OLTL Update Tuesday 10/6/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 10/6/09


Written by Jennifer S.
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After Todd finds out that Blair is correct that Téa is still legally married to Ross, he asks Téa how she could do this to him.  She tells him that she is not legally married to anybody else.  He tells her that he knows she is lying to him.  He then asks her for the first time if when she left the island in Tahiti, she married Ross Rayburn.  He demands an answer.  Téa admits that she did.

Ross declares to Blair that she does not know everything about Téa’s marriage to him.  She tells him that she knew there was more than this.

At Buenos Dias, Kim tells Stacy she is ready to go and have a date with Schuyler Joplin.  She is very confident that she will pull off just what she needs in order to break up Gigi and Rex.

John and Bo arrive on the scene where there is a dead body on the premises of Llanfair.  Natalie, Jared, Jessica, and Brody stand nearby when John informs them that the deceased is Wayne Landers who knew Jared from prison.  The last call that Landers made only minutes before he died was to Jared.  Natalie then tells John she does not appreciate his suspicions of Jared

Fish enters Buenos Dias and notices Stacy and Kim talking.  He remembers that his last heterosexual encounter was with Stacy.  He overhears her telling a waitress that she needs to protect her baby.  He assumes that she is pregnant by him.

At Rodi’s, Gigi makes it clear to Schuyler that she does not approve of his having a date with Kim.  She protests that he must know that Kim is not a nice person and he could do better.  He protests to her that he has known Kim for a long time and she’s not that bad.  Right then, Rex enters.  Gigi informs him that Schuyler is going on a date.  Rex asks who the lucky girl is.  Kim enters and announces it is she.  Rex can see the frown on Gig’s face over the possibility of Schuyler seeing Kim.

Todd tells Téa she is one piece of work.  She had him trusting her.  She told him nothing until they went down the aisle.  She cries and protests that she really wanted to tell him.  She was working up to doing so many times.  He then concludes that Blair must have beaten her to the punch.

Blair tells Ross that now that she has told Todd that Téa is still legally married to Ross, she is very certain that Todd will drop Téa’s sorry ass.  He asks her why she is here if she is so confident that that will happen.  She must be worried that Todd might overlook it.  She must still need to dig up more dirt on Téa because she is still hung up on Todd.

At Buenos Dias, Fish tells Stacy that he overheard her saying she is pregnant.  He remembers that they slept together once.  She assures him that she knows that Rex is the father of her child.  Nobody else could be.  Hearing that, Fish is relieved.

At Rodi’s, Kim tells Gigi and Rex that she thinks Schuyler is a great catch for her.  Rex tells them that he is happy if they are happy but he can clearly tell that Gigi is not ok with the two of them seeing each other.  They leave, and Rex tells Gigi he has two tickets for a movie she wants to see.  She concludes that he’s going to see a chick flick for her.  Kim overhears and calls to buy tickets to bring Schuyler to the same place.

Blair tells Ross that the only thing that is more uninteresting to her than Todd is talking to him about Todd.  He tells her the reason for that is that she cannot talk her way out of it.  He then informs her that Téa found the check that Dorian gave him and he lost.  Hearing hat he spoke to Dorian and to Téa, Blair tells him she is very surprised and would be fascinated to find out what happened in those conversations.

Téa tells Todd that he must know that she would not want to face bigamy charges.  She tells him that she knows that he has good reason to be angry but she urges him not let this anger blind him to the truth.  He must know what Blair is on the warpath to break them up.  He must know that Blair did not tell him the truth.  Todd must know that she and Ross are not still legally married.  There are papers to prove that what she says is true if Todd does not believe her.  He tells her that he checked out the marriage and divorce records and found out that what Blair alleged is true.

At the murder scene, Jared protests to Bo and John that he had no plans to do anything except to go out with Natalie for dinner but they know that he was secretly having phone contact with Landers.  all the evidence suggests that it‘s possible that he could have killed him.  John lists all of the evidence of phone records and electric bank transfers between him and Landers.  Natalie tells them they need to back off And Jessica does not believe what she hears But Brody knows exactly what they are talking about and says nothing.

Fish tells Stacy that he wouldn’t mind having a child but he’s come to the realization that he is gay.  He admits that she helped him to come out.  She tells him she is surprised that having sex with her would be the motivating force to get him to come out.  He tells her that he feels better but there are some issues involving his family.  They can’t understand or accept it.

Gigi and Rex arrive at the theatre where Schuyler and Kim are.  Gigi cannot take her eyes off them.  Rex wants to watch the movie and be with her but she eyes the other couple coldly.

Blair asks Ross what she has to give him in exchange for his telling her his secret.  He then replies that he can tell her whatever she wants right here and right now if she can get rid of Todd Manning once and for all.

