody can help him with this, she can. Apparently, he has no clue that she is Téa’s daughter, nor does Dani know that he is talking to her mom on the phone. She informs him that her mom locked her up in this place similarly to what his parents are doing to him.

Bo and Nora are kissing. At that moment, Kevin enters to demand to know what the hell is going on in there. He can see that his good crystals have been smashed. They tell him they can explain. Nora explains that they were just blowing off some steam. Bo admits that they got a little carried away. She informs Kevin that they went to see Matthew. It’s only been a day. They gave him a phone as a peace offering. Matthew told them to get lost and appears to hate them even more than he did before. Kevin concludes that they must have taken it out on the crystal. He leaves. Nora and Bo admit that since Kevin is Clint’s son, maybe they should reevaluate what they are doing.

At the Halloween party, Shane and Schuyler inform Roxy that they won the costume contest. She assessed that it appears that Rex’s suit fits Schuyler. Shane admits to his grandma that she did ask Schuyler to deliver the costumes to them. She tells them that she has some things for them. They notice that she is dressed up. She is going to attend the gay wedding across town. Kyle has asked her to go; although, he is marrying the totally wrong guy.

Nick tells Kyle that this wedding is going to be more than just a gesture. Fish observes while Kyle asks Nick if he really believes that Dorian can do this. Nick confirms she can as soon as she is elected. Nick then observes that Kyle is not okay to have Fish see him and asks if he is okay with this.

Shane asks his mom if he can join his grandma at the gay wedding. Gigi admits she’s not really certain. Roxy tells her that this is about love and for people to be able to marry the right person; just as she assumes Gigi and Rex will do.

At the wedding ceremony, the anti-gay rights people are protesting. Fish is in his police uniform and keeping his personal life to himself. Cristian enters. Fish asks him why he would suddenly appear. Cristian informs him that he is moving out of their apartment. Layla then enters. Fish asks the two of them what has happened. He knows that something is up.

Dorian and Amelia greet their guests. Amelia asks where David is. Dorian replies that David “had a date with Destiny.” She then replies that so does she.

Destiny asks David if he and Dorian “hooked up.” He tells her yes. She was very important in his life. He then remembers all of the hot and steamy times he has had with Dorian. They have made love in her kitchen and had many adventures together.

Dorian is having the same memories while ready to get her wedding started. Amelia finds her and admits that she can see that Dorian’s mind is elsewhere. She tells Dorian that she is not going to go through with it if Dorian is “ambivalent.” She urges Dorian to tell her now if something is up.

Markko and Cole talk about the turn out at the wedding. They notice that Mrs. Burns, the nosey “gatekeeper” at the party observes the two young men and assumes that they have broken up with their girlfriends and are gay. Markko then puts his arm around Cole, declares to her that he loves Cole Thornhart, and does not care who knows about it. Starr and Langston stand nearby and watch them. They then join them and tell Mrs. Burns that they are a lesbian couple. Langston has always wanted to be “Mrs. Starr Manning” she tells Mrs. Burns. Starr tells her “woman” that she never thought she would take her name. Langston tells Starr of course and calls her babe. At that point, Mrs. Burns says shame on all of them.

Dorian is lost in thought daydreaming about all of her many steamy moments with David. She remembers how they turned some terrible fights into sex. Amelia asks her if she has anything to say. Dorian then concludes that she and David “never really got along” and always fought.

David attempts to tell Destiny that Dorian used to “know how to cook.” She asks just what it was that Dorian “cooked.” He replies it wasn’t what she cooked but how she cooked it. He then remembers Doran throwing food at him in her living room. Their food fights turned into passionate sex. David then tells Destiny that she is a child, and he doesn’t have to answer her questions. But she asks him if he still loves Dorian.

Elijah tells Téa that he has found the Warwick School in London. He found her cell phone records. Ross has the right to know where his daughter is.

At the Halloween party, Blair tells Todd that she must leave and attend Dorian’s wedding as she has promised. She invites Todd and the boys to join her.

Elijah admits that Ross has escaped. He doesn’t really know where his brother went. Ross stole his charge card and may be on his Téa to find Dani.

Meanwhile, Ross is on his flight. The stewardess assumes that he is Mr. Clark. He is determined to do whatever he needs to do in order to find his daughter.

While on the phone with Matthew, Téa tells him she will have to call him back while Elijah is with her. Dani is standing near Matthew. She concludes that lawyers are not good people. All they care about is themselves. He tells her that his mom is a similarly ruthless and selfish lawyer. He knows how a lawyer will cross examine everything he says and does. She tells him she so understands as her mom is so like that. She tells Matthew, her dad rocks. Matthew grimly tells her that his dad “used to.”

Nora tells Bo that he must know that this is no big deal. They were angry and upset with Matthew. They lost control of their emotions in a crazy and impulsive moment. Maybe they should just move on and forget that it happened. He asks her what about “the last time” at Asa’s lodge, and the time before in the school. They were ready to kiss many times before. He concludes to her that maybe it’s time that they “deal with it” and realize that they cannot go on like this. She tells him there is nothing to deal with. She is married to his brother, Clint. She loves Clint. End of conversation. Kevin then gets a broom to clean up the broken glass. Bo tells him that they will take care of it. They made this mess. He faces Nora to tell her that it is both of their job to clean it up. She then grabs the broom and is ready to clean up the floor. He tells her that there is something else she must face. If she really loves Clint, then why does this keep happening?

