OLTL Update Wednesday 9/30/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/30/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Blair wakes up on the boat hung over and cradling a bottle of booze.  She calls out to Ross.  When he doesn’t answer, she goes up to the deck to look for him.  She holds the captain’s chair to sTéady herself.  Ross’s jacket is draped over the chair and her hand comes within inches of the check that is sticking out of its pocket.  Ross appears, in the water hanging on to the side of the boat and says good morning to her.

David comes into Bo’s office and calling him Dad, asks him if he has a minute for his first-born.  Bo tells David not to push it.  David tells him that he just wanted him to see the DVD of the footage from his reality show.  Bo asks him if he looks like he has time to watch a failed TV show.  David informs him that he will want to see this.

In John McBain’s office, he answers the phone to talk to Clint who tells John that he is wondering if the person who beat up Jared is the same creep who has been stalking his daughters.  John says he is working on it right now, as he looks at Jared’s criminal record displayed on his computer screen.

At Llanfair, Natalie fawns over Jared.  When his phone rings she goes to get him more coffee.  Jared asks the caller what he wants.  Brody opens the front door to go for a walk but Jessica stops him, telling him he is not going anywhere.  She tells him to go into the parlor while she makes him some breakfast.  Jessica and Natalie proceed to the kitchen.  Brody goes into the parlor and overhears Jared telling the caller that he told him not to call him there.  

At the Buchanan mansion, Clint greets Nora who asks if he has heard anything about the stalker.  He tells her that McBain isn’t disclosing any information.  Nora tells her husband that Bo has made it his top priority so she is sure they will find the stalker.  Clint asks Nora if she has heard anything on the appeal in Matthew’s case.  Nora tells him that the judge said she would make her decision quickly.  He asks her if Matthew is still in a hurry to schedule his surgery.  She says yes, but everything has changed now that Dr. Evans no longer looks like the miracle man after almost killing his own brother.  Matthew wheels into the room, having overheard the comment.

Destiny sits at Shaun’s bedside talking to her comatose brother.  She tells him about the Medal of Honor that the police gave him.  She tells him that it is too bad they don’t give out medals for “butt-ugly” because Shaun would have won that a long time ago.  Greg comes into the room and Destiny tells him that she read somewhere that comatose patients can hear it when people talk to them.  She says she is trying to get him mad enough at her to wake up and tell her what’s what.  He tells her that he is who Shaun should be mad at.

Ross pulls himself onto the boat.  Blair asks him why he would take a swim instead of getting someone to rescue them.  He tells her she should try it; It’s a little chilly but refreshing.  Blair yells “Help” to a passing airplane.  Ross joins her in calling for help, then tells her nobody can hear her.  He asks her what the rush is.  Todd and Téa are already married; the deed is done.

Todd wakes up in the honeymoon cabana and sees Téa is already awake.  He says “Good morning, Mrs. Manning.”  She tells him she doesn’t think she can be Mrs. Manning.  He tells her she can’t back out now; they are officially married.  She tells her she is very happy to be his wife but she is keeping her own name.  He laughs and tells her she had him going there, especially after all that talk before the wedding.  He tells her he doesn’t care that she spent all those years with Ross Rayburn; nothing she can say or do can change anything with Todd.  He reminds her that he is not exactly perfect.  He asks her why she won’t take his name.  She says it used to be Blair’s name.

On the boat, Ross stuffs Dorian’s check deeper into his jacket pocket.  He tells Blair that she might as well get used to the idea that Todd and Téa are not Mr. and Mrs. Manning.  Blair reminds him that Téa is also Mrs. Rayburn.  She tells him that when Todd finds out that Téa married him and still kept Ross a secret, Téa will have hell to pay.  He tells her to calm down.  She says she wants to get off this boat so she can do what she came to do.  Ross says so she can ruin Todd and Téa’s happiness.  Blair asks him what is wrong with him.  He could have filed the divorce papers but he didn’t.  She wonders why he is suddenly so gung-ho about Todd and Téa’s marital bliss.  He tells her that just because she has damning information doesn’t mean she has to use it.

