OLTL Update Tuesday 9/29/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/29/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Brenda

Blair is determined to get Ross’s boat to turn around so that she can prevent Todd and Teá from getting married.  She is able to see them from binoculars exchanging rings.  The reverend then announces that with this ring, they will now take their vows.  Blair sounds a siren form the boat that everybody can hear at the wedding.  Langston and Markko can hear it and it interrupts their intimate moment.  Everybody at Rodi’s can hear it.  It distracts everybody.

Jack asks his dad what that noise was.  Todd tells his son he couldn’t care less; they must get on with the wedding.

Blair is struggling to find her keys and get back to stop the wedding before it’s too late.  Ross asks her what she is hoping to find.  She replies anything that will get them back to shore.  She tells him he’d better find her keys.  He pulls out a bottle of wine.  He tells her it’s not like they are in any danger.  He is an accomplished sailor.  He tells her that maybe they should toast her newfound freedom from her obsession over Todd Manning.  He tells her that her ex-husband will be married to his legally current wife.  He knows that Teá does not want him and Blair should not care if Todd wants her.  She is obsessed, goes to spy on them with the binoculars, and urges Todd not to do it.

Teá tells Todd she gives him this ring as a symbol of her love and trust and their vows today.  He tells her he asks her to wear this rings a symbol of his love and trust.  He gives his heart and soul to her.  He announces that this is their latest, last and best wedding day.

At Rodi’s, Gigi is all dressed up and ready to attend the Lionel Ritchie concert with Rex at Ultraviolet.  Jeremiah is going to perform with Lionel Ritchie.  Schuyler tells her that he knows it will be a great show.  When she gets up to leave, she asks him if he will be ok there.  She tells him that she wishes she could bring him along and that there’s some way he could get off work.  He tells her that he needs this job but he doesn’t want to stay there if Rex disapproves.

At Ultraviolet, Rex asks Stacy and Kim if he overheard them saying that Schuyler got hired to work with Gigi at Rodi’s.  They argue but Rex goes out the door to see if Gigi is there.

The reverend tells Todd and Teá about their commitment.  Blair obsessively stares at them from the boat with her binoculars.  The reverend then declares them husband and wife.  Todd kisses his bride.  Blair watches and is stunned.  Ross asks her if she is alright.  The reverend then announces Mr. and Mrs. Todd Manning.  Blair tells Ross that her big moment has come and gone.  He tells her that she will have bigger and better moments.  She then tells him “here” is one of them.  She pulls out what appears to be a bb gun.

Langston and Markko reflect that he is now a college freshman living on his own in the big bad world.  He admits that Viki was pretty amazing to let him stay at her home for a whole summer.  They celebrate their freedom together.  Their radio plays an announcement of the Lionel Ritchie concert.  There is a contest about his songs where the third caller gets a prize.

Gigi makes it to Ultraviolet to see Rex.  She tells him she managed to get off of work but doesn’t get around to telling him how.  Stacy and Kim are sitting at a table not far away observing them.  He then tells her that at the risk of sounding jealous and paranoid he must ask her a question.  Stacy and Kim overhear and gloat as he asks Gigi if Schuyler got a job at Rodi’s.

After Todd and Teá are officially married, they invite everybody to have champagne.  Viki, Charlie, Starr, Cole, Jack, Layla, and Cristian all surround them.  At that point, Charlie asks Jack to give his speech.  Jack then tells his dad he is real happy for him.  For once Todd didn’t screw up.  He thanks Teá for being nice to him and his brother and his dad.  She knows that his dad is not always fun to live with.  She is good for his dad.  She’s not his mom but he knows that she is the right person for his dad.  They call cheers.

Blair and Ross are still stuck on the boat and she tells him he has failed what she needs him to do.

After Rex asks Gigi if Schuyler is going to be working with her at Rodi’s, she remarks “news travels fast.”  She tells him that Schuyler is new at the job but might stay there a long time.  He asks her why he can’t just stay working at the rehab center.  She asks him how he has found this out.  He asks her why he did not find out from her.

At Todd’s wedding, Cristian tells Layla that he knows that Teá will not stay with Todd very long.  Layla says that maybe they can make it work.  They dance around what might be going on in their own potential relationship.  Viki tells Charlie that she really appreciates all he has done for her.  He asks her what he did today.  She replies that he went with her to one of Todd’s many weddings and she knows it’s not easy.  She tells him that he has seen that she has baggage.  He tells her that she is stuck with him.  He remarks that Teá really looks like she is in love with Todd.  Viki remarks she sure does, God help her.  Charlie says he sure hopes that the “big secret” doesn’t come to bite Teá in the butt.

Teá talks to Jack about being his new stepmother.  She reminds him that one of the responsibilities of the best man is to dance with the bride.  They go and dance.  Todd asks Starr if she approves.  She tells her father he appears happy.  He tells his daughter that being “Mr. Happy” is what he plans to do from now on.  He can see that she is not entirely happy.  He asks Starr what is up.

