OLTL Update Wednesday 10/7/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 10/7/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Markko and Cole are in their apartment. Markko is doing homework and Cole asks him to help clean up because Hope is coming over. He tells him he cannot leave coins laying around because it is a choking hazard and he must throw away his old pizza because it is a health hazard. Markko agrees to help clean up but asks Cole to look at his project for his film class first. Starr and Langston arrive and are disgusted by the state of their boyfriends’ apartment.

Dorian, David, and Amelia enter the Buenos Dias Café. Dorian tells Amelia she is the perfect campaign manager. She tells Amelia that the owner of the Buenos Dias, Carlotta Vega is a Latina émigré and a close friend. Amelia points out that Mrs. Vega is wearing Viki Bank’s campaign button. David says that Carlotta used to work for Dorian and people who have worked for Dorian tend to have issues with her.

At the police station, Viki tells Charlie she is sorry about the front-page article in the Sun about Jared being a suspect in the murder at Llanfair. Charlie tells his wife that he doesn’t understand what Jared has to do with any of it. Viki explains that since Jared found the body, John has to question him.

In the interrogation room, Jared denies knowing Wayne Landers. He insists that the fact that they were in the same facility is a coincidence; he doesn’t know him, he doesn’t know what he wants from him or the Buchanans. He says he never saw him before he found him dead on the terrace. John points out that that is where Landers asked Jared to meet him. Jared says he never saw that text message. John asks about all of the calls. He points out that Lander’s last call was to Jared. Jared says that Landers having Jared’s number does not mean he knows him. John tells Jared he wants to believe him and he wants to help him but the evidence points to him. He tells Jared that he thinks Jared knows something that he is not telling so he should do himself a favor by telling John everything he knows.

Blair is at home sleeping and dreaming about Todd thanking her for rescuing him from Téa by telling him about Téa’s marriage to Ross Rayburn.

Todd is at his house looking at the copy of his newspaper, The Sun with its headline about his marriage to Téa. The doorbell rings. He says Téa’s name as he runs to answer it. He opens the door to Natalie who is holding up today’s copy of the Sun with the story about Jared and the murder at Llanfair. She demands to know why he printed it. He tells her it is the truth.

Blair is still dreaming about Todd. He is telling her that she is the only woman he trusts and the only woman he wants. She dreams that they kiss and are about to make love. A pitcher of water being poured in her face interrupts her dream. Téa Delgado tells her to rise and shine.

At Cole’s apartment, he tells Starr not to worry; his room is clean. He suggests that Starr skip school and stay with him and Hope. Langston reminds Starr that they have a test. They have a half day today so they can come back after they check out the hot new American Studies teacher. Starr tells Cole not to worry; she is not crazy anymore. Cole and Starr go to his room. Alone with Langston, he shows her the video of the two of them making love that he accidently recorded. She is shocked that he would make a porno of them.

At the Buenos Dias, Dorian is gloating over the newspaper article about the murder at Llanfair for which Viki’s son-in-law is the prime suspect. She tells David she loves to see Viki’s campaign self-destruct. David says, “Poor Viki.” Dorian reminds David that Viki’s daughter tried to deny him his birthright. He tells her he has compassion. She tells him the Buchanans have turned his brain to mush which is why she had to replace him as her campaign manager. She tells him he has no loyalty. Amelia enters and tells Dorian that she is up in the polls.

At the station, Viki tells Charlie that John is just being thorough but he will let Jared go because there is no way that Jared killed that man. Charlie asks her if she is sure of that.

In the interrogation room, Jared swears to John that he didn’t kill anyone. John recaps the evidence. Jared was found with the body. His fingerprints are on the murder weapon. Evidence of Jared transferring funds to Landers is on Jared’s computer. There are many calls between Jared’s phone and Lander’s. Jared says someone is framing him. John asks who. Jared says he doesn’t know. He says that when Natalie said John was out to get him, he didn’t believe it but now he is beginning to think she is right. John asks why he would be out to get Jared. Jared tells him that maybe he is still in love with Natalie.

At Todd’s front door, Natalie tells her uncle that Jared found the body but that doesn’t mean he killed him. Todd tells her that his sources say that the police think that Jared was working with Landers. She tells him to print a retraction but he says no. He starts to close the door but Natalie pushes her way in demanding to see Téa so she can hire her as Jared’s lawyer. He tells her that Téa is not there and if he is lucky, she will never be back.

In Blair’s bedroom, she jumps to her feet and demands to know what is wrong with Téa and who let her in. Téa tells Blair that she knows she told Todd she was married to Ross Rayburn. She tells her that Todd threw her out and asks if she is happy now that her marriage to Todd is over. Blair says yes, she is and laughs.

