OLTL Update Thursday 10/8/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/8/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Cole and Markko’s new apartment, Markko’s parents tell their son that they want to see his film that he created for school. He turns it on. But it appears that the only film they see is of Markko and Langston having sex. Everybody panics when Markko’s parents see that.

Dorian and David talk about her press conference where she will invite many gay people. He tells her that he could still be her campaign manager. But she tells him that if he will not be gay for pay, then Amelia is a much better person for the job. She will help Dorian steal the liberal and gay votes from Viki. And Dorian Cramer Lord will be the new mayor of Llanview. Hearing that, David tells her there is something she might want to know.

Meanwhile, at Buenos Dias, Amelia meets with Nick, Kyle’s new friend and the gay rights leader.. He tells her that if they are going to “pull this thing off”, nobody can know that he is involved. Not far away, Fish overhears them talking.

Alone in the interrogation room, Jared admits to Natalie that he has been lying to her. Outside the room, Charlie tells Viki that he really does not know what is going on with his son but he is going to be there for him. Right then, Todd enters. Viki asks her brother what is wrong. He tells her that his bride has been keeping a secret from him.

After Téa confesses to Blair that she has a child, Blair smirks and remarks that she guesses they have finally gotten to the bottom of Téa Delgado’s deep dark secret.

Dorian asks David if this “envy” he has of her new campaign manager is the reason for his suspicion. Does he have any valid proof that Amelia cannot be trusted? Does he have homophobia? He tells her as much as he would get turned on to watch two lesbians have action, he has reasons for his suspicions. Dorian tells David that Amelia is an ambitious go getter and she is gay. That’s exactly what she needs for her campaign. And what type of secrets could Amelia have when she’s working as hard as she is and taking as much time to help with Dorian’s campaign. David cannot tell Dorian what his reasons are and she is ready to get the press conference underway.

Right then, Amelia and Nick are together talking about their secret. Fish overhears. She leaves. Right then, Fish comes up and initiates a conversation with Nick to attempt to find out what is going on.

Jared is ready to admit to Natalie what is up with the mysterious phone calls that John found out that he was making back and forth with Landers. Right then, John comes in to hear Jared’s confession.

Outside, Todd informs Viki that he just found out that Téa is still legally married. Blair found that out. At first he didn’t believe Blair. But he confirmed it. Hearing that, Viki tells Todd there must be some sort of mistake. Téa is a lawyer and would never do anything so stupid since she knows the legal consequences. Todd tells his sister that he knows what he found out. And if Téa is hiding a marriage from him, he can only guess what else she might be hiding from him.

After Téa confesses to Blair that she has a child, Blair tells her she demands the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

After Markko mistakenly lets his parents see the film of him and Langston, they don’t know what to do. But his father tells his son that this is pornography. He has tried to accept the fact that his son has a girlfriend and they are making decisions as they see fit. But now they are making it vile and disgusting. His mother also protests that this is a terrible thing for him to publicize about his relationship with the woman he loves. Right then, before they are ready to go out the door, Starr asks them to wait and informs them that Langston is pregnant.

After Fish asks to talk to Nick, Nick tells him that he hopes that there are no hard feelings over that fact that he is now seeing Kyle. He is not judging Fish for his problems with Kyle. They are cool. But he has to get going soon. He and the other gays and gay rights supporters are going to be at Dorian Lord’s press conference. He invites Fish to join him. But Fish declines. Fish sits alone, lost in thought not knowing what to do after Nick leaves. And he knows that Nick is up to no good.

Amelia arrives at Dorian’s press conference. She tells Dorian that she has sent an invite to many people and is getting plans in motions for many organizations to be involved in Dorian’s campaign. David asks her just what organizations she is contacting. She replies the minority and women’s organizations. Dorian tells Amelia that when she promotes equal rights, she will get the votes. But Amelia tells her not necessarily since Viki has also gotten the support of these organizations. Amelia also tells Dorian that the news about Viki’s son in law getting arrested is no longer hurting her campaign. Her ratings may have gotten better. At that point, Dorian reveals that she is desperate and asks what she could do. Amelia then tells her of one more idea she has but warns Dorian that it is a “long shot”.

John enters the interrogation room to talk to Jared. Natalie tells John she is not going anywhere while he interrogates her husband. But Jared tells his wife he will be ok. Alone with John, he tells him that even if he knew Landers from prison and met with him once or twice after they got out, he did not have the on going contact that it appears and did not kill him.

Right then, Charlie talks to a lawyer whom he hired to help his son.

Viki asks Todd just why he is assuming the worst about Téa. She does reveal to her brother that before the wedding, Téa appeared to want to discuss something with her regarding a “secret” she is keeping from Todd. Hearing that, Todd concludes that Téa went behind his back to his sister and cannot be trusted. But Viki tells her brother that he needs to know that Téa loves him and be able to have some trust in her.

When Téa’s phone rings when she is with Blair, Blair snatches the phone out of her hand and throws it. She tells her that she demands to know about her secret child and secret husband. And if she doesn’t find it out, she will get somebody to find it out for her.

In the interrogation room, John tells Jared he is not helping himself by withholding evidence. He tells Jared he has two choices. He either tells his story and John will do his best to help him. OR else he keeps the secret and will go to prison. But before Jared can make a decision on what to do, the lawyer Charlie hired enters, interrupts them and tells John he needs to talk to his client alone and John has to leave Jared alone. John leaves. Viki and Charlie ask him just what he suspects about Jared. Alone, the lawyer asks Jared if he killed Wayne Landers.

Fish calls Kyle and warns him about attending Dorian Lord’s press conference with the gay rights organizations. He knows that Nick is up to no good and Kyle needs to know before it’s too late.

