OLTL Update Thursday 9/24/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/24/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

John goes to the B.E. office to ask Natalie what she knows about Jared’s assault. He has some surveillance cameras about the event and he reveals to her that he has his suspicions about what happened.

Meanwhile, Jared and Charlie are talking about Viki’s campaign and how Charlie’s history as an alcoholic might affect it and might expose him to invasions of his privacy. But they both seem to be ok about the choices they have made to marry into this family.

Dorian goes to find Ross Rayburn and tells him she knows who he is. Blair has just informed her htat he is Téa Delgado’s ex husband. He asks her what she is doing there. She tells him she is there to discuss his options. She tells him she can make his wildest dreams come true. Or she can be his worst nightmare. It’s all up to him.

Right then, Blair is dressed up and on a mission while she is rushing trying to find a missing shoe. Starr enters and notices her mother dressed up and asks her what she is doing. She tells Blair she knows that she is going to Todd’s wedding. Blair tells her daughter that she was invited. Starr asks her mother if Téa knows that she is going. Blair smiles at her daughter, hiding what her scheme is and tells her that she is ok with the fact that Todd and Téa are getting married and she’s ready to act like a civilized adult. But Starr clearly does not buy that.

Todd can see that Téa has some reservations and asks her what is going on. She replies that she dos not quit know where to begin. He asks her what is the big secret.

John tells Natalie that he apologizes if he offended her with the line of questioning he did in the E.R. He tells her that he’s found some things from the security tapes.

Jared and Charlie talk about al of the dirt is both of their lives, regarding Viki’s drunken husband, crazy daughter and con artist son in law. And they both seem ok while Charlie tells his son that this family is all about 2nd chances..

Marty helps Cole settle into his new apartment with Markko. They bring in groceries. She asks him how Markko is doing with his family and reflects that it’s too bad that they are not helping him. Right then, he reveals that he has to go with Starr to her dad’s wedding. Hearing that, Marty is very surprised and asks whom Todd is marrying. Cole replies Téa Delgado. Marty then remarks that Téa maybe should know what she si getting herself into. “It” could have been her. If Todd had managed to do what he intended to do, John would have never known she was back in Llanview. And her son would never have known that she is still alive.

Todd and Téa go to Viki’s home. Charlie asks them if they are still on to get married. Todd replies that is the plan. Téa makes it clear that she has reservations. She is very worried that he might not want to go through with getting married after what she might be telling him.

Starr tells Blair that she knows that Jack has suspicions if their dad and Téa. And she asks her mother why she does not buy that she(Blair) is ok with it.. Blair tells her daughter that she is simply resolved about it and ready to attend the wedding and maybe encourage Jack and Sam to do the same.. Blair tells her daughter if Téa wants to marry Todd, good luck to her. She(herself) has been down that road way too many times. Some marriages are meant to last. But some are not. And when she says those words, she turns away form Starr not revealing the trick she has up her sleeve.

Dorian tells Ross that she happens to know that her niece is about to prevent Todd from marrying Téa by preventing Téa from divorcing Ross. She tells Ross that the plan has changed. She reminds him that she could get him in trouble and expose his secret but maybe she won’t if he wants to listen to her. She admits that she finds it odd that she knows what is going on and why he is there as Blair has informed her. She tells Ross she can offer him a much better “deal” than Blair has offered him. What she wants him to do is romance Blair. And she can make it worth his while, she tells him while she pulls out a check and a pen to sign it with.

Knowing that something is going on wit her mother, Starr tells Blair that she really wouldn’t mind having a boring wedding. There has been way too much drama in her life recently. And it would mean so much to her if her mother could just attend the wedding with peace and no schemes.

Téa attempts to tell Todd what happened all those years ago when the parted company on the island. She “did” something. He tells her that he already know what has happened. He returned to Blair. There were big disasters in his life. Starr got pregnant. He reconnected with her. He’s done with Blair. He is not going to hold anything she did many years ago against her as he knows she has not done that with him. She has shown she is in love with him by fighting for him. So he is willing to forget the mistakes they both made many years ago.

After Marty finds out from Cole that Todd is going to marry Téa, she tells her son she is completely ok with that. She’s gotten her job, her son and her life back. She knows that no matter who Todd marries, his life is messed up. She wants to make certain that it doesn’t fall back on Starr or her son or her granddaughter. But she’s happy if Todd really does get a second chance. Cole then reminds her that Todd hid her and didn’t want anybody to know she was alive. But she tells him that maybe some times you have to let go of some things in order to move on. He then asks her if she and John are ready to move forward. She tells him that she and John are both happy to be together..

Natalie and John look at the camera of the mysterious unseen guy who attacked Jared.. They see the video where Jared got grabbed and dragged and then the camera suddenly shuts off. That one was very hard to spot. It clearly showed the attack. Yet it so conveniently doesn’t work whenever you might be able to see who the assailant was. Whoever it was, they must have known exactly where the camera was and must have smashed it on purpose. And it could only mean that it must be an inside job.

Cole asks Marty if she and John are now official. She smiles and tells him she thinks so.

Natalie asks John if he checked all the tapes from all of the security cameras. He tells her that he was able to see that there was no way that this perpetrator could have just wandered in unseen without an ID. It must have been somebody already in the building who changed his clothes. There is no other way.

Blair tells Starr she solemnly swears not to fall in a punch bowl or go off on Téa while and smiles and holds up her hand to her daughter. But Starr tells her mother she wonders how it was that she just snuck off not long ago and didn’t tell anybody where she went. She assumed that Blair might have had something to do regarding her discontentment that Todd is marrying Téa. Blair admits to her daughter that it is true that it’s difficult to see Todd moving on. She admits that she was kind of disappointed that John chose Marty over her. Starr tells her mother that she knows that she will find somebody some day soon. She is an amazing woman. And when that happens, that man will sweep her off her feet. Blair smiles.

