OLTL Update Tuesday 10/27/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/27/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Starr and Langston go to visit Cole and Markko and inform them that Dorian has officially announced her engagement to Amelia. She wants all of them there. All four of them are not ok with that knowing that it’s fake.

Gigi and Schuyler return from their concert happy to be together. She acknowledges that he could see that she needed some cheering up. Hearing that, she tells him that for almost 3 hours, she almost forgot that Rex blew off couple’s therapy in order to go out of town to work on some “case” he wouldn’t even tell her about.

Right then, Rex and Natalie are searching for Jared. Rex asks a motel manager of he’s seen “this guy” and shows him a picture. The guy tells Rex if he is not a cop, he is not talking. At that point, Rex pulls out some cash and asks if he might have a different answer. Inside Natalie is holding her phone waiting for Jared to call. But she only gets a call from John asking her where she is and what she is doing. She replies she is at home. He tells her he knows she is not. She asks him if he is tracking down her husband as he is supposed to do.

The motel manager admits to Rex that he did see Jared but doesn’t know anything about him or where he went after he left.

Gigi tells Schuyler that he could clearly see that Rex was looking for any or every excuse to avoid counseling to work on their relationship. But, she enjoyed the concert with him(Schuyler) especially since it was on Stacy’s or Kim’s dime. In response to that, he asks her how dumb it is if either of t them get the idea that the concert could get Gigi to break up with Rex. Gigi replies that the thought of that is “pretty dumb”.

Crisitan tells Layla that he thinks about Evangeline a lot also. But they both have to let her go. He tells her if he is any kind of artist it’s because of one thing. If anything scares him, he does it. She tells him that fear for her is something she never dares to face. She asks him if Evangeline were to wake up and see him and wanted to give him another try, wouldn’t he owe her that much? He asks her if maybe this fear she has regarding Evangeline is because she’s afraid to take a chance with him.

Fish enters Kyle’s apartment and asks if he is really going through with marrying Nick. Kyle replies that he is really proud that the two of them are campaigning and encouraging gays and lesbians all over the state to unite. But Fish reminds Kyle that he did not answer the question that Fish really wants answered. He wants to know if Kyle really loves Nick. Kyle replies that he doesn’t see that it’s any of Fish’s business. Fish asks why he cannot honestly answer that question to him. Kyle asks Fish what he wants from him. Does Fish want to marry him? Is that what this is all about?

After Starr and Langston inform Cole and Markko that Dorian wants all four of them at her wedding, Markko firmly tells them he is not going. He tells them that if gays and lesbians want to marry and it becomes legal, more power to them. But he is not in favor of falseness just to get on the news. What if his dad were to see him there and know that his girlfriend’s aunt is doing this? He’d be thinking that Dorian has corrupted Langston and she has corrupted him. Langston asks her boyfriend why his father would have a problem when he’s already heard about Dorian’s engagement. His dad believes that marriage is a sacred commitment. Then what is the problem? Markko tells Langston that it’s clear that his father believes that homosexuality is a sin against God. She and Starr agree that Dorian is really being foolish. But Langston affirms that Ernesto Rivera will just have to get over it.

After John calls Natalie and does not tell him what she is doing, Marty enters and asks him what is up. He replies that Natalie is not telling him the truth. Rex comes to find Natalie and informs her that he heard that Jared was not far away. But the motel staff don’t’ have a clue where he is .He then tells his sister he needs to ask her a question. He knows that she loves Jared and he’s not saying that Jared is not a good person. But what if he really did it? What if Jared really did kill two people? If that is the case, is Natalie really willing to make all these sacrifices for him and go on the run with him for the rest of her life?

Layla asks Cristian if he thinks she’s using her sister as some sort of excuse. She tells him that the two of them wouldn’t even consider being together if Evangeline was ok. He tells her she cannot know that. But she tells him that if she were to move forward with Cristian, it would be like saying that her sister will never be coming back. And she can’t do that to her sister. He tells her that he realizes he pretty much made a mess out of every relationship he started. She made that clear to him regarding Sara. But he does know that he does not want to be “that guy” anymore. He now knows what he wants. He wants her. And he doesn’t think Evangeline would have a problem with that. She tells him that he does not know that. And as long as Evangeline is incapable of speaking for herself, she has to say no to having a relationship with Cristian.

At the station, John tells Marty that he can clearly tell that Natalie is lying about leaving town and is up to something covering for Jared.

Rex tells Natalie that he is not saying that he thinks that Jared did what he is accused of. She tells him she knows that her husband would not kill anybody. He tells her that’s good. He would not want his sister to “disappear” on him. He then tells her that his terms are as soon as they find Jared, they will call John. She tells him she is not ok with those terms as John clearly believes that Jared is guilty. He tells her that they can talk to Bo and make certain that Jared does not get framed for anything he did not do. But she tells Rex that the cops want nothing more than to pin the murder on Jared and give him life in prison. Rex then asks his sister if she is wiling to be on the run for the rest of her life with Jared. Is she just going to say good bye to her parents and Jessica and all her friends? He tells her that nowadays she will have to literally leave the grid in order to disappear. And a life like that is not going to benefit her.