Matthew tries to call Destiny on his phone while with Dani. Dani concludes that Destiny must be a really good friend to him. Matthew tells her that Destiny is the best.

Destiny tells David that she really does care for Matthew. He’s very special to him. She knows that he has similar feelings for Dorian and asks what he is going to do about that. David replies he will do nothing because he can clearly see that Dorian does not love him. He continues to have his fantasies about Dorian. Meanwhile, she has them about him.

Mrs. Burns holds Adam and Eve signs, talks to Fish while he’s in uniform and assumes that he will protect the law and not let this happen. He is not certain what to tell her. Kyle sits by himself. Roxy goes over to find him a rabbit’s foot. She tells him it’s for good luck. She gave it to her son. She wants all people to be with the person they really love.

Gigi is with Schuyler when he gets some mail. It looks like a letter from the med school where he has applied. He’s afraid to open it. She tells him she will open it. She reads that he has been accepted. At that point, he picks her up, spins her around, and they kiss.

Blair tells Todd that she’d like him and the boys to go to Dorian’s and be part of the family. Todd then asks Jack and Sam if they’d rather go to the haunted house or watch their Aunt Dorian marry a woman. Jack replies that he prefers the haunted house. Todd tells Blair that she heard from their son. She then leaves by herself laughing.

Roxy tells Kyle that no matter what anybody says, she is on his side.

A uniform cop talks to Mrs. Burn about how they must protect society from homos and protect the sanctity of marriage. At that point, Fish decides he cannot remain silent anymore. So he demands to know what is wrong with them and what they are so afraid of. He asks if they are afraid of him. He tells them, guess what. He is “one of them.” Everybody turns their attention to him while he confirms that that is right. He is “one of those queers.” Kyle listens to him. He announces to everybody that he’d rather be on the same side as the people who love each other than on the other side with all of the people who thrive on hate. Kyle is stunned and may be ready to call off the wedding to Nick.

After Schuyler and Gigi kiss and neither tries to stop the other, she admits to him that she has not been completely honest with him. She admits to him that a major reason why she and Rex were going to get counseling is because she told Rex that she was jealous when she saw Schuyler out with Kim. He looks at her stunned. She admits that she hated it and realized she had no right to. She admits that she really does have feelings for him. She does not want to, but she cannot help herself. She does.

Fish announces to the anti-gay rights crowd that he is gay. He is the same guy who “protected” them. So, do they hate him now? Mrs. Burns replies that they do not “hate him.” He then yells at her not to patronize him any further. They better not pity him. instead, they can pity themselves. He admits that he used to be just like them. He used to be afraid. But he’s not afraid anymore. He’s proud of who he is. And he’s proud of all of these people who love each other so much that they are ready to stand up and fight for their right to marry. At that point, we hear clapping and cheering. He then tells the anti-gay crowd that he does not care what they think. Someday he wants to marry the person he loves just as the others are doing. He hopes and prays that he will be able to do that. At that point, Nick admits to Kyle that he is very impressed by Fish’s courage. Starr and Langston surround Dorian, ask if she saw Officer Fish and they remark that that was awesome. Dorian tells them that he was inspirational and it takes a lot of courage to come out and admit what you really feel. At that point, they ask her if she is “okay.”

On the flight, David admits to Destiny that maybe he has given up on Dorian. She tells him he cannot be afraid. That’s just plain wrong.

Elijah admits to Téa that he let Ross take his charge card and assumed that he might get Dani back legally. She reminds him that his brother has never before cared what is legal. She reminds him that Ross threatened to disappear with their daughter. He is a criminal and capable of anything. She then calls the boarding house. He tells her that he is responsible for this so he will help. He books the next flight to London.

Matthew and Dani talk about their situations. He tells her that his parents might make him stay stuck there until he is 18. If he doesn’t have the surgery now, it will be too late. Hearing that, she asks if he is serious. He tells her yes. Timing is everything.

Nora and Bo talk about why it is if she is in love with his brother that they keep “doing this.”

Gigi tells Schuyler that she does not like feeling this way. He tells her neither does he. What do they do now?

Blair comes to join Dorian, Starr, and Langston. They all greet her. Dorian tells her now that she has all of the Cramer women with her, now is her time to change the status quo.

Kyle gathers by Fish and tells him how proud he is of him. It appears that he is ready to admit that Fish is the person he really wants to marry.

Langston observes Dorian and tells her she can see she has something on her mind. She asks her what it is. Dorian admits to Langston that she still loves David. Amelia then finds Dorian and informs her the ceremony is about to begin. She asks Dorian if she is “ready.”

Destiny asks David what he’s going to do about Dorian. He tells her that it’s probably already too late. She’s probably already Mrs. Amelia Bennett. But Destiny tells him he does not know that.

Téa is on her phone calling the boarding school and finds out from the head mistress that for tonight anyway, Dani is safe and sound. She admits to Elijah that it might be only a matter of time before Ross finds her and she never sees her daughter again.

Matthew and Dani both know that they have urgent situations with their parents.

Bo admits to Nora that he still loves her. 

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