OLTL Update Monday 9/21/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/21/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

At Buenos Dias, Bo asks Rex how things are with him and Gigi. Rex replies that things are not going the way he wants. Gigi is spending a lot of time with her friend Schuyler Joplin and he’s not okay with that.

Meanwhile, Gigi is walking and talking with Schuyler in the park.

Téa tells Todd that their wedding is off. She cannot marry a man who wants to be with another woman. He tells her there is no other woman he wants to be with. She tell him that the last time he noticed Blair with another man, he wound up having sex with her. So who are they fooling to believe that he’s over Blair?

Blair is with Ross and he is ready to kiss her. She hesitates and makes excuses.

Nora asks Rachel what she is doing. Rachel tells her mother that she has a CD that Shaun gave her that she is going to take to the hospital. She has heard that when people are unconscious they can hear some things on one level.

Matthew asks Destiny how Shaun is. She tells him that she knows that one way or another Greg will fix their brother. At that moment, while Greg is staring at his unconscious brother through the hospital room window, he is distraught and seeing a vision of Shaun telling him that he wanted it to happen. Greg wanted him to die. Greg is haunted with the thought that he will be blamed for what happened to Shaun, and that is what Shaun is telling him unconsciously.

Matthew tells Destiny that he got out of school early and asked his dad if he could give her something that Shaun has earned. It’s the Honorary Medal of Courage. He tells her that Shaun was a real hero. She clarifies, Shaun “was” not a hero. He “is” a hero.

Greg sees Shaun in his vision haunting him and tells him that he knows that Greg wanted him out of the way. They have been doing that their entire lives. Getting Shaun out of the way so that he could be with Rachel is the reason Greg failed to save him.

Rachel admits to Nora that she is not okay with her conflicting feelings regarding the two brothers. She was ready for a date with one brother while kissing the other.

Bo tells Rex that he and Nora may have had a “little moment” before she married Clint, but it did not change a thing. Rex tells Bo he is sorry. But Bo tells Rex that he is not. It was a mistake. Nora and Clint are now happily married. If Rex and Gigi are solid in the same way, then nothing can tear them apart, and it won’t matter if another guy kisses her.

Schuyler and Gigi are in the park talking extensively about his life and career goals. He tells her that he wishes he could be a teacher. He tells her that he really messed up his future with being a teacher. She tells him he should not blame himself for making one mistake. She tells him that she knows a lot of people who can pulls strings to help him. Maybe, Viki Banks can, and Rex is good friends with Bo Buchanan. Schuyler smirks at the thought of Rex helping him knowing that Rex does not care for him.

Ross tells Blair that he knows she wants to convince herself and everybody that she is over Todd. She confirms that she has been for a long time. He then suggests why doesn’t she just move on if that is the case? A beautiful single woman like her could certainly find somebody else if she wanted. She tells him that there is a minor technicality with that in that he is still legally married. He tells her that his “wife” has no clue about that. Blair tells him that that is what she intends to have Téa continuing to believe.

Todd tells Téa that she need not be concerned about Blair. She tells him that she can clearly see that Blair wants him. She says that she does not want Téa around the kids, but Téa does not buy that it has anything to do with the kids. Blair does not want her around Todd. Blair still wants Todd, and she can see that he still wants her. She reminds him if he did not paddle away on a rubber raft in the middle of the ocean to be with Blair the last time he believed he had feelings for her (Téa), why wouldn’t he do it again? Todd then yells at her that he has changed. She asks, while crying, why it is that she keeps living in fear that he will paddle away and abandon her again.

Schuyler asks Gigi if she ever discussed with Rex the explanation for why she found a home pregnancy test kit in Stacy’s trash. She tells him that she has tried and failed to get Rex to see what Stacy could be doing. Plus, Rex found out that Stacy is, in fact, pregnant. It obviously has not been confirmed that it’s his baby. Rex says that he does not want Stacy to be pregnant with his child. But she thinks that deep down inside he is somehow excited to be a father again. That is causing a lot of tension between the two of them.

Rex tells Bo that he and Gigi have to deal with the fact that there is going to be a baby, and that is easier said than done.

Nora tells Rachel that she has every right and reason to be careful with her life. Rachel tells her mother that she stopped doing that and got totally wrapped up in everybody else’s’ life. She got into Nora’s business with Bo and Clint and it was none of her business. Nora tells her daughter she understands that she had a good reason to ask some questions about it.

