OLTL Update Monday 10/12/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/12/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Matthew tells Destiny, Rachel, Bo and Nora that he just talked to the doctor whom Greg referred him to. He has everything in motion for Matthew to fly to Seattle. They ask why, then Dr. Nance can’t do the surgery at Llanview Hospital to save Matthew a flight all the way across the country. Matthew replies that Dr. Nance doesn’t have privileges at Llanview. At that moment, Greg enters. Everybody looks at him. Bo and Nora ask if he really recommends this doctor to help their son walk. Greg replies that Dr. Nance is really good. Destiny then asks her brother if Dr. Nance is as good as he is.

After the people at Dorian’s press conference ask David if he can confirm that Dorian is really a lesbian and ready to marry Amelia, he confirms that yes, it’s true. He has known Dorian for a long time. They have been together and married. But throughout time, she learned of her true self. Amelia notices Fish sounding as though he’d rather be in the closet instead of out and he may not approve of gay marriages. It only causes people to judge and gossip. She asks him why he does not support equal rights for gays if he is gay himself.

While Dorian is gone, Noelle is staying with Jack and assuring her that he is okay. Jack demands being able to talk to Dorian. He has a lot of news for her.

Meanwhile, Ross is standing outside Todd’s house, making sure neither Todd nor Téa are there or able to see him. He is making a lot of calls and ready to not let anybody railroad him or expose the secret he has.

Téa rushes to the hospital to be there for Todd. Starr hugs her. She asks how Blair is. Starr is cordial to her. But Dorian comes out of Blair’s room and tells Téa if she takes one more step she will rip Téa’s throat out.

In Blair’s hospital room, she tells Todd that she has something very important to tell him about Téa. He tells her that he and Téa are over. He knows that she is still legally married to Ross Rayburn. But Blair urges Todd to know of what Téa just revealed to her. Todd doesn’t want to listen and only wants Blair to stop stressing, get better and realize that he and Téa are over. She insists that he lets her tell him something.

Dorian tells Téa that when she is mayor, she will use her authority to protect society from people like her. Téa urges that they let her go in and talk to Todd. Starr asks what is going on. Téa assures Starr she will tell her everything, but now, she has to go in there. Dorian asks Téa if she wants to find out if Blair will press charges. Hearing that, Starr demands to know why her mother would press charges against Téa. Téa protests that she did not intend to hurt Blair. It was an accident. Dorian asks her if she thinks that Blair jumped. She angrily tells Téa that she intends to protect her family from Téa from now on. As far as she is concerned, Téa is not human. She is a monster.

While Noelle and Jack are alone, talking and distracted in Todd’s home and the door is unlocked, Ross sneaks up the stairs. Jack tells Noelle that Dorian has not had any time for him for a long time. She has been too obsessed with her campaign. They then turn on the television to see Dorian announce that she is engaged to Amelia. They don’t know what to say or think hearing that for the first time.

Amelia and Nick protest to Fish why it is that gays should not have the same right to marry as heterosexuals. Shouldn’t they have the same legal, marital and tax rights? Fish admits that he really doesn’t want everybody to know about his business. He has reasons to distrust Nick and Amelia working on Dorian’s campaign.

Greg tells Bo, Nora and Rachel that he has worked with the doctor who he recommends for Matthew. Destiny asks if Greg is merely saying that this doctor is a student of his and cannot work without supervision. If Greg is the best man for the job, then why is he giving up and recommending somebody less qualified? Nora and Bo then ask Greg if Dr. Nance has as good a success rate as he does. Greg argues but admits that he has a better track record than Dr. Nance. Hearing that, Nora tells Greg it sounds like Destiny is right. Dr. Nance is a 2nd rate doctor. Greg protests that Dr. Nance is not just some beginner. He’s a trained surgeon with great hands. He tells Bo and Nora that he won’t be guilted into doing something he cannot do. They ask how Matthew feels with this risk. He tells them that his decision to remove himself from doing surgery was in Matthew’s best interest. Nora asks if it’s in her son’s best interest to have a 2nd rate surgeon do the surgery. Greg again tells her he would not have recommended Dr. Nance if he did not believe he was excellent. He tells them he has to get going, but Nora urges him to wait.

When Ross manages to find Téa’s briefcase and sneak down the stairs, Noelle notices him and demands to know who he is and what is doing.

