OLTL Update Friday 9/25/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/25/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Dorian opens her door to see David moving himself and all of his stuff into her home. She tells him he cannot live there. He tells her that she is already breaking her campaign promises. She then reminds him that she asked him to be her campaign manager but that does not mean he can live with her. He then tells her that in order to do that, he needs a place to live. She  tells him in order for that to happen, he needs to earn his keep right now by finding three ways to destroy Viki.

Meanwhile, at Todd’s wedding to Téa, Viki and Charlie attend; although, nobody can find Téa as of yet. Todd asks his sister where his two nieces are. Viki tells her brother that Natalie and Jessica are not going to make it. They have things to tend to with their guys.

At Viki’s home, Jared and Brody ring bells to get Natalie and Jessica to come into the room. They appear to be playing video games. Jessica asks what is wrong. They reply they are both lonely. Natalie concludes that can only mean they are out of beer. Both men clarify that what they really want is the loves of their lives.

Fish goes to talk to John in his office. John asks him what is up. Fish concludes that he has a lot to say that might take up a lot of time, so if John is busy…John then tells Fish he may sit down and relax. Fish appears very worried that after “dropping the bombshell” upon John, it might adversely affect John’s opinion of him.

Layla returns home assuming that both Cristian and Fish will be home and tells them she has some food to make for them. Cristian comes into the room and informs Layla that Fish is at work. He, also, remarks to her that he has concerns about his friend, Téa throwing her life away. He is, kind of, obligated to go to her wedding since his mother can’t attend. Though, he’d really rather not.

At the wedding, Viki asks Todd if he is excited. He tells her he has no worries. He’s been married more times than she and Dorian combine. At that moment, Téa appears. They joke and he tells her nothing will stop her from being the last Mrs. Todd Manning.

Blair tells Ross that she has a plan. He needs to attend the wedding with her. All he needs to do is be his sexy, charming self, and that alone will end Téa and Todd.

At Todd’s wedding, Cole and Starr enter. He admits to her that he is not entirely comfortable supporting the wedding of a man who has done some terrible things to him. He remarks to Starr that he knows that Todd could be his future father-in-law.

When Viki is alone with Téa, they talk and Téa remembers her private conversation with Viki about a “person” in her life that she has not yet told Todd about. She did not spell out to Viki that she has been legally married to Ross and that she and Todd are moving on. She tells Viki everything is fine; although, Viki seems to know better. She tells her she will go and put on her wedding gown and be right back.

Charlie talks to Todd and tells him this is a lovely small wedding. He remarks that he has not seen any of Téa’s family there. Todd tells him that he really doesn’t care about Téa’s family. As long as she is there, that’s all that matters.

Cristian tells Layla that he is looking for excuses to dodge Téa and Todd’s wedding. He admits that maybe if she came with him, he might be a bit more comfortable.

David tells Dorian that he needs her to help him unpack. He will model all the clothes he bought with his Have A Seat money. But she tells him she has a campaign to run for mayor. She tells him she needs him to dig up some fresh dirt on Viki. He tells her he needs the blue room where he is served and a bottomless slush fund. She tells him done. Then she asks what they'll do in order to bring Viki down. David tells her that they can “distract” Charlie. Then an unseen cameraman will hide in the bushes while David puts the moves on Viki. Hearing that, Dorian tells him she resents his idea that he have sex with Viki on her dime. He tells her that if it will get her elected, then it should happen. He later realizes that if she pays him for doing that , it would make her his pimp. He then reminds Dorian that her previous dealings with the drug trafficking crooked mayor may have already soiled her campaign. He says, "Note to self, don’t sleep with Viki." She then warns him that he is this close to getting fired from managing her campaign. He comes up with more ideas. She tells him that they cannot “do” anything to Viki today, because right now, she’s going to Todd’s wedding. David knows that Dorian has issues involving wanting Blair to stop her ex-husband’s wedding. Hearing that, David is very surprised to learn that Todd and Téa plan to get married, and so soon.

Blair is in the cabana with Ross Rayburn urging him to help her ruin Todd and Téa’s wedding. Téa knocks on the door and demands that whoever is in there gets out so that she can dress for her wedding. Ross remarks that “somebody” is in trouble.

David tells Dorian that she thought that Téa would be too smart to marry Todd. Dorian remarks that Téa is not bright. He asks if Blair does not hate Téa and not want her to marry Blair’s ex- husband. Dorian tells him that “that” has been taken care of.

Téa continues to bang on the door and tells whoever is in there to get out before she calls security. Blair then makes it sound as though she is having sex with “somebody” in there while Ross hides so that Téa can’t see him. Téa manages to open the door and asks Blair what she is doing there.

When Todd sees Starr, he informs her that both of these boys have taken him to the cleaners in order to attend his wedding. He asks her just what her terms are. What does he owe her?

