OLTL Update Friday 10/16/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/16/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Matthew tells his parents that he does not get how they have suddenly decided that they cannot go to Seattle so that Dr. Nance can perform the surgery. They tell him that he is not going to have the surgery. He asks why they told him that they are okay with it when they are not. At that point, he discovers that they have lied to him by taking him on the private jet under the false pretense that they are accompanying him to have surgery in Seattle with Dr. Nance and have kidnapped him. They tell him that is not what they are doing. They are preventing him from taking ridiculous chances with his life.

While Destiny is talking to an unconscious Shaun, her brother awakens.

Greg and Rachel are in his hotel room together wondering what they are going to do when they suddenly kiss.

Téa is back at her hotel room assuming it’s over between her and Todd. She hears a knock on the door that announces room service. She gets the door and sees Elijah Clark wearing just a towel. She smirks.

Blair is in her hospital room sleeping and remembering her conversation with Téa and their confrontation where Téa revealed the secret right before Blair fell out the window. Yet, she still does not recall the specifics where Téa has revealed that she has a child.

Natalie admits to John that he has found out that Jared and Landers have planned the secretive act where Landers was stalking Jessica, pretending to be Nash and sneaking into B.E. She admits to John that she is now aware that Jared is behind all of it.

Jared goes to the Buchanan Lodge alone. He is shocked to see that “somebody” is surprising him by meeting him there.

Matthew asks his parents how they could trick him and lie to him about accompanying him to Seattle to have the surgery when they have no intention of doing any such thing. They protest that they had to do what they did. He reminds them that they lost their court case. The judge ruled in his favor and they have no control over that. They cannot disobey a court order just because they did not get what they wanted. Bo then clarifies that the judge granted him the right to consent to the surgery. But as his parents, they have the legal right to take him wherever they want. He then tells them that as soon as they get home, he is going to reschedule the surgery and book his own flight with or without their permission. They tell him that they are not going home.

Shaun awakens in his hospital room and asks Destiny if it’s true that the surgery is successful and that Greg has removed the bullet. She smiles and affirms to her brother that everything was a success. Shaun does however, remember that his parents and Rachel were beside him before the surgery. He then asks his sister to go and find them and page Rachel. She smiles and tells him that Rachel will be so happy to see him.

Yet, right then, Rachel and Greg are taking off all their clothes and ready to sleep together.

After Natalie admits to John, Jessica and Brody that Jared confessed to setting up the stalking and helping Landers, Jessica assesses that Jared has betrayed and fooled everybody. Natalie admits that the last she has heard from Jared, he took off and did not tell her where he was going. John tells her that, maybe, she needs to think very carefully where he told her he was going. They do need answers and she probably wants to find out what is going on as much as anybody else does.

Elijah tells Téa that he comes in peace. She asks him to tell her the real reason why he is there. He then confirms that he went to get some ice and got locked out of his room. She then suggests that he goes down to the front desk to get another key. He asks her if she suggests he does that “dressed like this.” He suggests that she lets him into her room. She replies that she might be willing to do that if she were a complete and total idiot.

When Blair awakens from her dream, Todd is there and informs her he is not going anywhere.

Téa asks Elijah just where he would have gotten the idea that she was a complete idiot. It couldn’t have been when she wiped the floor in court with his fat free body. She looks him over and smirks but tells him she is not buying anything he is trying to say to her. She then grabs her brief case before he has a chance to get it. She tells him that she knows that his client, Ross Rayburn stole it from her house and he is now going to do Ross’s dirty work for him.

Todd tells Blair that he wants to be there with her. She reminds him that she remembers talking to him about Téa. He tells her that maybe she should have stayed away from Téa. He appears protective and tells her that he does not want to see her hurt. He wants to be nice to her. She is the mother of his kids and he cares about her. She smirks at that. He then tells her that there was supposed to be somebody there to help her get better. That was the plan. At that point, he opens the door to see Jack with flowers and balloons. Blair then opens her arms and welcomes her son as he rushes into his mom’s arms.

