OLTL Update Monday 10/26/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/26/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Fish comes home to the apartment and Cristian asks him how his “day off” went. He is clearly not in a good mood and uncomfortable with Cristian knowing that he is gay. He admits that he is not over Kyle.

Nick goes to Kyle’s apartment with a tuxedo. Kyle asks him why he’s brought it. Nick replies that he cannot be married without it.

At the boarding school in England, Thomas tells Matthew he should not be fooled by Danielle’s “good looks.” She is a bitch. In the hallway, Danielle calls her mom while Téa is at Dorian’s home. She tells her she has to get out of this school. She does not like it there. All of the kids are thugs, and one of them took her phone. Téa protests that she wants her daughter to get a real education. Danielle protests that she had that and needs to know why her mother insists she stays there. Are she and her dad still fighting? At that moment, Ross enters to see Blair and demands to know why Téa is there and whom she is talking to. On the other end, Danielle asks if that is her “father” whom her mom is talking to.

When Jessica is alone in the kitchen of Viki’s home after Brody has left, she gets a mysterious call. She asks who it is. The voice on the other end says it’s Nash. She asks him why he is “doing this to her.” He tells her that it’s too cold where he is, and he needs her help. At that point, she frantically calls out to Nash but the connection is lost. At that point, Viki and Charlie enter and believe that she might be losing it to falsely believe she heard from Nash. She believes that she really heard from him. Viki gets on her phone to call John McBain.

Fish admits to Cristian that Kyle is seeing Nick and Nick likes him a lot. Cristian finds it, kind of, hard to believe that Kyle would have found somebody else so soon. He does not believe that Kyle is over Fish. Fish tells Cristian that Kyle laid down the law to him that they are over. Cristian tells Fish that he’s seen this many times before. Kyle appears to want to make Fish “suffer” and jump through some hoops and maybe wants to make him jealous after Fish snubbed him for so many years. It doesn’t mean that Kyle is done with him. Fish tells Cristian that he just heard that they are getting married.

Kyle comes out in his tuxedo. He tells Nick that he does not want a fake wedding. Nick tells him this is official. He reminds Kyle that it’s not “legal” yet. He asks Kyle if he is having second thoughts. Nick then asks him if he is having second thoughts about getting married or about who he is getting married to.

In Blair’s room, while talking to Todd, she asks him about his trust issues regarding Téa. He tells her that he thought that things had changed when he married Téa. He really loved her. According to what Blair now tells him, she played him the whole time. It was a scam. He tells her that maybe he has just been bouncing back and forth between her and Téa. She reminds him that he is leaving Marty out. She was a major person in his life, also. He tells her that this has to stop,. She tells him she realizes that, maybe, they don’t have a “future” together. She does not want to be alone tonight and does not believe that he does either. Right then, they kiss.

When Danielle overhears Ross’s voice when she talks to her mom on the phone, Ross also knows that Téa is talking to Danielle. Téa hangs up and tells Ross that this whole thing got ugly long ago, and she won’t let him see his daughter. He struggles with her and attempts to snatch the cell phone out of her hand.

Viki tells Jessica she may relax and not have to fear that mysterious stalker who is still not caught. John will be on his way soon. She asks her daughter if she’d like to call Brody. Jessica then informs her mother that she encouraged Brody to travel out of the state to help his sister. John enters and asks Jessica how she is doing. She tells John that her phone rang. When she answered it, she heard Nash’s voice. She asked who it was. He answered it was Nash. She knows it was a bad connection, but she knows it was Nash’s voice. John then implies that Jared and Wayne Landers are responsible for what has happened. Charlie defends his son. He asks John if he could maybe trace the number. Jessica admits that she did not think to record the call. John knows how he can trace all of her calls.

Matthew comes out in the hallway to apologize to Danielle for using her phone without asking. She is not happy. He asks her if she wants him to make it up to her since Thomas took her phone. He can put Thomas’s hand in a bucket of cold water. She admits to Matthew that she is not angry at him or at Thomas, nor concerned about the phone. He asks her what is wrong. She tells him it’s her parents. She hates them for what they have done to her. He asks her if she thinks that her parents can top what his has done to him.

