OLTL Update Thursday 10/29/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/29/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Gigi and Schuyler go to a Halloween party with Shane. They go as batman, Robin and cat woman. Right then, Todd, Blair and Jack appear. It looks like they are competing to win a costume contest.

Rachel goes to see Téa at her hotel room. Téa demands she gets inside. Rachel asks her what is up. Téa replies that her “not yet to be” ex husband is not going ot leave town or leave her alone until he finds their daughter.

Right then, Ross is on the prowl to find Dani.

At the boarding school, Dani enters Matthew and Thomas’ room. Thomas asks her what she wants. She tells him she wants nothing form him. She came there to see Matthew.

In Shawn’s hospital room, Greg and their father are looking for Destiny and know that she has left without them.

Destiny goes to Dorian’s home to find David. He ask her what she wants and what she is doing there. She tells him that they have to save Matthew. He tells her that nothing would please him more than coming to the aid of his little brother.

Dorian talks to Amelia about how what will happen when she wins. Amelia warns her that she will have to uphold all of her promises. People always fight against change. But she knows how Dorian can win the election.

David tells Destiny he cannot go anywhere. He has to do public relations for Dorian. He does not like the fact that she is falsifying her wedding to a woman, he is needed there. She tells him that he is needed in London to save Matthew from being kidnapped. He tells her that she must know that he has not been kidnapped. But she reminds him that Matthew is in a wheelchair. She knows that David will think of something since Buchanans always do.

Bo and Nora are talking about what they are going to do. He knows that he has police business. But they are both concerned about Matthew. And he admits to her that he would rather lose his job than lose his son.

At the boarding school, Thomas makes it clear that he took some Halloween candy form Dani. Her mom sent it. She shares some with Matthew while he is still unaware that her mom is Téa nor does she know that he knows her mom.

Blair and Todd talk about what they are going to do at the Halloween party. He tells her that he has some things on his mind.

Destiny admits to David that she has cleaned out her savings in order to find a way to help Matthew.

At the boarding school, Matthew shares with Dani that Destiny has never given up hope on him that he can some day walk. Destiny gave him the athletic shoes so that he could walk after her brother’s colleague does the surgery. She then tells him that he has to take action now.

David asks why it is that Matthew is so important to her. She replies that she loves Matthew. He then asks her if Matthew knows. She replies no. He asks if she does no want to tell him. She replies that Matthew would not hear her. David replies that is the story of his life.

Dorian tells Amelia that the first thing she will do after she is elected is to give gays the right to marry. Amelia tells Dorian that even if they did get married, it won’t change anything between Dorian and David. Dorian can still love David, Amelia tells her.

In Shauns hospital room, he tells Greg and his father that the sooner he gets to bail out of jail, the sooner he can be with Rachel. He then tells them that he has to get ready. Alone with Greg, his father asks his son if he is ok. Greg replies that he could not be better. His father asks him if he is sure. His father knows that might not be entirely certain after Shaun has given up on Rachel.

The speaker at the Halloween party talks about Halloween fashion remarking that one day you are in and the next day you are out. Gigi, Shane and Schuyler are competing with Todd.

Dani lets Matthew use her phone to call Destiny. But the head matron takes it from him and reminds him that his parents have specific instructions that he is not to use a phone. Dani ends her that that it is not his phone. It’s her phone. And she tells Dani that maybe she should stay in her own quarters. The head matron then asks Matthew how he is doing. She tells him maybe he can get a “boost” form his visitors. At that point, Bo and Nora come through the door.

David tells Destiny that he will go with her on the flight to find Matthew. She is elated.

Dorian asks Amelia if she believes that she(Dorian) should be with David. Amelia tells her that she did not expect her to take a vow of celibacy. Amelia tells Dorian that she does want Dorian to help her support he gay brothers and sisters. But she is not certain she wants Dorian to sacrifice her happiness. She then informs David that Amelia has a new plan.

At the boarding school, Matthew tells his parents that if they really love him and expect him to talk to them or share anything with them about his life there or anything else, then they need to respect his wishes and take him home so that he could have the surgery.

Rachel asks Téa why she did not tell Ross or Todd the truth. She knows that it’s because she wanted to hurt both of them. And maybe now is the time for Téa to win Todd back.

At the Halloween party, the announcer assumes that Gigi and Schuyler are married. But Shane stands up to announce that they are not married. She then announces Todd, Blair and Jack get up on the stage. Shane wants to compete with them for the best costume.

Dorian tells David that she feels like she made a promise to the people. He then tanks her for making his decision so much easier and announces that he quits. She tells him he cannot. The election is tomorrow. He reminds her hat she has Amelia and politics is really not his thing. And he tells her hat he has to take a plane to London to help someone who cannot be with the person she loves and he sees that as his number one priority.

Schulyer and GIgi remind Shane that he has won the contest. Shane tells Schuyler he wishes his dad could see that but he thinks Schuler is ok.

Rachel reminds Téa that she has this daughter and that changes everything. Téa then tells Rachel she is not sure she wants anything changed. And it does not matter what she feels. She and Todd are not right for each other. And he does not think she can take the chance of finding out thaw Todd will do when he finds out they have a daughter together.

Ross finds Elijah and tells him that he is bound and determined to find his daughter even if it means breaking the law.

Right then, Danielle is outside Matthew’s room overhearing the conversation he is having with his parents. Nora tells her son that they have a cell phone for him with an International calling plan so that he can call whom3ever he wants whenever he wants. He thanks them for the phone but is not ok with their decision. They leave. Dani then comes out and tells him that that sounded intense. She tells him she fights with her mom all the time. He tells her that his parents have all the power and he has nothing. She tells him that is not entirely true. Now he can call Destiny. He since she no longer has a phone, he lets her use his. She then attempts to call her mom in Tahiti but finds out the number is disconnected. She tells Matthew he can call Destiny or maybe the lawyer who helped him win his case against his parents. What his parents did is not legal. And maybe a “lawyer” can get him out of there. And still neither has a clue that his lawyer is her mom.

Destiny tells her father that she is taking a flight to London. He tells his daughter she needs to promise to be on her best behavior and gives her some money for emergencies only

Dorian tells David there will always be a place for him on her staff. But he reminds her that politics is not his bag.. She tells him he’s going to have to come home some time. He tells her he’s not certain this is his home. She reminds him that he will always be welcome there. He asks even after she is Mrs. Amelia Bennett.

Matthew manages to call Destiny with the phone his parents have just given him. And now she knows just where to find him.

Bo and Nora are together discontented to see that that was not the Matthew they know and love. Their son clearly hates them. Bo tells his ex wife that he refuses to apologize for preventing his son from making a decision that could endanger his life. And he throws a glass against the wall and smashes it. At that point, she asks him what has happened to him. But they both laugh and admit that it feels good for them to express their true feelings.

Dorian is ready to war her wedding clothes and participate in the ceremony. But David tells her that he cannot be there for her. He has a “date with Destiny”. He goes out the door with Destiny to find Matthew. And David remarks to Dorian that it appears so does she.

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