Starr informs Markko’s parents that Langston is pregnant and plans to give the baby up for adoption when it is born. Hearing that, Markko’s mother tells her she cannot do that. They panic. But at that point, Langston and Starr confirm to them that she is not pregnant. And now that they are not worried about what could happen if their son and Langston were not responsible, maybe they can appreciate and respect the fact that they are two people who love each other and who would not make the same mistake that she (Starr) made. At that point, Markko’s parents admit that maybe the can respect their son’s decision. Right then, Todd enters, asks Starr if she has seen Téa and admits to his daughter that he threw Téa out of his home. In response to that, Starr asks her father if he could be serious that he threw his wife out the day after he married her.

Blair tells Téa that having a child is something that cannot be denied. She knows that Téa does not want her digging. Téa tells Blair she (Blair) is a hateful and obsessive shrew. Blair tells Téa that she is somebody else’s wife and some poor child’s mother. And she could find out very easily all the details and expose her by hiring a PI. Or better yet, she could talk to Ross. Téa then demands to know what Ross told Blair. Blair replies that he did tell her that the two of them were “not all alone’ in Tahiti. But she did not quite put two and two together. SO Téa better admit that she has a child. Téa then tells Blair she admits that she is a mother.

Jared tells the lawyer that if he were to tell the “truth” to him or to anybody, than many people could be hurt. The lawyer tells Jared if he does not tell him the truth, he will definitely be hurt. He is about to go down for capital murder. So he needs to tell his lawyer everything.

Outside, Charlie asks John if the cops have found any other suspects besides his son. He does not wish to cause trouble. He just wants to help his son. John tells Charlie he understands but tells him if he wants to help his son, he needs to advise him to cooperate.

At the press conference, Amelia tells Dorian and David that she is going to marry her fiancé. And she wants Dorian to perform her marriage ceremony. She wants Dorian to announce that when she is in office, she will “do the right thing”. Dorian tells her she would be honored to marry Amelia and her partner. But the current law does not allow gay marriages in this state. Amelia tells Dorian that that is the whole purpose. They want to show everybody that the current law is unjust. David tells Amelia that this is not going to help Dorian get elected. If she is disregarding the law, she could go to jail. Amelia leaves and tells them they are ready to get the camera rolling and don’t have too much time. Alone with Dorian, David asks her if she is serious about trusting Amelia and doing what she wants. But Dorian tells him that she must defeat Viki in the election.

Fish goes to find Kyle at the press conference to “warn” him about Nick. Assuming that Fish just has a personal issue with Nick, he tells Fish he’s sorry. But he is done with him. Fish is not the person for him. He is choosing to date Nick. And Fish’s attempt to dig up dirt on his new boyfriend will not change Kyle’s decision. But Fish urges Kyle to know that his suspicion about Nick has nothing to do with that. He overhead Nick talking to “that woman over there”. And it looks like they are going to commit a crime.

Blair tells Téa that she knows Téa has been gallivanting all over the world and attempting to be foot loose and fancy free without any mention of having a kid. Blair reflects to Téa that she (herself) cannot go for 10 minutes without acknowledging her kids. But Téa appears as though she doesn’t even know that her own child exists. She concludes that Téa is not a mother. She is a monster. Hearing that, Téa asks her where the hell she gets off. She (Blair) flew off to Tahiti when Starr almost got killed. Blair admits that she may not be a perfect mother. But she does not make her kids invisible. Why was it that she never told Todd or anybody that she had a child with Ross. Was she afraid that Todd would not marry her if he found out that she had a child with another man. She assumes that what must have happened is that Todd left the island and Ross knocked Téa up. But at that point, Blair realizes that maybe something else happened and she appears shocked.

At Dorian’s press conference, everybody gather. Amelia gets on the podium and announces Dr. Dorian Lord. Dorian thanks her and informs everybody that she wants to uphold the rights of all America’s. She will fight discrimination. It will not be tolerated. It is not merely rhetoric. She intends to live by what she says. And now she would like to introduce her new campaign manager, Ms. Amelia Bennett. Amelia then announces that her candidate does not merely talk the talk. She walks the walk. She announces that she (herself) is an African American woman and a lesbian. She intends to marry her partner and have equal rights. And Dr. Lord will make that possible for her. Everybody claps.

Jared confirms from the lawyer if everything he tells him will be confidential by law. The lawyer tells him yes. But before they can talk any more, John comes in and inform them that any private conversation they have must be in a cell. He can’t keep Jared there any longer.

Blair concludes to Téa that she does not want Todd to know about her child. It’s not Ross’s child. It’s Todd’s. Hearing that, Téa protests that that is not true. But Blair concludes that that must be Téa’s big secret and Todd has to know it.

Natalie watches as the cops take Jared away to his cell.

Right when Dorian announces all she intends to do, one person asks her if she plans to exploit the sexuality of her campaign manager. Another person asks her why, all of a sudden she is taking this stand on gay rights. But she protests that she will promote civil rights for all of her gay brothers and sisters. And everybody claps.

At Cole and Markko’s new place, Langston remembers that her mother is holding a press conference. And they all know that there might be trouble for Dorian.

At the press conference, many people interrogate Dorian about how she plans to tackle discrimination and uphold gay and lesbian rights.

They all watch the television while the people tell Dorian that her promises are all a stunt and empty talk. And knowing that she is desperate, she then announces that Ms. Amelia Bennett is not just her campaign manager. She is Dorian’s partner, her fiancé.

Todd is out looking for Blair knowing that she may be in danger.

And right then, Blair and Téa are in a struggle. Blair attacks Téa. And Right then, Blair loses balance and falls out the window.

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