OLTL Update Thursday 10/15/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/15/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Greg is talking on the phone about Shaun’s condition. He is ready to leave with Rachel to go to Seattle and assist in Matthew’s surgery. She tells him she really appreciates his help. But he warns her that there is no guarantee that this will make Mathew walk again. It might even make him worse off or kill him.

Right then, Matthew is ready to board the Buchanan jet with his parents. He is very confident that when he gets out of surgery and is able to get up and walk onto the plane to return home, it will all be worth it. He tells them that he knows they are worried but must know that he knows he will walk again. Nora tells her son that he must know that they love him. She tells him that what they attempted to do in order to prevent him from getting the surgery was not meant as anything other than love for him. But he tells them that it’s over and done with and there are no hard feelings.

Brody tells Jessica that since the killer is still at large and nobody knows where or who he is, he does not want her staying at Llanfaire alone. She asks where he wants her to stay. He replies with him.

Marty and John are together at Rodi’s. She can tell that he has something on his mind. But he doesn’t want to talk about it. She tells him that she wishes he would talk.

Jared admits to Natalie that he lied to her and to the police when he said he did not know the man who was killed, Wayne Landers. He did know him from prison. And he has been working with him. Hearing that, she asks him if he means that he was working with Landers long ago while in prison, in which case, she completely understands why he would not want to talk to the cops. But he admits that he has known Landers recently when he was in Llanview. She assesses that that must mean that he knew Landers when Landers was terrorizing her sister and trying to steal money from her father’s company. And she demands that he tells her whether he was behind all of this.

The pilot is ready to take Matthew and his parents to Seattle. He informs them that it will take 7 hours. Matthew is kind of surprised that it would take that long. Bo tells his son that in that time, he can get some sleep. Matthew concludes it may not matter since he will be knocked out for surgery anyway. Right then, Destiny enters and tells them she wants to be there for Matthew.

Rachel admits to Greg that she is worried about both Nora and Bo having to let Matthew go through with this procedure. She is worried that Bo already lost his other son. He does not appear to be worried. But she’s worried that Bo could crack if something happens. She knows that Matthew is not unlike many teenagers who believe that they are invincible. He admits that he has many doubts that he did not have before. She remarks that he sounds very much like her mother with all of Nora’s doubts.. But she reminds him of Loretta and many other patients he has performed miracles for. He tells her that there are other factors. She tells him that she knows how good he was at what he did. And a major factor is that he put his heart in his work. He then tells her that he must no longer let his heart have anything to do with that. Hearing that, she asks him how much good it’s doing him now.

Destiny shows Matthew, Bo and Nora a bag she has. Matthew tells her he is dying to know what is in it.

Jessica tells Brody she cannot move in with him. She has her daughter. He tells her she may bring her. But she tells him she cannot abandon her family including her sister and parents. And she asks him if he really believes that Jared is guilty. It appears he may if he is asking her to pack a bag and leave the house. Brody then tells that he is not accusing Jared of anything. But until Jared is cleared, he won’t take any chances of Jessica living under the same roof as him.

Marty admits to John that she wishes she could do something for him. She knows that getting him to talk is like squeezing liquid from a rock. He then admits to her that he is starting to read more. She then tells him that he can rationalize all he wants. But she knows that there is something on his mind. He then admits to her that Jared has been lying to him and has been doing so since day one.

Natalie tells Jared she is on his side. And he needs to talk to her so that she can understand. He asks her if she believes that he is guilty. He replies that he does not want to lose her. She tells him that he will not lose her. But he needs to be straight with her. She asks if it’s really true that he has known Wayne Landers. Did he know him when he was stalking her sister and pretending to be Nash.

Alone with Bo, Nora admits that she is terribly stressed and read to throw up. She tells him that this is the worst decision they have ever made. But they cannot call this off. They must keep going because the alternative will be much worse. She takes his hand and thanks him for all he has done. She tells him how hard this must be and how brave he is being.

