OLTL Update Wednesday 9/23/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/23/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

David Vickers and Matthew Buchanan are having breakfast at Buenos Dias.  David looks at the front page of the Sun with the headline “LOSERS’ followed by pictures of Bo and Nora Buchanan.  He laments his missed opportunity.  He tells Matthew that instead of the reality show, he should have gone with Matthew’s story.  He says it would have made a great TV movie.  He asks Matthew if he has scheduled the surgery yet.  Bo comes in and says he would like to hear the answer to that.

At their apartment, Layla comes out of her room and finds Cristian in the kitchen.  She asks if he has seen Oliver yet. He says no, but he wouldn’t blame him if he takes the day off.  She agrees and says that they walked out when Oliver finally had the guts to tell them who he really is.  Cristian tells her he saw Oliver staring at the phone last night.  Layla asks if Oliver is still hoping to hear from them.  Oliver comes out and says no, he will never see his parents again.

At the Angel Square Motel, George fish rings the service bell.  John and Marty come down the stairs and George asks them if they know where he may find the proprietor so he can check out.  John asks him if he gave Roxy a credit card number.  George says yes, but he wants a statement.  He says he can give Roxy a message.  Marty tells George he can trust John because he is the Chief of Detectives.  George introduces himself and tells John he was on the force for 25 years.  John concludes that Oliver must be George’s son. George says not anymore.

At the apartment, Oliver tells Layla and Cris he knows they were only talking about him because they care.  Someone knocks on the door.  Oliver opens it to find his mother, Barbara standing there.

At Llanfair, Todd asks Charlie if he is running Viki’s campaign.  He says he is, and they will hit the ground running.  Todd asks his sister if she is scared.  Viki says if Dorian had any more skeletons in her closet, they could open a museum.  She asks Todd and Téa to what she owes this visit.  Todd announces that they have some news.

At La Boulaie, Dorian tells Blair that this is the first time she has seen her since she returned from Tahiti.  Blair says she has been busy.  Dorian says it must have been a shock for her to discover that her daughter and grandchild had been kidnapped.  She asks if it was worth it.  Did she find Ross Rayburn? 

At Llanfair, Todd tells Viki and Charlie that he and Téa are getting married.

At La Boulaie, Blair confirms that she did find Ross Rayburn and disclosed that Ross is Téa’s husband.

At Llanfair, Viki asks Todd when he and Téa are getting married.  Téa says tonight.

At La Boulaie, Dorian tells Blair she means ex-husband.  Blair tells her aunt that Mr. and Mrs. Rayburn are still married, only Téa thinks they are divorced which should put a big monkey-wrench in the wedding she is planning tonight. Blair says that when Todd finds out Téa has been lying to him; he will see her for who she really is.

At the Angel Square Motel, Marty asks George if he has had a falling-out with his son.  George says he doesn’t have a son anymore.  John tells him he works with Oliver.  George says he hopes Oliver hasn’t caused him any problems.  John says Oliver is a good cop.  George asks John if he and his fellow officers know that Oliver is a homosexual.  John says it is none of his business.  George asks if Oliver’s lifestyle doesn’t concern him.  John tells him no more than his concerns George.  George asks John if he has children. John says no.  George tells him he cannot possibly understand.  Marty tells him that she has an 18-year-old son.  He tells her that she knows what he is talking about.  She asks him if he said that Oliver is no longer his child.  He says that’s right.  She tells him she walked away from her son once and it was the worst thing she has ever done in her life.  She asks him not to make the same mistake that she did.

Oliver lets his mother into his apartment, telling her that he thought he and dad had left town.  She tells him that she convinced him to stay the night at a hotel.  Oliver asks if his father knows she is here.  She tells him George thinks she is picking up food for the trip home.  Layla and Cristian leave to give Oliver and Barbara privacy.  Oliver tells his mother that he didn’t think he would ever see her again.  She tells him that his father believes what he believes and she has learned over the years that she cannot change him.  Oliver asks his mother what she believes.

Cole and Starr enter Cole’s apartment.  She tells him it is great.  He tells her he wishes she and Hope could move in. She reminds him that she will be 18 in January.  He says then it will be her, him, and Hope.  Starr says, “And Markko.”

Markko’s father comes into the Buenos Dias and demands to know what Markko said to his mother.  Markko doesn’t know what he is talking about.  Mr. Rivera tells him that Mrs. Rivera came home in tears last night and told him she is leaving him.