After Téa finds out that Todd heard that she and Ross were never legally divorced, she tells him there must have been some bureaucratic mistake.  He tells her that that is exactly what he assumed when he asked the clerk he talked to on the phone to confirm it repeatedly.  Téa protests that she signed the papers to divorce Ross.  Todd tells her that he wants nothing to do with her after this.  She asks him if he is saying that he does not want to be married to her anymore because of Ross.  He asks her if there is more that he doesn’t know about.  She protests that Ross is no longer in her life; they’ve been over for many years.  She tried to tell Todd But he kept telling her that he didn’t want to hear or know about the past so she never had a chance to tell him anything.  He asks her if she is implying that it’s his fault.  She tells him she wishes she could tell him more.  There is so much more she wants to tell him.  He concludes that he is not interested; He is all tapped out; He trusted her and she made a fool of him.  She asks if he’s made this decision because of Blair.  He tells her this is not about Blair; it’s about her.  She has betrayed his trust.  She tells him that he has betrayed him; He had sex with Blair in the cabana.  She protests that they can work this out and get past this but he tells her he doesn’t want to be in the same room with her.  He wants her out of his house.  He never wants to see her again.

Ross tells Blair she needs to get over Todd Manning.  He wants to kiss her but she tells him she has no interest in him.  She wants him out of her house.  He’d better get out of there or she will call the cops and get him arrested.  He then asks her if she neglected to drop the kidnapping charges against him as she promised as part of their deal.  She gloats that she may have forgotten and he has no control over whether she has or not.

Natalie and Jared are alone in the room wondering what to do now that all of the evidence points against him for murder.

At Buenos Dias, Fish admits to Stacy that he has some regrets about lying about being gay.  He has had a relationship with somebody who means a lot to him but this guy has moved on.  She tells Fish that maybe he shouldn’t give up on this guy if he’s the right one for him.  He smiles and appears to appreciate her encouragement.  He tells her if she ever needs a babysitter, she may contact him.

At the movie, Kim kisses and nuzzles Schuyler and makes certain Gigi gets full view.  Gigi watches in horror and cannot think about Rex or the movie.  Rex appears interested in a movie that he clearly wanted to see because of her.  She loudly tells him that this movie is too predictable and tells him how it will end.  She talks so loudly that Schuyler overhears her and yells that she shuts up while he’s trying to watch the movie.  When he stands up and sees her, he realizes that it was Gigi and seems no longer angry.

Gigi and Rex return to Rodi’s.  She apologizes for ruining his evening but she cannot be in the same room as Kim; she is such a worthless bitch.  She says she did it for Rex also because she knows he does not care for Schuyler.  He tells her that he knows that what was upsetting her was that she saw Schuyler out on a date with Kim.

In the theater, Schuler admits to Kim that he’s very surprised that Gigi would have been there with Rex.  Kim tells him that maybe she was following him.  He tells her that Gigi and Rex have a relationship and Rex was her primary focus.  There’s no way Gigi would have gone to the theater to spy upon him.  She tells him that she can clearly see that Gigi has him on the brain.

At Llanfair, Bo tells Jared that he can certainly clear his name if John is making false accusations of him.  Clint would certainly want his son in law cleared.  Jared keeps telling them that he is being framed and falsely accused but he comes up with no reason for why that would happen.

Blair and Ross stand outside Dorian’s cabana.  They argue about how she cannot let go of Todd and how she believes that he is not over Téa.

Todd holds the door open so that Téa leaves.  She asks him if he can just throw her out and not even try to work things out.  He tells her that he is through; she has gone too far.  She asks what the kids will say when they discover their new stepmother is gone.  He reminds her that she is not his wife; they have no legal marriage.  She is not their stepmother or anything to anybody and he never wants to see her again.

Kim returns to Buenos Dias to tell Stacy that maybe she should start a new career as a matchmaker.  When she went to the movie with Schuyler and came onto him in front of Gigi, Gigi was infuriated, looked like she wanted to kill Kim, and could not take her eyes off Schuyler.  Gigi and Schuyler are meant for each other and it won’t take long for Rex to see that Gigi is not right for him; Stacy is.

Gigi tells Rex that she is concerned about Schuyler dating Kim.  She thinks Schuyler is a great guy.  She is protective of him and concerned about him getting hurt being with a worthless friend of her sister’s.  Rex goes out the door appearing despondent.

Alone, Schuyler remembers Kim coming on to him and realizes it’s not what he wants.

Fish goes to Llanfair to help Bo uncover information on the computer.  He concludes that Wayne Landers and Jared Banks have been in contact and working together on a secret plan.

Ross tells Blair that he knows wherever he goes, she will never be far from Todd, and he wishes she could prove him wrong.  She says nothing and he leaves.

Téa tells Todd before she leaves that she has tickets for the kids to see a wrestling match next week.  She doesn’t want to leave right now because she thinks they can work this out but he slams the door in her face.

Jared protest to Bo, John and Natalie that he did not have any private contact with Landers that pins him to the murder; he has been framed.  They tell him they must take him to the station.  He protests to Natalie that he loves her and won’t give up.  She rushes to him, kisses him, tells him she believes him, and promises they will find a way to get him out of this.

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