At Cole’s apartment, Markko tells Langston that he had no idea that the camera was on while they were making love. She tells him to delete it. He receives an email.

In Blair’s bedroom, Téa tells her that she must be very damaged to enjoy causing other people pain. Blair tells Téa that she lied to Todd. Téa protests that she did not. Blair messed with the divorce papers. Blair says Téa should have told Todd that she was married to the man he hired to kidnap his kids. Téa says she was going to tell him eventually. Blair demands to know why she didn’t tell him yet.

At Todd’s house, Natalie reflects that Todd and Téa have been married for a day and a half. She asks what happened. He tells her Téa is not there so she will have to find another lawyer for Jared. She asks where Téa is. He tells her he doesn’t know. Natalie wonders why Todd isn’t going after his wife. Todd tells his niece that Téa lied to him and made a fool of him just as Jared is making a fool of Natalie.

In the interrogation room, John admits to Jared that he will always care about Natalie. He says that since Jared is not giving him anything to help his case, he is starting to think that Natalie has married a homicidal scam-artist. Jared laughs at the idea that John is going to set Natalie free. John tells Jared that he trying to set him free but for some reason Jared is not trying to help himself. Jared asks him how he is supposed to do that. John recounts the evidence and tells Jared that either he is stupid or he is holding out. Jared says he is not saying another word until his lawyer arrives.

In the hallway outside of the interrogation room, Viki asks Charlie if he thinks Jared could be guilty. She says it isn’t possible that Jared killed that man. Charlie tells Viki that he knows Jared would never do anything to hurt his family but he wonders if Jared did know Landers. He wonders if Jared was being blackmailed. Viki tells him they will get answers soon.

At the Buenos Dias café, Dorian introduces to the people in Spanish and then in English. She holds up the Sun for everyone to see and asks if the city needs another scandal after Mayor Lowell. She introduces Amelia Bennett as her new campaign manager and makes a point of saying she is a lesbian. After she has finished speaking, she goes over to talk to David. She tells David that Jared Banks has always been after the Buchanan millions and now he has blood on his hands. David says that is just like Dorian, reminding her of Nash Brennan’s death when she created a debacle at the Buchanan Enterprises shareholder’s meeting. She tells him she only took over BE; Jared pushed Nash into the skylight. She says she wouldn’t be surprised if Natalie is next. She concludes that Jared probably has a large insurance policy on her and will want her inheritance.

In the interrogation room, John ends a telephone call and reveals to Jared that they have new evidence. The crime lab retrieved deleted emails between Jared and Landers in which they discussed stalking Jessica, the photo drops at BE, and the fake attack on Jared.

At Cole and Markko’s apartment, Markko tells everyone that the email he just received was from his parents telling him that they are coming to visit today. Langston takes her cue and leaves to go to school.

At the Buenos Dias, Dorian is holding a baby talking about how much she loves babies. She tells them she has two daughters, Cassie and Adriana, making a point to mention that Adriana’s father was Latino. She tells them that she has recently adopted a young woman whose parents recently died doing humanitarian work in Vietnam. She points out that the girl’s mother was Columbian. David rolls his eyes and walks away. Amelia is on her telephone telling her contact that she has Dorian Lord eating out of the palm of her hand. She says she should be able to put part two of her plan into action as soon as she hangs up the phone. She hangs up and turns around to find David standing there. He wants to know who she was talking to and what part two of her plan is.

In the interrogation room, John tells Jared that he thinks he was working with Landers. Jared tells John that he has no reason to mess up the good life that he has. John asks him why he transferred thousands of dollars to Landers. Jared says he didn’t do that and he is not saying anything else without a lawyer.

Viki and Charlie are waiting outside of the interrogation room. Charlie is beginning to get impatient. John comes out of the room and Charlie asks if Jared can go home now. John says not yet. Charlie asks what he is charging Jared with and John says they haven’t gotten that far yet. Charles points out that if they are not charging him then they must let him leave. John tells Charlie he is not saying that they are not charging him; they just haven’t yet. John tells Charlie he may go in and talk to Jared. When Charlie goes inside, Viki tells John must know that Jared did not kill that man.

At Todd’s house, Natalie tells Todd that she trusts her husband and knows there must be an explanation for the incriminating evidence. Todd tells her she deserves whatever she gets from this. He says it’s bad enough that she married Jared after he tried to scam her family, but now she is going to bankroll his defense. He tells her Jared is guilty; he murdered his cellmate. Todd tells Natalie she should have dumped Jared at the first sign of trouble. She asks if he means the way he did to Téa. She says she thought he loved Téa.