Destiny tells Matthew that what she has gotten him is something he has fought so hard for. And he opens the box to see it’s some basketball shoes. Bo and Nora enter and smile. She tells him she will be there for his first steps and his first jump shots. His parents smile and appear positive.

Rachel tells Greg that no matter how much he intends to not get emotionally involved with his job, the feelings don’t go away. He asks her if it’s that way for her. She does not answer that question but tells him she needs to call her mom and inform her that they are coming with them.

Brody tells Jessica she must know that there was a dead guy found right on the terrace of this house. And a guy who knew him and lied about knows him is living there. He also tells her that they both saw that Madam Delfina appeared to know what she was talking about. But she protest that he must know that it was an accident what happened to Landers. Jared is a good guy. When you see him with Natalie and with Bree, you must know that he could not do what he is accused of. But Brody reminds Jessica that Jared was a con artist and is clearly hiding some things. And maybe only Natalie can get it out of him.

Natalie tells Jared that he must know that she is not an idiot. She cries and demands to know how he could do this. He asks her if she is implying that he has done an evil thing. She protests that there is nothing evil about him. But he asks her if his resume is not evil. He admits that he asked Wayne Landers to beat him up on the surveillance camera and even gave him a security clearance to get in and out of B.E. She then asks him if he planned this whole thing and set it up and lied to Jessica and Brody and to her. He answers yes. She then asks if everything was a lie. She informs him that she was standing with him right by Landers body. He told her that he did not kill him. Was that a lie also?

Matthew notices the unique basketball shoes that Destiny has given him and asks her where she found them. She tells him it’s a surprise. Right then, Nora gets a call from Rachel who informs her that she was able to get Dr. Evans to accompany them and assist the other doctor. But Nora tells her daughter that maybe she should not have put the pressure on Dr. Evans. He has had a really rough time and made it clear he wanted no involvement in the surgery. Greg then asks Rachel to put her mother on the phone. But Nora is worried about talking to Greg. She tells Rachel they do not have time. Right now, they are on the jet and ready to take off. Hearing that, Rachel asks why they have decided to take off so soon. She asks Nora why she hasn’t been told of their sudden plans.

Brody tells Jessica that she cannot just be another by stander. Even if Jared was not the killer, he probably knows something about it. She must realize if somebody killed Wayne Landers, then nobody is safe. He tells her that until they find out what is going on, she must stay with him. She must know that he has to protect her and Bree. Obviously if Wayne Landers could get past security, they cannot assume that anybody is safe. He urges her to let him protect her. He gets her suitcase. But right then, they notice that he Tess’s and Bess’s clothing. And he asks her what they are doing in her closet. She doesn’t seem to know the answer to that.

John tells Marty that he made a serious mistake putting Cole up to catching the drug dealers. He could have gotten killed. But she assures him that he has successfully gotten drug dealers off the streets. He tells her he is very worried and uncertain about Jared as well as worried about Natalie. She asks him if he believes that Jared is the killer.

Natalie demands to know why Jared would feel he must lie to her. She concludes that she does not even know him. He yells that that is not true. But she tells him in that case, he must talk to her. She asks him again if he killed Wayne Landers. Right then, his phone rings and we see a text message that says Don’t Talk.

On the phone, Rachel tells her mother that she will rush and meet them on their jet. But Nora clearly does not want her to come. Rachel insists that they wait for her to get there. Nora insists however that she does not come. She tells Rachel she will tell her everything and Rachel must trust her. When Rachel hangs up, Greg asks her what is going on with her family. Rachel replies that they not only don’t want him there. They don’t want Rachel there either. It’s a little too weird. He comes up with excuses. He asks her why they wouldn’t want her to come along. She concludes that the reason they don’t want her there is because her mother will always see her as the family screw up.

Destiny tells Matthew and Bo and Nora that she has to go but wishes them success. The pilot announces that they are ready to take off. Matthew asks if he can watch a movie on his laptop and remarks it will make him crazy to be stuck on this flight waiting for 7 hours without some entertainment. He then puts in his ear plugs. Alone, Bo and Nora admit that they are worried.