Bo tell Rex that, obviously, during Stacy’s pregnancy, Rex will have obligations to help out. But once the baby is born, Stacy and the baby will no longer be a “package deal.” Shane will have a new half brother or sister and cousin, and Stacy will still be in his life. It won't be as complicated as it is now. Rex then informs Bo that he wanted to find out if the baby really was his. He demanded that Stacy and the doctor tell him, and they confirmed that she is pregnant. They haven’t a clue nor any way to find out until the baby is born. He doesn’t have the legal right to find out without Stacy’s permission. He doesn’t know how to communicate with Shane. He needs some help from Bo about that. Hearing that, Bo tells Rex that he (himself) is hardly a role model for anybody to be a good father since his own son has sued him.

Meanwhile, Matthew and Destiny talk about the conflict between her two brothers and whether Greg is a super doctor after all. Matthew is silent not knowing what to say when she tells him she knows that Greg will save Shaun even though nobody else is guaranteeing that.

Greg sees the “ghost” of Shaun telling him that he knows he subconsciously wanted to sabotage Shaun’s chances to succeed in his life and wanted to even up the score. He’s obviously angry at his brother. Greg tells Shaun that is not true. Shaun’s ghost tells Greg that he may tell that to the unconscious guy in the bed, but Greg tells Shaun that he’s not angry at him. He is angry at himself.

Gigi tells Schuyler that she has never seen Stacy care about anybody except herself. She would not trust her with a house plant. But for all they know, it’s possible she could turn into a good mom when the baby is born. Schuyler concludes that regardless of what happens with Stacy’s baby, Stacy can’t ever make Rex love her.

Bo tells Rex he will tell him all he knows about handling women, and he does not know a damn thing. That’s the way it is. Guys don’t have a clue. So Rex has to ask. And he tells him that he is lousy at mind reading. Rex shouldn’t try it and expect to succeed any more than he has with assuming to know what somebody is thinking, feeling, and wanting. He tells Rex that you always have a better chance of guessing what is going on when they are talking. You have to keep the lines of communication open. You can’t assume that everything is okay just because people are not yelling. You have to work and take risks or else one day you will wake up and find out that the relationship is no longer a possibility.

Nora tells Rachel that she learned that her history with Bo is over. She’s happy she married Clint. She asks Rachel if she has a similar situation of being torn between two brothers. Rachel tells her mother that she now knows that she should not be in any relationship with any man until she is certain as to what she wants. She must now get to the hospital in order to see how Shaun is.

Shaun’s ghost tells Greg that all he (Greg) wants to do is look good in the eyes of everybody. Destiny, Rachel, and their parents have to see him as the hero. He had to do something that he had no business doing which was operating on his own brother. Greg then yells to Shaun’s ghost and is ready to go out the door. Shaun corners him and asks just how their little sister is going to see her hero now. At that point, Greg admits that he is cornered.

Ross tells Blair that he believes that Todd still carries a torch for her.

Todd tells Téa that he has a dinner planned for them, and he is not going anywhere. But she tells him she cannot make the same mistake she made last time. He asks if she means her last marriage and comments that that must have stunk. But she is not talking about Ross.

Ross tells Blair that he really wishes she did not have this “thing” for Todd. He believes that the two of them could have a lot of fun together. She tells him that he will just have to settle for her dropping criminal charges against him. She goes out the door and appears to have her mind elsewhere. Ross seems disappointed.

Téa reminds Todd that the last marriage they had ended in disaster. He lied to her. She is not certain what is going on with him. Todd tells Téa that there is nothing she does not know about him including the fact that Blair drives him crazy. She tells him that she has a lot of doubts. Todd tells Téa that he wants to be with her. He wants to make this work. She then tells him she wishes she could believe him. He tells her that she can. He will prove it to her.

Schuyler tells Gigi that if Stacy is a lousy parent, the baby will need Gigi and Rex more, and it might bring them closer together. Gigi tells him that that will not happen. No matter how bad of a mom Stacy is, she will stop at nothing in order to “protect her turf.” What she is afraid of is that if Rex will have to work harder to be a better parent to his baby with Stacy, then there will be nothing left for her or for Shane.

