OLTL Update Wednesday 10/14/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/14/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Madame Delfina arrives at Jessica’s door in response to Jessica’s call.  Jessica tells her she hung up the phone before it went to voicemail and wonders how Delfina knew it was Jessica.  Delfina tells her she has caller ID.  She asks if Nash’s ghost is still rattling her windows.  Jessica says no, she wants to give Delfina a piece of her mind.

At Rodi’s Schuyler asks Kim why she got into it with Gigi; she has enough problems with Rex as it is.  He wonders what Gigi ever did to Kim.  Stacy enters and asks what they are talking about.  Kim says Gigi is hot for Schuyler.  When Schuyler tells her to stop saying that, Kim tells him he knows she is right.  Schuyler walks away.  Kim tells Stacy that Gigi threw a hissy fit.  She says Gigi saw Schuyler and her on a date and she lost it.  Stacy goes over to Schuyler and concludes to him that he is going to make a play for Gigi.  He tells her she would like that; she could sit back and watch her sister’s relationship crash and burn.  He looks at the smug looks on Stacy and Kim’s faces and concludes that they want him to go after Gigi so that Stacy can go after Rex.

Behind Rodi’s, Rex asks Gigi about the way she was so busy watching Kim and Schuyler that she didn’t see the movie last night and now she was going at it with Kim.  Gigi says Kim is annoying.  Rex wants to know if it is because Kim is going out with Schuyler.  She tells him not to make something out of nothing.  He tells her to admit that she is jealous that Kim is with Schuyler.  She admits it to a stunned Rex.

In the foyer at Llanfair, Jessica demands to know why Delfina led her to believe she was seeing the ghost of Nash when she was seeing a stalker named Wayne Landers.  Delfina tells her she never said Jessica was seeing Nash; she said Nash was trying to get a message to her, and he still is. 

At the police station, Téa’s briefcase is marked with an evidence tag on a desk.  When the officer on duty returns to the desk, Natalie asks him if he is going to let her see her husband. She interrupts him when he refers to him as the suspect and corrects him that Jared is her husband.  Just then, Jared is released.  Charlie tells her that the police finally accepted the truth that Jared had nothing to do with Landers’ death.  Natalie remembers Jared telling her that he has been lying to her.

Standing outside another door at the police station, Elijah calls Ross and tells him that an officer is the only thing standing between him and Téa’s briefcase.  He tells him that he know he wants to know where Téa stashed his kid and he wants to help him but in return, Ross has to turn himself in ASAP and try not to get into any more trouble.

Meanwhile, in Blair’s hospital room, Blair and Dorian are horrified that Officer Fish has just tazered Ross.  Fish explains that he had to do it.  As Fish helps Ross to his feet, Ross says it will take more than a taser hit to stop him and pulls Fish down.  Ross tries to go out the door, but Fish tasers him again.

Todd Manning opens his door to Téa.  She is surprised to see him and says she thought he would be at the hospital with Blair.  He informs her that he just came to check on the boys and plans to return to the hospital.  She tells him she just came to get her things.  He tells her he is packing them and will send them to her.  Jack says he wants to talk to Téa.  He asks her if she pushed his mom out the window.  She asks him if he thinks she did.  He tells her that she is fierce and she hates his mom, but he does not think Téa pushed her.  Téa tells him it was an accident and that his mom will be ok.  She assures him that she would never hurt his mom on purpose. She tells him she knows how much a mother can love her kid.  Todd asks how she would know that.  Téa remembers revealing to Blair that she knows how to love a child because she has one.  Jack tells his dad to give it a rest.  Téa tells Jack that if he listens to his heart he will know that she loves him.  She tells him she wall always love him and she will never lie to him.  He asks her if she is still going to be his stepmom.

In Blair’s hospital room, Blair wonders id Ross is ok as Fish is handcuffing him.  Ross tells her that his brain is a little scrambled but that just means that he and Blair are on the same wavelength.

David and Amelia enter the hospital and tell a nurse they are looking for Dorian Lord.  David says he is her ex-husband.  Amelia says she is her future wife.