In Bo’s office, he puts David’s DVD into his computer DVD player.  He watches footage of Matthew talking to Destiny about how his parents’ lawyer treated him.  He watches until he heard Matthew say that maybe he should tell the judge that he saw his parents kissing the night before his mother married his uncle Clint.

At the Buchanan mansion, Matthew demands to know if his mother plans to use what happened to Shaun to get the judge to stop him from having his operation.  Nora tells her son that she feels badly for Shaun and his family, bur Dr Evans made an unethical and arrogant choice to operate on his brother and things went horribly wrong.  She tells him that she doesn’t want that to happen to him.  Matthew reminds his mother that they have discussed this a million times; he is ok with the risks.  He wants to walk again and the judge agrees that it is his decision.  Clint tells Matthew that he has guts.  He says it is too bad his Grandpa Asa is not here to see this; Asa would have been proud of him.  Matthew says sometimes he can just hear Asa asking who Matthew thinks he is, doing this to him mom and dad.  Clint says that Asa didn’t want anyone to hurt one of his family and he would stop anybody who tried.  He says that applied to them too, if he thought they were out to hurt themselves. 

At Llanfair, Jared tells his caller that he knows he is at home with Jessica and Natalie.  He turns and sees Brody standing there so he tells the caller he has to go and hangs up the phone.  Brody asks if everything is ok.  Jared tells him it was a coworker.  Jessica enters with breakfast on a tray.  She says that she and Natalie want their guys to be strong and healthy in case anything else dangerous happens.  Jared tells her he was not a hero like Brody; he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The doorbell rings.  Natalie opens the door to John McBain.  .She asks him if she found anything out about who jumped Jared.  He tells her they don’t have a suspect yet, he is just there to ask a few more questions.  She brings him into the parlor where they join Jessica, Jared, and Brody.  He asks Jessica if she has remembered anything since the last time they spoke.  He asks if she is sure that the first time she saw something was at the engagement party.  Jessica says yes, and recounts the event.  She repeats the timeline of the other events.  Natalie repeats the timeline of the events that apply to her.  Jessica remembers another incident when someone was hiding in the bushes and she thought it was someone posing as Nash, but it David Vickers’ prouder for his reality TV show.

In Bo’s office, he watches the DVD with David.  They hear Destiny dissuading Matthew from ratting out his parents to win his case.  She tells him that all he will do is mess up his mother’s marriage.  The screen goes black.  David tells Bo that the battery went dead at that point.  He says he had no idea that they had recorded that until today when he was going over the greatest bits for his reel.  Bo tells him that it is an invasion of privacy.  David tells him he didn’t mean to capture Matthew and his little friend; he hid the camera hoping to catch Nigel stealing the silver or something, and then he finds out about Bo and Nora making out.  He says he knew it all along.  Bo asks him if he plans to blackmail him now that he has it on tape.

At the Buchanan mansion, Clint tells Matthew that he knows he loves his family.  He says he brought Dr Evans to town because he loves them too, but if he had known that it would tear the family apart, he never would have done it.  Clint tells Matthew that nobody wants to lose him.  Matthew says he knows that and they don’t have to keep talking about it.  Nora says yes, they do because now they know what kind of mistakes Dr. Evans can make.  Matthew protests that what happened to Shaun will not happen to him; it is not even the same surgery.  Nora tells Matthew that he has seen what Shaun’s condition has done to his family.  She tells him that it could be her, Rachel, and Bo sitting in a hospital waiting room with Matthew somewhere between life and death.  Clint asks Matthew to take a little more time to think about it.  Matthew says he has to go see Dr. Evans.  He wheels away.  Nora thanks Clint for everything he said.  Clint hopes he got through to him.

In Shaun’s hospital room, Destiny asks Greg what Shaun would be mad at him about. The same reason she was angry?  He tells her she had every right to be angry.  She apologizes, telling him that she was just upset; she knows he did the best he could.  She tells him he is still the best doctor in the world and he will see that when he operates on Matthew.  He tells her that will probably not happen.  She concludes that he has not heard that Matthew won his case against him parents so he can make his own decision about the surgery.  She tells him she has been playing the CD that Rachel brought for Shaun and has been reading a detective novel to him.  He says he hopes it helps.  She tells Greg that Shaun will get better.  Greg tells his little sister he can’t be her superhero anymore.

