OLTL Update Friday 9/18/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/18/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Langston, Starr, and baby Hope are in the Buenos Dias Café waiting for their boyfriends. Starr asks Langston how it feels to date a college guy.  She says she keeps having visions of sorority girls. Starr asks Langston if she thinks Markko would cheat.  Starr reminds her that Markko lives with Starr’s aunt and their relationship is solid.  Langston tells Starr that every couple thinks that when they are together. She tells Starr to look at her parents. They have been married a number of times, and each time they thought it would last.  Starr says she thinks they still do.

At La Boulaie Téa tells Blair to stop playing games, man up, and tell her what her problem is with Téa and Todd getting married.  Blair says it has nothing to do with her, claiming to have been very respectful of Téa and Todd.  She tells Téa she doesn’t care what she does; she can flaunt her so-called relationship with Todd all over town but don't dare come into Blair’s house. Téa asks Blair if she thinks her relationship is a sham. Blair asks what other reason she could have to ask Blair’s children for their blessing. Téa says it’s because their father wants them involved in his life. Blair says she thinks it is because she wants this engagement to look like the real thing. Téa asks why it wouldn’t be. Blair tells Téa she knows what she is hiding.

Ross locks himself in the cabana. Outside the door, Todd tells him he knows he is in there.  He tells him the money Blair is spending on him is Todd's, so he gets to approve all of her men. He tells him to come out and show his face so Todd can decide if he wants to tear it off or not.

In his room at the Angel Square Motel, Kyle reads the article about the drug bust.

At Layla, Cristian, and Oliver’s apartment, Oliver’s father George, has discovered the book “How to Tell Your Parents You’re Gay.” Oliver tells him he can explain. George tells him he doesn’t have to understand. He thinks he and his wife understand.

Brody and Jessica are kissing in his hospital room when Natalie enters and covers her eyes, telling them to stop. Natalie asks how Llanview’s newest hero is. Jessica tells her he is about the same as he was when she saw him this morning. Natalie asks if she can't visit twice. Jessica asks her sister what is going on. Natalie admits that something happened at B.E. She says it’s not a big deal; they just wanted to warn her. Jared stumbles into the room, beaten up.

Kyle’s boyfriend arrives at his door with a bottle of champagne to celebrate Kyle’s admittance into medical school.  He says his mom always wanted him to end up with a hot doctor.  Kyle thanks him; they kiss.

At the apartment, Oliver asks his father if he just said that he understands. George says it is not much of a stretch; they pretty much figured. Oliver asks how. George tells him they are not blind, and the book just clinches it. Oliver says this is not what he expected. George says you see it all when you have been a cop as long as he has been. Oliver says he doesn’t know what to say. George tells him he doesn’t have to say anything. It’s as clear as day. Cristian is a homosexual.

At La Boulaie, Téa tells Blair she isn’t hiding anything, but Blair must know that already since her expedition into her past didn’t turn up any skeletons. Blair surmises that Todd told Téa about it. Téa asks if that comes as a shock to her. Blair asks if she means that Todd told the truth. Téa clarifies that anyone does. Blair sarcastically says she is a big, fat liar. What Téa has created with Todd through lying, scheming, and mindless, emotionless sex is so pure and honest? Téa tells Blair she doesn’t know anything about her and Todd or about being honest with the man that she loves.  Blair says she does know about secrets.  She know Téa’s big secret that she doesn’t want Todd to know because it would stop him from ever marrying her.

In the cabana, Ross looks for his cell phone while Todd considers what weapons are outside.  He picks up the pool net, then the rake.  He finally gives the intruder two options; he can come out, or he can stay in the cabana while he burns it down.  Todd has found starter fluid and matches.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Starr tells Langston that her dad is getting married to Téa.  Langston says, "That was fast."  Starr agrees that it was a little too fast.  She says her mom and dad still run in each other’s blood, especially when they are fighting. She concludes that some people can’t stay apart.  Cole enters the café with Markko and they join their girlfriends.  Cole announces that he has earned his GED, so he is officially out of high school.

At the hospital, Jessica runs into the hallway yelling that they need a doctor. A nurse comes in and says Jared needs to get to the ER. He says he is not leaving Natalie so that freak can come after her. Brody asks what freak Jared is referring to. Jared discloses that the stalker attacked him right after Natalie left.

At the Buenos Dias, Cole announces that he is going to Llanview University; he registered this morning.  He says he and Markko will have so much fun.  Langston tells Markko not to have too much fun.  He asks her if she seriously thinks he is going to cheat on her.  Between school and work, he won’t have the time.  Besides, he couldn’t take anyone home; he lives with Mrs. Banks. Starr says their next mission is to find Markko a place.  Markko says right now they just need to celebrate. Markko’s mother enters and asks if school went well; she wants to hear all about it.

