OLTL Update Tuesday 9/22/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/22/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Brenda

While in the ER with Jared and Natalie after the unseen stalker assaulted Jared, Clint gets a call from Nora who wonders where he is. She informs him that the judge is about to rule on Matthew’s case but she tells him that he has things to do so he needn’t come down there.

Outside the courtroom, David Vickers surrounds Bo and Mathew and tells his father that he is going to lose his case in court. Nora asks him what he is doing there. David replies that he is there to get his investment returned for what he has spent on Matthew’ legal bills. He is confident that his younger brother will win with the great legal representation he has.

Inside, Elijah asks Téa if she and Todd have set a date for their wedding. Confident that nothing will stop her from marrying Todd, she tells him he need not worry but he knows that she has reasons to worry.

In the park, after Rex finds Stacy with Schuyler talking alone, he surprises her and asks her to marry him. Hearing that, she seems confused and asks him to repeat what he just said.

Stacy and Kim are at Rodi’s together. Now that Stacy really is pregnant, Kim is encouraged but Stacy is not certain.

Rachel goes to the hospital to talk to Greg.

Rex tells Gigi that she is killing the romance. She asks why he would pop the question right there and then in the middle of the park when she is ready to run off to work. He tells her it’s not as if they’ve never talked about marriage before. Something was always in the way. First, Shane needed to get to know him; then he got sick; then there was Stacy now there is no reason to put it off any longer. She then asks if he has suddenly proposed because he saw her in the park with Schuyler.

Stacy admits to Kim that she is worried about getting sick and nauseous while pregnant. She’s worried that Rex will not want her. She did all that crap for Shane with the needle and everything. Yet, Rex did not love her after that. So why will he now? Kim reminds her that she is now pregnant. Stacy reminds her that the real father of her child is a gay stranger.

Fish admits to Cristian and to Layla that now that his parents have found out that he is gay, he is no longer their son.

Kyle Lewis examines Jared in the Emergency Room.

Brody admits he thinks he might know who assaulted Jared.

Near Shaun’s hospital room, Greg admits to Rachel he can do nothing to bring his brother back.

David and Matthew go into the courtroom. David tells his brother that he does want to gloat with him in private. Bo and Nora then remind Matthew that he had something to tell them regarding possibly having a change of heart in suing them to get the surgery authorized then, the conversation got interrupted when he heard that they were all summoned to the courthouse. Bo tells his son it’s not too late to call it all off, if that was his intended plan. Before Matthew can respond, the judge enters and instructs everybody to be seated. She announces that she is ready to render her decision in the matter of Matthew Buchanan vs. Bo and Nora Buchanan.

After Fish concludes to Layla and Cristian that he knows his parents have disowned him now that they know he is gay, she tells him that he heard his mom say that she already knew when she saw him and Kyle together in college but he reminds her that his mother assumed that it was just a temporary phase and would not accept the thought of it being permanent both she and Cristian saw for themselves how bigoted his parents were with the thought that he might have an African American girlfriend and then when they assumed it was Cristian was gay he tells them that the worst part is that he still loves his parents. Right then, he gets a call from John who asks him to help him with a case. John asks Fish to meet him at the hospital and tells him he will forward him the details. Fish gets up to go.

At Rodi’s, Kim tells Stacy that it doesn’t matter if Fish is the biological father of her baby. Fish doesn’t want a child; he’s gay, but Rex does want a child. When the baby is born, Stacy will win Rex over. Stacy asks her what if it doesn’t work. She asks what will happen if she ends up being a single mom with a screaming, puking baby and dirty diapers? She has no clue if it will ever change the way Rex feels about her.

Gigi tells Rex that she knows that he was hiding and spying on her and Schuyler and might have eavesdropped on their conversation that might be the reason why he responds to blurt out and propose she asks him why he would do it for that reason. He tells her that he notices that she feels she can only communicate with that guy so he figured maybe if they were married, she would come to him instead.

