OLTL Update Monday 10/19/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/19/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

In Blair’s hospital room, Todd tells her that he can help her and knows the perfect person who can get her memory back. He asks Marty to enter. Noticing Marty, Blair demands to know what she is doing there and does not want to rely on Marty. But Todd tells Blair that he knows that Marty can successfully hypnotize her and enable her to know the secret that Téa told her.

Meanwhile, Téa privately calls her son who is apparently going to the academy where Bo and Nora want to take Matthew in Britain.

Elijah goes to find Ross Rayburn in jail and tells him that he is determined to help him. But Téa knows what they are both up to with finding out her secret in her brief case.

Starr and Cole are having lunch at Buenos Dias. She tells him that her family is a little over the top. Her mom has gone to the hospital after a fight with Téa. Her father has his obviously problems and has divorced his wife after a day and won’t tell anybody what happened. And her Aunt Dorian wants everybody to believe she is a lesbian so that he can win the mayoral election.

In the kitchen Cristian is cooking. Layla enters and it appears that they are on the way to becoming more than friends and roommates.

Viki and Charlie go to the police station. Brody announces that he regrets to inform Charlie that his son has been lying to him. Jessica stands by Brody and confirms that she can see he is correct. But Charlie refuses to believe it and won’t let his son get railroaded without his lawyer. Yet everybody wonders why the lawyer is reluctant to help Jared and knows he has a secret.

Meanwhile, Natalie goes to the dark and secretive place at the Buchanan Lodge where Jared is secretly meeting somebody. She stumbles and notices blood on her hands. John enters and notices that somebody is dead. It appears to be a woman. He turns the person around. Natalie admits that she knows this woman. Her name is Pamela Stewart. She helped Jared lie about being Asa’s son a while back. John confirms that she is dead and calls the police station.

Charlie asks Brody if he is saying that his son is a murderer. Brody tells Charlie he is not saying that. But the cops are looking for him after discovering a lot of suspicious evidence. Jessica explains to Viki and Charlie that she discovered clothes that only Tess and Bess wore. She has been integrated for a long time and knows neither of her alters could have packed the clothes and she knows that she has not. Viki and Charlie ask what they are implying. Brody and Jessica inform them that they know that Natalie has confirmed that Jared has lied to her about not knowing Wayne Landers. He knew him and helped him get away with breaking into B.E. and stalking Jessica.

When Marty enters Blair’s hospital room, Todd tells Blair that she mustn’t let her jealousy of losing John McBain to another woman stand in the way of getting the help she needs. She needs to put that aside and let Marty help her. Marty confirms to Blair that she knows how to do this. She knows how to get Blair’s memory back. Todd confirms that she can find out the secret that Téa has kept from him. Hearing that, Blair asks Todd if he is doing that for her or for himself.

Ross is in his jail call talking to Elijah. They both believe that he is the father of Téa’s child. Elijah tells his client that he has paternal rights. But Ross tells Elijah that he knows that he has not behaved like a father. He has abandoned Téa and his child and has enough brushes with the law. He doubts any court would rule in his favor. Elijah confirms that he is Ross’s brother and his child’s uncle. So he has his own interest in all of this. He won’t let Téa railroad them both and keep them from being in the kid’s life.

After Marty finds out that Blair is reluctant to accepting help, Blair tells Todd that maybe she could work with her if he means finding out Téa’s big secret.

At Buenos Dias, Starr reveals to Cole that her Grandma Addie is with her little brothers. Both of their parents are out. instead of slaving over their term papers, they should be spending time together. But he reminds her that he wants to study. He is taking Environmental Studies. He tells her hat he is volunteering in the park and showing kids how to protect wild life. He wants to create a better environment for Hope to grow up in. Hearing that, she is very impressed and enthused.

In the kitchen at Buenos Dias, Layla reminds Cristian if the last time they were there when they got locked in the freezer room. And they both remark how their relationship has really changed since then.

While Téa is on the phone with her son who appears resistant to talking to his mom, Carlotta comes to see her and knows that something very intense is on her mind. She assures her that whatever is going on, it will be ok. Téa cries and agrees to talk to her friend. She tells her that apparently she is a bigamist. She is accused of trying to kill Blair. Her marriage to Todd is over. Carlotta asks her if the rumors are true. Does she have another husband besides Todd? Téa tells her it’s not what she thinks. She thought she was divorced. It was her mistake. And as much as she hates Blair, she would not have tried to kill her. Carlotta asks her to tell her what is going on. Is she in love with two men? Téa replies only one.

Alone in Blair’s room, Marty tells her she will ask her to pretend there are two strangers. And Blair needs to be in a relaxed state of consciousness. She tells Blair that she will be awake, but her subconscious will be doing all the work. And she asks Blair to follow her finger while she counts to three. She tells Blair she wants her to recall everything that happened in the room up until she fell through the window. She wants her to concentrate on what happened when Téa first entered. Blair then remembers being woken out of a blissful dream by Téa standing over her bed pouring water over her.

At the Buchanan Lodge, John and Natalie wonder what to do. John notices a person with a rifle whom he cannot see and demands they drop it.

At the station, Charlie attempts to call Jared but notices his son’s phone goes to voice mail. Jessica admits to her mother that Madam Delphina seemed to know some accurate information about Jared. And she confirmed that somebody else was going to die.

At the Buchanan Lodge, John finds that the person with the rifle is Clint. He demands to know what is going on and notices Pamela Stewart lying dead on the ground. John asks him why he entered with a rifle. Clint indignantly replies that this is his property. He doesn’t need permission to go there when he chooses. And he had a rifle because he knows there’s a killer on the loose. Clint asks John and Natalie whom they thought was at the door when John pulled the gun on him. They admit to him that they thought he was Jared. Hearing that, Clint tells the two of them that he wants them to start from the beginning and tell him what is going on.