Ross and Téa get into a struggle until she pushes him down on the floor and pours water all over him. She tells him that he cannot ever see Danielle again. It’s not negotiable.

Upstairs, Todd and Blair are kissing on the bed. They hear Téa’s voice calling to Blair and demanding to know where she is.

Cristian asks Fish if he seriously heard that Kyle and Nick are getting married, and isn’t this kind of sudden? They haven’t known each other for very long. He believes that Kyle is not over Fish.

Nick asks Kyle what he could have told Oliver Fish about him when they were alone. He knows that Kyle is not over Fish.

After Cristian asks Fish how long Kyle and Nick have known each other, Fish asks Cristian how long he and Vanessa Montez knew each other before they were married. Cristian tells Fish this is different and asks Fish where Kyle and Nick plan to have their wedding. Fish answers what he has heard and Cristian concludes that it does not sound like it’s a “real wedding.”

Nick tells Kyle that this is not just some peer pressure after school moment. He will think much more highly of Kyle if he admits that he is not ready to go through with this. He does not have to prove anything. If Kyle just goes through with this because he thinks it’s what Nick wants, then it’s not what he wants. Nick tells Kyle if he does not want to marry him, he must just say the word.

Cristian tells Fish that Nick and Kyle are not having a real wedding. Fish tells Cristian that Nick got down on one knee right when he (Fish) walked into Buenos Dias. Cristian asks if maybe he didn’t just do that for “show” for Fish to see.

John tells Viki, Jessica and Charlie that he can detect all of the calls that Jessica gets. He knows the person who can help them with that.

Fish asks Cristian why he and Layla are not moving forward. Cristian replies that Layla backed off. The whole thing is kind of messy. Cristian dated Layla’s sister, Evangeline a few years ago, and Layla feels as though she would be disloyal to her sister being with her boyfriend. Fish reminds Cristian that Evangeline has been in a coma for a while and seeing her sister may not be such a terrible thing for Cristian to do. They then admit that they have some things in common and can maybe hang out together. They talk about the football season and “guy things.” Fish gets a call from John who tells him he is still on administrative leave. But John will break the rules and forget that since he needs Fish’s help with electronics and finding out what happened when Jessica got the call she just got.

Téa walks in on Blair and Todd and the two women argue over who had “rights” to Todd. Téa tells Todd that she is happy to see that Blair is the way she is. Todd deserves to be with her. Todd then informs Téa that Blair told him all about the “big scam” for her and Ross to take Todd for every dime he has. That’s how Blair got pushed out the window. Ross enters to talk to Blair and asks her not to tell him she is back with this "loser” (Todd).

Cristian is alone in the apartment painting after Fish has gone to help John. Layla returns. She asks how Fish could be back at work when he’s on administrative leave. At that point, they assess that it’s just the two of them alone in the house. She looks at his painting and tells him it’s interesting. He asks if she does not like it. They analyze the painting. He admits that he feels kind of empty. She asks him what has gotten him down. He tells her it’s this whole thing about gay marriage.

Fish goes to meet John at Viki’s home. He gets on his computer to track the call Jessica got from somebody who sounded just like Nash. He plays the calls. Viki and Jessica listen distressed. John asks Viki if she thought it sounded like Nash’s voice. Viki admits to John if she did not know better, she’d think it was him. Charlie asks how they can trace the call. John tells them that he knows how to do that.