At the hearing, Elijah asks the judge to let him give some new information. He informs her that Dr. Gregory Evans made a serious unethical error by performing surgery on his own brother without thinking before acting now his brother is permanently comatose. The same doctor Ms. Delgado believes should operate on Matthew Buchanan. Téa protests that Shaun's surgery has no relevance to this case. Nobody is filing charges against Greg what has happened when Greg failed to save his brother has nothing to do with the surgery he could be doing for her client. What he would be doing for Matthew is a simple procedure that Dr. Evans routinely performs and always has succeeded in doing. Elijah protests that Shaun Evans may never recover because of the mistakes of Dr. Gregory Evans so this is relevant to Matthew Buchanan’s case.

Rachel tells Greg that he has asked her to trust him with her issues. So now, he needs him to trust her and tell her what is really going on. He tells her that he really made a serious mistake that has ruined his family. She tells him that that is not exactly a deep dark secret. It’s human and there is nothing wrong with it. She tells him that he can’t keep torturing himself with what he could or could not have done. The bottom line is that he tried and failed to save his brother. It’s not as if he did this on purpose but he asks her what if he did.

John comes to talk to Jessica and Brody about the information Brody believes about the person who could have assaulted Jared. Brody tells them that he remembers when he went to find Jessica at Nash’s parents’ house when she was Bess. He found out some suspicious things about Nash’s death. The person who assaulted Jared knew something about Nash’s death.

Outside the hospital room, John informs Fish that Jared Banks was assaulted and he needs Fish’s help in uncovering what has happened. Right then, Kyle comes out of Jared’s exam room and is surprised to see Fish. He tells Fish that he heard on the news that he is a police hero, but Fish tells Kyle that things may not be that great. Today he came out to his parents for the first time and admitted his big secret.

At Rodi’s, Stacy tells Kim she must realize that everybody knows that Rex has always only loved Gigi. Stacy tells Kim that she no longer wants to spend any more of her life trying and failing to make somebody love her. Kim then tells her that if she wants to end the pregnancy, they can do that. She is there for Stacy. She asks Stacy to tell her what she wants.

Rex tells Gigi that it sounded like she was giving up on them. H does not want to lose her so he is asking her to marry him but she tells him she can’t right now.

After Greg tells Rachel that he’s afraid that he subconsciously wanted to do this to Greg, she tells him she cannot believe for a moment that he would want to hurt his brother. He tells her that he heard Shaun standing right there, telling him that he knows what Greg is doing. She tells him that that was not Shaun talking, that was Greg blaming himself. Shaun would never blame him for what happened. He tells her that he thinks Shaun would believe Greg would do it so that Greg can have Rachel.

In the courtroom, after both Téa and Elijah stand up to protest to the judge about the relevance of Greg putting Shaun in a coma, she instructs them both to sit down. She tells them that none of this affects her ruling. She has weighed everything that has been said and all of the circumstances involved in the situation and in this hearing. She has ruled that the minor, Matthew Buchanan shall be granted the right to authorize this surgery. Hearing that, Matthew smiles, hugs Téa and gives David a high 5, but he turns to notice his parents and realizes that it may be more complicated than he has anticipated.

After Fish has left to meet John at the hospital, Cristian and Layla assess what they saw from Fish’s parents. He was not joking or exaggerating when he told them that they do not accept gays they might be racist.

At the hospital, Kyle tells Fish that if they cannot accept him, it’s their loss. He did the right thing. He had to stop lying to Layla, to himself and to his parents. Kyle reflects that he has never forgotten the look on his mom’s face when she saw them together. He realized how his parents have such hateful shallow beliefs. Fish tells him that is no excuse for what he did to Kyle. Kyle asks Fish just what motivated him to come out. Fish replies it was a woman. Kyle asks him if it was Layla. Fish replies no, another woman who he met one night and made a mistake with.

Stacy walks in the park with Kim. Kim tells her that she can start over again. Maybe move to another town. She can make it with or without a baby but Stacy tells her no. She is done.

Not far away in the park, Gigi tells Rex if they got married now it would be nothing more than a reaction to his fear that they cannot survive. They both must realize that neither of them is ready to deal with Stacy and the baby being part of their lives.