At David and Matthew’s table nearby, David says he will see if he can get some habanera pepper sauce as an excuse to leave Bo and Matthew alone to talk.  Matthew tells his father that he wants to have the surgery as soon as possible.  He says he has called Dr. Evans but he hasn’t called back yet.  Bo tells him Dr Evans probably has his hands full with his brother, Shaun.  Matthew reminds his father that Dr Evans will be operating on his spine, not his brain.  Bo tells him that what happened to Shaun could happen to Matthew.  Matthew says it won’t.  Bo explains that the best doctor in the world can’t predict the future.  They do their job and hope for the best.  Matthew reminds Bo of the gymnast, Loretta that Dr Evans helped.  BO tells his son that there is no guarantee that he will have the same outcome. Matthew reminds Bo that it is no longer his decision; Matthew won in court.

At La Boulaie, Dorian asks Blair why Téa thinks she and Ross are divorced if they are not.  She explains that Ross signed the divorce papers but never filed them.  Dorian tells her niece that it sounds like something she would do, except Blair has not learned that Todd is not worth all of that.  Blair says she will not stand by and let Téa make a fool of Todd.  Dorian says it seems that that would be the best sort of revenge.  Blair tells her that Téa is cocky and needs to have the rug pulled from under her.  She says that for some reason, Téa doesn’t want Todd she married Ross so that means there must be more to it.

At Llanfair, Viki asks her brother if this isn’t a bit rushed.  Todd asks why he should wait.  Todd tells his sister that Téa wants to talk to her, but he has some things to attend to so he will be back. Once Todd has left, Téa and Viki go into the parlor.  Téa tells Viki that marrying Todd may be the biggest mistake of her life.  Viki tells Téa that is she is not sure, to make Todd wait.  Téa says part of her thinks that if she waits until she is sure it will never happen.  Téa tells Viki that Todd says he loves her and will never leave her again, and she is making a conscious decision to believe him, but part of her thinks that she is jumping in now before he changes his mind.  Viki surmises that Téa is worried that Todd will go back to Blair.

At La Boulaie, Dorian asks Blair if she has an idea about why Téa wants to keep her marriage to Ross a secret from Todd.  Blair doesn’t know but wants to find out why Téa is lying.

At Llanfair, Viki tells Téa that she knows her brother and his history with Blair.  She says she thinks that Blair has finally gotten Todd out of her system.  Téa disagrees.  Viki reminds Téa that Todd clearly wants to marry her.  Viki asks Téa why she is not sure.  Téa recounts the event from yesterday when Jack found Blair’s boy-toy hiding in the cabana and told Todd who subsequently threatened to burn down the cabana.  Viki surmises that Téa thinks Todd was jealousy.  Viki disagrees.  She says it easy to feel proprietary about an ex but not want them back in your life, especially when they have children together. Téa says it is more than that.  She disclosed that Todd and Blair recently slept together.

Sitting on the staircase at La Boulaie, Todd asks Jack to be his best man.  Jack asks what’s in it for him.

Langston arrives at Cole’s apartment and says it is a cool place.  Starr asks where Markko is.  Langston thought he would be there already.  She says she is sure she is on his way.

At the Buenos Dias, Markko takes his father into the kitchen to talk.  Mr. Rivera tells Markko that his mother wants a separation and has already hired a lawyer.  He asks again, what Markko said to her.  Markko protests that he didn’t say anything to her.  Mr. Rivera accuses Markko of telling his mother to divorce his father.  Markko says he told him mother about school and that his father would probably never let him come home again.  He says his mother said she thinks he would because she has been trying to convince him but he is stubborn.  Mr. Rivera says he is not stubborn, he just knows what’s right.  Markko says that is why he told his mother not to bother.  Mr. Rivera tells Markko that their family is broken because of him.  Markko tells him no, it is because of him.  He loved Langston before he found out that they slept together; he loved Markko.  Mr. Rivera asks Markko if he thinks he doesn’t love him now.  He says sex before marriage is a mortal sin.  Marrko asks why.  He asks who they are hurting.  Mr. Rivera asks Markko who he is to question God.  He tells Markko he scares him.  Markko asks if he is trying to save his soul.  He tells Markko that their faith is part of who they are and Markko is flying in the face of all that they believe.  Markko tells his father that Langston is his soul and if he has to choose between her and his father, he chooses her.

At their table at the Buenos Dias, Bo tells Matthew that he won his case, but it is a big loss for his parents.  Matthew says he is sorry.  Bo picks up the newspaper just as David returns and tells him he doesn’t want to look at it.  Bo doesn’t care what Todd Manning or anyone else thinks; all he cares about is Matthew.  He tells his son he is going to fight to get him to change his mind.  Matthew tells him that his mother already tried that.  Matthew tells Bo that this is his decision.  Bo and Nora will handle it.  Bo tells Matthew that when you lose a child, you don’t just handle it.  It is the worst thing that can happen to a parent.  Bo tells his son he is not willing to take the chance.