Gigi and Schuyler are drinking beer in her home and talking about their love of music. She wants to forget all about concerts with Rex in their younger days. And she is ready to play some music for Schuler to see if he cannot agree on what is good

Markko protests to Langston that he does not agree with his father’s opinion about rights. He makes his own decisions and does not let his father run his life. She knows that. But he just got to a good place with his parents. And he doesn’t want to ruin that. She tells him that he needs to be honest if he is in support of gay rights even if he is not gay. He has friends who are. He has class mates and teachers who are gay. He tells her if they want to get married, fine. But now that he’s finally gotten his family back, he doesn’t want to listen to his father telling him that Dorian and Langston are corrupting him and he will go to hell. She tells him she gets that but to have a heterosexual couple stand up for the rights of a gay couple and declare that they believe gays have the same rights that they have is huge. Starr is having a similar conversation with Cole.

Meanwhile, Kyle asks Fish if he is willing to stand up in front of everybody he knows and declare that he loves Kyle and wants to spend the rest of his life with him. He knows that Fish is not. Fish then tells Kyle he cannot say that he does not love Kyle just because he doesn’t make it public on national television. Is this a contest about having the gayest man win? Kyle then concludes that this is a clear example that the two of them have completely different values and priorities. Fish tells his him his parents and friends and his job has to be considered. Kyle tells him that he has the same situation and realizes that the world can be an unfriendly place. But why can’t Fish be real and possibly go with him to a gay bar? Fish replies he doesn’t want to go to gay bars and have anonymous conversations with strangers. He doesn’t care about them but he loves Kyle. Kyle tells him that that is the whole point. He can clearly see that Fish is not ready for him. Fish asks Kyle if he cannot give “them” a chance.

Layla declares to Christian that he was right. The fear she has is not so much about her sister. She has been hurt so many times and is afraid that if she allows herself to have feelings for somebody she will lose them. He then tells her she won’t. And they kiss. But at that point, he realizes that this is only a fantasy he has. Right then, in reality she approaches him and tells him she has something to say. She is moving out.

Kyle reminds Fish that he spent so many years of his life having a broken heart over Fish rejecting him and not wanting to admit his feelings for him. So the “timing” for them is not right. Fish then asks Kyle if this ceremony was not going on, would he be doing this with Nick? Kyle answers that Nick is proud of him and wants to let everybody know who they are. Fish can’t even walk down the street holding hands with another guy or let it be known in public. Nick will let it be known in front of millions of people that he wants Kyle. Hearing that, Fish asks Kyle if he wants Nick. Would he rather do that than admit to his real feelings for him(Fish)? Kyle then tells him that he can no longer be with somebody who is ashamed of being with him in public. He’s already been down that road. He and Nick may not be perfect. But Nick is what he needs.

Markko tells Langston, Cole and Starr that if he thought that this ceremony would enable gays and lesbians to have equal rights and change the way society views them, he’d do it. He’d even put up with his dad. But he knows it won’t. Cole admits that it’s all about getting Dorian elected; all a publicity stunt. Langston tells him she realizes that. But Dorian does really care about gay rights. Cole reminds her that he remembers Dorian supposedly supporting Buddhism and giving up material wealth so that she could get her hands on David Vickers’ money when he found out he would inherit from Asa. Markko remembers how she supposedly cared about her stocks at Buchanan Enterprises when she went to expose Jared Banks and take over the company. Cole says it’s all about winning for Dorian. Starr tells them that what they are saying about her aunt is so true. But she needs their support. Cole says it’s another crazy idea where she wants to drag them in to do her dirty work for her and he is not going to that wedding. Markko say he will not go either.

Natalie tells Rex if he wants to go home, it’s ok. She realizes that he has his own life with Gigi.

Right then, Gigi is with Schuyler in her home listening to their favorite music.

John tells Marty if Jared did all these things, he still wonders what he would be getting out of this. But he is concerned about Natalie. Marty tells him that Natalie wants to help her husband and Jared must be desperate. And she knows that John is concerned that if Jared killed two people, then Natalie could be next

Gigi’s phone rings while she is with Schuyler. It’s Rex. He asks her if she is ok. She appears cold and reminds him that he blew off their couples’ therapy because of a case. He then tells her that he can’t come home tonight. And he doesn’t know when he will be coming back. He cannot tell her the reason why but he misses her and will come back as soon as he can. At that point, she hangs up and tells Schuyler she can clearly see that Rex is not telling her what he is doing because it’s something illegal. At that point, Schuler tells her he has to leave ad goes out the door.