In the courtroom, after the judge has ruled in favor of Matthew and Téa, Elijah protests that he wants to appeal the case. Téa tells the judge that they have already tied up the courts long enough and time is of the essence for her client. The judge tells them that the order stands. Elijah then tells Bo and Nora that he does not care; they will file an appeal in the morning. He will not stop fighting. Nora and Bo go out the door. Téa and David congratulate Matthew but when he notices how worried his parents appear, he is not certain how react.

Greg tells Rachel that he moved too fast. He acted in haste. He could have at least waited for another opinion but she tells him that he has been fighting himself all night. She asks him if he ahs actually told Shaun that he is sorry for what he did. He admits no. She then asks him to tell brother that now. He then goes over to talk to his unconscious brother, crying and tells him that he never meant to hurt him. He tells him he loves him so much and is so sorry.

Fish informs Kyle that the night Layla found out that he was gay he didn’t want to admit to it. He went to Rodi’s and got terribly drunk so that he didn’t even know what he was doing. He met a woman there, went home with her and had sex with her. He didn’t know her and she meant nothing to him. He just had to prove something yet again. When he woke up the next morning, he realized it’s time to come clean and stop living a lie. Hearing that, Kyle concludes to Fish that whoever this woman is, she really did him a great favor.

While Stacy and Kim are in the park, they observe Rex and Gigi together kissing. She remarks that her sister treats this guy like dirt. Yet she can pull him in like this. She wonders how Gigi can do that. She says Rex deserves better than somebody who treats him like that.

Gigi tells Rex she has to get to work now. He asks her if she really meant what she said about how she was afraid they wouldn’t make it. Maybe she should skip work so that they can talk more.

Stacy and Kim talk about whether they should go back to Vegas or what they should do but Stacy wants to continue to observe Rex with Gigi.

John goes to talk to Jared in his exam room about what he may have noticed about the mysterious guy who assaulted him. Jared admits that since he was caught from behind, he doesn’t remember much. He passed out and when he came to, the first thing he did was drive to the hospital to make sure that Natalie and Jessica were ok. John asks Jared if he has any idea why this guy might have taken off. Jared cannot answer the questions. As John continues to probe, Natalie tells him he needs to back off. Jared has just had a CTC so John needs to leave him alone.

While Greg and Rachel are in Shaun’s hospital room, he tells her about the CD that he gave his brother not long ago and they play it.

When Téa and Elijah go out the hallway of the court, he asks her if she really thinks she’s going to marry Todd and that Ross will agree to sign the papers. She appears confident that that can happen.

Inside, Nora goes to see Matthew and pleads with her son not to go through with the surgery now that he knows what Greg has done to his brother.

In the park, Rex wants to prevent Gigi from going to work but she reminds him how much Shane’s baseball uniform costs and how much Stacy is going to cost him so she has to work. She goes off.

Noticing them from not far away, Stacy tells Kim that she could tell that Rex and Gigi were fighting. Rex is not ok with the way that Gigi has been treating him. It appears that maybe yet again she has a desire to fight for Rex.

At the hospital, Kyle tells Fish that he wants to see him again. It really sucks that his parents cannot accept him.

Layla and Cristian admit that they mean a lot to each other.

In Shaun’s hospital room, Rachel urges Greg to go and be with his sister and parents; he can’t do anything more for Shaun. That’s what Shaun would want. He gets ready to go out the door but once again, he is haunted by a vision of Shaun sitting up on is bed, conscious and alert and ready to confront him.

In the courtroom, Matthew tells his mother that he was scared after what happened to Shaun, but he believes that Téa was correct that that has nothing to do with Greg’s ability to help him walk again. Once he has the surgery, everything will be ok. He leaves with David and Téa, but Nora kneels down on the ground crying intensely. Bo sits by her.

Jessica tells Brody that she is not going anywhere; he is stuck with her. She kisses him.

After John has interrogated Jared and he is now alone in the exam room with Natalie, he tells her that he can see how John McBain really pushes her buttons. She tells him that she was afraid of losing him.

Outside, John and Fish discuss Jared’s case. John indicates that he has a suspicion about something.

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