At Llanfair, Viki tells Téa to stop doing this to herself.  Téa asks if she is nuts to marry Todd.  Viki asks her if she believes that Todd loves her and will be faithful to her.  Téa says as faithful as she has been to him.  Viki asks what that means.  Téa tells Viki that there are things that she has not told Todd.  Viki asks what sort of things.

In the foyer at La Boulaie, Jack tells Todd that he wants him to get back together with his mother.  He says Téa is hot but she isn’t mom material.  Todd tells Jack that Téa won’t be his mom.  Blair is his mom.  Todd bribes Jack to be his best man with the promise of a new computer gizmo.

In the parlor at La Boulaie, Dorian asks Blair if Ross Rayburn is attractive.  Blair asks why that matters.  Dorian laughs.  Blair insists that she is just using Ross to sink Téa. Dorian wonders how he will do that from halfway around the world.  Blair discloses his location in the cabana. Dorian tells her niece the cabana is not a motel.  Blair says she is just stashing him there until he can escort her to Todd and Téa’s wedding tonight.  Dorian tells Blair she has to cut this out right now.

In the lobby of the Angel Square Motel, George tells Marty he will not talk about his family with strangers.  Marty introduces herself and tells him she is a Psychiatrist.  She tells him that sometimes it helps to talk to someone.  He asserts that he doesn’t need a therapist; he lives by the word of God and cannot condone sinful behavior.  She tells him she is not suggesting he condone anything.  She is really talking about his son who needs his support right now. George says he is on the path to damnation.  John tells George that his son is a hero.  Marty says Oliver helped save her grandchild a few days ago and George should be nothing but proud of his son.  Kyle and his boyfriend come down the stairs and kiss goodbye.  George asks Marty and John if they don’t think that is an abomination.  Kyle overhears the comment and asks what that was. Marty and John take that as their cue to leave.  Kyle tells George he recognizes him.  He asks if he is Oliver’s father and says he is Kyle.  George says he knows who he is; he is the boy who corrupted his son.

At the apartment, Oliver tells his mother that he knows what his father thinks, but he isn’t sure what she thinks.  She says she was raised in the church same as his father.  She says they thought they raised him the same way.  She tells him it is a sin.  He asks her if a sin doesn’t have to be a choice.  She asks him if he didn’t choose to be the way he is. He tells her that if he did, he doesn’t remember when he made it. As Barbara makes her way toward the door, she tells her son that his father will be wondering what happened to her.  Oliver asks her what did happen to her after she saw him with Kyle.  She says she didn’t come here to talk about that.  He says he should have addressed it back then, but then she closed the door on him and he locked it. He asks her if she knows how lonely it was in that closet.  He tells her he was suffocating.  She tells him she thought he would grow out of it.  He tells his mother that after she saw him with Kyle he broke up with him.  He told him that he never wanted to see him again, that he disgusted him.  He tells his mother that he loved Kyle and he gave him up for her.

In the kitchen at the Buenos Dias, Markko tells his father that he respects his beliefs, but he is in love with Langston and there is nothing sinful about that.  Mr. Rivera tells Markko that his mother believes the same thing that he believes.  Markko asks him why then, she is asking for a separation.  Maybe she is tired of hoping he will bend.  Markko asks his father to agree to disagree so they can be a family again.  Mr. Rivera asks Markko if he wants him to just look away.  Markko says yes.  He tells his father he respects him and asks why his father can’t show him the same respect. Markko reminds his father that he taught him right from wrong.  He reminds him how proud he was when Markko gave the commencement speech.  Markko says he thought there was no way he could ever forget that, but his father took it away for how he loves his girlfriend. Markko tells his father that if his mother can’t live with the way things are, then Mr. Rivera is to blame.  He says he has to go; he is moving in with Cole today.  Mr. Rivera says he is not finished.  Markko asks what else there to say.  If he wants to pretend he doesn’t have a son anymore, fine.  He tells him that mom has his address.  If he changes his mind he should drop by, but he needs to understand in his house, his rules.  Markko leaves as his father sits in a booth and watches him through the window. 