In Blair’s bedroom, Téa tells Blair that her reasons for not telling Todd about Ross are none of her business. Blair says she must have known that Todd would find out about it eventually. Téa admits it didn’t occur to her that Todd’s scheming ex-wife would stoop so low as to try to win him back by sandbagging her. Blair protests that she doesn’t want Todd back. Téa says that is a good thing because even if Todd hates her, he still wants no part of Blair. She tells her that Todd said a lot of things about Blair, but he was very clear that Blair would never be anything more than a sloppy toss in a cabana. Blair slaps Téa. Téa backhands Blair and sends her reeling back.

At the Buenos Dias café, Amelia tells David that she was speaking to a colleague that ran the mayoral race in Pittsburg. She tells him that for part 2 they will capitalize on Viki Bank’s drop in the polls. They will organize a press conference and host a caucus of liberal organizations at Dorian’s home. David still looks suspicious.

At Llanview High School Nick Chaves introduces himself as Miss Breslin’s substitute while she is on maternity leave. A girl says he is cute. Another girl reminds her about what happened with the last cute teacher. The first girl turns around and tells Starr that this one is hers. She then turns back to her friend and says that Starr probably heard that this teacher is gay. She says she saw him on the news talking about same-sex marriage. She says he is the head of the GLAC. He corrects her that he is a member of the LGLA - The Llanview Gay and Lesbian Alliance. He tells them that if they have any questions about it they may feel free to ask him after class.

At Cole and Markko’s house, Hope is crying inconsolably. Cole has fed her and changed her; he doesn’t know what is wrong. Markko’s parents arrive.

In Blair’s bedroom, Téa tells Blair she doesn’t want to brawl. Blair asks Téa again why she didn’t tell Todd about Ross. Téa says it’s none of her business. Blair says that since she was trying to marry the father of her children, everything she does is her business. Téa tells her that even if that were true, her past has no bearing on her future. Blair says she doesn’t care about Téa’s past; her motives concern her. She doesn’t get why she needed to keep Ross a secret. She wonders what it is about Téa’s marriage to Ross that she doesn’t want Todd to know.

At Todd’s house, Natalie tells him that she thought he loved Téa and believed in her. He admits that he did believe in her until he found out she was lying to him. Natalie asks him who he is; she thought she was talking to her Uncle Todd who lies to everyone in his life. He tells her he has changed. She says she didn’t realize he was perfect now; it must be a lot of pressure to have no mistakes. He tells her that there is a difference between making mistakes and deliberately lying. She concedes that that is true, but there is usually a reason. He tells her he doesn’t care about excuses. He says he doesn’t need to know why Téa lied. Natalie says he should at least give her a chance to explain. He tells her that is not the point. She tells him he is right; the point is that he doesn’t love Téa enough because if he did, he would know that she had a good reason and give her a chance to explain it. She reminds him that his daughter has done that for him on many occasions. She tells him that she loves Jared enough to give him a chance to explain himself. Todd tells Natalie that Jared will need a good lawyer and Téa is unavailable. She says she will find another lawyer but she would not throw her husband out without giving him an opportunity to defend himself because nobody deserves that. Not even Todd.

In Blair’s bedroom, Téa asks Blair why she cannot let go of her ex-husband; he has married Téa and Blair must deal with it. Blair says they will see about that. Téa demands to know why Blair cares and tells her not to give her that truckload about her kids because she is not buying it.

At Cole and Markko’s house, Hope is happy and quiet on Mrs. Rivera’s lap. She tells Cole that the baby was just thirsty. Cole says he gave her the Sippy cup and she didn’t want it. It didn’t occur to him to try the bottle instead. Mr. Rivera says it’s always a process of elimination to figure out what a baby needs. Markko apologizes for the mess, saying that he had midterms this week as an excuse. He thanks his parents for the vacuum cleaner they brought for him. His father tells him he must respect his new home. Cole covers for Markko by saying he is the messy one. Mr. Rivera tells Cole that he has a lot on his plate with a wife, a baby, and going to school fulltime. Cole tells Mr. Rivera that Starr lives with her mother. Mr. Rivera asks if he and Markko are taking care of the baby and Cole reveals that he is babysitting; Hope lives with Starr. Mr. Rivera is confused and asks if Hope is not Cole’s child. Cole explains that Starr’s parents want her to live with them until she finishes high school. Mr. Rivera doesn’t understand why Cole doesn’t live with his wife. Mrs. Rivera reveals that Cole and Starr are not married. Starr and Langston enter with a key. Langston apologizes saying she didn’t think the Riveras would still be there. Mrs. Rivera hands Hope to Starr and tells her she has a lovely child. Mr. Rivera says he doesn’t understand. Cole and Starr have a child but were never married and Langston her own key to Markko’s apartment.

