OLTL Update Tuesday 10/13/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/13/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dorian give Blair some pain killers in her hospital room.. But Blair tells her aunt she wants her mind clear so that she can find out what Téa told her that night. It’s rattling around there. She wants it out now. She knows it’s something big.

Todd demands that Téa tells him what he big secret is. He knows that she is not telling him something. Blair found something out that Téa is hoping she does not remember after her head injury and he demands to know what it is.

Stacy comes to see Rex at Gigi’s place. She informs him that he must know that Kim and Schuyler are seeing each other. And she knows that Gigi is not ok with it.

Gigi goes to Rodi’s and talks to Schuyler. He asks her how she liked the movie. She reflects how weird it was that they all wound up at he same theater at the same time. He asks her if she really believes it was a coincidence.

Right when Marty is talking to a patient, Natalie barges into her office and tells her she has an emergency. And it involves John.

John comes to see Blair to make sure she is ok. Dorian informs him that something has happened to Blair’s memory. That psycho, Téa Delgado is responsible for that happened to her memory. And she demands to know what the Llanview police department plans to do about it.

Ross has Elijah Clark come to represent him at the police station. Elijah tells him he can’t really help him. But Ross tells him that he needs to know what is in that brief case of Téa’s. And Elijah really needs to help him.

After Todd tells Téa he knows that Blair found out something that Téa does not want anybody to know, she asks him if he promises to listen to what she has to say. He tells her he will hear whatever she has to say. She then declares that she will tell him everything. He sits down and tells her he wants to hear it. She hesitates. He reminds her that Blair fell from a second story window onto a pool cover. She tells him that Blair will be fine and probably have all the energy to vilify her and get more than enough attention. He tells her that she really knows how to turn everything around. Téa tells him that Blair will never have to face what she did. And that is the very reason why she went over to see Blair in the first place. She admits that she was angry and wanted to confront Blair. She wanted Blair to know what her actions have cost her. Because of Blair’s spiteful actions, Téa’s marriage was over. They argued and fought. Things went from bad to worse until something happened. Hearing that, Todd asks her what it was that happened. Téa then remembers that she admitted to Blair that she(Téa) has a child. But she knows she better not reveal that to Todd.

Elijah asks Ross exactly what happened. Ross admits that a woman hired to care for Jack Manning knocked him out with a rolling pin. Elijah seems to know that Ross did something very foolish. He then asks Fish if he is the arresting officer. Fish asks him why. Ross tells him in order to sue the pants off of him and the police department, he needs to know his name.

In Blair’s hospital room, John tells Dorian that he and Officer Fish have investigated what has happened to Blair and cannot make a conviction against Téa Delgado. Dorian tells John that when she is mayor, she will call the shots and not let him get away with things like this. Hearing the conversation, Blair asks what is going on.

Natalie tells Marty that she can see that John is really out of control. She knows that John has previously gone over the top. And now for the first time, she can see why their former Mayor wanted to get John fired from the police department. Hearing that, Marty asks Natalie what she wants her to do. Natalie tells Marty that John is abusing his authority and has railroaded her husband. And since Marty is John’s girlfriend, maybe she can motivate John to back off.

Stacy tells Rex that Kim told her she could clearly see that Gigi was insanely jealous of seeing Kim with Schuyler. ANd how could that be the case unless Gigi is having problems with him(Rex)?.

At Rodi’s, Schuyler and Gigi have an awkward conversation about what Kim might have wanted when she went to the movie with him. Gigi clearly reveals that she does not like or trust Kim. He tells her that Kim told him that she thought that GIgi followed them. Gigi asks him what she said. He tells Gigi that Kim thought that maybe Gigi appeared jealous.

Rex tells Stacy that Kim is imagining things. He and Gigi could not be better. Stacy asks why, then Gigi ran out of the movie theater and was ready to tear Kim’s head off. He tells her that Gigi is not jealous of Kim in any way nor cares if she is seeing Schuyler.

Kim asks Schuyler why she would be jealous of Kim. Because she went out with him? He tells her he realizes that Kim may have some crazy ideas. And he hopes he set her straight. She tells him she hopes that Kim’s crazy ideas didn’t ruin his day. He tells her he doesn’t really want to get into it right now. She tells him no problem. But he is welcome to talk to her if something is on his mind right now. Right then, Schuyler remembers Kim telling him that she could clearly see that Gigi was obsessively looking at him all night and obviously had only him on the brain.