Matthew asks Danielle why her mother wants her to stay at the school and not see her dad. She talks about how her mom shipped her off against her will. Hearing that, Matthew tells her that his parents did the same thing with him. She then asks him for specifics. He asks her if she has noticed that he is in a wheelchair. She tells him she can see that. He tells her it “gets better.” There was a surgery and a doctor who could make him walk again. He even got a court order so the doctor could do the surgery against his parents’ wishes. He was going to fly to Seattle to have it done. But his parents tricked him, high jacked the jet, took him here and dumped him. Hearing that, Danielle is shocked and asks Matthew if that is illegal. She tells him he should call the cops. He then informs her that his dad is the police commissioner and his mom is the D.A. Hearing that, she tells him that sucks. It appears he is totally screwed. She then informs him that her mom is a total pain also, but she’s an excellent lawyer. Maybe she could help Matthew.

Blair, Todd, Ross and Téa all argue about their respective jealousies. Todd tells Ross and Téa that they can get out of there. He knows all about their little secret plan to take him for every cent he has. Hearing that, Ross asks what he is talking about. Téa then realizes that she cannot have either of the men knowing what her real secret is, as she has no clue that Blair remembers her revealing she has a child. She pretends that scamming Todd with Ross is the big secret. Hearing that, Todd asks her if there is “another” secret she has.

Jessica informs Fish and John that she still has one voice message that she saved of Nash’s that he left on her phone right before he died. They tell her if they can listen to it, they can see if it’s the same as the message she is getting now. Jessica then cries and tells her mother that she is worried that Nash could be out there afraid and cold. Viki tells her daughter that whoever that sick person is, they are just trying to hurt her. John tells Fish that he knows that Fish is excellent with helping to trace phones with his computer skills. Fish asks John when he can be back at the job again. John tells Fish that he’s still on the payroll. Fish tells John it’s not about the money. He wants to get back to the job. It’s his life. He really has nothing else right now.

Nick admits to Kyle that this whole thing is already entirely too heavy. Kyle admits to Nick that he would probably get really freaked out about getting married. They talk about the things they can do together. They wonder if they can have a champagne toast before saying they do. They confirm that they are still good. Kyle tells Nick that they can still get married and some day not take it for granted. Nick asks if he will see him tomorrow. Kyle tells Nick it is a date. Nick then leaves.

After Cristian informs Layla that Oliver found out that Kyle is marrying Nick, she knows that it must have devastated him. She knows that Oliver Fish is still in love with Kyle. They talk about whether Fish missed out on his one time chance with Kyle or if he deserves to be dumped after breaking Kyle’s heart.

Ross asks Todd if he thinks all Ross cares about is money. Todd tells Ross that that is all Ross has ever cared about. At that point, Ross and Téa go off together. Blair and Todd are alone together.

John gets on the computer and finds out that the sample Jessica had of Nash’s voice before he died is an identical match to the recording she just got. Hearing that, she is hysterical and emotional knowing that it’s a computer without bias or emotion who confirms that her dead husband is alive.

Todd tells Blair that he still finds it kind of odd that Téa would want to scam him for money. Blair tells him he must know that she did. Téa goes out the door. Ross follows her and asks her if she really thinks she has a chance with Todd. He is obviously not over Blair and completely over her. He tells her that he will not give up until she tells him where their daughter is. Téa tells Ross that it won’t happen. She’s far away.

Danielle admits to Matthew that she knows that her mother is back with her father and doesn’t know why they are lying and keeping secrets from her. She’s found a way to find them in Tahiti. Matthew sounds really impressed. At that point, she remembers that it’s past curfew and she could get his house in trouble if the head mistress catches him staying in the hallway talking to her. He tells her he’s not really concerned. She tells him he will be concerned when they make him clean out the stable. He tells her he knows they won’t make a crippled kid like him do that. She then tells him that he is not “crippled.” He’s just on wheels. He asks her if she will be around later. She asks where he thinks she could go. Matthew smiles alone, indicating he may really like Danielle.

Cristian and Layla talk about his painting. She admits that she doesn’t always really know how she feels. She knows she feels really bad for Oliver and Kyle. He tells her so does he. But he feels worse for himself and herself.

Alone, Fish remembers admitting that he still loves Kyle. Kyle privately remembers the same. At that moment, Fish comes though Kyle’s door.

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