Nearby, Charlie asks Jack if he knows that he is going to be the best man at his father’s wedding and asks if he understands what that means. Jack indicates that he has a flip attitude about it and doesn’t understand what proposing a toast means nor that he has any interest in giving a speech. Jack then concludes to Charlie that his dad totally jipped him. He believes that simply being there has earned the car that his dad is promising to buy him. Now he’s expected to give a speech? But Charlie tells Jack that his own son gave a really excellent speech at his wedding. Maybe he and Jack can work on the speech that Jack can give for his father’s wedding.

Jared and Brody are telling Natalie and Jessica that they are recovering and would like their women to stay home. When Natalie talks privately to Jessica and Jessica makes a remark about whether John is investigating what happened to Jared, Natalie remembers John implying that he thought that Jared might have staged being assaulted.

In John’s office, Fish asks him if he remembers when he was dating Layla. John tells John yes, he remembers. Fish then explains that they broke up. Yet, he cannot tell John “the rest.” Fish just tells him he promises that it won’t affect his work. John knows there is something else on his mind that he is withholding. John then tells Fish that people think that he is only about the job. Maybe that’s true to some extent, but if Fish needs to talk, the door is open. At that point, Fish tells John that he’s always seen him as a mentor and as a friend.  He would really like to be honest with him about some things. John then tells Fish that whatever it is, John probably knows. Fish then asks John if he knows that he is gay. John confirms that he knows. Hearing that, Fish asks John how long he’s known and whom he’s heard it from. John asks Fish if he is worried about rumors going around. Fish tells John that he’d like to know what John knows about it. John tells Fish as far as he knows, it’s not common knowledge at the station. He and Marty did run into Fish’s father at the Angel Square motel, and Fish’s father did express his very strong opinion about his son’s lifestyle. Fish admits that after he told his dad and his mom, he assumed he’d never see them again. Then, they showed up at his apartment today. He was very surprised. It was not like things were all better, but they weren’t quite as bad. He asks John if he might have had something to do with that.

Cristian tells Layla that he’d like to take her to Téa’s wedding. She tells him she has nothing to wear. He tells her he knows that she has many clothes. She raises objections by telling him she doesn’t know anybody there except for him. He tells her he knows that, but there will be free food and drinks. It might be fun. Hearing that, she asks if he is not aware that this sounds like a date.

At Todd’s wedding, he and Cole argue. Blair asks her father if he could please be nice to the father of her child.

Jack asks Charlie and Viki how he is supposed to give his speech. Viki asks him what he likes about Téa. He then replies that he thinks she’s cool. She likes pro wrestling. She has black panties. Hearing that, Charlie suggests that he might want to leave that part out. Jack then concludes that he’s going to mess up. Viki tells him no, he will not. She and his uncle Charlie will help him write a speech. In response to that, Jack reveals to Viki that he has suspicions that she might be trying to fool him. The reason for this is because Aunt Dorian says that anything Viki says is a lie.

David reminds Dorian that he does not advise her to scheme with anything. The last time she did that, Nash Brennan was killed. She tells him that was not her fault. He then tells her that she must reveal her secret about what both she and Blair plan to do regarding Todd’s wedding to Téa. Dorian then admits to David that Blair is right now in the process of breaking up Todd’s wedding. She is right now in the process of stopping Blair from doing that.

When Ross hides in the bathroom of the cabana unseen, Téa demands to know who is there with her. Blair replies that she’s with the “pool boy.” She knows that Todd can’t ever find out that she is with another man because it would break him. Hearing that, Téa tells Blair that Todd could care less who Blair sleeps with. Blair then reminds Téa what Todd did the last time she was with another man. Téa tells her that if he still cared, he would not be marrying the love of his life. She tells Blair that she hopes she can make it and bring her little boy toy so she can meet him. She goes away and Blair wants to have the last word. As soon as Téa is gone, Ross returns and smirks. He tells Blair that he knows that she is insanely jealous of Téa with Todd. Blair then tells him she is going out and he better not move a muscle.

When Dorian is talking to David and he’s asking her to remember how it never works when she gets involved in her “girls’” business, she gets a call from Ross who admits to her that he is still weighing his options. She asks him if he still has not decided to sweep Blair off her feet. He admits that he has not yet decided that and may not make that choice.

After Cristian admits to Layla that he’d like her to go to the wedding with him and she expresses concerns that it appears like a date, he asks her why they can’t just go there together without the pressure.

Fish tells John that no matter what he or Marty might have told his parents, he knew that when he was growing up, his father’s opinion was the law. He’s confident now that he did the right thing to let his parents know who he is. John then asks Fish if he is okay to help him with some police work. Fish tells John absolutely. John then tells Fish that he needs his help investigating the mysterious assault of Jared Banks.