At the police station, Elijah goes over to Téa’s briefcase and is about to take it when an officer asks him what he is doing.  Elijah caresses it and says it is nice.  He asks the officer thinks it is real leather.  Viki observes from a few feet away where she is standing with Natalie, Jared, and Charlie.  Natalie is eager to leave but Viki tells her they need to fill out some forms before they can go.  Charlie is glad that they will be able to put this mess behind them.  Jared tells his father that the police are only releasing him because they don’t have enough evidence to charge him with murder.  He says he is still a suspect and he can’t leave town.  Charlie wonders why they aren’t looking for the murderer.  He wonders what they want from Jared when he has already told them everything he knows.

In the parlor at Llanfair, Jessica asks Delfina if Nash is still trying to contact her.  Brody enters and asks what is going on.  Jessica introduces Delfina as the psychic.  Brody says he knows who she is and he should arrest her for fraud.  Delfina tells him to go ahead.  She informs him that she has solved 247 cases for the Llanview PD and asks him what his record is for the 30 days and one hour he has been with the Force. She tells them that they had better listen up because she is getting a message.

At Rodi’s, Schuyler tells Stacy she is relentless.  Her friend suddenly wanting to date him was for Gigi and when Gigi takes the bait, it leaves Rex for Stacy to pursue.  He says they set him up.  Kim tells him they did him a favor; now he knows Gigi is into him.  Stacy adds that Rex should know by now too.

Behind Rodi’s, Rex is surprised that Gigi admitted she is jealous.  Gigi says that doesn’t mean she wasn’t to be with Schuyler; it’s not about that.  She says Schuyler has had some rough times in the past and doesn’t need to be hooked up with the wrong person.  Kim is a little sketchy and it makes Gigi crazy.  She is worried about him as a friend.  Rex tells her that worrying about, missing, protecting a friend is not the same as jealousy.  He tells her that people are only jealous when they have feelings for somebody.  Gigi tells Rex she doesn’t need a lecture on jealousy; she already experienced it because of Stacy.  Rex asks that they not get into that.  She tells him they should talk about it.  She tells him that when he and Stacy were “playing house,” she couldn’t eat or sleep, she had a nonstop headache, and every time she saw Stacy, she wanted to rip her face off.  Rex asks if that is what she wants to do to Kim when she sees her with Schuyler.  She says no. he says she said she was jealous.  She says it’s not the same.  He asks her to explain.  She says she can’t, and he tells her it’s not good enough.  She tells him it will have to do; she told him the truth because they have had enough lies in their relationship.  He asks her if she has feelings for Schuyler.  She says yes.

Inside Rodi’s Schuyler tells Kim and Stacy they used him.  Stacy says it is for a good cause.  Schuyler suggests that they run for office.  Kim says they are just keeping it real.  Schuyler says they are keeping it real psycho.  He tells Stacy she needs to get over the Rex thing and move on because he doesn’t want her.  Kim tells him that he is mean.  Schuyler tells Kim that Gigi warned him about her.  He says it’s not every day that a beautiful girl asks him out and it felt good until he realized it was part of Stacy’s plan.  Stacy tells him he is missing the point; Gigi is jealous and Rex is mad.  She tells him if he messes up this chance, then he is a fool.   

At Llanfair, Brody tells Delfina this is ridiculous and asks Jessica what Delfina is doing there.  Delfina grabs Brody’s upper arms and says stay close to Jessica, use your peripheral vision, and look both ways especially behind you. Brody asks what that means.  Jessica wonders if someone is here, someone is following them, or if she is talking that happened in the past.  Delfina tells them she doesn’t deconstruct the messages, she just delivers them.  Brody tells Jessica they don’t need to listen to this crap.  Delfina tells him he is not the first person to doubt her and he won’t be the last, but she has been doing this since Brody’s sister Nadine was hiding his baby bottles.  She then receives another message from the other side and tells them that the person who killed Wayne Landers is going to kill again. 

At the police station, Viki tells Natalie that unless she needs her for something, she is going to stop by the hospital to see Blair before she goes home.  She tells Charlie she will see him at home.  She says she feels sorry for Dorian; she must be worried sick about Blair. Charlie says it is a good thing she has her fiancée there to hold her hand.  Viki says she had almost forgotten that Dorian is a lesbian now.  Charlie says he didn’t see that one coming.  Viki says the men in Dorian’s life didn’t either, especially David Vickers.