Dorian confronts Téa in front of Starr and Cole. She tells her that she knows Todd is not her husband. Hearing that, Starr asks what she just heard. Dorian then tells her niece that her wicked stepmother already has a husband. His name is Ross Rayburn. Hearing that, Starr asks if Téa has married the guy who tried to kidnap her and Jack years ago. Dorian tells her that she has just found that out. She confirms that Téa does not have children of her own and that is why she has to steal other people’s children. Téa then tells Dorian she does not know what she is talking about.

After Nora indicates to Greg that she would prefer he does the surgery instead of another doctor, he tells her that he is flattered and all. She clarifies to him that this is not about him. It’s about her son’s life. She can see that he is so busy analyzing the data and assessing the risk, that he cannot see that this is her son’s life. She tells him that she could lose her son. He must understand the position she is in. If that should happen, they need to make sure that they can do everything in their power to make certain he is safe. If that means flattering him, admitting that they were wrong and he is right or begging him. But he tells her he is sorry. He cannot. At that point, Nora walks away crying. Bo goes after her. Destiny, Rachel and Matthew look at Greg. Greg then goes away. Bo notices Nora crying. He holds her. Rachel then goes to talk to Greg.

Fish confirms to Nick and Amelia that she knows that Dorian is scamming that she is a lesbian. They are up to no good. She is not going to marry Amelia. He won’t repeat anything. He admits he did overhear Nick and Amelia talking about “pulling the trigger” on Dorian. But Kyle steps in and protests to Fish that they were just talking metaphorically. Nick tells Fish that they are not committing any crimes. People get married for many reasons. Amelia asks if fighting for gay rights isn’t a good enough reason. Nick protest to Fish that someday he would like to marry the man he loves when he meets the right guy. Fish gets a call and leaves. Amelia demands to know if he’s with them or against them, but he does not answer.

When Noelle notices Ross taking Téa’s briefcase down the stairs, he tries to tell her that it’s his briefcase. But she knows that it has Téa’s initials on it. He tells her that Téa is his wife. She tells him she knows better. Téa is married to Todd Manning. She is ready to club him with a rolling pin. He tells her that he is getting out of there. But she knocks him out. Jack comes out and tells Ross if you mess with Noelle, you mess with him.

Téa, Dorian, Starr and Cole all rush into Blair’s hospital room. Téa protests that she did not push or intend to hurt Blair. Todd insists that he needs to hear it from Blair. Blair then tells them that they were arguing and Téa was going to tell her something. Todd asks her what that was. At that point, it appears Blair is struggling but not remembering.

Nora wipes her eyes and asks Bo how this happened. He assesses that Matthew took them to court and they lost. She tells him that she does not accept that. She is an officer of the court. He tells her they cannot win them all. He tells her that they lost and there’s nothing they can do about it. She asks what they do now. Do they just go home and help him pack his bags. Bo tells her they cannot let their son go through this alone. She tells him they cannot do that. He tells her that they have no choice. She tells him that they cannot put their son’s life in the hands of a 2nd rate doctor they know nothing about. He tells her that if they fight Matthew on this, they are only driving him away. She tells Bo she does not care. If Matthew hates her for the rest of his life, at least he will have a life. She urges Bo to tell her that there has got to be a way to stop this. He then tells her that maybe there is.

Rachel tells Greg that she knows the reason why he is not operating. She tells him that her brother has won the right to authorize the surgery and will not give up until he finds a doctor who will make him walk. Yet, Greg is the only surgeon qualified. She tells him that when Matthew heard the court testimonial from Loretta about how Greg made her walk again, it gave him hope. Hearing that, Greg asks her if it was not her that was against Matthew having Greg do the surgery in the first place. She admits to Greg that she believes that her brother could have a whole and productive life without the surgery. But she can also see that Matthew believes in him. She tells Greg she is not there to ask him to change his mind because she knows he won’t. He asks her if she is not there to guilt him, what is she asking of him? She replies that she is asking for a very big favor.

Matthew tells Destiny that he has some money set aside in a trust fund to pay the airfare to Seattle. He tells her that his parents might not like the fact that he’s going off, but they will get over it when he’s able to walk again. She asks if he intends to go to Seattle alone. He replies that it’s plain to see that his parents don’t want to go with him. She asks if, maybe, he’d like for her to accompany him.

While Ross is lying on the floor unconscious, Jack admits to Noelle that he has seen this man before. His mom was keeping him there as a secret, she told him once. At that moment, Fish enters in uniform. He tries to see if Ross can hear him. Noelle informs Fish that he intruded and she caught him trying to steal Mrs. Manning’s brief case. She doesn’t know why he wanted it so much. But she had to knock him out to get him to give it up.