When Bo is talking to Rex in Buenos Dias, Matthew enters and asks if he can talk to his dad. Rex leaves. Matthew informs his father that he and Destiny have been at the hospital while Shaun is unconscious and there is no certainty he will ever wake up. He doesn’t know how to deal with the fact that Destiny is planning on having Shaun’s homecoming ceremony and believes that Greg will save their brother. He doesn’t know what to say to her or how this uncertainty could ruin his friend and her family. Bo then tells his son that he has clearly seen that Dr. Evans is not God. Yet, Matthew is still willing to put his life in Greg’s hands.

Greg tells Shaun’s ghost that he did what he had to do. If he had not removed the bullet, Shaun could have died. Shaun demands to know if Greg believes that what has happened is worth it.

Gigi tells Schuyler that she loves Rex, but this whole situation is driving them further and further apart. She hasn’t a clue what to do or say. She asks if she should ask Rex to pay attention to her. While they are speaking, Rex appears and observes them sitting together on the park bench while remaining unseen. Gigi tells Schuyler that she is worried that she and Rex are being driven further and further apart.

Bo tells Matthew that something has happened because of something Greg thought he could successfully fix but did not. Now, Shaun is where he is. Hearing that, Matthew tells his father that is not fair. Bo tells Matthew that he and Nora understand how it is that Matthew wants to have this surgery, but now that Matthew can see how this has affected Destiny and her folks, he must understand how Greg is not infallible and how his parents are afraid they could lose him. That is why they say no to this surgery now. He knows that Matthew may never forgive them and hopes that he doesn’t hate them forever. At the very least, if Matthew does not have the surgery, he will be alive. Yet, Matthew does not appear to agree with what Bo is saying.

Nora and Rachel talk about her conflicting feelings for the two Evans brothers.

Shaun’s ghost asks Greg what is going to happen. Greg protests to his brother that he will figure something out. Shaun reminds his brother that he already did. Greg has now failed him and cost him his life.

Ross tells Blair that he wants to get some food and festivities ready for football season. She tells him that he needs to stay quiet and not make his presence known. He then promises to be a happy and quiet boy if she gets him what he wants. She tells him she will see what she can do and gets ready to go out the door. But he smiles and asks her not to be a stranger, reminding her that it gets lonely where he is.

Todd tells Téa that he can get a judge here tonight and they can get married permanently. She asks him just how many times he has already been married and divorced. He admits how many times. That is one reason why he is not about to go before a local judge or pastor. She asks him if he is only acting out of his sense of shame. He then gets down on one knee. They both smile. He tells her that he wants to marry her -- only her. He asks her what she says. At that moment, Blair enters to see them and clearly appears not to be okay with what she has seen. Téa tells Todd she cannot marry him tonight. He then asks her who is paddling away tonight. She tells him she wants a real wedding with cake, a dress, flowers, wine and all the festivities. He then asks her that if tonight is too soon for her and admits that tomorrow is too late for him. He needs to figure out what to do. If she wants the dress and flowers, then he wants to marry her in one week.

Blair returns to Ross. He wants to talk and engage with her. All she can think about is how she has overheard that Todd and Téa are getting married in a week. He appears as though he could care less, but Blair obviously does care.

Todd tells Téa that they can get married right in Llanview. He will make certain that Blair is nowhere around.

Blair tells Ross that she will rub Téa’s marriage to Ross right in her smug little face. She is furious. Téa gets a call from the courthouse while with Todd and tells him she has to take this. Todd makes a call to make arrangements to have a wedding in a week.

Matthew tells both of his parents he needs to talk to them. This lawsuit has really messed everything up for the family, he tells them. He needs to say for the first time that he is sorry. He has really been thinking about what matters. He realizes that having a family around that loves him is more important than anything else. Before he can finish what he is saying to his parents, he is interrupted by a phone call. It’s Téa. She tells him he has to go to the courthouse right now because the verdict on his case has come in.

Greg leans over unconscious Shaun in the OR and urges his brother to tell him what he needs. Whatever it is, he will fix it. He pleads with Shaun to tell him what he needs to do. Rachel enters and observes him, stunned.

Rex comes up to Gigi and Schuyler and appears to be happy and upbeat. He tells Gigi that he wants to move forward. It appears that he is proposing to her.

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