OLTL Update Thursday 10/22/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/22/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Rodi’s, Stacy and Kim go to Rodi’s and give him two tickets to a concert. They tell him that he should take GIgi since they know that’s what he wants.

GIgi declares to Rex that Shane is with is grandmother. They can spend some time together. She wants them to attend therapy with Marty Saytrook. She tells him that she believes that it will be beneficial. Yet, Rex indicates that he really does not want to see a professional. But he will do it if it helps them get back on track. She leaves and gets ready for work.

Nora is on the phone talking to Rachel apologizing for not getting back to her or telling her what she and Bo felt compelled to do. She tells her that she knows that she and Bo did was “extreme”. But they could not let Matthew risk is life. Bo is also on his phone talking about the investigation of Jared.

Rachel is at the hospital when she gets off her phone with her mother and admits that what has happened is unbelievable. Right then, Téa passes her by. She tells Téa that she is in no mood to argue. She has bigger problems than whatever Téa is dealing with. Téa tells her that she can see that by Rachel’s expression. And she tells Rachel she can only guess what might be going on with her.

Todd and Blair talk about what they are going to do now that he’s found out the big secret about Téa. She indicates that she knows more about Téa than what she is revealing.

At Kevin’s home, Matthew looks like he has a secret plan to leave in his wheelchair. Kevin indicates that he knows that Matthew is planning something secretive without his parents knowing and indicates that he might consider helping him. Matthew asks his cousin if he might want to help him escape.

In the other room, Nora admits to Bo that she had to call her daughter. Rachel thought that Nora ditched her. He asks her if Rachel understood. Nora tells him she knows that she didn’t entirely. But Rachel gave her some good news. She just informed Nora that Shaun has awoken and will be ok when everybody thought he’d either be in a vegetative state for life or could die.. Maybe Dr. Greg will reconsider about doing Matthew’s surgery after finding out that he did not permanently ruin his brother. Nora asks Bo if that changes anything for him. He replies no. It’s still too risky.

In the other room, Kevin tells Matthew that he is not a prisoner there. Matthew asks why, then, his parents won’t even let him have his cell phone. Kevin then tells him that maybe he can see if he can persuade Bo and Nora to reconsider about the cell phone. Right then, Bo and Nora wonder if they should “tell Matthew” about Shaun. At that point, Matthew and Kevin enter and Matthew admits he has overheard their conversation and asks what they are debating whether to tell him.

At the hospital, after Téa asks Rachel what is going on, Rachel tells her she already learned her lesson to not share anything that Téa can use against her. Téa tells her that she cannot repeat anything. Also, she reminds Rachel that Matthew’s case is over.

Kim and Stacy ask Schuyler about what Gigi did when she saw him on a date with Kim. And how does Rex feel about his girlfriend so concerned about another man?. He tells them that Gigi and Rex are not into his business. But Stacy and Kim know better.

Natalie goes to see Rex and informs him that her husband is on the run now that he’s the number one suspect in the Wayne Landers murder. She needs his help. She tells her brother she wants him to find her husband before the police do. Rex tells her that it appears the cops are right on the investigation. John is working on it. Hearing that, she tells him that is just the problem. John McBain is out for blood. He has already determined that Jared is a murderer. Rex tells his sister that he believes that John is a fair guy and won’t falsely accuse Jared of anything. He asks Natalie to be totally honest and tells him if she thinks that Jared committed the murders.

Todd informs Blair that Téa swears that she and Ross filed for divorce. And Blair tells him that never happened. So he wonders how that could have happened. Blair replies that Téa is a lying skank. He tells her or maybe she arranged for Téa not to know that something happened that prevented her from filing the papers.

At the hospital, Rachel informs Téa that Greg gave up on ever doing surgery again because his brother Shaun was in a coma. Now Shaun is better. But Matthew has taken drastic action to find another doctor. And Bo and Nora are taking drastic action to prevent him from going through with the surgery he has the legal right to authorize. While Shaun has been in the coma, she has come the realization that it’s Greg whom she really has feelings for. Yet Shaun knows nothing about it and she hasn’t a clue how to tell him.

Starr comes into the room to welcome her mother back. Blair holds baby Hope. Starr asks her mother if she remembers what happened before the accident. Blair then remembers hearing Téa reveal that she has a child who is not Ross’s. It’s Todd’s. Blair does not admit to her daughter or her ex husband whether she remembers or not.

Natalie admits to Rex that she does not know Jared anymore. She has tried to talk to him but does not believe what he has said. Rex asks his sister exactly what her husband has said to her. She admits that Jared has confessed. Rex asks if she means that he has confessed to murder. She tells him no. But Jared has admitted that he and Landers worked together to stalk Jessica and break into B.E. He also admitted that he staged having Landers beat him up on camera. Hearing that, Rex asks why Jared would do that. Natalie admits she hasn’t a clue as to why and that Jared has not said anything. She had not seen or heard from Jared since he’s been gone. All she knows is that when she went to find him, he was gone. When she and John when to find Jared, all they found was his wallet and Pamela Stewart’s dead body. She tells Rex that regardless of all of the evidence, she cannot believe for a minute that he is guilty of what he is accused of. Rex then asks his sister if she is really absolutely certain.

At Rodis’, Schuyler talks to Gigi when she enters. She remembers being grilled by Rex about whether she has feelings for Schuyler. But before she can remember or act on that, she notices that Schuyler has two tickets to a band that she wants to see.

At a table, Stacy and Kim talk about all of the plans they have. They look at different men whom Stacy can have act as the “father figure” for her baby. They first consider Clint Buchanan. But Stacy knows Clint is not a possibility since he’s married to the D.A. But then they notice Kevin Buchanan.