In the Buenos Dias kitchen, Cristian tells Layla about his mother’s secret recipe. And he asks her if she wants to try it. But before they can get any further, they start to kiss.

Carlotta tells Téa she loves her and wants her to be happy. Téa tells Carlotta that she thought she’d be with Todd. She truly believed that he’d changed. But then she hesitates to admit to Carlotta that she had a secret that she kept from Todd and wondered what he’d do if he knew. But she cannot admit to what the secret is. Carlotta then encourages her to tell her. But before Téa can say another word, Todd is at the door asking to come in.

Ross reminds Elijah that he really doesn’t have too many legal rights when he’s not even legally allowed to live in the US. He admits to Elijah that he let Blair persuade him to come back to Llanview. She paid him to prevent Téa and Todd from getting married and lying to Téa about being divorced. But Elijah can tell that Ross has concerns about Blair getting back with Todd and some real feelings for Blair.

When Marty has Blair under hypnosis, Blair remembers her confrontation with Téa about Todd. Téa accused her of being jealous of Todd with another woman. Téa told Blair she did not buy that Blair only wants to protect her children from Téa. Blair asks Téa if a monster like her could have a clue what it’s like to be a mother. Then she remembers that her response to that question is that Téa is a mother.

After Cristian kisses Layla and she does not stop him, she tells him that she anticipated this for a long time. And she knows it cannot happen again.

Brody informs Viki and Charlie that he and John found out that the only person who could have entered B.E. and breeched security was somebody who already had access to the security of the building. So Jared had to enable the person to get inside. Plus John just informed him that Pamela Stewart has had secret meetings with Jared and has been killed.

John calls the cops and homicide investigators to report the murder of Pamela Stewart. Clint holds Natalie in his arms while she is very upset about the thought that her husband could be a murderer.

Blair admits to Marty that Téa admitted to her that she has a child. Marty urges Blair to stay focused and remember exactly what happened after that. Blair then concludes that she remembered that that must have been the deep dark secret that Téa was ready to tell Blair when they thought they were going to die together at the frat house. And she wondered why Téa has this secret that she would not want Todd or anybody to know. Why would Téa never want Todd to know that when he left the island, Ross knocked her up., If that’s what happened, it would seem unlikely that Téa would not be guarding this secret and never wanting Todd or another living soul to ever know. And then, Blair concludes, it finally hit her that it is not Ross’s child. It must be Todd’s.

When Todd goes to see Téa in her hotel room, he tells her he’d like to give her back his wedding ring. She may give it to her “real” husband, Ross Rayburn. It’s kind of pointless to have it since their marriage never existed. And he tells her she needs to take hers’ off also.

Marty leads Blair to remembering that Téa revealed to her that she has a child with Todd.

In the Buenos Dias kitchen, after Layla pulls away from Cristian, he assesses to her that this may be too soon after being betrayed by Fish. He gets that maybe she needs some time and doesn’t have trust for guys. He gets it. But she affirms to him that this is not about Fish. It’s about her sister.

Starr and Cole have an idea about how to spend their day together.

Cristian tells Layla that he remembers his relationship with Evangeline. She tells him that although her sister is in a coma, she is still her sister. And doing this with Cristian is like going behind her back. Cristian asks Layla if it was not her who believed that her sister would want them both to be happy. Layla tells him she realizes that. But she is not ready. Carlotta enters and tells them they need to get the cooking done. There are customers waiting.

Elijah tells Ross that he hopes he is right. Maybe by protesting that he did what he did in order to protect Blair from a destructive marriage with Todd, it might enable Ross to beat the charges that are pending against him.

Blair admits to Marty all that she remembers about her altercation with Téa. After realizing that Téa has a child with Todd, they got into a physical battle. They struggled. And Blair went out the window.

Téa tells Todd that she does not want his ring. If he is so done with her and simply wants to give her back her ring, he could have sent it to her in the mail. But he had to come there and see her and tell her how angry he was at her once last time. He then goes out the door but noticed that he is still not complete without her as she is not without him.

After Marty brings Blair back, she asks if she is now satisfied. Blair tells Marty yes. She is. Marty then tells her she suggests they now call Todd and tell him everything. But Blair tells Marty no. She is not going to tell Todd anything. Marty asks her why. Blair tells Marty that when she was in shock after finding out, she was ready to tell him. She was not thinking. But now she is not going to breathe a word of it to Todd. And she warns Marty that she better not breathe a word of it to Todd either. Marty is bound by doctor/patient confidentiality. And if she breeches that contract, Blair will make certain Marty never practices medicine again. At that point, Marty invites Todd back in the room. He asks how it went. She replies that she could not get Blair to recover her memory. Todd asks her what kind of a shrink she is. She replies a damn good one and walks away. Todd joins Blair. She tells him with smug satisfaction that she has no memory of anything and it doesn’t matter.

At that moment, we hear music. Téa is alone in her hotel room with her secret..

Todd sleeps on the couch while Blair is in her bed.

Starr and Cole are on their computer and having a big sundae together happily.

Carlotta inquires what happened between her son and Layla. Layla goes out the door. But Cristian cannot let her leave.

Brody holds Jessica and they are both discontented to know that Jared betrayed everybody and might be a murderer.

The crime investigation unit zips Pamela Stewart into a body bag and takes her away.

John is not certain what to do. He then pulls out Jared’s wallet and driver's license. But he notices Jared is nowhere to be found.

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