In the honeymoon cabana, Téa admires her ring.  She tells Todd it will deter the creeps from hitting on her.  He tells her she can’t testify against him in court anymore because she is his wife.  She clarifies that she cannot be forced to testify, but she can still choose to testify.  He tells her that in that case, he’d better be good to her.  She says he’s better be good to her anyway.  She asks him if he is aware that she cannot defend him anymore.  He tells her there will not be a need; she married a saint.  He tells her to trust him.  She tells him she wants to; she needs to feel safe; she needs to feel like she can tell him anything.  He tells her that she can.

On the boat, Ross reminds Blair of their conversation the day before.  She says she had too much to drink; she doesn’t remember what she said.  He tells her that they talked about letting people go when you love them but they love someone else.  She says she doesn’t remember that.  He tells her he is glad he stopped her from making a fool of herself at Todd’s wedding.  He says he hoped that by this morning, she would see that he was right.  Blair asks why Ross cares whether she makes a fool of herself.  He says that maybe it is because he likes her.

In Bo’s office, David tells Bo he would not blackmail his own father; he wanted to make sure that the DVD didn’t fall into the wrong hands.  He says he know Bo thinks he made copies.  He admits that he didn’t know how, so there is just the one copy.  He says that thanks to his technical ignorance, Uncle Clint will never find out what is on that disk.  Clint and Nora enter Bo’s office and Clint asks David what he is talking about.

In Shaun’s hospital room, Destiny tells Greg she knows he is worried because a patient's odds decrease with every day they are unconscious.  She says sometimes they come out of it and their brother will be one of them.  Destiny goes to get some water and sees Matthew in the corridor.  He asks if she is ok.  She tells him she is better now.

At Llanfair, John asks everyone if they remember where they were when Jessica saw the person at the lodge.  Natalie says she and Jared were in another room.  Jared was trying to calm her down about something else that happened.  She recalls that they saw a framed picture of Jess and Nash on a table and they talked about what happened to him.  She says they rejoined the party and the lights went out.  Jessica recalls that she saw the pictures too, just before she thought she saw Nash.  She says she went out for some air.  Brody says that when he realized there was a blackout, he went out to find Jessica.  Jared says he went to find the circuit breaker.  John asks if anyone went with him.  Jared confirms that Charlie was with him the whole time.  John asks if anyone other than Jessica was at Llanfair when Bree received the elephant.  Natalie says she was there, but after it happened.  John asks her if she saw the heart in the window.  She says no.  John asks Jared if he did.  Jared says he wasn’t there; he and his dad went fishing.  John surmises that Jared’s dad backs him up for when the lights went out and when Bree got the elephant.  Natalie asks John why he is doing this.  He tells her it is his job to ask these questions.  She protests that he is accusing Jared of doing all of these things.  He tells her he is not accusing anybody of anything.

In the honeymoon cabana, Todd asks Téa if she trusts him.  Téa says mostly, but he lost her for a minute at the wedding when he was looking for Blair.  Todd protests that he was afraid that Blair would show up and ruin it.  Téa admits that she only invited Blair to rub it in and she doesn’t know why because she has nothing to prove to Blair.  Todd asks that they not talk about the past on their first day as husband and wife.  She playfully asks if he has any ideas on how to spend it.

On the boat, Ross tells Blair that usually when someone says something nice, the other person thanks them.  Blair thanks him for saying he likes her, but tells him that she already has too many friends in her life, and unless someone dies, she couldn’t possibly make room for him.  She tells them they are both in it for the end result.  She needs him to help her break up Todd and Téa.  He needs her help to get out of his legal problems.  She tells him that when they both get what they need, they are done.  She asks him if they will have to swim to shore.  He suggests they take the boat, as he dangles the keys.  He tells her that he retrieved them from the river when he went swimming this morning.  He tells her that he will take them back to shore, but what happens when they arrive is up to her.