Right at that point, at Kevins’ home, Kevin asks Bo and Nora if they could just let Matthew use a cell phone so that he can call his own sister and friends. They tell Kevin that they are already getting Matthew prepared to attend his new school. So they don’t have time to talk

Rachel admits to Téa that she came to the conclusion, while Shaun was in a coma that she does not really have feelings for him. Greg is the one she is interested in. Shaun has no clue. Neither do his parents or sister. They have this idea that she and Shaun are committed and act like they are already married. Téa tells Rachel that she has to come clean with what is really going on regarding her feelings for the two brothers.

Blair and Todd hold baby Hope. She asks him if he really thinks that Dorian is going to get married even though it’s a scam. He tells her that since gay marriage is not legal in the state, it won’t go very far. It doesn’t really matter to him and he doesn’t have a strong opinion about it one way or another. And he asks her if she knows of any happy couple who has been together for any amount of time. And while he holds baby Hope, he tells Blair that the only thing that has any meaning in their lives is their kids. He also reflects to Blair that it still devastates him to know that he could have never known that Sam was his child. At that point, Blair declares that she has something to tell Todd.

At the hospital, Téa tells Rachel that she must tell Shaun now. It may seem painful and difficult now. But the more she waits, the more it will hurt everybody involved. Rachel then reminds Téa that she(herself) is a professional counselor and can maybe offer Téa some assistance with her own issues. She knows that Téa married Todd Manning and Todd divorced her right away. She asks her what happened. Téa admits Blair Cramer is what happened that ruined their marriage. And there are some very complicated issues involved that could cause Todd to hate Téa for the rest of their lives.

Starr enters the room to see her parents holding their baby and talking about how kids bind them together. She smiles and tells her parents she really appreciates seeing them together without arguing or yelling. They both smile at their daughter and agree that they all love their kids and it binds them together. Todd then reflects to his daughter and to Blair that he is really relieved that he never had a child with Téa. It would be something he would not want to deal with. Starr then takes her baby and goes into the other room. When Todd is alone in the room with Blair, he then remembers that she was about to tell him something and asks her what that was.

Matthew informs Kevin that he won the legal right in court to authorize the surgery without his parents’ permission. The judge ruled in his favor. And his parents of all people should understand and respect the law. Nora protests to her son that he can hate them. But they are doing what they are doing because they love him. And they ask Kevin if he could accompany their son to his new school.

When Schuyler notices the two tickets, he tells Gigi that she and Rex need to go together and have fun. But she tells him that she and Rex have other plans. They are going to couple’s counseling. They both know that that is something that guys hate. She tells him that Rex is willing to do it anyway. It will make them stronger. And so she has to do it even if it means that things could happen that she does not want (like Schuyler going to the concert with somebody else.)

Rex tells Natalie that he can help her. But he has to be concerned about losing his P.I’s license. She tells her brother that she does not want that to happen to him. But they must find Jared before John finds him. She tells Rex that this is a man hunt and they only have a few hours. But he tells her that he cannot help her with that tonight, remembering he has the therapy session with Gigi.

Gigi tells Schuyler that this could be the mot important night of her life with Rex. He’s committing to doing something he may not want to do because he wants to save their relationship.

Rex tells Natalie that he can help her find Jared tomorrow. But they must wait. She then emotionally insists to her brother that they do it now. They can’t wait. She feels as though everything is closing in on her now. If they do not find Jared, she’s worried she will never see him again. So Rex has to help her. She tells Rex that it’s already a statewide man hunt. Jared probably knows all about what is happening. Rex then tells his sister he will call Gigi now and let her now. When she finds out what is going on, she might understand. But then, they realize they cannot tell her.

At Rodi’s, Schuyler asks GIgi if Stacy is still a problem for her and Rex. Gigi admits that Stacy still claims she is carrying Rex’s child. Right then, she gets a call from Rex. He informs her that he is really terribly sorry but cannot go to therapy tonight. But something came up really huge. And unfortunately, he cannot postpone in order to do the therapy the next day. And he would not be tell her this if it were not really, really important. Hearing that, she asks what would be more important than them.

At the other table, Kim and Stacy are looking at all of the Buchanan men. Kim remarks that she needs a rich husband They observe Clint and Bo and Kevin. But then, they remark that it’s too bad that the “kid the wheelchair” is so young. Maybe he might be worth Kim meeting Matthew.

Nora and Bo debate whether they should tell Matthew that Shaun has made it through surgery. Greg might reconsider the surgery. But Matthew needs to get this idea out of his head that he can’t have a good life unless he can walk. She admits that she hates lying to Rachel and lying to Matthew. And she admits that she cannot stand how much their son hates them. Bo puts his arms around her.

Right then, Kevin takes Matthew to his new school. He is clearly not comfortable.

Blair tells Todd that Téa should have told him about Ross whether the divorce was finalized or not. And if she was “done” with Ross, then what was the big deal? She then tells Todd that if only she could remember what that thing was that Téa told her. She appears like she is light headed and may need to lie down.

After Téa tells Rachel about all the damage that Blair has done, Rachel asks her how much more damage Blair can do. Téa then admits to Rachel that it may not be all on Blair. And it looks like she might be ready to reveal her secret.

When Rex tells Gigi that he has to cancel their therapy session but cannot tell her the reason why, she admits she is distraught. Schuyler hears the conversation and tells her he doesn’t want her to be depressed. So he invites her to join him at the concert.

Téa is ready to confess her secret to Rachel about her child.

Blair wonders whether she should tell Todd about the child he has with Téa.

Matthew gets introduced to a new school mate. And it appears he is Todd and Téa’s so

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