At the Hospital, the nurse tells David and Amelia that Blair already has visitors so they will have to wait.  When the nurse leaves, Amelia tells David not to try to elbow her out.  He is the ex and she is the lover.  David says Dorian is the pawn.  Amelia says Dorian is nobody’s pawn.  This was Dorian’s idea and she announced the engagement. Amelia points to a nearby area and says that is a good place to hand out flyers while they wait.  David asks Amelia if all she is interested in is getting Dorian elected.  She says yes, if it means she gets the same rights that David has as a straight man.  She tells him that when you care about something, you fight for it.

At Todd’s house, Jack asks Téa if she and Todd are splitting up.  Téa tells him it is his bedtime and that he should go to bed and think good thoughts about his mom.  Jack goes upstairs.  Téa asks Todd if this is how it is going to be.  Todd guesses so.  Téa tells him they have real love; they were going to spend the rest of their lives together.  Todd says that was until he found out who she really is.  She flashes back to her fight with Blair and then tells Todd that he doesn’t make it easy to be honest with him.  He asks her if her lying was his fault.  She says no, his unwillingness to forgive, lack of empathy, and holding onto things are the reasons she didn’t tell him in the first place.  She tells him that if it is really over between them, then there is no reason to tell him anything else.

At Rodi’s, Schuyler tells Kim and Stacy this is not a game.  He admits that he has feelings for Gigi but he cannot live his life chasing after something that he can’t have.  He says that is why he figured it would help him move on if he went out on a date.  Kim says she has gone out with guys for worse reasons and tells him that now he has the chance to get Gigi.  He says no, it doesn’t matter how he feels about Gigi; she doesn’t have feelings for him.

Behind Rodi’s, Rex asks Gigi if she is attracted to Schuyler and she says she doesn’t know.  He tells her he knows, and he has known it since Schuyler started spending time with her.  She protests that Schuyler was being a friend and helping her.  Rex asks her why Schuyler thought it was ok to kiss her.  Gigi asks Rex if he thinks she willed Schuyler to kiss her.  She tells him she didn’t want Schuyler.  Rex notices that she used the past tense and asks if she wants him now.  He reminds her that he backed off Schuyler because she wanted him to and he thought he was being a jerk.  Gigi and Schuyler were just BFFs even though Schuyler had the n though Schuyler had the hots for her.  Now he realizes he is the biggest moron.  Gigi tells him he is not and asks if they can just drop it.  She says she doesn’t know why these feelings are coming up.  He concludes that she is attracted to Schuyler.  She tells him no more than he is attracted to Stacy.  Rex protests that he is not attracted to Stacy.  Gigi asks if that is why he slept with her.  He defends his actions by saying that it happened once because he thought Gigi broke up with him.  She concludes that he thinks that justifies him rebounding with her sister.  Rex tells Gigi that they are together now, at least they are supposed to be, but the woman he loves has a thing for another guy.  He says that is a huge problem. 

At the police station, Elijah is standing around eyeing Téa’s briefcase when Fish brings Ross in.  Elijah asks his client if he is ok.  Ross says yes, no thanks to trigger-happy Johnny Law.  Elijah asks if Fish took a shot at him.  Ross tells him Fish tazed him twice. Elijah tells Fish that that is police brutality and that he will put that on the top of his list of charges against him and the LPD.  Fish tells him that his client’s list has assault against a police officer and resisting arrest.  Elijah excuses himself to talk to Ross.  He tells him that escaping was not a smart idea and because he did that, it will be twice as difficult to get him off.  Ross tells Elijah he will figure it out but right now, they need to get into that briefcase.  Elijah says he thought about stealing it but he could end up behind bars.  Ross suggests they open it and take out what they need.  He says he is sure Téa has information about his kid in there.  Elijah says he can’t do it.  Ross pleads with Elijah telling him that Téa can’t keep a child away from its father.