Blair admits to Todd, Dorian and Starr that she remembers the argument that she had with Téa before they had the fight. She confronted Téa for still being legally married to Ross when she married Todd. Then Téa revealed a secret to her. Yet, she has no recollection as to what. Noticing that her niece has a severe concussion that may have caused memory loss, Dorian tells Todd that they must let Dr. Evans help her. Todd tells Dorian he does not trust Dr. Evans because of what happened to Shaun. Dorian tells Todd she knows the very common symptoms of what has happened to Blair with her medical expertise. Blair seems to remember everything except the one specific thing that happened before she was pushed out the window. Hearing that, Todd notices that Téa is “spooked” about something that Blair might be able to reveal. He asks her if she is “relieved” because of that.

At the campaign, after Fish leaves to help Noelle, Nick and Amelia ask Kyle if they think that Oliver Fish will rat them out. Nick reflects that it’s kind of weird for Fish to do this at the campaign after all these years of pretending to be straight. Kyle asks him what he is saying. Nick tells him he’s saying that it’s “oddly convenient” that Oliver’s principles only come out when it benefits him. Amelia tells them she wants Oliver contained. She’s worried that he is a loose cannon. That means that Kyle must get him to keep his mouth shut. She knows that Oliver was once in love with him. Kyle asks them if they want him to use Oliver’s feelings for him to entrap him and get him to do something he doesn’t want to do. Nick asks Kyle if he does not want to be free to marry the man he loves someday.

Oliver takes Ross to the station and tells him he is under arrest for illegal entry. He was going to steal Téa’s briefcase. He asks just what was so important about the briefcase he was determined to remove from Todd’s home.

Dorian tells Téa that she knows Greg Evans can do the surgery to get Blair’s memory back. Then Blair can testify against what she knows about Téa. Dorian knows that in most cases, one’s memory can come back within a short amount of time after surgery for suffering a head trauma.

Rachel tells Greg that the “favor” she’d like him to do for her is to just stand in and assist Dr. Nance. Even if he doesn't want to actually do the surgery himself and ties his hands behind his back, that’s okay. She just wants him to make certain that the surgery is done right. He tells her that he ruined surgery for his brother and he does not want to be responsible for something happening to Matthew. He tells her that he had to find out that he is not God and asks her if she really thinks that he can prevent something terrible from happening to Matthew. She replies not if he is not there.

Matthew asks Destiny if she really wants to fly with him to Seattle and not be there for Shaun when he wakes up. Bo and Nora then come and ask their son if he can talk to them for a while. He tells them he is not going to change his mind. So if it’s not that, then what do they want to say to him? Nora then announces that they have decided not to fight him.

Rachel tells Greg she knows that he feels responsible for his brother, and she feels responsible for hers. He asks her if she wants him to be uncomfortable just to set her mind at ease. She tells him that she is asking him for a favor. She knows he does not owe her anything. So instead of doing it for her, she’d like him to do it for Matthew.

In the other room, Matthew asks his parents if they plan not to fight him, would they be willing to go to Seattle with him. Bo tells his son that he’s going to be going with them on the Buchanan jet.

Alone with Noelle, Jack asks her if she really believes that Aunt Dorian could have suddenly turned gay. He seems to know that it’s not that simple.

At the station, Fish asks Ross just what his story is for why he had to steal Téa Delgado’s briefcase. Ross then tells Fish that he thinks he gets the right to make one call. He then gets on the phone to tell somebody he got arrested for trying to take Téa’s briefcase. He tells the person they must stop saying they told him so. He confirms that he believes that Téa has his kid and whatever information she has regarding that is right in the briefcase.

In Blair’s hospital room, Dorian assures Starr that she knows all about the surgery that Blair can have that can restore her memory. She is the doctor. She knows that just a small fragment has been lost from Blair’s memory. She thinks, maybe, Blair should be grateful that she has forgotten her ugly confrontation with Téa. But Blair seems to remember that there was something important regarding Todd. By not remembering it, she has somehow let him down. Dorian firmly tells her niece that she has to stop worrying about that and think about herself. It’s doctor’s orders. It’s Cramer orders. Todd needs to fend for himself with whatever is going on.

Meanwhile, Todd corners Téa and demands to know what the big secret was that Blair revealed about her. He knows that Blair wanted to tell him something. He demands that Téa tells him just what Blair cannot remember. 

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