OLTL Update Friday 10/9/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/9/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

At Dorian’s press conference, people tell Dorian that she has not proven her commitment to gay rights. She has made empty promises, but they don’t believe her. At that point, she tells them that Amelia is not only her campaign manager. She is her partner. Her fiancé. The two of them are engaged to be married, she tells everyone.

While Shaun is still unconscious in his hospital bed, Destiny tells her brother that he must wake up. He cannot miss the press conference of his former boss running for mayor and announcing she is going to marry a woman who is black. Shaun cannot miss out on this, she tells him. Matthew enters and informs Destiny that he has some news of his own.

Blair and Téa are in a struggle when Blair threatens to expose Téa’s secret that she has a child that is Todd’s.

Langston, Markko, Starr, Cole and Markko’s parents all watch Dorian’s press conference from the television and haven’t a clue what to say or do when they see that it appears Dorian is announcing that she is engaged to a woman.

Everybody who is in the house and watching the television are shocked and horrified while they hear Téa and Blair scream from the upstairs room and Blair falling through the window right onto the ground where Dorian’s press conference is being held.

Markko, Langston, Cole, Starr and Mr. and Mrs. Rivera hear the television report about Dr. Dorian’s Lord’s press conference being tragically ended by a fatal accident.

When they notice Blair falling to the ground, hitting the pavement and unconscious, Dorian screams for an ambulance.

Roxy is watching the whole event. Jessica and Brody enter to inform her that Jared is in police custody.

Bo and Nora are wondering what to do regarding Jared’s arrest. She tells him she was kind of hoping to wait to tell him something regarding their son.

Matthew tells Destiny that he is still waiting to get out of the chair and walking. But she warns him that her brother is so upset over what happened to Shaun that he will not operate on anybody especially him. Matthew tells Destiny he knows that but has another plan. Not far away, Greg is back at work. Rachel finds him and warns him that Destiny and Matthew still have not given up about getting the surgery done. She’s worried what might happen.

Nora informs Bo that Matthew is now looking for another doctor to do the surgery. She saw that he’s been researching all the neurosurgeons he can find online. He won’t give up regardless of Dr. Evans’ decision. He’s been online and determined to find somebody make him walk again. They are both very dismayed over the fact that their son will risk his life as well as defying their wishes in his quest to be able to walk again. Bo concludes that Matthew is just as stubborn as all the Buchanans.

After Blair has fallen to the ground, Téa stands over the broken window in shock.

After Jessica and Brody inform Roxy that Jared has been taken to jail, she asks how that could have happened to her son-in-law. They inform her that the cops believe Jared committed murder. The victim is Wayne Landers whom he knew from prison. She tells them, since it appears that Landers has been stalking Natalie and Jessica and assaulted Jared, then that can’t be murder. Jared acted in self-defense and should get a medal of courage instead of a murder charge. Brody informs her that the assault could have been staged. Jared may have been the stalker as well as the killer. Hearing that, Roxy does not want to believe that. Brody and Jessica urge her to sit down.

Destiny asks why Matthew would consider another doctor. It could be dangerous for him to trust a stranger who could make it worse. He tells her that Greg has chickened out, and he cannot wait forever for her brother to change his mind.

Outside, Rachel tells Greg she understands that he may be doing the right thing never to perform surgery on Matthew or anybody else. But his saying no is forcing Matthew to believe he has no other choice except to seek out another doctor. This could be risking his life far worse than if Greg does the surgery.

Bo asks Nora if she knows of any doctor they have talked to before Greg who might agree to the do surgery, much less know how to do it. They both realize that they have never heard of anybody and they wonder if Matthew might have already found somebody that they know nothing about.

Matthew protests to Destiny that the longer he waits, the more his muscles will be incapable of withstanding the surgery. He informs her that he found another neuro-surgeon who will be able to help him.

