OLTL Update Friday 10/23/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/23/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Right when Todd asks Blair to tells him what she remembers knowing that she was ready to tell him something, she hesitates and tells him that she feels kind of woozy. Observing that, he tells her that he can call a doctor. She tells him she is fine. She just needs to lie down. She tells her ex- husband that he realizes that they may never get back together again, and it may be for the better. He is the father of her children. She still cares about his well being and does not want to see him in so much pain. Hearing that, he asks her just what she is talking about.

Ross and Elijah talk about Téa and the child Ross believes he had with her. Elijah tells his brother that he must know that regardless of what parental rights he may have, he is not the person who Téa wants.

Rachel tells Téa that she knows that she has some sort of secret regarding Todd. She demands that Téa tells her. Téa then admits that she and Todd had sex before Todd left the island to return to Blair. Todd was ready to build a raft and risk life and limb for Blair. She was ready to tell Todd what he meant to her, and then something happened. She cannot admit to Rachel what that was. Rachel asks Téa if she knew that she was pregnant at that point. Téa tells Rachel that she thought it could have been Ross’s child. Rachel seems to know that Téa must have known better. Téa then protests that Todd was ready to get back to Blair, and she had to put the whole thing out of her mind.

Todd asks Blair if she remembers everything that happened regarding her confrontation with Téa leading up to her falling out the window. Blair then tells Todd that maybe it’s best that she does not discuss it. Todd knows that she has been very bound and determined to discuss something. He asks her why she is now doing such a 180.

Téa protests to Rachel that she thought it’s more than likely that her baby was Ross’s. She slept with him far more frequently than she did with Todd. But she did get a DNA test after her baby was born and found out not long ago that it was not Ross’s. Her child was Todd’s.

When Matthew goes to his new boarding school, the school master introduces him to Thomas and notices that Thomas has a bad attitude about many things.

Destiny goes to Dorian’s home and finds David. She tells him that she knows that something is not right. Matthew’s surgery was cancelled. David tells her he hasn’t a clue about any of it. For all he knows, Matthew might have changed his mind. Destiny tells David that since he is Matthew’s brother, he must find out.

At Viki’s home, Jessica and Brody are in the kitchen with Bree. He is ready to go to work in his uniform. He admits that nobody has found Jared. They know that Natalie is upset, and so is Charlie. He tells her that John is working around the clock. They acknowledge that Natalie is usually the one to take care of things and to take care of Jessica. Now, Natalie needs her help.

After Destiny comes to find out if David might know something about Matthew, he gets on the phone and leaves a message for Bo. He tells his “father” that he would like to know about Matthew’s surgery. His friend, Destiny is there and would like to know. He gets no response from Bo. He hangs up and Destiny tells David that that is not enough effort on his part. She could have done the same thing herself. They need to take drastic action. She is not going to give up on finding out what has happened to Matthew.

At the boarding school, Thomas tells Matthew that he knows he won’t fit in there. He throws things at the school master after she leaves and he makes a comment about Matthew being in a wheelchair and being imprisoned. Thomas tells Matthew he must know that this is a British public school where the administrators can do whatever they want. All of the students are locked up.

Elijah tells Ross that Blair was completely covering for her ex. He can see that Ross has feelings for Blair and he is going after a woman whom he hasn’t a chance with. She is not over Todd. Ross then asks his brother what he suggests he does. Should he sit around and do nothing. He has the right to see his kid. Elijah tells Ross he realizes that. He just doesn’t want Ross to get himself in trouble again.

Téa admits to Rachel that shortly after she found out that her son was Todd’s, she knew that Todd was in trouble after being charged with raping Marty Saybrooke for the second time. She thought she should come back and “connect” with him. So she represented him as his lawyer in the court case. They had a professional relationship, and it developed into more. She had the mistaken idea that maybe, just maybe, he was over Blair once and for all. Though, it was all a lie. Rachel then tells Téa that she can clearly see that she had some sort of scheme. She had a trick up her sleeve and may have wished some vindictive things on Blair because of that.

Todd is with Blair, assuring her that she is safe with him now and he won’t let anything happen to her. She smiles with a smirk knowing that she is holding a secret over his head.

