OLTL Update Friday 10/2/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 10/2/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Todd and Téa awaken. When she gets ready to go off, he shows her a picture in the Sun of their wedding and it says “nothing can come between them.” When she sees that, she is in awe and scared about what could happen if word got out.

Ross and Blair walk together. He notices that she may be hung over from drinking the previous day and seems to be sensitive over the fact that she may have a broken heart over Todd marrying Téa. He asks her if she plans to keep suffering with the broken heart or if she’s going to take action by letting Todd know that Téa is still married to Ross.

Dorian and David see the Sun photo of Todd and Téa. She is very happy to know that Todd is now unavailable to Blair. She is not happy when she sees an article about Viki being endorsed as the next mayor.

Viki and Charlie see the same article and he encourages her to know that she will win. She reminds him that it is merely her brother’s paper, and they must know that Dorian does not plan to go down without a fight.

Dorian tells David that he needs to go to work in finding out what Viki has that she does not, and then steal it. Hearing that, he tells her she cannot be interested in Charlie Banks, a man with khakis. She tells him he must go and prevent Viki from successfully becoming mayor.

Meanwhile, Charlie gets the door and meets with a guy who supports Gay and Lesbian Rights Organization. It appears to be Kyle’s new friend. He tells her that he hopes he can count on her support of same sex marriages.

At Rodi’s, Fish admits to Kyle that he is not over him and is not okay seeing him with somebody else.

In John’s office, Brody concludes that he can see that Jared is lying about something and knows who the stalker is.

Jared comes down the stairs and admits to Natalie that he is stressed about being interrogated by John. She tells him that she knows that John is a bloodhound.

Meanwhile, John tells Brody that all he knows is that Jared and that guy were in the same prison, but there are thousands of different convicts there. There’s no guarantee that they ever crossed paths and no proof of it. Brody asks John how they can find out about this guy and his association with Jared.

Natalie then looks at the forensics report that John had and Jared asks her if she believes him. Jessica enters and Natalie asks her how Bree is after John had the gall to question her. Natalie reflects that she is no defender of Mayor Lowell. At least when he was in office, he knew how to keep John in line.

David comes to talk to Viki. She asks if Dorian came by to spy on her. He admits that he knows the leader of gay and lesbian allowance. Viki tells David that they are very busy here. The guy then tells them that he would like to hear Mrs. Bank’s views on gay’s rights.

Kyle tells Fish that ever since Fish broke up with him and was willing to date any girl who would return his phone call, Kyle has not given up on him.

Not far away, Cristian tells Layla that he wants Fish to be honest about his feelings for Kyle. Fish also, encouraged him to do the same regarding her. Hearing that, she tells him that he is moving too fast and is officially “cut off.”

Ross asks Blair if she would want to go away with him. She reminds him that he is still legally married to Téa and she has only one use for him. She reminds him that she doesn’t even like him. He tells her that they can work on that. He kisses her and she does not stop him. He tells her he wants to go with her and sit under a pine tree in Tahiti.

Todd tells Téa that he needs to know what is on her mind. He knows she is not telling him something. He then tells her she must lean back and relax so she can fess up. She would not want to ruin the first day of their marriage.

Ross kisses Blair. She pulls away and tells him goodbye, and have a nice life. He asks her if she is sure. He tells her he hates to spoil the moment, but he has charges that need to be dropped. She tells him she will drop them for him. He asks her if this is it where Téa and Todd have moved on but neither of them have. He asks her when she will change her mind. She replies when she does, he will be the first to know.

Téa tells Todd that the wedding is now over. He tells her that he should have booked a room somewhere, but he wants to get the kids used to this joint custody thing. She tells him that his kids did so much to make her feel welcome, and that means so much to her. She tells him that she has met many people at the wedding but wants more. He then suggests to her that they have a baby.

After Fish tells Kyle that he still has feelings for him, Kyle asks him if he expects Kyle to change his life. What if it doesn’t work out? Fish has backed out from being honest about his sexual orientation before. He comments that he has forgiven Fish, but that does not mean that he’s ready to get back with him.

Natalie asks Jessica how Brody is. Jessica replies he’s okay and working with the cops today. There is obviously tension with Natalie and Jared.