Meanwhile, Dorian tells Ross that he can sweep Blair off her feet. She holds the check up to him and tells him he can take Blair out of Llanview, show her a good time and go on a vacation on her(Dorian). But Ross tells Dorian that Blair is not interested in him. He asks her if she wants him to go away with Blair after the wedding. But Dorian tells him no. The whole goal she has is that he takes Blair away before the wedding. IF Blair attends the wedding, she might get into a big fight with Téa. She will reveal Téa’s secret. Todd might call off the wedding with Téa. And Blair might get back with Todd. That is not what Dorian wants.

Téa tells Todd that this time she wants it to work with no misunderstandings or surprises. She wants him to know everything that happened since she left the island, starting with Ross Rayburn.

Natalie asks John what he is implying. He tells her that whoever attacked Jared knew his way around B.E. And so he wants to know if Jared might have any enemies. She tells John of course not. But John reminds her that Jared scammed his way into B.E by telling everybody he was Asa’s son. Then he married the Boss’s daughter. He didn’t complete his business degree. He made enemies with Tess and got sent to prison. So he needs to find out who might not like this guy. There might be somebody out there who is angry with Jared for his lies. Obviously the stalker has made it clear that they blame Jared for Nash’s death. She concludes that they blame her also. But, John reminds her, she was not attacked. He tells her that he needs to know just who had it in for Jared. She tells John she can see what he is implying is that Jared, himself is a suspect.

Jared and Charlie observe a picture of father and son when Jared was 8. They laugh about Charlie staying sober and Jared’s expressing his ambition to be rich and afford all of the food and servants and a big house. Jared tells his father he didn’t remember ever saying that when he was 8 years old. .But Charlie remembers that his son did say that to him on his 8th birthday. Charlie reminds his son that he told him that they were always a team and Jared could always count on him. And now they conclude that they are all one big happy family.

Blair holds Starr and tells her she really appreciates her vote of confidence. She is happy to her and the boys. And she doesn’t need a man. Starr tells her mom she realizes that. But she thinks it might do her some good to have a man to have romantic dinner with and consider falling in love. Right then, the boys enter. Blair hugs them and jokes with them while they are in their tuxedos for their dad’s wedding. Jack is the best man. And Starr suggests that Sam is the best kid. Jack admits that he does have one problem. He cannot accept Téa as his step mother. Hearing that, Blair tells her son, “calmly” that she doesn’t think they will need to worry about that. She’s sure that everything will be “just fine”. Hearing that, Starr knows she is up to something.

Dorian tells Ross that he may take some time. She can drop the charges and get his divorced finalized. But he tells her that he does not want to double cross Blair. Hearing that, Dorian demands to know why he would pass up an opportunity to clear his name and build a fortune. She then concludes that he can do whatever he wants. But he must make certain that Todd stays far away from Blair. He tells her he cannot help her. But she tells him ok. She will just keep adding zeros until he sees things her way.

Téa attempts to tell Todd that when he went back to Blair, she went back to Ross. He tells her he completely understands how she felt dumped and angry with him and she found another guy. But Todd assumes that she was only temporarily with Ross. She tells him she must tell him more. Yet Todd assumes she has nothing he’s interested in hearing.

Marty takes a picture of Cole in his tux. And she sends it to Starr. She tells him that she is ready to see him get his GED and enrolling in college. He’s safe, out of jail and back in school. And she is back with John. Yet, she admits that she can see that John has some very suspicious case going on that is distracting him.

Natalie tells Jon that he has to get this idea out of his head that Jared is a suspect. That person could have killed Jared. They’re still out there and might come after him again or her or Jessica. Right then, Jared is standing outside the door overhearing.

Dorian tells Ross if he cares about Blair at all, he will help her. SO he must think about it. She tells him if Todd does not marry Téa tonight, she will stop that check. Alone in the room, Ross is not certain what to do. He hears a knock on the door, assumes it’s Dorian and tells her this is not going to work. But it’s Blair. She brings him a tux and tells him they are going to a wedding.

Todd tells Téa that he really has no issues with the fact that she was away for a while. So she hooked up with Ross Rayburn. Then, she came back to Llanview to handle a case. But she tells him that she came back for him. He tells her if her big secret is that she fooled around with the hired help, it really doesn’t matter. It’s in the past. They are getting married. Right then, they are interrupted by the doorbell. He opens the door to see Starr, Jack and Sam dressed in their formalwear. Right then, Todd notices that he is not dressed yet. So he tells them he’s going to rush upstairs. They all smile. But the secret is not revealed.

Charlie is on the phone indicating that he really wants to help his son succeed.

Jared meets with John and Natalie and tells them that he realizes John is just doing his job. Natalie tells him that’s fine as long as John realizes that Jared is a victim and not a suspect. Jared jokes that he’d appreciate if when John has any questions to talk to them together. He laughs and tells John if he talks to Natalie alone, she could knock his block off. John then asks Jared if he knows anything about the camera becoming disconnected or turned off right when he got attacked. Jared admits he has no recollection of that. Alone with Jared, Natalie warns him that John is looking into his background. And she suspects that John thinks he is involved somehow. But he tells her he is not and nobody needs to worry.

Marty gets ready to take Cole to meet Starr for the wedding.

Téa comes out of the shower in her robe and towel and sits on the top of the stairs overhearing Todd talking to Starr about his up and coming wedding. And she looks very worried.

Dorian opens up her patio door hoping she can get Ross to change his mind before Blair gets him to attend the wedding with her.

Ross puts on his tux and is ready to accompany Blair. She goes out the door. But he stays behind her and puts Dorian’s check in his pocket.

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