David stands by Dorian while the medics come to take Blair to the hospital. Todd watches and asks Téa how that could have happened. Why did she push Blair out the window? She protests that it was an accident.

Nora tells Bo that she has no clue whether Matthew has found a surgeon yet. He is making life and death decisions from the internet. As anybody should know, nobody has a clue who could be lying about their credentials and scamming and pretending to be a doctor online. They both wonder what they can do to prevent Matthew from going through with that. They both know that the judge has granted Matthew the legal right to have the surgery without their permission. He can choose any doctor he wants regardless of the risk and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. Bo suggests that they can cut Matthew off and prevent him from paying for the surgery. They have access to all of his funds. But Nora remembers that Téa pulled strings so that Matthew could have access to his inheritance once the surgery is authorized. Asa provided for Matthew in his will. Bo reflects that it's all his father’s fault. At that point, he tells Nora the only thing they can do now is make certain that the best surgeon they can find does this surgery. She asks what good that will do. Who on this earth can they trust to do this surgery for Matthew? He replies that they both know that the only doctor they know anything about who has any success record with surgery to enable a person in a wheelchair to walk is Dr. Greg Evans.

Right when Rachel and Greg are arguing about whether he should stay working at Llanview hospital where everybody can see him yet refuse to do Matthew’s surgery, Blair gets suddenly rushed in. The medics all demand to know where they can find somebody to save this patient with the severe head trauma. At that point, somebody announces that Dr. Evans is the only doctor who can save Blair’s life.

At Markko and Cole’s apartment, after they have all found out what has happened to Blair, Starr assumes she must take her baby with her. Mrs. Rivera tells her not to worry. She can look after Hope. For now, Starr must be with her mother. She can leave. Starr then goes out the door.

Todd and Dorian both rush to the hospital and tell the doctors that they will not let any rookie doctor operate on Blair. At that point, Greg asks them what happened. They both seem to see that he is highly qualified.

Téa is ready to rush to see what happened to Blair. Fish is in uniform and tells her that the police cannot let her go anywhere.

Roxy asks Jessica and Brody what Natalie is doing regarding her husband’s arrest. Jessica replies that Natalie believes he is innocent. Roxy tells her she believes he is also. She realizes that Jared did come to town to scam the Buchanans, but she knows that Tess framed him and he went to prison. She hopes he has a good lawyer. Jessica assures her that they found him a good lawyer. Roxy asks why Téa Delgado is not representing Jared. She has heard that Téa is a barracuda.

Téa is struggling to leave the scene and find Todd. But Fish and the cops tell her that they need to ask her about Ms. Cramer’s “accident.”

At the hospital, Todd and Dorian are arguing about which doctors they should trust to treat Blair.

Destiny asks Matthew about this neurosurgeon whom he believes will help him walk. He tells her that he has an appointment with him. Destiny asks Matthew how he can trust this doctor he knows nothing about. Matthew tells Destiny he needs to get going and doesn’t want to hear her doubt. At that moment, Rachel finds Destiny and asks her what they were discussing. Bo and Nora also appear. Destiny informs them all that Matthew believes he’s found another doctor to do the surgery.

Dorian tells Todd that she believes that the best doctor for Blair is Dr. Evans. Hearing that name, Todd asks if that is the same Dr. Evans who put Shaun in a coma. He is responsible for making his own brother a permanent vegetable and there is no way that guy is going near Blair. At that moment, Starr and Cole enter.

Téa remembers admitting to Blair that she has a child and Blair putting two and two together to conclude that her child is Todd’s. Fish demands that she tells him just what her argument with Blair was about. She is speechless and does not know how to answer that.

Langston, Markko, his parents and baby Hope all wait at the apartment and Langston asks to see Dorian at the press conference. They hear that Dorian and Amelia are engaged and hope to call each other’s families their own. Mr. and Mrs. Rivera ask Langston if she ever before knew that her mother was “that way.” She admits she hasn’t a clue what to say or do or think. Markko tells her that this is not the time to worry about things like this. They need to say a prayer for baby Hope’s grandmother.