In the interrogation room, Jared tells Charlie that they haven’t charged him with anything yet so he could be there for hours. Charlie tells his son that he has let him down before and he will not do it again; he is not going anywhere. He tells Jared that whatever it is, he can count on him. He tells Jared that if he has gotten himself into something he can’t handle they will find a way to work it out.

At Buenos Dias Café, Dorian tells Amelia and David that she is sure Viki has more important things on her mind than same-sex marriage, as she points to the newspaper. She says she wants to make that issue her own and asks Amelia when they should do the press conference. Amelia suggests today. Dorian agrees and tells David to alert the staff and make sure that they have plenty of rainbow flags. Amelia says she will call the Alliance and set up the press conference. Dorian asks Amelia to call her gay friends too because she wants everyone to know that she is just as liberal as Viki is. David looks at Amelia suspiciously.

In Blair’s bedroom, she tells Téa she doesn’t expect her to understand any of this. It takes a mother to appreciate how she feels. She says she told Todd about Ross because she was concerned about her kids; she doesn’t want a two-timer taking care of them. Téa tells Blair that she resents the implication that she doesn’t know how to love her children because she is not their mother. She says that Blair doesn’t care who looks after her kids; she left them with the staff when she went running around the world after Ross. She reminds her that Starr and Hope were almost killed while Blair was gone. Blair admits to that but says she went the extra mile to find Ross and prove that Téa was lying. Blair says Téa is a liar and Blair is a mother. She says children need to be around adults that they can trust. Téa tells Blair that her children trust her. Blair says Téa lied to their father; what would make them think she wouldn’t lie to them. Téa says Jack and Sam couldn’t care less that she was married to Ross Rayburn. Blair tells Téa she doesn’t know anything about children and she is too selfish to love a kid. Téa tells Blair she is wrong.

At Cole and Markko’s apartment, Markko tells his father that this is Cole’s apartment and he is lucky to be living here. Cole tells Mr. Rivera that he and Starr decided to wait until she graduated before they get married. Starr says they thought that was the responsible thing to do for Hope. Mrs. Rivera tells Starr that she and Cole are obviously very caring parents; they want what is best for the child. Mr. Rivera tells Markko that they want the best for him. Mrs. Rivera asks how school is going. Cole suggests that Markko shows his parents the film he made for his class. He tells them that the assignment was to make a three-minute film about something he loves. He starts the video on his computer. Everyone is horrified when he accidentally plays the video of him and Langston making love.

Outside of the Buenos Dias Café, Dorian tells David that lunch with the people was a great idea. Dorian asks her if she thinks they will vote for her because she learned a few Spanish words. She tells him that they will vote for her and after the press conference today, she will take the entire liberal vote away from Viki. David says “if” she has a press conference. Dorian tells him Amelia is arranging it now. David says Amelia is arranging something but he doesn’t know what.

Inside the Buenos Dias Café, Amelia calls Nick Chavez and tells him that Dorian is hosting a press conference at La Boulaie this afternoon. He asks if Dorian has any idea what they are planning. Amelia says Dorian does not have a clue.

At the police station, Viki tells John that she just wants Jared to be free of this so he and Natalie can go home. John says he wishes he could help her. Viki tells him she knows he still cares about Natalie. John says Natalie wouldn’t agree. Viki tells him he knows Natalie is loyal to a fault. Viki tells him she hopes he finds out the truth soon. Natalie enters and tells John she is surprised he doesn’t have Jared locked up in a cell. John leaves. Viki tells Natalie that John is not the enemy. Natalie says her husband isn’t either.

In the interrogation room, Charlie tells Jared that they can get through this together. Jared admits to Charlie that he needs his help. Natalie enters and says the lawyer is on the way. Jared concludes that Natalie talked to Téa. Natalie tells him she couldn’t reach Téa, but the lawyer she got was highly recommended. Charlie leaves the interrogation room. Natalie promises Jared that everything is going to be ok. Jared admits that he has been lying to Natalie.

Outside the interrogation room, Viki asks Charlie what Jared said. Charlie says not much. Viki hugs Charlie.

In Blair’s bedroom, she concludes that Téa she thinks she knows what it is like to have a kid just because Blair’s kids like her. Téa says no. Blair asks if she read something in a book then. She says she is curious how a woman like Téa who is driven, a man-eater, obsessed, could know what it is like to love a child.

Alone in his house, Todd pours a drink and replays his conversation with Natalie in his head. He picks up his phone and selects Téa’s name from the contacts list.

In Blair’s bedroom, Téa tells her that she knows what it is like to love a child because she has one.

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