At the apartment, Layla asks George if he thinks Cris is gay.  Cris asks her if she didn’t hear George say it is as plain as day as he hands Layla the book. George says it all makes sense now. Cris asks what he means. George says Oliver didn’t want them to visit. He has been having a hard time since he moved in with Cristian. He says it is not as if Oliver has a lock on his bedroom door; anyone would feel uncomfortable. Oliver says he is not uncomfortable. George says Oliver has been acting strange ever since he moved in there. George tells Cristian that Oliver was not raised that way; their family does not believe in the homosexual lifestyle.

At La Boulaie, Téa asks Blair what she thinks her secret it. Blair says it is Téa’s secret; she is not going to say it aloud.  Téa tells Blair that she can do nothing to stop her from marrying Todd. Blair receives a text message from Ross that says “Trapped in cabana. Todd outside. Fire. Help!” Blair says she has to go. Téa tells her she isn’t going anywhere as she moves in front of Blair to block her way. Blair says she doesn’t have time for this. Téa tells her she will make time.  Blair tells Téa that if she wants out of this with Todd; why else would she make him jump through hoops?  Téa tells her a proper courtship is not a hoop. Blair asks why she needs her kids’ blessings. Téa tells Blair that she wants Todd’s kids to approve of the wedding. Blair tells Téa she just wants an excuse to bail because she can’t live up to Todd’s standards. Téa asks Blair if she is that standard. Blair tells her it is ironic that a man with so many flaws cannot accept them in others. She tells Téa that she is terrified that Todd will find out the truth about her. Blair goes outside, on her way to the cabana.

At the cabana, Todd tells Ross that he has everything except marshmallows and graham crackers. Ross tells Todd not to do anything stupid.  Todd says he takes his grilling seriously, as he douses the door with starter fluid.  Ross asks him if he is really going to burn the house down.   Todd tells him yes, it is, kind of, his specialty. He asks if Ross prefers rare, medium, or well done.  As he lights the match, Blair throws a bucket of water on Todd. She asks him what is wrong with him. He asks the same of her. She reminds him that he was just about to burn the house down and he tells her he was trying to smoke out the "man-whole" she has in there. He tells her Jack told him about it.  Blair tells him that Jack will say anything to get attention.  Todd suggests he give the boy attention instead of her boy-toy. Blair asks him why he cares whether she has a guest or not.  Téa comes up and says that is a good question. Todd tells her it is not about Blair, it is about Jack; he has a right to know who is playing daddy to him. Blair says he does not. Todd reminds Blair that she has been saying the same thing about Téa since they got together.  Téa asks if that is all there is to it.  Todd goes back to the cabana door and tells the person inside that he had better come out by the time he counts to five. He lights a match and the door opens.

At the hospital, the nurse tells Jared that he could have a cracked rib.  He asserts that he is not going anywhere. He says he will go to the ER as soon as they are finished here.  Natalie tells him to sit down. Brody tells him to tell them everything that happened. He tells them that they received another DVD from the stalker, but this time he showed himself.  Natalie clarifies that he was shadowy and distorted his voice.  Brody asks what the stalker said.  Natalie says he said that she and Jared were responsible for Nash’s death and that he was going to make them pay. Jared tells Brody that after watching the DVD, Clint went to talk to the hospital and Natalie came here to the hospital to warn Jessica. Once he was alone, he got jumped. Brody tells him he is lucky he is not worse off.  Jared says he doesn’t think he wanted to hurt him. His injuries are from fighting him off. It felt like the assailant was trying to kidnap him.

In Kyle’s room, he and his boyfriend are kissing and then Kyle stops when he catches a glimpse of Oliver’s picture on the front page of the newspaper on the floor. He says he can’t do this.

At the apartment, George Fish tells Cristian that he seem s like a good guy and it is going to be hard to tell his parents he is homosexual.  Cristian plays along and tells him that some parents are worse than others are.  George tells Cristian to think twice before he tells them, because he is going to break their hearts.  Cris tells him not to worry, his father died when he was a kid.  George says that explains it; he never had anybody show him how to be a man, but it’s time to fix that.  He tells Cristian that his church has a group that meets every Sunday morning.  Perhaps there is something like that in Llanview.  He tells Cristian it is a sickness.  Oliver tells his father that this is none of his business. George says he is trying to help Cristian and asks Oliver if he thinks Cristian enjoys being like this. Cristian asserts that nothing is wrong with him.  He says that as far as he is concerned, George is the one with the problem.  George asks if he likes living this lifestyle. Cristian corrects him that it is not a lifestyle.  Cristian tells him that this is who he is and he is not going to change for anyone. Looking at Oliver, he says no one should have to change. George says that’s too bad.  He tells Barbara and Oliver they are going.  He is going to find Oliver a new apartment.  Oliver tells his father he lives here; he can’t just leave. George says he will cover Oliver’s rent, but he may not stay with these people.  Oliver tells his father that he likes “these people.” George tells him he only thinks he does. Oliver says he doesn’t need his father to tell him what he thinks. He is a grown man.  Cristian tells George that he thinks he and Barbara need to leave. George says he isn’t going anywhere with out his son. Oliver tells him to stay and talk about it. George tells him there is nothing to talk about. He tells his son that his roommate is a degenerate who is going to Hell. Oliver tells his father that he is going to Hell too, then. He reveals that Cristian is not gay; he is.