John tells Marty that the thing he has to do is find Jared before Natalie does. Right then, Marty gets a call. Alone, John gets on his phone. He asks his contact if they have a location for Natalie’s cell phone and to let him know when they got it.

Right then, Natalie lights a match in her motel room. There is a knock on the door. She asks if it’s Rex. But it’s Jared. Right then, she rushes into her husband’s arms.

Right then, John sees Natalie in his office and thinks about what they would say.

Jared tells Natalie that he left the match book in the room so that they could find each other. She tells him that he must know that he is in trouble with the cops. They have an APB out on him for the murder of Pamela Stewart and Wayne Landers. Yet it seems that they are going to beat the charges and they both affirm that they will be together forever. But at that moment, she knows she is only having a fantasy. Rex then comes through the door.

John sees Natalie handing him the match book that will tell him where to find her. But he sees that it’s only a fantasy. Marty comes and asks him what is up. She then tells him she has to take off and will let him finish his work. John gets on his phone to ask his contact if they have gotten a location on Natalie yet.

At Cole and Markko’s apartment, Starr tells Markko as much as she hates to say it, his father’s anti gay attitude is really hurting people. And somebody has to fight against it. He tells her he agrees. But this bogus wedding is not the way. Langston asks if that means he will not go. Markko replies that’s right. He’s not. Cole tells them he is not going either. But both girls tell their boyfriends that they are going with or without them.

Fish concludes to Kyle if he has found the right person who gives him what he needs, then congratulations. He leaves and it is clear that they are both not complete to be apart.

Cristian asks Layla why she would move and where she intends to go. She tells him that possibly she will stay for a while with her mom. But he tells her that he knows she cannot live all the way in Maryland with her mom. She tells him it would just be temporary and she really has no choice. He then tells her that since she was there first, if anybody leaves, maybe it should be him. He will move out and stay with his mom

When Schuyler gets home and is all alone in his apartment, he gets an unexpected visit from Gigi. She admits to him she could not sleep and his ready to tell him “the truth”. But he asks her to say no more. And at that point they kiss. But he awakens to notice that it’s just a fantasy.

Right then, Gigi is alone in her home and sees Rex coming home to give her a surprise visit. He tells her that he has now decided that his case can wait. He won’t let her down and they are going to counseling first thing tomorrow. He tells her he has missed her so much. And they kiss. But she awakens from her fantasy to see that it’s not really happening. She continues to listen to her music with her ear phone. Her cell phone rings but she cannot hear it. Rex admits to Natalie that Gigi that he did not get an answer. Gigi has not picked up and his probably asleep. She then asks her brother if he remembers their mom, Roxy’s little rabbit foot for good luck. She admits that she feels closer to finding Jared. Rex then sits alone and has a fantasy that Gigi is there with him. She appears and tells him it’s their lucky night. She would have known that he was just out helping his sister and that he would never ditch her.. She knows that he is the man for her. She loves him and they are going to make it because they are stronger than anything Stacy or Schuyler or anybody can do. And they can get through this. But at that point, he knows he is only dreaming. Natalie appears and tells her brother that all they have is a matchbook. It may not be a burning candle. But it’s something. And she asks her brother to make a wish.

John is on his phone trying to find Natalie’s cell phone and concludes that it was ‘No accident”.

Langston and Starr ask Markko and Cole if they do not want to join them to make a difference for the civil rights of gays. The guys tell their girlfriends that they do support gays’ civil rights but they don’t think that being their to support Dorian’s wedding will make a difference or accomplish anything. It will only backfire. Starr asks Cole if he would not fight a law that would prevent them from getting married. Langston asks Markko if he is willing to bail just because the protest is not perfect. Neither guy answers those questions. At that point, both girls declare that they are going without them.

Cristian has a fantasy of declaring his love to Layla. But in reality he just gives her some money to cover his share of the bills. He then tells her he better go. All he has left is his painting.

Cole and Markko go after their girlfriends so that they do not have to go to the ceremony alone.

Fish leaves Kyle and comes home to Layla who is alone in the apartment. She puts her arms around him.

Kyle is alone in the apartment playing solitaire. Cole, Markko , Langston and Starr are all together.

Schuyler is alone in his apartment missing Gigi. She is alone in her home missing him. She goes to the door and walks outside. Rex is alone and unable to sleep. Natalie lies in the bed but cannot sleep when she keeps a picture of Jared and her phone in her hand.

Right then, John sees a vision of Natalie beside him. She tells him that he should be proud of her since he taught her everything she knows. He asks her where she is. She then tells him that she can give him a hint. And maybe she can tip him off. And she hands him a clue. But in reality he sees that she is not there and he has no clue. He then goes to look for another clue and concludes that maybe she is at the lodge.

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