David tells Destiny she needs to chill. He’s sure that the flight was safe. She tells him she’s not worried about the flight. She’s worried about Matthew’s parents. They told Matthew that they promised to honor his decision after he won the court case and would accompany him to Seattle to get the surgery. She knows that there was something not right about his mother finding out that her brother would not do the surgery. She was petrified that Matthew was willing to take a chance on another doctor. She knows that his parents might have had a secret plan when they went off on the jet with him. She needs David’s help in finding Matthew.

Matthew talks alone in the room with Thomas about his parents promising to help him go and get the surgery that would get him out of the wheelchair and get his life back. But they apparently had other ideas. Now he’s stuck in this prison. Thomas notices the basketball shoes that Matthew has and realizes that that was his dream. Matthew asks Thomas if he has a cell phone. Destiny wanted to call him after the surgery was done. He protests that he does not have any time to wait. Thomas then goes to find Mathew a phone.

Ross tells Elijah that this is not just some two bit scam to win a war with Téa. He has to see his kid. He hasn’t a clue what to do. He is determined to stop at nothing. Elijah warns his brother that if he ever wants to see his kid again, he needs to grow up. Ross then realizes that he wishes he could go back in time and do things differently than the way he did so many things. He can’t be prevented from seeing his child. Elijah then tells his brother that they will find his kid. He promises that to Ross.

Téa admits to Rachel that something stopped her from admitting to Todd that he is the father of her child. She was ready to. But she always wondered if the reason he married her would just be because he is the father of her kid. She wanted to know if the reason he married her was because of her.

When Blair is resting and Todd is beside her, she tells him that she thinks she remembers what Téa told her.

Jessica and Brody are in the kitchen talking about their plans. He tells her that he can see that she did not sleep last night. She admits that she was going over her whole history between herself and Jared. She thought that Jared forgave her for her DID. But he hired Wayne Landers to pretend to be her dead husband. She is not really concerned if Jared is angry and wanting to get back at her. But Bree is just a little girl and she is concerned about what it could do to her. At that moment, Brody gets a call on his cell phone and notices it’s from his sister. He answers and Nadine tells her brother that she is in trouble and needs his help even though he has not heard from her in years.

At the boarding school, Thomas comes back with a cell phone for Matthew to make international calls.

Blair admits to Todd that she awoke in her bed by Téa pouring cold water over her. Téa told Blair about what she planned to do to Todd. She tells Todd that Téa never loved him. It was all a scam to take his money and run off with Ross.

Téa admits to Rachel that her personal issues kind of blow the image of a high powered lawyer lady. She then shows her a picture of her daughter.

Elijah asks Ross if he has any pictures of his kid. Ross shows him a picture of Téa’s daughter whom he believes is his.

Téa tells Rachel that Todd obviously has no respect. That’s why she wasn’t about to tell him about their child.

Meanwhile, Thomas admits to Matthew that he had to steal the phone form somebody so Matthew better make his call soon before the person finds out it’s missing. Matthew then calls Destiny while she’s talking to David. At that point, somebody comes and takes the phone from Matthew.

Téa tells Rachel that she has an innocent beautiful daughter, and she cannot believe that she is Todd’s child.

At that moment, a girl enters Matthew’s and Thomas’s room and demands to know what they are doing with her phone.

Brody asks Nadine what type of trouble she’s in. She tells him that she cannot get into this with him on the phone. He asks if she’s in legal trouble. He reminds her that she has not been close to him. She tells him she realizes that but needs his help. He tells her if she wants money…She tells him no, she needs her brother. She needs him to get on the next flight to MI. He then hangs up and tells Jessica that he doesn’t think he’s going to do what his sister wants. She encourages him to be there for her.

Ross looks at the photo of the daughter whom he believes is his with Téa. Téa lied about where she was going. He could not go back to the states so he had no way to ever see her again. Elijah assures his brother that they will find his daughter. Ross tells Elijah that he is sick and tired of Téa playing these games with him.

Téa tells Rachel about her and Todd’s daughter. She was going to tell Todd about her. But after the wedding, Blair had to drop the bombshell upon Todd that she (Téa) was still married to Ross. She is so afraid that Todd hates her. How could she possibly tell Todd? Rachel tells Téa that she has no clue what Todd will do or how he will react. Téa tells Rachel that she does not want to risk what Todd could do and will not risk having her beautiful little girl being the target in a game of tug of war. Rachel then asks Téa where their daughter is. Téa replies that she is in a high class boarding school in Britain. She remembers when she (herself) was a child, she had no opportunities in her life and everybody looked down their noses upon her. But nobody is going to look down their nose upon her daughter. Rachel then acknowledges to Téa that she has done very well for herself. Téa realizes that she has some real issues involving Ross. He was going to take their daughter away from her. He needed Téa to be his meal ticket. Rachel asks her why she cannot let Todd know he has another daughter. Téa admits that she cannot do it.