John tells Blair that she needs to work on getting out of there soon. He wants her to get better and will check on her soon. He leaves. Alone with Blair, Dorian tells her niece that she can see that John still has feelings for her. Blair tells her aunt that she must know that John has chosen Marty. Dorian tells Blair she will never know why John would choose that psycho drama queen over Blair. And if Marty had not come back from the dead, who knows what might have happened regarding Blair and John.

Natalie tells Marty that she knows that Marty won’t help her with John. But she is very worried about Jared.

Elijah tells Fish that he can sue him, the city and maybe the entire Police department if they do not release his client. He knows that they have denied his client vital medical attention after he got knocked out. In response to that, Fish tells Elijah that in that case, he can arrange for a doctor to examine Ross in his cell. Elijah is not his boss. He only answers to people in charge of him. No lawyer will boss him around. Nor will the gay and lesbian organization. Nor will his ex boyfriend. Nor will the people who wanted to sabotage Dorian Lord’s campaign or told him he did the wrong thing regarding Téa Delgado’s pushing Blair Cramer out a window. Hearing that, Elijah and Ross are both fascinated to hear what he has just said. And Ross rushes out the door.

Kim appears at Rodi’s and asks GIgi why she ran out on the movie last night. She hangs on Schuyler and tells Gigi that the two of them loved it. She then reminds GIgi that she has a customer. Gigi rushes to the table but is completely distracted when she sees Kim talking to Schuyler alone. Kim tells Schuyler he must see that Gigi is completely “into” him. Right then, Gigi rushes over and demands to know what kind of crap Kim is trying to fill his head with.

Stacy tells Rex that she can clearly see that Gigi is not ok with Schuyler and Kim together. He asks her why she would care. Does he think that it will break up him and Gigi so that she can move in on him? If so, she’s delusional. He has no connection whatsoever to Stacy except for this baby. In fact, he demands that they have a paternity test before the baby is born. But she tells him she does not want to do anything to harm her baby and the test will have to wait until their baby is born. She is certain that he is the father of her baby just like he is confident that Gigi only has eyes for him.

Téa tells Todd if he suspects that she intentionally pushed Blair out the window, she will tell him one more time that it was an accident. He tells her that that is what he would like to believe more than anything. Only two days ago he would have believed anything she told him about Blair. He’d have believed that Blair would have jumped out in order to frame Téa. She tells Todd that she is the same person. He tells her that the Téa Delgado that he has always known and loved would have never lied to him the way she just showed him she did. She then reminds him that it’s not like he has ever lied to her. He tells her he admits that he has been a bastard and a low life. But one thing he has never lied about is how much he has always been in love with Téa. And she has betrayed him. It’s all a lie. But she reminds him that throughout the time they have been together, he has always been going back to Blair and he has not been in love with her(Téa).

Blair tells Dorian that maybe if she had left well enough alone, Todd might have found out about Téa’s secret. And she(herself) might not have fallen out of that window. Dorian then asks her niece if she is going to blame everything she has ever done to demean herself on Dorian. Blair tells Dorian that she only wants to get that part of her memory back about Téa’s big secret. She knows she needs that.

Natalie tells Marty that maybe it is not a good idea for her to be taking advice from John’s girlfriend. But Marty tells her that maybe it’s good that she is there. She knows all about trust issues between people who love each other. Natalie tells Marty she does not have any doubts about her trust for her husband. Marty tells Natalie she was talking about Natalie’s trust issues regarding John. Right then, John enters and ask the two of them what they are talking about. Natalie admits to John that she was hoping that maybe Marty could help get through to him about the error of his ways. But she knows that will not happen. John will never understand that he is not always right nor listen to anybody.

Ross rushes out of the police station after finding out Blair has been injured. Elijah tells Fish that they can both clearly see that what prompted that ws finding out what happened to Blair Cramer. And they both know that Ross cannot go far and know exactly where he went.

Dorian tells Blair that she must know that the brain is a very complicated thing. And Blair may never get that part of her memory back. Right then, Ross rushes in and asks Blair if she is ok. At that point, she notices that he has hand cuffs still on his wrists. And she asks him if he is ok and what has just happened to him.

