OLTL Update Tuesday 10/20/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/20/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

David notices that Dorian is up to something. She tells him she is picking out her wedding invitations. She needs something that will grab the attention of the gay community. He tells her a good suggestion would be the slogan of “We’re here…We’re queer”. She tells him that she wishes he would take it seriously. He tells her that he is really not motivated to help her with this when he sees that the only person “good enough” for his ex wife is a woman. She tells him that he needs to understand what she is doing. But right then, Starr and Langston enter wearing T-shirts and they announce to Dorian that this wedding isn’t happening.

At Buenos Dias, Nick asks Amelia if she is really going to marry Dorian Lord. Realizing that he knows what is really going on, she tells him this is merely symbolic. But Kyle enters and tells the two of them that he knows this is a scam.

John is with Natalie and Clint at the station after they have tried and failed to find Jared at the Buchanan Lodge and have only found Pamela Stewart murdered.

Right then, Viki and Charlie appear at the lodge after trying unsuccessfully to find Jared.

John shows Natalie and Clint Jared’s wallet and driver’s license right by Pamela’s dead body after Jared is nowhere to be found. They must know that something is very suspicious, he tells them.

After Shaun awakens, he tells his parents and Greg that he has kept the woman he loves waiting for too long. He has to take Rachel on their log overdue date.

Outside his room, Destiny and Rachel are talking.

Nora and Bo appear to have taken Matthew to London. He tells them that they have kidnapped him and he is not ok with their plan. Right then, Kevin Buchanan appears and welcomes them to London. Noticing that Matthew is not in good spirits, Nora tells him he will have to forgive them. They are tired from the flight. Kevin happily informs his uncle and Nora that his son, Zane is growing and getting bigger. Hearing that, Matthew remarks to Kevin that he can see that he is encouraging his son to be his own person and make his own decisions. And he wishes that he could be given the same rights. He goes away discontented.

Destiny tells Rachel that she can see that the only person Shaun wants to see is her(Rachel).

Inside Shaun’s’ room, he tells his brother and parents that he doesn’t want to sit in this bed any longer. He feels great and has to get back to his life. But they tell him that he doesn’t need to rush. Both parents appear to believe that Rachel only has eyes for Shaun. But as soon as Greg comments that they are not exactly engaged, Shaun can see that maybe something has gone on that he is unaware of regarding having some “competition” for Rachel.

At the station, Natalie tells John that he has no clue about what has happened regarding Jared. For all he knows, Jared could have been set up. Why does John want to assume that Jared is a murderer.

At the Buchanan Lodge, Viki tells Charlie that maybe they can do something to clear Jared’s name. If he is an innocent man being wrongfully accused, then maybe his father can talk to the press or write something. Hearing that, Charlie tells his wife that he’s not certain of whether it will do any good. But Viki encourages her husband to know hat he has power of persuasion with writing. And right before they are out the door, reporters corner them and demand that Viki tells them how it will affect her candidacy now that she’s found out that her step son and son in law is accused of two murders.

Starr and Langston tell Dorian that they know that she is scamming about being a lesbian and engaged to Amelia.

At the same time, at Buenos Dias, Kyle tells Amelia and Nick that he knows also that it’s all a scam.

Dorian tells Starr and Langston that human sexuality is very complicated. But she can clearly tell that they do not buy that she is engaged to a woman. She then admits to them that she is not gay. But she is going to usher in a new precedent of equality for the citizens of Llanview. So she asks her niece and foster daughter if they are on board with her. Langston tells her mother that she gets that she wants to win. But why lie in order to make that happen? Right then, Amelia enters and tells them that there is no way that Dorian can back out on the wedding. If she does, then Viki is guaranteed to win after Dorian has been proven a fraud. She asks Dorian if that is what she really wants.

Viki tells the press that her son in law has the same rights under a court of law as anybody else has. She reminds them that he is innocent until proven guilty.

Natalie urges John to stop spending time wanting to pin everything on Jared and instead find out who is framing him. Clint and Natalie leave. Right then, Fish enters to talk to John about the investigation. John tells Fish that he has to ask him to leave. He cannot be on the premises. Hearing that, Fish asks John what is going on. Clint privately tells Natalie he is determined to get to the bottom of this. But she leaves and tells him he may get the call. It’s from Nora. He asks her how the flight went. She admits that Matthew hates her for tricking him into going to London with him. Clint encourages her to know that it won’t last forever. He tells her he loves her. She hangs up. Matthew enters. He tells her that if she won’t let him call out, there are many things he can tell many people about her. He might start with Kevin.

Right then, Kevin and Bo enter the house and Kevin remarks that he cannot handle seeing Matthew in the wheelchair. He remembers his own son, Duke dying and doesn’t want Bo to lose his son in a similar way.

Matthew explains to his mom that maybe Kevin wouldn’t approve of what she and Bo are doing if he finds out that she has been cheating on Kevin’s dad with his dad. Nora then tells her son she does not want to be blackmailed. Matthew then tells his mom fine. In that case, she can let him get back to Llanview and elect to get the surgery done. And he won’t tell Kevin that he saw her and Bo together.

After Amelia warns Dorian that if she backs out now, she will lose the election to Viki. Dorian assures her that nothing is going to cause her to let Viki win. Hearing that, Amelia introduces herself to Starr and Langston. She tells them that she intends to talk to Dorian about some new wedding plans. She and Nick have been talking about how this can be a landmark wedding that nobody will ever forget.