When the girl finds out that Thomas stole her phone for Matthew to use and pulls it out of his hand, Destiny can see that the call came from some girl’s phone. She leaves a message for Matthew Buchanan to call her. Hearing that, David asks Destiny if she is not wondering whom Matthew’s new “friend” is and why he is using her phone.

Téa admits to Rachel that right before Blair fell out the window, she confessed to Blair that she and Todd had a child. Blair cannot remember that part of their conversation now because of a head injury. Rachel then asks Téa if Blair is not going to find out sooner or later. Téa tells Rachel that she will never let that spiteful bitch have that information. Rachel asks Téa if she thinks that a bump on the head is going to prevent Blair from giving Todd the information.

Blair tells Todd that she found out that Téa only scammed that she loved him and married him so that she and Ross could take Todd for every dime he has.

Brody tells Jessica that she, Bree and his job are his number one priorities. She tells him that he has a family emergency and she insists he goes to help his sister. He then leaves.

Elijah tells Ross that now he’s back in the states and the charges have been dropped. Ross tells Elijah it doesn’t really do him any good. He still can’t even know where his daughter is, much less see her. Elijah informs his brother that he has hired a PI to go through copies of Téa’s cell phone records. Hearing that, Ross tells his brother he knows he’d need a court order to do that. Elijah then tells him to shut up and indicates he need not worry about this.

Téa tells Rachel that she has let Ross love a girl and have his heart broken losing her when she isn’t even his. Todd doesn’t even know that he has a daughter. Hearing that, Rachel advises her to be the Téa Delgado that she knows and call Todd to tell him before Blair gets to him first.

Meanwhile, Todd assesses what Blair just told him that Téa told her that she was scamming Todd in order to take him for all of his money for herself and Ross. He then gets a call from Téa after Rachel urges her to call Todd. He does not answer.

Téa tells Rachel that she just got Todd’s voice mail. Rachel then tells her that in that case, she needs to go and find Todd now.

Destiny tells Matthew that she does not believe that Matthew could have called her from the hospital. She’s already called him and heard that the surgery has been cancelled. David then asks her to give him her phone. He traces the call and finds out it was made from Britain.

The girl tells Matthew and Thomas that they better stay out of her room and leave her phone alone. She leaves.

Blair tells Todd that she is so sorry that she had to tell him the undesirable truth about Téa. He then asks her if Téa pushed her. It’s okay for Blair to tell him. Blair then admits that she is not really certain if Téa intended to push her. He tells her that he knows that she had motive to keep Blair quiet after she found out the secret and may have intended to kill Blair. He then tells Blair that he is going to kill Téa for attempting to kill her. She urges him not to do that. The kids need him. She needs him.

Destiny asks David what Matthew would be doing in England. He tells her that the family has a compound there. She asks him if he can find a way to get there. He tells her of course. He is a Buchanan. She then admits to David that he was right. She does care a lot about Matthew. She knows that he is in trouble and needs her. David has to get her there. She asks David to please help her to find Matthew.

Thomas tells Matthew that that girl, Danielle Rayburn is a bitch. Matthew tells him she seemed pretty cool to him. Outside, the girl looks at her call list and notices that her mother has called her. She then calls Téa (her mother).

Ross asks Elijah just how he has managed to get a PI to search Téa’s phone records without a court order. Isn’t that illegal? He reminds his brother that he (Elijah) is the lawyer who has to stay out of trouble and leave the illegal activity to him (Ross).

Téa rushes to find Todd at Dorian’s house. She cannot find him downstairs when she calls for him. Right when she’s ready to run upstairs, she gets a call from Daniella who tells her mom that she needs her help with something.

Inside, Blair tells Todd that there is a reason why he and Téa will not be together. He and Blair have a wonderful family. It may not be conventional. But they still look out for each other and care for each other. She knows that deep down Todd wants to be loved and is hurting. He then asks her just what she is saying. At that point, she kisses him. 

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