At Matthew and Bo’s table nearby, Matthew asks his father if he is going to lay a guilt trip on him. David says Matthew has a point.  Bo tells David to butt out.  Matthew says the last thing he wants is for his parents to be upset and he is sorry that their pictures are in the papers, but he can’t allow their fear take away of his…  David suggests the word courage.  Bo tells David this is between him and his son.  David says he is his son too.  Bo says like hell he is.  Bo tells Matthew that he has already lost Matthew’s brother, Drew and he will be damned if he loses him too.  Mr. Rivera has overheard the conversation from the nearby booth.

Matthew concludes that this is about Drew.  He says Nora had told him Bo was a mess.  Bo tells his son that is not the point.  Bo tells Matthew there are no words to describe how it feels to lose a child.  Matthew tells Bo that he is sorry that he lost Drew but he is not going to stay in this wheelchair because of him.  Bo says that is not what this is about.  Matthew says he has to go and says goodbye to Bo and David as he wheels away.  David suggests that Bo give Matthew some time.  Bo says that don’t have time.  David asks Bo if Matthew was right about Bo preferring to see Matthew in a wheelchair than take the risk of losing him like he lost Drew.

Markko arrives at the apartment he will share with Cole.  Langston asks what took him so long.  He tells her he had to pick up his check at the diner and his dad showed up and laid into him. He tells them that his mother wants a separation and his father says it is Markko’s fault.  When Langston offers sympathy he tells her he is fine; he is done feeling like crap about this.  He says that if his dad wants to disown him, let him.  He says Langston is his family now.

At Llanfair, Téa reveals to Viki that she was involved with someone while she was away from Llanview.  She says she has been unable to tell Todd about him and she doesn’t think she can for a variety of reasons.  She tells Viki that behind her now.  She is moving on.  She says she and Todd are cleaning the slate.  Viki wonders how they will do that with secrets hanging over her head.  She tells Téa that is not a good idea.  She tells her that getting things out in the open, no matter how hard that may be, is definitely the way to go.

At La Boulaie, Dorian tells Blair she needs to let Todd go.  Blair says it is not about Todd.  It is about Téa; she needs to get what is coming to her when Blair shows up at the wedding with Ross Rayburn on her arm.  Jack enters and asks who Ross Rayburn is.  Blair asks her son if he remembers what she told him about knocking.  He says if he knocked, he would never know what is going on in this house.  He asks if Ross Rayburn is the guy in the cabana

At Layla, Cristian, and Fish’s apartment, Barbara Fish tells her son that people can change if they put their mind to it.  Oliver tells her he tried.  He worked so hard to straighten up and to be a guy that likes women but he isn’t.  She protests that he has had girlfriends.  He explains that something was always missing because he is gay. He tells her that he has never felt anything like what he had with Kyle before or since him.  She asks if Kyle told Oliver that he loved him.  He tells her yes, the same way she and her husband love each other; there is no difference.  She tells him she doesn’t think she will ever understand.  He tells her she doesn’t have to.  He just wants her to accept him.  Layla and Cristian enter and see that Fish and his mother are still talking, so they say they will come back later.  Barbara tells them she has to go anyway or Oliver’s father will think something terrible has happened to her. As she is going out the door, Oliver asks his mother if he will ever see her again. She tells him to take care of himself.  He tells her he loves her.  She tells him she loves him too.  He asks her to tell his father that he loves him.  His mother leaves.

At La Boulaie, Jack demands to know if Ross Rayburn is the guy in the cabana or not.  Blair lies and tells her son no.  She tells him it was his swim instructor.  Jack says no, he wasn’t.  Blair insists that it was.  Jack asks his mother how much it is worth to her for him to keep his mouth about what he saw yesterday.  Dorian’s mouth flies open upon hearing this.  Noticing her aunt’s shocked expression, Blair tells her son that she will make it worth his while.  Jack leaves the room.  Dorian tells Blair that Jack is getting more like his father every day. 

Todd returns to Llanfair and announces that Jack has agreed to be his best man.  He asks Téa about Viki.  Téa says she forgot to ask, and then asks Viki to be her matron of honor.  Viki says she would be delighted.  Todd can’t understand how Téa forgot since that is what she came here to talk about.