Ross is right then on the phone with his contact.

Blair returns to Dorian and sees the article about Todd and Téa and is not okay with it. She knows that Dorian is gloating. Dorian tells her niece she is less than satisfied when she sees the article about Viki Banks getting endorsed. Blair admits that she is very angry at Ross Rayburn for dragging her onto a boat to get her to stop Todd and Téa’s wedding. Dorian then tells her she must know that when one door closes, another one opens. Hearing that, Blair asks her what she is talking about. Dorian tells her that she must know that she is better off without that no good Todd Manning.

Todd declares to Téa that he wants to have a baby with her because they are married now and love each other. She tells him that since he already has three kids, having another one would be very unwise. Although, she loves him for suggesting that. She then tells him she remembers she has to get to court; she has a family court hearing and has to meet with Nora.

Dorian tells Blair that she should let Ross sign the papers to divorce Téa and also drop the charges against him. Wouldn’t it be great to go to Tahiti with Ross? Blair then asks her aunt if she is asking her to shack up with a known felon.

Natalie tells Jared that she knows that Brody might not believe a word that Jared says and is suspecting him. Jessica is covering up for him. She tells him that she knows that Brody is working with John and Jessica is helping them to get Jared in trouble.

Meanwhile, Jessica talks to John with Brody at the station as John informs her that he knows about the stalker’s history by being in the same prison as Jared.

At that moment, Jared gets a call from somebody who hangs up when he answers.

Layla tells Cristian that she does not trust her instincts when she had absolutely no clue that Fish was gay. She believed that she could tell. So she is not going to believe anything she hears from anybody. He then asks her if she means even if the person was straight and who really liked her and she liked them. Hearing that, she asks him just who he means by that.

Kyle tells Fish that he has a relationship with this guy who is out and proud of being gay. He is an activist. They enjoy being together. It’s exciting. He tells Fish he’s sorry. It’s not going to work between them (himself and Fish).

David talks to Kyle’s friend about gay and lesbian rights, while David listens to their conversation. He then goes to the door and David appears charming as he tells him he may make an appointment to talk to Dorian any time. The guy goes out the door. Viki tells David she’s sure that Dorian is waiting to hear all about it.

Blair comes into the house to see Dorian talking to Ross. At that point, Blair tells the two of them she knows what they are up to. She is not going to drop the charges against Ross. She resents what Dorian has done behind her back. Dorian attempts to explain and to apologize. Blair then storms out the door. Dorian urges him to go after her. He must know that Blair is going to go and tell Todd about Ross’s ex-wife. But Ross tells Dorian he can clearly tell that Blair is not going to change, and Dorian needs to accept that too.

John tells Jessica that he wanted to talk to her because she might have some information about Tess’s involvement with Jared and getting him put in prison. She tells him that she does not believe his suspicions about Jared.

Jared gets his phone and tells Natalie that he got a call from the new guy. He should have never been hired. She asks why then he’s taking the call from him. Natalie goes out the door and Jared clearly has some private conversation to continue.

Alone with Ross, Dorian tells him that he does not want Téa to find out what he and Blair just pulled.

Blair goes to talk to Todd. He asks her what she found out.

Dorian asks David what he thinks she should do regarding Blair and Todd and Téa and Ross.

Cristian talks to Layla after Fish has unsuccessfully talked to Kyle. Cristian tells Fish he’s sorry. Maybe he should have stayed out of it and not egged him on. Layla tells Fish that he has a lot of courage and, maybe, it was too soon after all he’s been through to open himself up right now. She knows that she is being a coward and wouldn’t judge another for doing the same. She wouldn’t know her prince charming if he came right through the door right now. After hearing that and attempting to tell her he’s interested in her, Cristian is not certain what to say or do.

As Charlie and Viki are talking about the politics involving same sex marriages, Natalie enters and goes upstairs. When she is alone and looking at herself in the mirror, her expression reveals she has her doubts.

Jared rushes outside and sees a man lying on the ground bloody who may have been killed. Natalie comes out to observe him and appears shocked.

Blair goes to see Todd and reveals to him that his marriage to Téa is a fake. He cannot be her husband because she already has one. 

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