OLTL Update Thursday 10/1/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 10/1/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Brenda

Schuyler and Rachel are talking about their teenage clients at the drug treatment facility.  He then informs her that he has a second job because he needs to raise some money since heís going back to med school.  She is very impressed and asks him what he is doing for work.  He informs her he works bartending at Rodiís.  Knowing that Gigi Morasco works with him, she asks him if itís really a good idea.  He tells her that he needs the money.  She asks him if the reason he is working at Rodiís is that he needs to be with Gigi Morasco.

At Rodiís, Fish runs into Kyle who informs him that he talked to Fishís parents.  They reflect that fact that Kyle has a very different situation with his family than Fish has.

Cristian goes to see Layla at the police station.  She asks what brings him there.  He says he brought her gym bag that she left at home.  He then informs her that he is meeting with a potential art dealer.  He is going to show her around town.  Hearing that, she asks him if this is a business meeting or more a date.  He asks her why she would care.

Meanwhile, John is at the station investigating and looking at pictures of the mysterious stalker.

Brody, Jessica, and Natalie are together in Vikiís home when somebody is spying upon them from outside the window.

John calls his friend Warren at the FBI about checking the National database against the photo of the suspect.

At the hospital, Matthew asks Greg when he will schedule the surgery.  Greg then tells Matthew that he cannot operate on him.  Matthew asks if he need to do more tests.  Greg replies that Matthew has gotten all the tests he needs and he still believes that Matthew is a good candidate for the surgery.  Matthew asks him what the problem is.  Greg replies that he is the problem.  He is not going to operate on Matthew or anybody else ever again.  Hearing that, Destiny asks her brother if he is joking.  He tells her that what happened to their brother was his fault.  She tells him that he did not shoot Greg and Matthew needs him.  He tells her that Matthew needs a surgeon that is not going to kill him and he is sorry.  Then he walks out.

Rachel tells Schuyler that she has concerns about the supplies of his addiction available to him at Rodiís.  Hearing that, he tells her that alcohol was never his drug of choice.  She tells him that she means his addiction to Gigi Morasco.  He then informs her that a ďreally hot girlĒ asked him out.  It was Stacyís friend, Kim.  He is wondering if he should dare to go out with her.  She tells him she knows that his only reservation is that Gigi might not like it.

Kim sits at a table at Rodiís.  Gigi says she knows that she told Rex about Schuylerís job seconds after she heard it.  She knows that Kim was spying upon them and that maybe the sisterhood of the traveling sluts should get out of their lives.

Fish confirms to Kyle that now he can stand up and admit who he is.  He admits that when his mom walked in on them, he lied to her that Kyle disgusted him but he actually disgusted himself.  Kyle tells Fish that what hurt him the most all these years is that Fish has been ashamed of who he is.

Layla tells Cristian that she wonders what will happen after he sells his work if he signs with this new art dealer.  Sheís worried that this ďcougarĒ could take advantage of him.  She tells him that maybe sheís overprotective to assume his new contact will be a cougar but she doesnít want anybody to mess with such a good friend.  She says she appreciates him taking her to the wedding and concert.  The two of them can have fun without a date.  He tells her that thereís no quicker way to mess up a good friendship than assuming that the time you spend together is a date.

Brody goes into the Jaredís bedroom and notices something suspicious on Jaredís cell phone.  When he hears the shower water turn off, he runs out the door.  Jared comes out of the shower and knows that somebody was there and left.

Meanwhile, on the terrace, another person is spying upon Natalie, Jessica, and Brody.  Jessica can tell that Brody has his suspicions.  John calls Natalie.  The very same person who is spying upon them from outside the door is on Johnís computer screen after heís asked for a forensics photo.

At Rodiís, Fish tells Kyle that he realizes he did some terrible things to him.  Kyle admits that he forgives Fish.  Fish tells him he always wondered what might have happened if his mom had not walked in on them.  What he means is if he had more time, would he be able to find out if what they had was worth fighting for.  Kyle concludes that maybe everything happens for a reason.  Fish then asks Kyle if he thinks they were better off that Fishís mom prevented them from moving forward in their relationship.  Kyle tells Fish that the past is in the past.  Kyleís new boyfriend, Nick enters for his lunch date with Kyle.  He asks Fish if he would like to join them.  Fish declines, but he does not look like he is ok.

Kim tells Gigi that nobody is trying to break up her and Rex.  If she and Rex are so solid and she and Schuyler are so over, then why would it matter anyway?  Gigi tells Kim that she does not want her friend, Schuyler to be mixed up with people like Kim or Gigi.  Kim asks Gigi if she is jealous.  She orders a beverage for Gigi to go and get. 

Schuyler admits to Rachel that he remembers Kim from the old days as a pole dancer.  He then remembers that he never asked about her and Shaun.  She does not honestly answer that question, tells him they are fine, and walks out the door right past Greg, Matthew, and Destiny.  Matthew tells Greg that he needs him to do the surgery.  Greg tells Matthew he can give him a referral.  Matthew tells Greg he must know that his parents already found out that no other spinal surgeon believed they could make him walk.  Greg tells Matthew he can go and talk to him but there is no way Greg is going to do the surgery.  He goes out the door.  Destiny tells Matthew that Greg did not mean it; he just needs more time.  Matthew tells her that he does not have time.  He is worried heís going to be stuck in this wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Jared comes down the stairs and asks Natalie if she went up to the room when he was showering.  She replies no.  John rings the doorbell and Natalie announces that he has more questions.  Jared admits that he is getting tired of her old boyfriend.  John shows Brody and Jessica a picture and asks if they recognize him.  