Natalie admits to John that the last time she spoke to Jared, he rushed out without telling her where he went or providing any answers. Yet, she could not believe that he would do this to them. Jessica admits that she finds it hard to believe, also. Brody enters and informs them that he has a wire out on Jared. Natalie asks John how he could go through with this. John admits to her that he finds it hard to believe, also. He knows that Jared loves her, but now he has gotten in over his head. The cops must do their job. Natalie tells John that she refuses to testify against Jared. John tells her that she has that choice, but he’d like to know what she knows. She then admits that Jared was working with Landers and apparently aided and abetted his stalking Jessica. Hearing that, Brody asks why, if Jared loves her, he would have motive or anything to gain by going after her sister. Natalie replies that she wishes she knew.

While Greg is going at it with Rachel, he gets an unexpected call from an elated Destiny. He cannot even recognize his sister’s voice nor does he believe her when she tells him that Shaun is awake. He warns her that maybe things like this happen temporarily but it doesn’t mean that Shaun is really conscious or recovered. She tells him that Shaun is now completely lucid and they must go and see him. He then informs Rachel. She tells him that this is a miracle. He admits yes, it is.

On the jet, Matthew asks his parents if they plan to lock him up until he agrees with them. Do they not realize that every day they wait, he loses muscle? He cannot wait to get the surgery. What don’t they understand about that? Nora reminds her son how inexperienced Dr. Nance is. He has only done the surgery once or twice and has never had any real success. Matthew tells her she must be making this up. Bo tells him that is not true. Matthew reminds them that the judge and his lawyers and Dr. Evans know what they are talking about and might be just as smart as they are. He asks what they plan to do. They inform him that they have found a new school for him. He asks where. They reply, in London. He tells them they cannot be serious. They tell him that it’s a school with a fantastic reputation. He asks them when they planned to tell him that they were entrapping him to get into a plane and taking him somewhere against his will. He knows that they made certain that they did it before he told Téa. They knew she could have taken legal action against them. They have taught him to be a Buchanan and to be honorable, but they cannot practice what they preach. He knows that his grandfather, Asa, would have been on his side and told them how they have no right to do what they are doing. He would have respected Matthew’s choice to do what he plans to do. Bo tells his son that may be. But his grandfather made many mistakes. They realize that he may hate them, but they cannot let him put his life in the hands of a doctor who is not qualified to do the surgery.

Shaun’s parents rush in to see their son and ask where Greg is. The attending doctor confirms that Shaun will be okay.

At that moment, Greg is ready to go and see his brother after almost sleeping with Rachel.

Téa tells Elijah that she knows what he is doing. He asks her if she does not believe that a father has the right to have a relationship with his child. She tells him that a good father would have those rights. If Ross was a good father why wouldn’t he have signed the divorce papers. She reminds him that as soon as they are finalized, Ross will have no parental rights. He reminds her that she is still hung up on Todd Manning. Yet, it’s clear to see that Todd is done with her and may right now have his mind on somebody else.

Jack gathers with his parents and appears to not be worried about what happened to his mom. He believes that she is invincible that she dove out a window and lived and is now okay. But he admits that Sam was a little worried. He asks her if she wants him to hate Téa because he will. Blair replies to her son that she does not want him to hate anybody. She wants to dig into the treats that he got for her. Jack goes outside so that Blair and Todd can talk alone. She tells Todd she really appreciates his bringing their son. Todd declares that all of their kids love her.

Jessica concludes that Jared’s actions are because of her. She hid him and Natalie in the basement. Natalie clarifies that Tess did that. Jared understands her illness. He helped Natalie take care of Bree while Jessica was gone and would never want to hurt her mom. She does admit, however, that she still has absolutely no clue what Jared has been doing. He did not want her to see the text on his phone or where he was going. Brody then concludes that there must be a third conspirator. She tells him maybe somebody else put him up to this and is threatening them.