At Buenos Dias, Bo asks David if he is asking if he would rather have his son alive or dead.  He asks what kind of stupid question that is.  David clarifies that he means he is so opposed to this surgery because he has already lost one son.  Bo asks David what his point is.  David tells his father that he will give him the point as he sees it from Matthew’s point of view.  He tells Bo that he wants to do for Matthew what he wishes he could have done for Drew, but Matthew shouldn’t be held back for something that happened before he was born.  Bo tells Davis that Matthew has no idea what he is gambling with or what it is like to lose a son or what that does to a man.  He tells David that not a day goes by that he doesn’t wish that Drew were still here, but he is not and Bo has to live with that.  David says he is sorry.  Bo tells David that Drew wanted to be a cop because Bo is a cop, and Bo thought he could protect him but he couldn’t and he is not going to make that mistake again. David tells Bo that he can’t live Matthew’s life for him.  Matthew is his own person and sees things his own way.  He asks Bo if didn’t want Matthew to grow up to be an independent person.  He reminds Bo that Matthew took him to court and won, so he is getting the surgery.  David tells Bo that he understands that Bo doesn’t want to lose Matthew, but if he keeps doing this, that is exactly what will happen.

In the Angel Square motel lobby, George Fish tells Kyle that his son was normal before he met Kyle. Kyle retorts that Oliver was miserable trying to be who George wanted him to be.  George says Oliver may have been innocent but he was a man.  Kyle says he still is.  George says not after Kyle took advantage of him.  Kyle says he was as innocent as Oliver was.  George says he doesn’t have to listen to this.  Kyle tells George that Oliver loves his father.  He says that when he met Oliver, he spent half the time talking about George; George is his hero, the reason Oliver wanted to be a cop.  He tells George he is also the reason Oliver lived a lie for so long. Kyle says Oliver was never ashamed about coming out; he just didn’t want George to feel shame.  As Barbara enters the lobby unnoticed, Kyle tells George that he ran into Oliver the other day and he told him what happened.  He thinks his father is done with him.  He asks George if he knows what it’s doing to Oliver to think that he will never see his father again.  He says it’s killing him.  Barbara walks over to George and Kyle.  She and Kyle say hello to each other.  Kyle says he has to go; he will be late.  George tells his wife they should leave now.  Barbara asks if he doesn’t want to say goodbye to Oliver.  George just walks out.  

John tells Marty that she was very good with that guy.  She tells him she was just being honest.  John says he wouldn’t have been as patient.  Marty asks John if he knew about Fish.  He asks her if it matters.  She says that is her point and asks if John thinks Mr. Fish heard a word she said.  John doubts it but thinks Oliver is lucky to have her in his court and so is John.

Cristian opens his apartment door to George and Barbara Fish.  George tells Oliver that he is his son and he has loved him since the day he was born and has always been proud of him, but he cannot accept his choice of lifestyle.  Oliver tells his father it is not a choice or a lifestyle.  George says she will pray for him.  George approaches his father as he thanks him for stopping by.  George turns and walks away before Oliver reaches him.  Oliver tells him to have a safe trip.  Barbara tells Oliver she will call him in a few days, then turns to leave.

At Buenos Dias, David tells Bo that if he is going to hit him to avoid the nose.  Bo asks him why he would want to hit him; David just told him what he thought he needed to hear.  David asks him if he needed to hear it.  Bo admits that when he looks at Matthew, he thinks of Drew; he can’t help it. David asks what about him.  Bo tells David that when he looks at him he doesn’t know what to think.  David reminds Bo that he said David wasn’t his son earlier.  Bo says he was angry; he didn’t mean that.  Bo tells David he is his son.  DNA proves it.  David tells Bo that he knows he never wanted a son like him but he always wanted a dad just like Bo.  He says he sees him work at being a good dad.  He says sometimes he is really bad at it, but at least he tries.  David says that is foreign to him.  He tells Bo that Matthew is lucky to have him.  Bo asks David if he has had breakfast yet.  They sit down together and order sTéak and eggs.

At Cole and Markko’s apartment, Markko answers the door to find his father standing there.  Langston greets Mr. Rivera.  He asks Markko if she is living there too.  Markko tells him no, but if she were it would be between him and her.  Mr. Rivera concedes that Markko is right; it is Markko’s apartment and Markko’s life.  He tells his son that if he ever wants a home cooked meal he is welcome to come anytime and bring Langston.  Mr. Rivera departs.  Langston and Markko have shocked looks on their faces as they hold hands and then happily hug.

At La Boulaie, Dorian tells Blair she is worried about her.  She says even Cramer women can get hurt.  She says this whole plan could tank.  Blair smugly says the only thing that is going to tank is Téa.

At Llanfair, Téa explains to Todd that she and Viki were just talking girl talk. Todd says they were talking about him and asks his sister what Téa said about him.  Charlie enters, saying he is sorry to interrupt and advises Viki that she has a phone call.  Todd tells Viki not to be late to the wedding.  Viki asks Téa to let her know what time.  Viki goes to answer the phone while Todd and Téa head to the door.  Téa stops Todd and says she has something she needs to tell him.

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