At the hospital, Rachel asks Destiny about Shaun.  She reflects that he is the same.  Matthew adds that he is too and he wheels away.  

Greg is in Shaunís hospital room with his brother talking to him about baseball.  Rachel enters and asks how Shaun is.  He replies that his brother will not be catching any foul balls.  She informs Greg that she just talked to Matthew.  She asks him how he has given up on being a doctor.  He tells her he does not know.  All he knows is he wonít be operating on her brother or anybody else ever again.

Schuyler arrives at Rodiís and asks Gigi how the Lionel Ritchie concert went.  Before they can talk, Kim comes up to talk to Schuyler.  Gigi is suspicious.

Cristian goes to Rodiís and runs into Fish.  He notices that he is looking at Kyle and Nick.  He asks Fish if he still wants the guy.  Fish asks him if he really wants to talk about this.

Jessica looks at the picture John has of the suspect.  Natalie asks where he got it.  He replies that David Vickers got it when Jessica mistakenly thought that his producer was the stalker.  They conclude that when Jessica knocked out Davidís producer, she had the right instinct but the wrong guy.  None of them recognizes the man in the picture.  He then tells them that there is one other witness:  Bree.  Natalie asks John if he wants to question a small child.  Jessica tells Natalie itís ok if he talks to her daughter.  Natalie then tells John itís ok with her also if it will get him off Jaredís back but she eyes John coldly.

At Rodiís, Kim calls Stacy and informs her that she clearly saw jealousy in Gigi when Kim asked Schuyler on a date.  Not far away, Gigi tells Schuyler that Kim is Vegas trash.  She believes that he could do so much better.  He tells her he is afraid he has no choice.

Kyle talks to Nick about Oliver Fish and his parents.  He tells him that the guy who had the hostile tone at the hotel was Oliverís dad.

At the other table, Cristian tells Fish that if Kyle and that guy are newly dating, it might not be that serious.  Maybe Fish needs to be honest and tell Kyle how he feels.  Fish tells Cristian he blew it and does not deserve another chance.  Cristian asks Fish why he doesnít let Kyle decide that.  He needs to let Kyle know how he feels about him.  Hearing that, Fish asks Cristian when he is going to let Layla know the way he really feels about her.

In Shaunís hospital room, Rachel asks Greg why he is taking the cowardís way out.  She tells him he was correct when he said that that was what she was doing.  He tells her hat he could have killed his brother.  She reminds him that he has saved many lives.  She asks him if he thinks that Shaun would want this.

Jessica brings Bree to talk to John.  He asks the little girl if she recognizes this man and shows her a picture.  She replies that that is her daddy.  John then asks her if that is the man who gave her the stuffed elephant.  She replies yes.  Jessica takes her daughter out of the room.  Natalie then asks John if he is satisfied.  She tells him now they have their stalker and itís not Jared.

At Rodiís, Gigi tells Schuyler that he knows that Kim is working with Stacy to make trouble.  They want Stacy to have Rex and for Kim to have him.  She believes that Schuyler deserves better.  He assures her that itís just one date heís having with Kim; itís not like they are getting married.

At Rodiís, Cristian tells Fish that he does not have feelings for Layla.  Fish tells Cristian heís gay, not stupid.  He sees the way Cristian and Layla look at each other.

Greg asks Rachel if she did not believe that he was arrogant to convince Matthew to believe he could make him walk.  She admits she did believe that but he gave her brother hope and now he is giving up.  He tells her hat does not want Matthew to end up like his brother, or worse.

Brody goes to the station and meets with John about the guy they have found out spoke to Bree.

In Shaunís hospital room, Rachel tells Greg she cannot imagine what he is going through.  He needs somebody to help him through this.  She doesnít think he should be alone.  Heís asking her if she is suggesting that he sees a psychiatrist.  He asks how a shrink could help him deal with turning his brother into a turnip.  She tells him sheís getting therapy.  She thinks he should go and talk to Marty Saybrook.  She is really good, she is right in this hospital, and she could help him.  Greg tells her that he is not going to see a shrink and he goes out the door.

At Rodiís, Kim talks to Stacy on the phone about her observation of Gigi being insanely jealous of Kim having a date with Schuyler.

Nick tells Kyle that he can see that Kyle has other things on his mind.  He really likes him but does not want to get his hopes up.  He tells Kyle if he is still involved with Oliver, he realizes that maybe he should not want to get serious right now.  Nick has to go back to work.  He kisses Kyle goodbye.  Cristian observes that Fish is distracted and stares coldly at Kyle and Nick.  Layla enters and asks Cristian how his meeting with the new art dealer went.  Fish goes over to tell Kyle how he feels.

The mysterious stalker is outside of Llanfair on the terrace, spying upon Jessica Natalie and Jared.  Natalie tells Jared that the security and the cops believe that this guy worked at BE.  She asks if he has ever seen him in passing.  Jared tells her that from looking at the picture, he has never seen this guy in his life.

At the station, John shows Brody their suspectís FBI profile.  He remarks that ďtheir boyĒ has a record a mile long.  And he went to the same University and the same prison at the same time as Jared.

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