Alone, at the Buchanan Lodge, Jared tells “somebody” that there is no way they are “getting back with Natalie.” He tells the unseen person that they “are done.” He appears combative.

John and Brody are ready to go to the station. Jessica is ready to go with them. Natalie asks her sister if they are going to tell their mom and Charlie. Jessica tells her that they cannot keep it a secret from Viki and Charlie much longer. Natalie gets a call. She informs John that it was a security company who could not get a hold of her dad so they called her instead.

Blair asks Todd what Téa has said about their confrontation before she (Blair) fell out the window. Todd admits she did not tell him much except that it was an accident. Blair tells Todd that she knows that Téa told her something that she cannot remember and asks if Todd might have a clue what that is. Todd then replies that whatever it was, Téa wasn’t about to tell him anything about it. He then assesses that he’s so relieved that Blair will be okay.

Elijah tells Téa that he knows about all of the enemies that she’s made winning her court cases. He knows what she did to Marty by letting Todd off the hook. He also knows how she exposed her best friend so that her little brother could get surgery that could kill him against his parents’ wishes. He only wonders how that will turn out. She smirks.

On the jet, Bo tells Matthew that the school in London might be a good place for him. Kevin, Kelly and Zane live there, and he can meet new people. He tells them that he cannot accept being in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He doesn’t want to be taken away from all the people he’s known throughout his life. They did not forewarn him. They wouldn’t even let him say goodbye to his own sister. Who are they? Nora then tells her son if he does not like the new place, they won’t make him live there.

Destiny fills her brother in on all of the things that have gone on since he’s been out. Their parents laugh as she tells Shaun about all of the drama involving Dorian and Blair and all of their friends. Their parents seem confident that their son will be okay. At that moment, Greg enters. Shaun motions for his doctor brother to get in there so he can praise him. Yet, Greg looks very uneasy. Rachel stays outside the door and watches. Shaun asks his brother how it could have happened that after Greg took out all of the bullets that he did not wake up. Their parents assure Shaun that it does not matter as long as he is okay now. Greg protests that his brother has the right to know what happened. He failed to take out all of the fragments. He did not succeed at what he planned to do. Destiny notices Rachel waiting outside and asks her what is wrong. Rachel tells her that she just wanted to let Shaun visit with his family. Destiny tells her she must get in there since Shaun wants to see her.

Bo and Nora privately talk about their plan to entrap Matthew.

Téa tells Elijah that, maybe, they can turn the tables unless, of course, he wants her to retaliate. She pushes him out the door where he is stuck outside in just his towel.

In Blair’s hospital room, she tells Todd that she will find a way for him to repay her. It looks like they might be reconstructing their relationship.

When Rachel enters Shaun’s room, Destiny and Shaun and Greg’s parents all still have the idea that she is Shaun’s girlfriend and would like some private time with him. She then enters. Shaun’s mother tells her son that Rachel was there for him every day. He still has this idea that she is the woman he loves. He then admits that he remembered that he promised to take her out on a date. He never breaks his promises.

Nora tells Matthew that they are not saying he must wait until he is 18 to have the surgery. They are staying on top of this. As soon as the risks go down, they will support having it done. He asks them where he will be living. They reply a boarding school. He is not impressed by that. Nora tells him he might like it. He won’t be the only one there with a disability. There are kids from the U.S. and from all over, and he might fit right in. She gives him a brochure. Matthew only wants to listen to his music and ignore then. He has no interest in the British Warwick Academy.

Téa is alone in her hotel room when she calls her child at that very school and asks him/her how they are identifying herself as mom.

Todd tells Blair that he promised to grant her wish and he will. There she is right now. Marty enters. Noticing Marty, Blair asks what she is doing there.

Natalie goes to find Jared at the Buchanan Lodge. It’s dark. She stumbles. When she gets up, she notices blood on her hands and screams.

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