At Todd’s house, he tells Téa he doesn’t want to hear whatever she wants to tell him.  She tells him he couldn’t possibly understand that she needed to protect herself from getting hurt again. He tells her it’s all about her.  She says she is going to get her things whether he likes it or not and she goes upstairs while Todd waits downstairs.  After a few moments, Téa comes back downstairs and asks Todd where her briefcase went.  He says he doesn’t know but if he finds it, he will pack it with everything else.  She says no, it has important things in it and she needs it now.

Behind Rodi’s Gigi asks Rex if he thinks their problem is Schuyler.  She tells him they have way bigger problems.  He asks her what.  She looks at him as if he is dense and says Stacy.  He tells her to stop making this about Stacy.  She reminds him that he is having a baby with Stacy.  He tells her that is not fair and asks what it has to do with Gigi and Schuyler.  She tells him that Stacy and that damned baby are always on her mind.  She tells him that she has tried to accept it and she thinks she has done a pretty good job, but she can’t.  She tells Rex that she is so mad at him. She sarcastically says it is all her fault because she let Stacy manipulate her into breaking up with him and he probably would not have slept with Stacy if she hadn’t.  Rex says he wouldn’t have. Gigi says he did, and now there is a baby so it will never go away.  He suggests that they talk about it.  She tells him that he never wants to talk about it and that is why she spends time with Schuyler.  He talks her down when she is afraid she is about to lose it.  She tells him she is sorry if that hurts him, but it is not fair for him to put words into her mouth and say he is attracted to Schuyler when she just needs him.  Rex asks her what she needs Schuyler for.  She says she doesn’t know right now.  Rex says that maybe he should leave her alone until she does.

At Todd’s house, Téa tells Todd that all of her important documents are in that briefcase.  Todd is astounded that Téa doesn’t back up her documents on her computer.  Téa tells him that it was here yesterday; it couldn’t have disappeared.  Jack comes downstairs and says some guy broke in and tried to steal it.  Todd tells Jack he is making that up.  Jack tells him it is true and that he and Noelle hogtied the man and called the police.  Téa asks what guy.  Jack reveals that it man his mom hid in the cabana so that nobody could find him.  Todd thinks Jack is talking about the lifeguard.  Téa asks Jack where the briefcase is now and Jack reveals that the police took it with them.

At the police station, Ross tells Elijah that there must be a way to get into the briefcase.  Elijah tells him there is no way right now in the police station and suggests that Ross let it go. Ross says he cannot; information about his kid is in there.  Officer Fish returns and tells them their time is up; Ross still needs to be questioned.  Fish asks Ross what he was doing in Todd Manning’s house and Elijah tells Ross he doesn’t have to answer that.  Fish says that is fine; they can talk about the new charges of escaping arrest and assaulting a police officer.  Fish asks Ross what he was doing in Llanview Hospital and what his relationship with Blair Cramer is. 

Amelia and David enter Blair’s hospital room.  David tells her she looks horrible.  Dorian tells him Blair is tired.  Blair says she feels fine.  Amelia asks Dorian how she is holding up, calling her “Dear.”  Blair asks her aunt if she is going to introduce her.  Dorian says yes, and introduces her as Amelia Bennett, her campaign manager.  David trumpets with his hand creating a pretend megaphone, “And fiancée.”  Blair tells David he is an idiot.  Amelia clarifies that she is indeed Dorian’s fiancée; she and Dorian are getting married.  Dorian says she has to be honest with her niece.  David tells Blair to buckle her seatbelt.  Dorian confides to Blair that she realized that she needed an edge to win this election and that is why she decided to announce that…  Viki knocks as she enters the room.  Dorian continues that Amelia, who is out and gay and she, who has just realized that she is gay too, are very much in love. Viki looks at her suspiciously and Blair is dumbfounded.

At Llanfair, Jessica asks Delfina who else will be killed.  Delfina does not know.  Brody asks if she just needs her palm greased before she says anymore.  Delfina says money or not, she keeps getting messages.  She says she keeps seeing Nash’s death and then Jared Banks.  Jessica asks Brody if he thinks Jared could have killed Wayne Landers.  Behind them, Natalie asks what is going on as she enters with Jared and Charlie.