In Bo’s office, Clint asks David how anything he does could possibly affect Clint.  David reminds Clint that he signed the release for his reality show.  He says that the footage of Clint stood out, and David’s producer wanted to use it but David said no because the Buchanans put family first.  Nora asks David if he was putting family first when he gave Matthew the money to sue his parents.  She stops David from answering and asks Bo if he has heard anything about the appeal.  He says no, and if the judge doesn’t rule in their favor, Matthew will go ahead with the operation.  Clint interjects only if Matthew doesn’t change his mind.  Bo asks his brother why Matthew would do that.  Nora tells Bo that they saw Matthew earlier and they are getting the feeling that he may be starting to waver.

In the hospital corridor, Destiny tells Matthew that it is nice to have a friend around; she doesn’t like to be there by herself.  She says her parents went to make some calls to update their relatives on Shaun’s condition.  Matthew asks about Greg.  She tells him that Greg is in the room with Shaun and says that if there is anything that can be done for Shaun, Greg will do it.

In Shaun’s hospital room, Greg reads the detective novel to Shaun.  Greg wavers when he reads that the prime suspect is the guy that the victim’s wife was two-timing with – his own brother.

At Llanfair,  Jared’s cell phone vibrates on the table.  Jared tells Natalie that John’s questions are ok.  She protests that John jumps down everything Jared says.  Jared says he didn’t do anything wrong so there is no problem.  Bree tells John that the man she saw looked like Nash.  She says she knows it wasn’t Nash, but it definitely wasn’t Jared.  John says he doesn’t think it was Jared but Jared is the only one who was assaulted and he is just trying to figure out why.  He asks if anyone can think of anything else.  No one can so he tells them to call him if they do.  Natalie tells him to call next time instead of just showing up.  Brody offers to walk John out, saying he wanted to talk to him about the warehouse bust.  In the foyer, Brody tells John that Jared had grilled him the night before for information about his case.  John says that a guy would want to know why he got beat up.  Brody tells him that the questions weren’t so much about the stalker but about John.  He says Jared is not too happy that John got the case because of John’s previous relationship with Natalie.  Brody tells John that he saw Jared taking a phone call out on the terrace shortly before John arrived.  He says he heard Jared tell the person not to call him here and that when Jared saw Brody, he hung up.  John says Jared was trying not to look upset when he got a call just now.  John says he can’t check Jared’s call log without a warrant.  Brody says he can find a way.  John tells him anything he finds will be inadmissible.  Brody says that maybe he would know if something is going on in his girlfriend’s house.  John tells Brody to watch his back.  John leaves.

Todd and Téa are making out in the honeymoon cabana.  Blair and Ross arrive and Ross straightens Blair’s hair telling her that he wants her to look her best before she goes in there and humiliates herself.  Blair hears Téa and Todd laughing on the other side of the door.

At the hospital, Matthew sits in the waiting room with Destiny.  She tells him that he can talk to Greg about his operation when Greg comes out of Shaun’s room.  She tells him that she has already informed Greg that Matthew won his case.  Matthew reveals that his parents made a big push for him to rethink having the operation after what happened to Shaun.  He apologized to her for bringing it up.  She tells him not to be sorry; it wasn’t Greg’s fault.  Greg emerges from Shaun’s room and apologizes to Matthew for not returning his calls.  Matthew says he understands and apologizes for leaving so many messages.  He asks Greg how soon they can do the surgery.

In Bo’s office, David tells Bo that at least he knows Matthew can stick up for himself just like David.  Now he can be proud of both of his sons.  Nora asks David tongue-in-cheek if there isn’t a housewife that’s desperate for him somewhere.  Clint tells David it is time for him to leave.  David gives them Dorian Lord’s campaign buttons on his way out, telling them that someday they will be collector’s items.  He tells them all not to worry; he wouldn’t dream of using any of his footage Like Uncle Clint firing a shotgun at him or Cousin Jessica having a meltdown and going after her producer in the bushes to embarrass the family.  Clint closes the door on David who turns around to find John McBain standing there.  Inside, Bo says he can put the Dorian Lord button with Pa’s Wendell Wilkie button.  They throw all of their buttons into Bo’s wastebasket.  Clint says he has to go to BE to clarify things with the new security chief.  Alone with Bo, Nora asks him what David was talking about.  He shows her the DVD.  Outside of Bo’s door, John asks David if he heard him say something about having footage of Jessica going after someone at Llanfair.