Téa tells Todd that once again whenever Blair gets into trouble, he drops everything to help her. He tells her it’s not like Blair got a run in her stockings. She fell out of a window onto a pool cover. He was worried that the mother of his kids could have died. And what is he supposed to do? Dismiss that? She replies that he could have listened to her for once. He then tells her that he won’t even try to explain to her what it’s like to be a parent. She couldn’t possibly understand. Téa then confirms to Todd that he is right. Blair is the mother of his children. And she(herself) is the bad guy. Todd then confirms that the reason he was at Blair’s home in the first place was because he was looking for her(Téa). He wanted to see if he could fix things. He felt terrible after throwing Téa out. He regretted it. He could not reach her. She didn’t answer her phone. Téa informs him the reason she did not is because Blair smashed her phone. They both conclude that the rest is history. She then asks him what he might have done if he had found her. He replies that he was going to tell her that he still loved her and wanted her to be his wife. She cries and tells Todd that it’s still not too late.

Natalie tells John that she won’t hold her breath. But she will make certain that Jared gets out of this mess with or without John. Marty stands by and observes their conversation. John tells Natalie that maybe Jared could better help himself by telling the truth. She protests that Jared is telling the truth. She leaves. Marty tells John that she can see that Natalie is pretty hurt over what he did and it’s clear that the two of them (John and Natalie) still have pretty strong feelings for each other.

At Rodi’s, Gigi confronts Kim asking her where she gets off sticking her nose in “their” business. It’s none of her business what goes on between Gigi and Rex or Gigi’s friendship with Schuyler. Kim tells Gigi that she can clearly see that Gigi does not want her anywhere near Schuyler. Gigi replies that it’s because she likes and respects Schuyler. She thinks he deserves better than trash like Kim. And she can see that Kim wants Schuyler to throw away his friendship with Gigi. Kim tells the two of them that it’s clear that they are hot for each other. They may ask anyone. They may ask Rex.

John talks to Marty about her observations regarding his “history” with Natalie. She tells him that it’s obvious the way they both push each other’s buttons.

Téa asks Todd if he really wants to resume their marriage. He tells her he really doesn’t know. She nearly killed his kids’ mother. He is not certain he trusts her around his kids. She then cries and tells him maybe he’s right. She doesn’t have a clue what it’s like to be a mother. He tells her if only she could have been honest with him. She asks him if she had told him everything regarding Ross and all, would it have prevented them from breaking up? He always finds an excuse to get rid of her and go back to Blair. He asks her if she wants him to go back to Blair. She tells him it’s pretty clear that what she wants does not matter. She notices that Blair’s room is not far away and tells Todd as for what he wants, she is right down the hallway. So he may go and be with Blair, she tells him angrily.

After Blair and Dorian can see Ross still wearing cuffs, they ask him why it was that the cops cuffed him yet he was able to escape. He tells them he won’t worry about that now and asks Blair hat happened. Did Téa push her? Blair admits that there is no evidence that Téa actually pushed her. Dorian then tells them it’s entirely possible that Téa is confessing right now that she did do it. She is right now talking to Todd. And if there’s anybody who can get a confession from Téa, it’s Todd Manning. Hearing that, Ross tells them he must go and find Téa. But before he gets out the door, Fish finds him and tells him he is not going anywhere except back to jail.

At Rodi’s, Rex asks Gigi if they can talk alone now please. Schuyler tells Kim that what she did was so not cool. But she tells him he needs to face up to the fact that Gigi wants him. He knows it. Gigi knows it. And now Rex knows it.

Alone with Marty, John kisses her and they affirm that they are only thinking about each other.

Natalie goes to ask the police if they can do her a little favor and let her see Jared. The uniform cop tells her visiting hours are over. She tells him she’d hate to have to call her uncle at this hour and wake him to let him know that one of his men won’t cooperate with her. The cop then lets her go. Elijah is then alone at the station ready to take the evidence that Ross wants him take.

Téa screams at Todd that he may go and see Blair since it’s very obvious that is what he wants. But he hesitates.

Fish tells Ross that he is going to take him back to the station. And he is not afraid to use force if necessary.

Todd tells Téa that this has nothing to do with him going back to Blair. She asks him what this has to do with. He tells her she needs to give him a reason to stay. She then gets up to leave. But he notices she left her purse behind.. She leaves again. But Todd appears incomplete without her.

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