OLTL Update Monday 10/5/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 10/5/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

After Dorian and David find out that the gay rights leader of Llanview is endorsing Viki and making her look good in her campaign, David concludes to Dorian that she needs to find a gay spokesman. Hearing that, she tells him she’s already found one; him. Hearing that, he tells her that she of all people should know that he is not gay. She then tells him that he can fake it. He asks her if she wants him to pretend he’s gay. She then reminds him that he is an actor. She cannot let Viki march around and win the gay pride vote. He then suggests that they take out an ad online where they are looking for a token homosexual. She thinks he should do it himself. She reflects that it’s too bad that he no longer has that little dog that could make him appear gay. He tells her he will not pretend to be gay. It won’t work. Nobody will believe it.

At the station, Jessica finds out that John and Brody suspect Jared as the stalker. She tells them she finds that hard to believe. Would he get himself beat up just so that he could pull off a scam? They tell her that they have theories that somebody is helping Jared pull it off. It looks like a fellow inmate of Jared’s is the stalker, and Jared is conspiring with him.

At that moment, Jared goes outside and discovers a dead man. It looks like he has a secret. Natalie catches him and admits she is horrified. He appears angry that he cannot hide it from her.

Blair goes to Todd’s home ready to take the drastic action of informing him that he cannot be married to Téa because she is already married. Hearing that, Todd has no clue what she knows and tells her she is desperate and pathetic to want to make up things like that. He tells her that she must know Téa is Mrs. Todd Manning. Blair tells him, "No, she’s Mrs. Ross Rayburn."

Not far away, Ross finds Téa. She tells him that it appears that he was spying on her and Todd from the cabana right when they got married. He asks her if she really married Todd. She tells him of course, but she knows that he has some sort of secret.

After Blair informs Todd about Ross, he tells her that he has already discussed with Téa that she was seeing Ross many years ago. Yes, he was the creep who kidnapped their kids. But that was long ago, and he and Téa have moved on from the past. Blair tells Todd that Téa and Ross got married and are still not legally divorced. He tells her that she must be delusional. She tells him she has proof.

Nora and Bo meet at Rodi’s. She tells him that she has tried and failed to overturn the judge’s decision to allow Matthew to waive needing parental consent. There’s nothing they can do with that. She does recall, however, that Dr. Evans did once tell them that even if Matthew wins the case, he won’t operate on him without their blessing. Bo reminds her that since then, Dr. Evans has changed his mind. She then reminds him that that was before he was allowed to operate on his brother. Bo tells her that he called the hospital and found out that Shaun is still in a coma. She then tells him that very possibly after this has happened, the good doctor will have some humility and realize that he should not perform the surgery on Matthew. At that moment, Matthew appears and informs his parents that they don’t have to hope that that will happen. He already talked to Dr. Evans and he now refuses to do the surgery.

After Jessica finds out John’s suspicions of Jared, she asks how it could happen. He tells her that he found an ex con named Landers who knew Jared and was in prison the same time he was. Hearing that, Jessica suggests that maybe if Landers is the perpetrator, Jared has nothing to do with it.

Natalie raises questions for how this guy could have possibly been killed and how it happened like this. Jared asks her if she believes that he killed him. He defensively protests that this guy was dead before he got there. She must believe him. Doesn’t she? She tells him she does. She knows John won’t. Hearing that, he reminds her that John will be all over him. Because he’s an ex con it raises a red flag. He suggests that maybe the only way to avoid getting charged with murder is to destroy the evidence and hide the body. Natalie asks him if he is serious.

Matthew tells his parents that he just spoke to Dr. Evans and was told he won’t do the surgery on him or anybody else ever again. Bo tells his son that he must know that Dr. Evans is upset about what happened to his brother. It is understandable. Nora tells Matthew she believes that Dr. Evans is doing the responsible thing to realize that he shouldn’t operate on Matthew after what happened to his brother. Matthew then reflects that they have “won.” They tell him this is not about winning or losing any contest. He tells them that’s easy for them to say. They can get up and walk. He will be stuck in this wheelchair for the rest of his life.

David tells Dorian there is no way anybody will buy that he’s gay. He’s too manly and rugged. She reminds him that he has some feminine traits. He tells her there’s no way she will convince anybody that he “plays for the other team” when she was married to him. She tells him she may have “lost a husband,” but she has gained a person with a new revelation. She tells him she knows that she can get him to do it for a price. She asks him how much it will cost her.

Ross tells Téa he will always have a soft spot for her, so he can’t just let her go and not tell Todd their secret. She tells him he only has a soft spot for money. She will pay him whatever he wants. He tells her that he remembers that the entire time they were together, it was the three of them. Him, her and Todd. She tells him she is sorry. She really wanted to get over Todd and make her marriage with him (Ross) work. He asks her if she is supposed to forget everything they had. Should he just wipe the slate clean and start with somebody new? She tells him she will offer him a hefty settlement.

Todd asks Blair why she is obsessed about getting Téa in trouble and keeping him from being with her. She tells him she does not want that woman around her kids. She remembers how Todd wanted to prevent her and John from having a real marriage and not let him around the kids. So she tracked down Ross, went to Tahiti, and found the place where Téa and Ross were shacked up for years. She asks Todd if he ever really discussed with Téa what she was doing all the while they were apart. Just because he didn’t hear from her doesn’t mean she didn’t have a secret life that he might know nothing about. Todd then remembers a discussion with Téa when they both kind of evaded talking about what she may have done when they last parted many years ago when she was alone on the island.

At the station after Jessica leaves John and Brody to talk alone, they conclude that they know that telling Natalie of their suspicions of Jared is out of the question. Maybe Jessica can help them and not tell her sister what they have discussed. Maybe they can watch for Jared’s reaction when he finds out that they know that he was in prison with Landers. Brody then goes out the door. When he’s alone, John gets on his phone to call the prison warden who has not gotten back to him, yet. He tells them he needs information on two former inmates. Jared Banks and Wayne Landers.