In Brody’s hospital room, Brody tells Jared that if his assailant wanted to kidnap him he would have to knock him out or subdue him. He couldn’t just grab him and drag him down the hall at Buchanan Enterprises. Jared says if the guy wanted him dead, he would have killed him. He was alone in his office; the guy could have hit him over the head or slit his throat, but he didn’t. He tells them that the assailant put his hand over Jared’s mouth and started to drag him to the door. He put him in a sleeper hold and that is when he fought back.  Brody asks if Jared got a look at the guy. Jared says no, he grabbed him from behind. Brody asks if he got a good look at his hands. He asks if he noticed a watch or tattoo.  Jared says he was preoccupied with trying to get him off of his back. He says the guy punched him hard and took off.  Then Jared drove over here on pure adrenaline. Brody asks what security did.  Jared doesn’t know; he didn’t stop to ask. He just needed to get here to make sure Natalie and Jess were okay.  Brody says he doesn’t think the assailant will press his luck today after Jared got away from him. Jared says they don’t know that, and Brody is in no condition to protect anybody. Jessica asks what their next move will be considering this guy isn’t just hanging around and leaving packages anymore.

At the cabana, Todd greets “twinkle toes.”  He tells Todd he has a name. Blair rushes in and tells Chad, the lifeguard from the country club, she is sorry about this. Ross is hiding behind the door.  Todd tells Blair he sees that aqua boy came back to give her another private lesson. He tells her she can do better than that. She asks him where Téa went. He goes after Téa.

At the apartment, Oliver asks his father if he heard him.  George says they heard.  Oliver says he didn’t want to tell him this way.  He admits that he didn’t think he would ever tell them, but then he found the book. He tells his father that Cristian bought the book for him because he knew Oliver’s parents were coming and Oliver was afraid they would find out the truth.  He says Cris didn’t think Oliver should keep living like that. George tells Oliver that he is a good guy for standing up for his roommate like this, but Cristian needs to stand up for himself.  Oliver tells his father that he is standing up for himself.  He tells his father that he was always afraid to say he is gay.  Cristian and Layla are the first people he told.  He reiterates to his father that he is gay and Cristian and Layla are helping him with it, even though he doesn’t deserve it.  He tells his father that he has hurt so many people by pretending to be something that he is not, and he can’t pretend anymore.  Layla tells Mr. Fish that after it sinks in, he will realize that Oliver is the same person today that he was yesterday.   George tells her she doesn’t know anything about his son, but he knows who Oliver is. Oliver tells him no, he doesn’t but his mom does. George asks Barbara what Oliver is talking about. Oliver encourages his mother to tell his father what she knows; his father will listen to her.

At the Buenos Dias, Langston says hello to Mrs. Rivera.  Markko’s mom tells her son that she was hoping to catch him after classes.  He and his mother go to a booth alone.  Cole asks if Langston thinks that is good news or bad news.  Langston tells him she has learned not to get her hopes up when it comes to Markko’s parents.  Starr says Mrs. Rivera didn’t seem upset.  Cole adds that she came all the way down here.

Sitting in their booth, Mrs. Rivera tells Markko that he looks good; college, obviously, agrees with him. She says it didn’t seem right that she should miss his first day. She asks him how it was. He tells her that his classes seem interesting and he like his professors. She asks him if he was able to get any housing money from the financial aid office. He says no, but he will be able to get out of Mrs. Banks’ house soon. She asks if Mrs. Banks has asked him to leave. He tells her no, but he almost has enough money to rent a room somewhere. She gives him an envelope containing money that she has saved out of her household budget.  He asks what his dad is going to say. She tells him not to worry about that.  He surmises that his father doesn’t know his mother is here, and he will never be able to go home again.  She tells him she has been working on his father.  He tells her to stop trying to change his father’s mind.  He says the longer he is gone, his dad will become more used to him being gone, and he will too. So they should just accept it. She cannot accept her son and her husband not speaking to each other.  He tells her it happens. She tells him they can work this out. He disagrees. He tells her this isn’t some stupid little thing about who breaks first; this is about who Markko loves, and that is Langston. Mrs. Rivera tells Markko that “that girl” is not like them.  He asks if he is supposed to stop loving her because his dad says to. He asks what kind of person he would be if he did that. He tells his mother that he would never ask her or his father to do that for him. She assures him that she knows that he is a good person. Markko tells her that when his father figures that out he can come find him, but until then, he will not be home.  Mrs. Rivera apologizes for upsetting Markko; she just wanted to tell him how proud she is of him. She tells him her little boy is all grown up. He watches her as she leaves.