When Jessica notices Bess’s and Tess’s clothes in the suitcase, she suggests that for all she knows either or both of her alters could have killed Landers. But he tells her he knows that she is fully integrated and maybe somebody wanted to frame her to take the heat off of himself. He then calls John at Rodi’s. While with Marty, John asks Brody what is up. Brody informs John that he has some new evidence and wants John to get to Llanfaire, ASAP.

Right at that minute, Jared gets another text message that he is hiding from Natalie. He demands she “lets it go”. But she grabs it out of his hand, sees it and discovers that somebody wants to meet him at the Buchanan Lodge.

Marty tells John that she wonders what his assessment is. He tells her that it would have to be somebody connected to the Buchanans or to Jared. He goes out the door.

Jared tells Natalie he has to go but will not tell her where or what is going on nor let her come with him although she demands he does. He storms out the door and refuses to tell her anything. Brody and Jessica then come down the stairs and ask why Jared is rushing out the door and being so secretive. Brody also asks Natalie if maybe Jared could explain how it is that Tess’s and Bess’s clothes have suddenly and unexpectedly appeared out of nowhere in Jessica’s suitcases.

Destiny goes to sit with her unconscious brother and reads a story about a person finally walking and being free as a bird. Hearing nothing from Shaun, she tells him he may wake up and talk to her. She tells him if he does not, she will start reading poetry. She reveals to Shaun that she gave Matthew the sneakers he had. But she could sense that she must have done something wrong. She saw that Matthew’s mother was panicked and wanted to cry. She then asks her brother to please help her. He always knows what to say and is so good with people. She is so worried what she’s going to do if something happens to Matthew.

On the jet, Bo asks Nora to tell her about the call Rachel made to her. She admits that Rachel informed her that she was able to persuade Greg to accompany them and assist the doctor in the surgery. She has no clue what Rachel might have said to Greg. But she worried that Greg is still not emotionally stable after what has happened. And she’s very worried about what could happen if Greg is not able to prevent another tragic mistake. And she is terribly worried that she hurt Rachel’s feelings telling her she could not come. Overhearing that conversation, Matthew asks them what about Rachel. Bo then announces to his son that they must talk. He informs Matthew that they are not going to Seattle after all.

Rachel tells Greg that she will be a drug addict for the rest of her life. And that must be the reason why her mother “ditched” her. He tells her she must stop believing that. But she reminds him that people in recovery always talk about their problems. He asks her if they are not also grateful. Shouldn’t she see the good in herself and all the progress she has made. He tells her she is a beautiful woman. Not just outside. He tells her that he wishes she could see the good in her that he sees in her.

Natalie tells Brody and Jessica she seriously doubts that Jared could have had the time to sneak into Jessica’ room and find Bess’s and Tess’s clothes and remain unseen. Jessica agrees. But Brody is not convinced. Right then, John enters and asks Natalie what is going on. Natalie cries. Jessica senses her sister distraught, puts her arms around her and tells her it’s ok.

Matthew asks his parents why they are not going to Seattle when his surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.

Destiny tells Shaun she should have told Matthew about him. But his parents were there and it would have been all weird. She knows that Rachel cares about him and wishes they could communicate. And right then, it appears Shaun’s eyes are open and he’s awake.

Greg tells Rachel if he could have operated on Matthew, he would have. He’s sorry he let her down. She tells him that he did not let anybody down. It took a lot of courage to take a step back and admit that he may be vulnerable. She tells him he is a brilliant doctor and she wishes she could see himself the way she sees him. At that point, they kiss.

After Jared has stormed out the door and Natalie, Jessica and Brody are wondering what is up, John asks Natalie where he is. She admits she hasn’t a clue. He asks her if Jared told her anything when they were last together. She does not answer that question and only tells John she loves Jared. John tells her in that case, she needs to help him. She cries and tells John he must know what Jared is not a bad man. But she also admits that Jared has confessed.

Right then, Jared enters the Buchanan Lodge alone and appears extremely surprised and shocked ot see somebody he didn’t expect to see there.

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