After Jared and Natalie discover the dead body, he tells her that, maybe, they can tell the cops that he acted in self-defense. She tells him they should not do that. If he is innocent of the alleged crime and has nothing to hide, he doesn’t need to lie. What’s more, the real murderer is still out there. She tells him that they need to call John.

Matthew tells his parents that regardless of what happened to Shaun, he still wants Greg to do the surgery. Bo discusses the risks with his son when he gets a call from Natalie. She tells him that she is sorry to interrupt him, but he is needed. He goes off. Alone with Matthew, Nora tells her son they need to talk. He asks her about what. She tells him about the future. He asks his mother what future. She tells him that she no longer wants to be plaintiff and defendant and asks if they can go back to being mother and son.

Téa finds the check that Dorian gave him. She asks how he would know Dorian and why he’d be living on her property. She demands to know what he might have told Dorian. He tells her maybe better yet, he should ask Blair.

Todd asks Blair why Téa would marry him if she’s already married to Ross. She replies maybe to double her pleasure and double her fun. Todd then recalls Téa being very evasive with telling him about phone calls and private meetings she had before they got married and the time when she told him she could not marry him and had to go off somewhere secretively. Todd tells Blair she just cannot stand the thought of him being happy. She tells him it’s not about him or about her caring about his business. She does not want that woman around her kids. She is a bigamist. That makes her a criminal. Why doesn’t Todd just cut Téa loose and see her for who she really is? He tells Blair the only woman he wants to get rid of is her. So Blair needs to get out of his home. She then reminds him that he might want to discuss the matter with Téa. Todd again demands that Blair gets out. She then shows him a slip of paper that has marriage records in Tahiti. She tells him might want to check this out. She then goes out the door.

After Ross indicates to Téa that he may have talked to Blair, she recalls that he must have been the man whom Blair was hiding in the cabana. She demands to know what he has been doing with Blair. He replies just talking to her. She tells him that he cannot get involved with Blair. She is vindictive, still in love with Todd, and ready to do anything to get him back. He tells her that that sounds familiar. She then urges him to stop doing whatever he is doing with Blair. Whatever Dorian is paying him, she will double. He then asks her why she would fork over that much money over a bastard like Todd Manning. She then tells him if he messes with her, she can make him regret it. She then goes out the door.

Alone in the house, Todd is lost in thought and gets on his phone.

David tells Dorian he's sorry, but his sexual identity is not for sale. She reminds him that there is always a price. He tells her he will not go gay for pay. She tells him that it’s for a good cause. He tells her that he wants to successfully come on to women, including Viki. The doorbell rings. Dorian goes to get the door because nobody else is doing it. “Mel”, her conscience appears. Dorian tells her she realizes that she is taking drastic measures. She has to have the gay vote on her profile by having people thinking that her campaign manager is gay. Hearing that, Mel tells her she must have her confused with somebody else. Dorian tells “Mel” she may give her the “Mel” guilt trip. But the woman who looks just like Mel asks Dorian just who Mel is. She tells Dorian her name is Amelia. She informs Dorian that she is there to help her.

Jessica and Brody return home. Natalie and Jared wonder what they will do when they see the dead body. Natalie struggles to urge them not to draw any conclusions. Bo appears to see the dead body on the ground with all of them. Brody calls John and tells him he thinks he should get down there. Bo asks if this guy was dead when they found him and if they tried to resuscitate him. He asks just what they were doing and why it took them so long to call the police. Natalie explains that they were in shock. Bo concludes that whoever killed him is still out there. John then appears and announces that he knows that this is Wayne Landers. Jared does not respond to that. John tells Jared he knows that he (Jared) knows Wayne Landers from when they were in prison together.

The woman who looks like Mel tells Dorian she wants to help her with her campaign. She believes that Dorian would be a welcome change over Mayor Lowell. She’s glad Lowell is out of office. He was a criminal. She wants Dorian to be the new mayor. Also, she announces that she is a lesbian. She is out of the closet and ready to admit to the truth. Hearing that, Dorian concludes that she should be her campaign manager. In response to that, David demands to know what about him.

Blair goes to find Ross after Téa is gone. She discovers the check that Dorian has written to him. She tells him that she does not need him for anything. She can take matters into her own hands.

Meanwhile, Todd gets on the phone to find out that Téa and Ross are still legally married, and there is no record of divorce. He tells his contact they must check again. They tell him they are absolutely certain that there was no divorce. Téa enters and announces to Todd there is something she needs to tell him.

Matthew tells his mom he knows that she and his dad love him. She then suggests that maybe they go home, get online, and do some research about some options he has. She tells him that there are some ways he can play wheelchair basketball. Hearing that, he tells his mom that that’s great for people who are in wheelchairs. But it does not apply to him. Dr. Evans will do the surgery.

While Jared, Natalie, Brody, Jessica, Bo, and John stand over the dead body, John is able to prove that the last call that Wayne Landers made before he died was to Jared. He shows the listing of calls from Jared’s cell that was made only minutes ago.

The woman who looks like Mel who has informed Dorian that she is a lesbian tells them that she will be David’s manager. She doesn’t want to step on any toes. But Dorian wants her to be at the forefront. David is worried he will be out of a job. Alone, the woman concludes that “this” was easier than she thought.

Téa tells Todd that this is “not easy.” She wanted to tell him many times. But she never knew when the right time was. Todd then asks her if she is married to another man.

Ross asks Blair what she did. She informs him that she told Todd that his “newlywed” is really Ross’s wife. Ross then informs her that that is not the whole truth. There is something she does not know. 

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