At Buenos Dias, Nick tells Kyle about how they can affect the biggest landmark in gay rights by making Amelia and Dorian the central couple. But, he tells them, any and all gay couples can get married at this ceremony. So, he asks Kyle if maybe he can assist him. And at that point, he asks Kyle if he wants to “get hitched”.

At the station, John tells Fish that Elijah reported him (Fish) to the department for using excessive force on his client, Ross.

Nora asks Matthew where he got the idea that it’s ok to hurt people for not doing what he wants. He replies from her and his dad. She clarifies to her son that there is a difference in their doing what they are doing in order to save your child’s life. He is just being spiteful with his threat that will only hurt Clint and Kevin. Right then, Kevin enters.

In Shaun’s hospital room, Rachel finds a way to excuse herself by telling Greg and Mr. and Mrs. Evans that she needs to call her family and check on her brother’s surgery. Greg then follows her out the door and asks why she has not returned any of his calls. He knows that the previous night there was something between them. And right then, they both remember getting ready to sleep together and then being interrupted to hear that Shaun has regained consciousness. Right then, Greg’s mother comes out, slaps her son and tells him that he better “back off” of his brother’s girlfriend. She tells her son she has eyes and she can see what is going on. His brother is in there thinking about his future with Rachel. Greg then admits to his mother that he cannot control how he feels. She tells him that maybe he cannot. But he will honor his brother and stay away from his woman. Greg then asks his mother what if Rachel does not want him to stay away from her.

Amelia talks to David about a mass wedding. But David tells her she must know that Dorian Lord does not “share the spotlight” with anybody. Langston tells Amelia she must know that the people are not naïve enough not to see right through this. Dorian tells them all that regardless of this, she wants to help the gay constituency achieve their dreams. Even though this may seem unrealistic and hard to implement, she just loves it. And with that said, she smirks.

After Nick asks Kyle to marry him, Kyle asks why he would propose. They haven’t known each other that long. Nick tells him that it doesn’t have to be for real. But it will show Llanview citizens that gays are all people who have real careers and are real committed couples no different than other fine citizens. He asks Kyle if that is not what the two of them are.

After John tells Fish that he has to temporarily suspend him, Fish protests that he is a good cop. He has a clean record and has uncovered drug busts and should be well respected on the force. John then tells Fish that he should take that up with I. A. Hopefully, they will take that into consideration. Fish then asks John if he(John) would be doing the same thing regarding backing off and not fighting city hall. John then tells Fish that maybe he should do as John says and not as he does. Fish admits to John that he wonders if this is because he’s gay. John does not respond. Right then, Charlie and Viki enter. John tells Charlie that maybe he is the only person who can help them.

Langston reminds Dorian and Amelia that they are calling something a marriage that is not. But, Amelia tells her that this is the whole point. They want to really enable all people to understand gay unions with whatever it takes. But neither Langston nor Starr want to help them falsify their marriage.

At Buenos Dias, Kyle tells Nick that he is not ready to marry anybody right now. He wants to wait until he meets the right person. Nick then asks if the real problem Kyle has with this is because he wishes the person proposing to him was Oliver Fish.

John is talking to Charlie about Jared’s relationship with Pamela Stewart. Charlie admits that Pamela was Jared’s mother’s friend and Jared’s friend. They got very close. Charlie admits that he feels responsible for not being there for his son when he was growing up. Natalie then reminds them of the dirty deal that Dorian implemented to expose Jared as a fraud and almost get Charlie killed. She tells John that maybe the cops should be questioning her instead of pointing the figure at Jared for everything.

In Shaun’s hospital room, Mr. Evans gives his son the honorary medal that the police station was going to award him for saving Starr Manning and her baby girl.

Outside the room, Greg admits to his mother that Rachel declared to him that she was going to break up with Shaun right before he got shot. And nobody has had any way to find that out until now.

At the station, Natalie tells John that it’s ridiculous that Jared would kill Pamela for revenge. Charlie agrees that his son now has a family with him and Viki and Natalie. But John confirms that evidence stacks up against Jared regardless of any of that.

At the hospital, Destiny tries to call Matthew. Rachel asks her what she’s heard about her brother. Destiny replies that she called the hospital that was going to do the surgery. They said it was cancelled. She has tried to get a hold of Matthew. But he’s not answering his phone. So she hasn’t a clue what is going on and is worried.

Matthew talks privately to Kevin. He tells his cousin that there are some things his parents don’t understand. They are worried that if he has the surgery, it could kill him. Yet they don’t realize that the decision they are forcing on him to not get the surgery done is going to make them lose him.

After Dorian admits to Amelia that she is willing to go through with the wedding although it’s false, David tells them that he refuses to go through with this.

Nick tells Kyle that he wants him to be with him standing beside him when Dorian and Amelia are Pennsylvania’s first gay married couple. He tells Kyle that he is his guy. He’s the smartest, kindest and sexiest man he’s ever met, even if Kyle is a bit old fashioned. So, he proposes to him and asks if Kyle can make an honest man of him. At that point, Kyle replies yes. Crowds all around Buenos Dias clap and cheer. Right then, Fish enters and does not look content.

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