After Dorian announces her engagement to Amelia at the press conference, Kyle asks Nick if he ever before had a clue that Dorian is a lesbian. He does not buy that and questions if it’s merely a campaign ploy. Nick reveals to Kyle that he really doesn’t care. He just wants to win points even if he has to scam and lie for a candidate in her election. Kyle then remembers Fish warning him that Nick and his team of gay right’s activists cannot be trusted.

Fish asks Téa just what happened to cause Blair to fall out a window. She does not want to answer that and recalls that she (herself) was once pushed out a window.

Bo, Nora and Rachel talk to Destiny about what she might know regarding Matthew’s most recent scheme. She informs them that Matthew now realizes that Greg will never perform surgery on anybody ever again. But Matthew won’t give up and wants to find another doctor even if he knows nothing about them. They all conclude that the only thing left to do is to convince Greg to do surgery again even though he’s told them all that he will never do it again.

Meanwhile, Greg tells Todd, Dorian, Starr and Cole that he knows all about what has happened to Blair and what she needs. He seems to win them all over and give them hope that he is more than qualified to save her life.

Téa tells Fish that he needs to get out of her way. She has to see her husband. He can only stop her by shooting her in the back.

Dorian tells Todd that he is the last person Blair needs to see right now. But Greg informs her that Blair did ask to see Mr. Manning. He tells Todd he may go in to see her but must keep it brief. Dorian tells the others she cannot believe that the first person her niece would want to see would be that man.

Nick asks Amelia if she really plans to go through with this. Is she really going to marry Dorian Lord? Amelia admits it may be strange. But even though she knows nothing about Dorian or the whole situation involved, she knows that it will help her get the opportunities she wants.

From the hospital, Dorian calls David and indicates to him that she is obviously lying about her engagement to Amelia. Reporters ask David if he knows about Dorian’s recent engagement to a woman. They know that he is her ex-husband. David tells them that he has had a previous relationship with Dorian. They had some laughs and adventures together. But the main thing they are focusing on is Dorian’s niece Blair. The reporter asks David if he knew that Dorian Lord was gay.

Jessica remembers that Roxy said something about Dorian Lord being a lesbian and Blair falling out of a window. Roxy tells her that is what she heard but they are not certain if she is serious. Jessica and Brody both hug her and tell her they will be there for Natalie’s mother.

Destiny tells Rachel, Bo and Nora that she wholeheartedly agrees that if Matthew exercises his legal right to find another neurosurgeon, it will endanger him. Since nobody can prevent Matthew from having the surgery with the doctor of his choice, they must find a way to get Greg to reconsider and do the surgery. She knows that her brother can help Matthew. She realizes they are all correct that some stranger they know nothing about who he finds on line may not be. Matthew enters, appears very optimistic and tells them that he just talked to a surgeon who previously worked with Greg. He is flying to Seattle to meet and talk to him.

While Mr. and Mrs. Rivera sit by baby Hope, they tell Langston and Markko that they are not ready to be grandparents and urge their son to use protection. At that moment, Langston gets a call from Starr who assures her that her mother will be okay and thanks her for staying with baby Hope. Langston then tells Mr. and Mrs. Rivera that they have been the ones to help with baby Hope.

David tells the press that he and Dorian have had some issues in their relationship after he moved to Hollywood and did the hemorrhoid commercial. He attracted many women that way. It caused Dorian to have reservations about their relationship. It also gave her a chance to discover her true self and her true sexual orientation.

Téa rushes to the hospital and finds Starr and Cole. They assure her that Blair will be okay. She asks them if Todd is there. Starr informs her yes. He’s there and with her mother right now. Hearing that and looking in the window to see Blair with Todd, Téa looks horrified and dismayed. Inside, Blair and Todd admit to their commitment to each other. 

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