On the boat, Blair tells Ross that if Todd and Teá think they are married, they can go ahead because as soon as she gets out of the boat, she’s going to blow them out of the water by revealing Teá’s secret.  He tells her that if Todd did not want her before, he’s going to want her even less after finding out what she did behind his back.

Gigi tells Rex that her manager offered Schuyler a bartending job but Schuyler was ready to turn it down.  He is barely able to make ends meet since he can no longer teach high school.  He is going to med school and really needs the job so she urged him to take the job.  Schuyler didn’t want to because he knew that Rex would not want that.  Maybe she should not have spoken for Rex but she thought if things are good between them it wouldn’t be an issue.

Kim goes to Rodi’s and talks to Schuyler while he bartends.

Starr tries to reach her mom by phone and gets her voicemail.  Cole tells her he’s sure her mom will be fine.  Starr knows that Blair has some sort of secret.

Teá tells Viki it really helped her that they could talk.  What Viki said really put things into focus for her.  She will tell Todd everything after their wedding night.  She wants to have at least that one night of peace.  Todd then announces that it’s really nice that everybody came but the party is over; He and Teá are going off together.

After Ross tells Blair he knows that she is not over Todd, she tells him that is not true.  She does not want Teá near her kids.  He tells her that the last thing her kids need is their mom doing this right in front of them.  What kind of a mother pulls the stunts that she does?  The kind of woman that is not over Todd.  She then admits that she is not over Todd.  He tells her a newsflash is that Todd is over her.

Kim talks to Schuyler about the Lionel Ritchie concert and his new gig as a bartender.  She informs him that she was there when Gigi told Rex about it.  He asks if that caused any problems.  She tells him no way; Rex and Gigi were meant for each other.  She wishes she had romance like they have.  He tells her that he is all about his work.  He has to be able to afford what he needs and has no time for anything else.  She tells him that all work and no play makes him a dull boy so maybe he can go out with her and do things together.  He asks her if she wants to go out trolling for someone.  She tells him maybe somebody can knock his socks off.

Rex tells Gigi he will not tell Schuyler where he can or cannot work.  It’s ridiculous.  If he’d know that Schuyler was looking for a bartending job, he would have offered him a job at Ultraviolet.  He is really trying to be cooperative with her.  He admits that he is not ok with the two of them working late nights together.  If he tries to stand in the way of it, then he is the bad guy.  So he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

While Langston and Markko are going at it in his new place, Starr and Cole enter together.  Cole tells his roommate that maybe now is the time to go over the “house rules.”  Cole tells Markko that maybe the next time he wants to do this “revolutionary” thing, he can do it in the bedroom.  Markko protests that they did not think that Cole and Starr would be back this soon.  Starr then notices that the Lionel Ritchie concert is going to start at Ultraviolet.

Layla and Cristian are talking together after the wedding.

Rex tells Gigi that he knows she is putting up with her sister possibly carrying his baby.  She is asking him to put up with a friend of hers’ who he doesn’t much like.  It’s called life.  He loves her and realizes that they must trust each other.  He tells her that he wants to be there for her.  It hurts him that he cannot be the only guy she can talk to.  What kind of a loser would he be if he did not want her to have her own friends?  He admits, however, that he’d prefer that she and Schuyler work different shifts.

Schuyler reflects to Kim that he knew how to have fun and socialize when he was on drugs.  She tells him that she thinks he’d be more fun if he were straight.  She asks him why he won’t go on a date with him.  She reveals that she had a crush on him back in the days.  She did not reveal that to him because he was with her best friend.  She tells him that Stacy wants him to be happy.  He asks her how that could be after he ruined Stacy’s chances with Rex.  She tells him that Stacy cares about him and is merely worried that he might hook up with Gigi.  He tells her that he and Gigi are just friends.  She then tells him that he will have to go out with her.

Todd carries Teá over his shoulder into their wedding room.  He tells her that this is their new love shack…It’s a love cabana.  This is their second chance.  He doesn’t plan on wasting one moment.

Blair tells Ross that she knows if he thought that Teá was free and clear, he’d make a move on her.  He tells her he has always known that Teá is only in love with Todd.  She tells him he used to be very hung up on Teá.  So what has changed?  She knows that he is hiding something just like Teá is.  She knows it.

Todd and Teá are in their new room.  He tells her there will be no more secrets.  This is their fresh start.  He asks her if she is ready for it.

Ross tells Blair that he realized that Teá is going to marry Todd so he figured that maybe if he could just let her go and move on, then maybe he could move on too.  Maybe Blair should do that also; she might like it.  She needs to let it go and to let Todd go.

Todd pours the champagne.  Teá comes out and they are ready to spend the night together.

At Ultraviolet, Rex gets on the microphone and introduces Lionel Ritchie and Jeremiah.  They come out and sing “You can just chill.”

During the song, Todd and Teá enjoy their wedding night together.  Blair and Ross manage to enjoy sitting on the boat.  Viki and Charlie are together.

At the concert, Cristian and Layla are together, and Cole and Starr are together.  Langston has just won the radio contest and Markko is with her.  

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