In Kyle’s room, his boyfriend asks him if he said or did something. Kyle tells him no, he is great.  The boyfriend wonders why Kyle is pulling away from him.  Kyle kicks the newspaper under the chair and lies that he is on duty at the hospital soon.  The boyfriend says Kyle is withholding something.  He asks if Kyle really has to go to the hospital or if this is about Oliver.

At the apartment, George asks Barbara what Oliver is talking about. She doesn’t respond. Oliver reminds his father of the time they came up to the college for parents’ weekend when he was a senior.  He reminds them that they went to the hotel to take a nap and Oliver told them he was going to the library to study.  Mr. Fish asks what that has to do with anything.  Oliver says his mom forgot her gloves and came back for them; she walked in on Fish with Kyle, looked at him like he was a stranger, and left.  Oliver says he broke up with Kyle that day and ever since then, he and his mother have been pretending it didn’t happen. Kyle starts crying as he tells his mother he can’t do that anymore and asks if she can.

At the cabana, Blair hands Chad a wad of cash and thanks him for getting there so quickly. He reminds her that she told him it was an emergency; he thought someone was drowning.  He tells her that he doesn’t usually have to crawl through cabana windows to be yelled at by people’s ex-husbands. She gives him more money and tells him it will never happen again. Chad leaves.   Blair tells Ross he was supposed to stay out of site. He tells her it all worked out. She tells him it had better not happen again. He says he can’t make any promises because it is much too fun watching her think on her feet.  He comes in close to her and tells her it is pretty sexy, too.

Todd catches up with Téa as she is entering the back door to the main house.  She tells him to get away from her.  He asks her to tell him what is wrong so he can apologize.  She tells him she has heard it all before and she doesn’t believe it.  She tells him she has to get out of there.  She says this is where Blair is, and that is where he belongs. 

At the Buenos Dias, Markko returns to his friends. He says they should toast to freshman year.  Cole says he thinks they should toast to roommates.  Markko doesn’t understand. Cole tells him that his mother has agreed to take care of the rent at his apartment as long as he keeps up his grades.  He says his apartment has two bedrooms so if he wants it; the second bedroom is Markko’s, as long as he tutors him. Markko says, "It’s a deal."

Kyle tells his boyfriend that he really does need to get to the hospital; the Dean has made it clear that he is on thin ice at the school. He can’t show up late or with a hint of alcohol on his breath. He says he won’t be long and invites his boyfriend to wait in his room. He promises that they will celebrate when he gets back. Kyle leaves. His boyfriend sits on the bed and notices the newspaper under the chair. He picks it up and sees Oliver’s picture, which upsets him.

At the apartment, George tells Barbara to say it didn’t happen. Fish asks his mother to tell the truth. He promises that it will be a relief. Barbara says she thought it was a phase. He was young. She didn’t think it meant anything, and she thought he would grow out of it.  George walks out.  Barbara tells Oliver she is sorry as she follows her husband.  Oliver stands in the doorway and cries.  Cristian stops Layla from going to Fish.

In Brody’s hospital room, Natalie tells Jared he needs to get to the ER.  Jared says he isn’t going anywhere until they figure out how to handle this.  Brody tells him they have to let the police handle it.  He tells him they won’t let anyone be abducted. Meanwhile, they are being watched through the window.

At La Boulaie, Todd asks Téa who told her that he belongs here. She tells him he did. She tells him that after everything he says and does, she should learn her lesson that he can’t change.  He asks if she thinks he can’t change. He asks about their date. He picked her up and got her a corsage. She tells him she hates corsages, they are bracelets with dead flowers on them.  He asks if asking her to marry him doesn’t count. She tells him not when it happened so fast. He tells her they can slow it down. She tells him she doesn’t want to marry him. The wedding is off.

In the cabana, Blair tells Ross not to get fresh with her.  She tells him he almost spoiled her plans by letting Todd see him.  He tells her that Todd wouldn’t have seen him if it were not for her spoiled, brat son. She slaps him and tells him not to call her son a brat.  He says how about willful and over privileged. She puts her hand up to slap him again, but he catches her arm, pulls her to him, and kisses her.  She kisses him back.   

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