Jared and Brody talk privately about the police department when Jared indicates that he’s very curious to find out what Brody might know about Llanview PD’s investigation of what happened to him. Brody reminds Jared he’s not a real cop yet. Jared reminds him that he heard that Bo was going to hire him after he uncovered the drug bust and saved Starr Manning and her baby. Brody admits that yes, Bo wants to fast track him, but he is still officially at the police academy. Jared then asks Brody if he might have some information or insights about what angles John McBain might be doing regarding this.

In the other room, Natalie indicates to Jessica that she is concerned that John is accusing Jared of being behind what has happened and she wonders if Brody might be helping John to get Jared in trouble.

In John’s office, Fish asks John if he is implicating Jared Banks for his own attack. John tells Fish he did not say that, but he knows that Jared is under suspicion for many things and has a very shady history.

Jessica asks Natalie if she might want to consider that John could have a point about suspecting Jared. Natalie tells her that is crazy. Would Jessica think that Jared would have her stalked, send messages threatening somebody for Nash’s death, and then have himself beat up. Jessica then concludes that this is ludicrous. If John asks her anything, she will tell him she does not suspect Jared.

In the other room, Jared indicates to Brody that she does not really trust John investigating the case because he used to date Natalie. Brody reminds him that Bo is Jessica’s uncle. He believes that Bo and John are the best if somebody is going to be investigating the mystery of the stalker. Jared tells Brody that he is not looking forward to getting the 3rd degree from Natalie’s ex-boyfriend.

Fish gets some forensics evidence about Jared’s assault and concludes that it looks very suspicious that it happened the way Jared said it did.

While Dorian is on the phone with Ross and David is standing nearby, she asks Ross if she did not add enough ZEROS to the check she gave him. He tells her, "No, she did." She then asks what the hold up is. He must get Blair out of there. He tells her that he would like to do that, but it’s not working. Blair is obsessed over ending Todd and Téa’s wedding and still clearly not over Todd. Dorian needs to know that her niece keeps saying she is hell-bent to preventing Todd and Téa from getting married because of the kids. The last thing he wants to do is “meddle” in the affairs of those “little angels.” Hearing that, Dorian reminds him that he has already meddled. He has gotten deep into this mess ever since he flew back into this country from Tahiti. She knows that Blair’s happiness is officially on the line. He can nurture it or he can end it. What is it going to be? Ross responds that he will get back to her. David, who had been overhearing the conversation, smirks. Dorian yells to him to shut up.

While Viki and Charlie coach Jack to give a speech about his father and Téa’s wedding, Jack starts out by recalling that he sees Téa as half naked lady. He likes the fact that when his dad gets grouchy with him and Sam, Téa can be fun and he wants her to take them to a body slamming match. He asks Viki and Charlie what they think of that. They clap and Viki tells him she couldn’t have said it better herself.

Meanwhile, Blair hides behind the bushes while Todd asks Jack to come here so he can talk to him. He tells his son that he is going to marry Téa and that’s not going to change, but he will always love his son. He then calls Starr over and tells her that he really wants to make things better for her. She is pleasantly surprised and appears to support her father marrying Téa. Blair is obviously not okay with that.

In John’s office, he asks Fish how it could be possible that some guy could have just attacked Jared Banks from behind and not left a single fiber on him. It’s also a bit too coincidental that this very same guy was never seen on the surveillance camera. Fish then asks John just what he was thinking. He asks John if he has a “theory” regarding Jared. Knowing he has no evidence as of yet, John tells Fish that it’s premature to assume anything.

Jessica comes into the room to overhear Brody and Jared talking about Jared’s suspicions of John handling the case and asks him why.

Cristian and Layla appear at Todd’s wedding. Cristian finds Blair and remarks that he is surprised to see her there. She tells Cristian that she is okay with her ex remarrying. She listens to Todd telling everybody he is ready. She knows she has to find an excuse to go somewhere. She announces she must get her camera and will be right back.

David and Dorian post a campaign poster of her and he comes up with slogans for the election of Dorian Lord. She indicates that she has some things on her mind regarding Blair’s future.

Blair runs to find Ross. Before she gets back, it appears the wedding is underway. She demands he hurries. He tells her he’s not sure he wants to do this. At that moment, Téa walks down the aisle and is welcome by Starr, Jack, Sam, Viki, and Charlie.

Ross and Blair continue to argue.

Dorian tells David that she has already offered Ross all the money she possibly can to get him to prevent Blair from ending Todd and Téa’s wedding. But he won’t do it.

Blair tells Ross that she is going to drive a stake through the heart of this wedding, and she’s going to do it now. She asks him if he is with her.

Meanwhile, the justice of the peace is ready to start the wedding. 

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