At Rodi’s, Stacy goads Schuyler about Gigi having feelings for him.  Kim tells him that all he has to do is take her out on a few more dates and when Gigi sees them making out, it will seal the deal.  He tells them that if they want to ruin Rex and Gigi’s relationship then they can find someone else to play along.  Stacy asks Schuyler what happened to him; he used to be a bad boy.  Schuyler reminds her that at the time he was a drug addict; he was high all the time.  She tells him he didn’t mind snagging girls from other guys.  That is he got with her.  He says look how well that worked out.  She says no hard feelings.  It felt good to have that kind of attention when he was chasing after her even though she was already taken.  Kim says Gigi is sure loving it.  Schuyler concludes that they think they have it all figured out.  He then points out the remaining problem.  Regardless of his feelings for Gigi’s for him, Rex will never want Stacy.

Behind Rodi’s, Gigi asks Rex if he wants to take a break.  Fighting back tears, he says no, but she needs to figure out what is going on.  Gigi tells him that it is confusing for Shane when they keep going between being a couple and breaking up.  Rex asks her what he is supposed to do.  She tells him to try staying.  She assures him that she only wants him and they will deal with everything else.  Together, they made a huge mess and they are not going to sort it out by walking away.  She says she wishes she could fix everything that is going on with her right now.  All she knows is that they belong together and that no matter how bad it gets, it is better if they have each other.  She tells him that she loves him with all her heart and she still believes in them.  She asks if he still does.  He looks at her as if he is going to cry. 

At Llanfair, Natalie asks Delfina what she is doing there.  Delfina says she was just leaving.  She taps Jared on the arm as she passes him and tells him to tell his wife.  After Delfina has left, Jessica greets Jared, noting that he is free.  Jared says for now.  Charlie says for good, as soon as the police start looking for the real killer.  Natalie asks Jessica if she has any problems with Jared staying there now, and Jessica tells her of course not.  Natalie asks Brody, who extends his hand to Jared and asks if there are no hard feelings.  Jared shakes Brody’s hand and tells him the police were just doing their job.  Charlie tells Jared he must be exhausted and Jared confirms it.  Charlie says he will let Natalie take it from here.  He hugs his son and tells him he will never stop believing in him.  Charlie leaves the room.  Jessica tells Brody they should go check on Bree and they leave the room.  Once they are alone Natalie tells Jared she is glad he is home and kisses him.  He tells her he is too.  She asks him if he is ok.  He says he’d rather be free and clear.  She reminds him that at the police station, he told her that he lied to her about something and wanted to talk to her. 

At Todd’s house, Jack is dunking cookies in milk as he sits on the sofa with his father.  Todd tells him it is late and Jack should go to bed. Jack says when he closes his eyes, he sees his mother falling from the window.  He says they played it on TV a million times and it scared him.  Todd says it scared him too, but Blair will be fine.  Jack asks Todd if he will take care of Blair the way he took care of Téa when she was hurt.  Todd says that fortunately, Blair wasn’t hurt that badly.  Jack asks his father if he still loves Téa or if he is getting back together with Blair. 

In Blair’s hospital room, Viki tells Dorian and Amelia that they make a lovely couple and congratulates them on their engagement.  Blair asks Dorian if this is what John wanted to tell her and Dorian didn’t want her to know.  Dorian says no, it was something else.  She says she wanted to wait and tell Blair about Amelia when they were at home in a more private and gentle fashion.  She tells Viki that this is what it is like when families come out to each other. Viki tells her that she came to see Blair.  David, Dorian, and Amelia leave the room to give Viki some time to talk to Blair.  Viki tells Blair that her aunt is full of surprises.  She asks how Blair is feeling and Blair tells her she isn’t feeling too bad.  Viki tells her that is miraculous.  She reveals her memory loss to Viki.  She tells her that she can’t remember what happened immediately before she fell.  Viki says Todd told her that Blair and Téa were fighting because Blair found had out that Téa was already married. Blair tells Viki that she thinks it was something more than the fight and it was something big.  She knows it is something that would have changed Todd’s life. 

At the police station, the officer on duty picks up Téa’s briefcase and tells Officer Fish that he is taking it to the evidence room.  Elijah tells him to wait.  Téa comes in and announces that it is her briefcase.  Fish confirms that it belongs to Ms. Delgado and that Raymond took it from her house.  Téa laughs as she repeats the name Raymond.  She tells Fish to look up Ross Rayburn and he will find a host of outstanding charges including kidnapping.  Elijah tells Téa she is the expert on kidnapping and dares her to talk about what she did.