At Llanfair, Natalie is having a tantrum over the way John is treating Jared.  She says he is acting like Jared going on a fishing trip with his dad is a covert operation.  Jared tells her that John is just covering all his bases.  He tells her he is ok with it but he loves how Natalie has his back.  Jared’s phone vibrates again.  He ignores it saying it is just the office.

John takes David Vickers into his office and asks if that is the only footage of Jessica and Ford that he has.  David tells John that for the right price, he does have a second copy, which he takes out of his jacket.  He asks John not to press charges against Jessica because she is his cousin.  John takes the DVD and says he will be keeping it.  David informs him of his copyright terms.  John must pay for any publication or reproduction of those images moving or otherwise.  John tells David to shut up.  A disheartened David says everybody keeps saying that to him.  He leaves John’s office.  Alone in his office, John watches the DVD.

Outside of the honeymoon cabana, Blair looks at the “Do not disturb” door hanger.  Ross asks if she is having second thoughts.  She says she is just deciding which kind of knock to use.  A server comes up with a cart and asks them if they are Mr. and Mrs. Manning.  Blair says she is not Mrs. Manning anymore.  The server knocks on the door and Todd asks what part of do not disturb he doesn’t understand.  The server says through the closed door that he has brought the breakfast they ordered.  Todd instructs him to leave it out there.  Ross raids the food and tells Blair this is the moment of truth.  He asks what it will be.  Inside, Téa gets up and says she wants to go get the breakfast.  Todd asks her since when she eats breakfast.  She tells him since they got busy.  She worked up quite an appetite.  Outside, Blair tells Ross to take her home and walks away.  Téa comes outside to get the breakfast and sees a piece of paper on the ground.  She picks it up and sees it is a check to Ross Rayburn from Dorian Lord.

In Bo’s office, Nora asks if David is going to use the footage to his advantage.  Bo tells her that this time David didn’t want anything.  He says this could have been really bad.  Nora says maybe Bo is rubbing off on David.  Bo says he is just glad that Clint didn’t have to hear about what happened.  Nora says that kiss was just a crazy moment, just bad judgment.  He offers her the DVD and asks if she would like to do the honors.  She says he can break it and she will bag it.  He squeezes it between his fingers and it shatters.  Nora says that it is interesting that Matthew didn’t need that ammunition after all.  He won on his with out it.  He is probably calling the doctor to schedule the surgery right now.

At the hospital, Matthew tells Greg that he doesn’t want to wait any longer and asks when they can do the surgery.  Greg informs Matthew that he is not going to operate on him.

At Llanfair, Jared tells Brody he is going to sneak a quick shower before Natalie finds out.  He takes his phone and goes up the stairs.

In John’s office, he continues to replay the sequence where Jessica comes out onto the terrace asking if Nash is there.  He notices something about the bush beside the French door and highlights it in the frame.

At Llanfair, Jared reaches the top of the staircase and dials his phone.

In John’s office, he zooms in on the bush and sees that someone is hiding behind it.

At Llanfair, Natalie tells Jessica that she is right; it is ridiculous to think that John would focus on Jared.  Jessica says that for Jared to have done all of the things that the stalker has done would require him to be in two places at once.  Someone watches them from the terrace.  His phone vibrates.  The blond man silently puts the phone to his ear without speaking.  Jared tells him that he couldn’t talk earlier.

In John’s office, he zooms in more and retrieves a detailed image of the face.

On the terrace at Llanfair, the man on the phone with Jared turns around and is the same person in the image that John is viewing.  The man tells Jared that he has them in his sights as he looks at Jessica and Natalie inside.

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