OLTL Update Monday 9/28/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/28/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

At Ultraviolet, Rex calls Gigi while she’s working at Rodi’s. He asks her if there is any way she can get off work to go to the Lionel Ritchie concert. As soon as he gets off the phone, he notices that Stacy and Kim are there. She has to tell the bouncer that she is Rex’s baby’s mother. The man knows that she is not Gigi Morasco.

Schuyler once again comes to Rodi’s and runs into Gigi. She notices that he looks bummed. He tells her that he has gotten a letter from the school board that he is forever banned from teaching high school. She tells him that she thinks that is very unreasonable. Starr Manning initiated contact with him. Didn’t she? He tells her that the law mandates that he was the adult, and it’s his entire fault. She tells him that maybe she could get Viki Banks to help him. He does not want any help. He tells her that he is very grateful to her for being so understanding and always on his side.

Langston and Markko are together in his new place while he’s starting college.

Blair is rushing to prevent Todd and Téa’s wedding and asking Ross to help her. He is stalling and not wanting to help her.

The reverend is ready to start the wedding vows. Everybody surrounds Todd and Téa and smiles. He announces that everybody who is there is Téa and Todd’s community, and each of them have brought something to this day.

Not far away, Ross is stalling Blair, telling her that he needs to wear different clothes when he was Téa’s boy toy. He needs to change. She tells him that he promised her that he would help her crash this wedding. He tells her that maybe he crossed his fingers when he made the promise to her.

Markko tells Langston that he will be creating his first piece of work for college. How she can help is by making a 3-minute movie with him. She then gets out her camera and asks him what he loves so much about her.

At Rodi’s, Schuyler tells Gigi that he will find another way to make a living. She asks if he does not still have the counseling center. He tells her it does not pay enough. She then tells him that he needs something that is really suited for him. She knows that he wants to be a doctor. Hearing that, he remembers that he doesn’t want anybody to know about that. She then asks him why he doesn’t just go back to med school. He tells her that he almost finished. She then suggests that he goes back. He can stay here and attend med school right in town.

At Ultra Violet, the bouncer confronts Stacy and Kim. Rex tells Stacy that she is obviously feeling okay if she is up for a night out. He is busy so she and Kim are on their own. She asks him if he is okay. He tells her that he is busy as always. She tells him that she was walking in the park and saw him with Gigi. He looked miserable as always. He then remembers proposing to Gigi and hearing that she could not marry him, and that they still have some serious problems.

Ross asks Blair why she must rush in there and break up the wedding. Since Téa is still legally married to him, they don’t really need to do that. She tells him that she can call the cops and have him arrested for kidnapping and traveling with a fake ID. She is ready to call 911 but does it slowly so that he can change his mind.

Meanwhile, the reverend is giving his speech. Téa asks Todd what is on his mind. He tells her that he is just looking at their friends and believes it’s nice that they all showed up. She tells him she can see that he is looking for Blair and concerned that she may be with another man.

Rex asks Stacy how she would have been able to notice him and Gigi together at the park. Was she spying and eavesdropping upon them? She is wrong if she has the idea that he and Gigi are having problems. She’s wrong. They are great. He notices that Kim is expecting free drinks. He demands that they only serve Stacy non-alcoholic beverages. Kim tells Stacy that she will find a way to get her back with Rex.

Schuyler reflects to Gigi that his deceased mom’s dream was for him to be a doctor. But he had to mess up his life with drugs. Had it not been for that, then Todd Manning would not have been able to blackmail him. Hearing that, she tells him what he needs to do is make his mom proud and finish med school.

Langston tells Markko that she has been helping Dorian with her campaign. Markko tells her that she must know that it’s a lost cause. Viki Banks is going to win.

At the wedding, Téa can see that Todd has Blair on the brain. Téa runs off. Viki and Starr urge her not to run off. Todd tells Téa that he is there with her. She comes first in his life. He loves her. He tells her that whatever was happening between him and Blair is no longer important. This day is all about the two of them. He tells Téa, they need to do this. Téa, however, looks very doubtful about his sincerity and commitment to her. Not far away, Blair and Ross observe them and Blair is elated. Téa then decides to get back to the wedding with Todd. The reverend continues by reflecting that while Téa and Todd start their union and their new life together, all of the people attending play a part. Blair and Ross observe them unseen.

Rex is on the phone trying to find a way for Gigi to attend the Lionel Ritchie concert with him. Stacy and Kim are talking about how they want to attend and brainstorming more ideas of how to get Gigi to break up with Rex. They remember that, maybe, Schuyler could help them with that cause.

At Rodi’s, while they speak, Gigi is giving Schuyler a pep talk about going back to med school and becoming an excellent doctor. He brilliantly and heroically uncovered Stacy’s stem cell scam. He can succeed in med school and fulfill his dream being a doctor. At that point, he is encouraged, although, he realizes he does not have money. Gigi’s employer then tells her that he needs her to work late. He is short staffed. He asks Schuyler if he has bartended before and if he could help her out. If it works out, he can give Schuyler a job.

The reverend announces that Todd and Téa can now take their vows. Téa remembers that she wrote her vows. Jack remembers that he wrote a speech for his father. Todd and Téa are not certain what to do and who goes first. He asks her if she is giving him some sort of test. He concludes to him that if he is truthful with her, she will be truthful with him.