At Rodi’s Stacy tells Schuyler not to worry about her; she is a little better at handling men than she is.  He asks her if, when she says handle, she means getting herself pregnant because that is the only reason Rex pays attention to her.  She tells him she has other ways to get him to come around. Kim asks why he is so crabby and wonders if something they said hit a nerve.  As they leave, Kim tells him to let them know when he is ready to make a move on Gigi.

Behind Rodi’s, Rex tells Gigi he loves her and doesn’t want to leave.  She tells him that the most important thing is that they love each other.  They will work this out. 

At Todd’s house, he tells Jack that they want Blair to get better so she can come home and that is the only think he needs to think about right now.  Jack says Téa said the same thing, only Todd sounded more lame.  Todd says Téa was right about that.  Jack needs to keep thinking good thoughts.  That’s the only thing that matters right now.  He says the only thing he can focus on is the mother of his kids.

In Blair’s hospital room, she tells Viki that she wishes she could remember what Téa was saying. Viki assures her that it will come back.  She says Blair looks tired and she should rest.  Blair thanks her former sister-in-law for stopping by and says she was the only same moment in this crazy day. 

In the hallway outside of Blair’s room, Amelia tells Dorian that they need to figure out a strategy.  Dorian concurs but says right now she is tending to her niece.  Amelia reminds her that they did this for a reason.  She needs to prepare for when the press come calling.  Dorian tells Amelia that she can just give her the bullet points.  Amelia says they can go over that later; she will handle the press.  David says he will handle the press with her.  Amelia says the point is that they will want to see Dorian.  Viki exits Blair’s room.  Dorian tells Amelia that she can warm them up, calling her “darling” for Viki’s benefit.  David says he is “Darling.”  Dorian tells him that they are both darlings but Amelia is her fiancée.  Amelia departs and Viki tells Dorian it is nice to see her in such a healthy relationship.  She says that perhaps her first act as mayor will be to marry Dorian and Amelia.  Dorian tells her it is a shame she won’t have that chance because she is going to lose.  Dorian storms off.  David is about to follow her when Viki stops him and asks if he had anything to do with this stunt.  He tells her no, it was all Dorian’s… unbridled passion for that woman.  He tells Viki there is a saying that love conquers all.  When people aren’t getting along, they just need to remember that they have love and that is why we have love.  Viki rolls her eyes and walks away. 

In Blair’s room, she asks Dorian why she didn’t tell her when she suddenly started batting for the other team.  Dorian tells Blair that she needs her sleep and she needs to get that memory back.  She says she wants to remember, it is just a little muddy.  She tells her that she knows it is something big that would impact Todd’s life; she just doesn’t know what it is.  Dorian tells her that maybe she will dream about it.

At the police station, Elijah tells Téa that she brought up kidnapping.  Ross stands up and says enough about kidnapping.  He asks Elijah to speak privately.  When they go off alone, he tells Elijah he doesn’t want anyone else looking into this because Téa will find out and could move the child to another location or get back together with Todd and use his money and resources to do it.  He says their only hope is that briefcase.  Téa asks the officer on duty if she may claim her property.  Fish tells her it is still evidence.  She says she is not pressing charges.  They give her briefcase   to her and she leaves.  Fish comes to take Ross to his cell. Ross tells Elijah to go after Téa and get her briefcase.

At Llanfair, Brody asks Jessica if she believes what that psychic said.  She tells him he has to admit that a lot of what she said is true.  She asks him if, as a police officer, he thinks Jared is capable of killing someone.  He pretends to be receiving a message from the beyond.  She tells him to stop it.  He tells her that part of dealing with his Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is determining what is real and what is not.  He tells her that he doesn’t think she needs to worry about what the psychic said.  Pretending to receive a paranormal message, he says he sees something in her future.  Then he says “this,” as he kisses her.

In the parlor, Jared tells Natalie that he lied to her and to the police when he said he didn’t know Wayne Landers.  He admits that he did know him, he did meet him in prison, and he has been working with him.

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