Meanwhile, Ross takes Blair to a boat and insists that she comes with him. She keeps telling him she can’t. At that point, he locks her in the boat cabin.

After the bar manager asks Schuyler if he can cover the bar, Schuyler is not certain if he should. The guy reminds Schuyler that he said he needed a job. Gigi encourages Schuyler to take the job. He tells her that he knows there might be some issues with Rex if they work together. She tells him that she and Rex are good. Rex asked her to marry him. Hearing that, Schuyler appears stunned and disappointed.

Rex’s bouncer informs him that Stacy is telling everybody that she is pregnant with his child. Rex tells him he does not want to talk about that. The bouncer tells him that he might want to be concerned about her spreading rumors. Rex tells him that it’s complicated. He admits that it could be his baby.

After Gigi informs Schuyler that Rex proposed to him, he asks her how that could have happened. She tells him that it’s complicated.

Rex’s bouncer asks him if he is having problems with Gigi while her sister is pregnant with his child. Rex tells the bouncer that he and Gigi are great. Yet, he appears to have doubts about that.

Langston and Markko talk about Dorian and Viki competing in the election for Mayor.

Ross drives the boat while Blair demands he lets her out.

Meanwhile, Todd and Téa are ready to start their wedding vows. He tells her that when he hit rock bottom, she was there for him. After all that they had been through years ago, she came back to him. She went to bat for him and saved him from jail and from many demons including himself. He knows that they are meant for each other. They fight and aren’t afraid to express their opinions. He admits that they have really hot sex. She is embarrassed to hear him say that in front of his kids and Viki. He tells her that they hate each other, but they love each other more than anything. He tells her that she has really set him straight and she is the reason he is happy right now. He really hopes that he can be as good as she deserves. He hopes to try at least, and that is it.

Meanwhile, Ross is taking Blair out on the boat. He lets her out. She demands to know what he did. She tells him that she can see that he stole the boat. He reminds her that he has a club membership. She tells him that they are in the middle of Llantano Bay. He stops the boat. She tells him that he better take her back to the country club. She asks him what kind of game he is playing there. If they do not get back to the country club, right now, they will not be able to stop the wedding. Hearing that, he tells her that is the whole idea.

Schuyler and Gigi brainstorm about jobs he can find. She tells him that she wants him to work with her as a bartender. She knows it will work and he need not worry about Rex.

At Ultraviolet, Rex tells Stacy if she is pregnant, she needs to take vitamins. She reflects that she does not know how Gigi survived this all alone. He asks her how it is that Kim is staying in his home with her getting free rent and electricity. Stacy then asks him why it is that he doesn’t even care about his own child.

After Ross has taken Blair out on the boat, he tells her that he is attempting to stop her from making a fool of herself. He tells her that Todd Manning is not worth it.

In the wedding, Téa addresses what Todd said about her showing up out of nowhere to be there for him. She informs him that he never asked where she had been or what she was doing all this while. Maybe, it didn’t matter to him at the time. It didn’t matter to her up until now.

On the boat, in the middle of Llantano Bay, after Ross tells Blair that he did what he did for a reason, she gets on the phone and reports a kidnapping.

At the wedding, Téa tells Viki that they had a talk about her being honest with Todd. She realizes she owes that to him.

On the boat, Ross is able to tell that Blair is bluffing when she attempts to get on the phone and report him for kidnapping. He then throws her keys overboard.

Téa sobs and looks at Todd’s kids. She tells them how much they all mean to her. She tells them she looks at this beautiful family and sees everything she wants. Todd asks her if she is okay. She replies, "Yes." But she cries.

Blair asks Ross if he thinks he can just leave her stuck there. She gets into a bikini and asks if he knows how she stays in shape. She tells him she swims laps and can get out of there. He tells her he does not want to be any part of her crashing Todd’s wedding. She pleads with him to come with her. He tells her she must know that Todd and Téa are probably already married right now as they speak.

Téa is ready to finish her speech. Todd does not want to listen and has no clue what she is about to say. Viki urges Todd to let Téa finish. She then concludes that she is overwhelmed by everything. She loves all of them and she loves Todd. She tells Todd that she never wants to lose him. He then tells her that now is the time to exchange the rings and officially tie the knot. Jack looks for the ring in his pocket but announces that he’s lost them.

Stacy tells Rex that she doesn’t want to rely on him for everything, but if she needs something can she call him? He answers that question with the obligatory yes and adds if it’s something really important.

Right at the same time, Schuyler announces that he will be the new bartender at Rodi’s although he appears to have reservations regarding Rex.

Rex calls Rodi’s and overhears that Gigi insisted that they hire Schuyler as a new bartender.

Langston and Markko are ready to sleep together, and the camera shows them together.

After Jack announces that he has lost the rings, he lets his father and Téa know that he is bluffing. He has them and hands them to Todd and Téa.

On the boat, Blair and Ross are getting closer to the shore. He is looking at the wedding with binoculars. Blair grabs them and demands he lets her look to see what is going on. She can clearly see that the wedding is just about to close and Todd and Téa may be officially married. She won’t accept that, so she sounds a very loud siren that can be heard by everybody at the wedding.

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