OLTL Update Thursday 9/17/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/17/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the station, Dorian indicates to Viki and Charlie that she regrets helping Mayor Lowell get reelected. But, she tells them that she knows that Viki is not going to be the next mayor of Llanview. She has an opponent. She is Viki’s opponent.

Blair enters the house looking for Ross and is startled to see that he is laying on a chair by the pool sunning. He tells her she may relax. Nobody is anywhere nearby. But she tells him if Todd or anyone catches him, their plan is shot.

Todd and Téa come through the door after he’s told her that they need to go and announce their engagement to his kids. She tells him that she has some concerns about having his kids know. He tells her she must know that Starr likes her. But she reminds him that Jack calls her half naked lady. He tells her she does not have to worry.

Fish is reading aloud the book that Cristian and Layla gave him. Layla enters and sounds encouraged seeing he is reading it. But he tells her regardless of that, there is no way he’s going to tell his parents that he is gay.

Right then, Fish’s parents enter the Buenos Dias and meet Cristian. He is not certain what to tell them.

David is on his phone talking to his contact about getting him out of Llanview. Right then, he hears on the radio that Mayor Lowell’s’ former campaign manager, Dr. Dorian Lord is issuing a statement.

Clint, Natalie and Jared gather around B.E. to listen to Dorian and to VIki while they give their speeches. Dorian tells the crowds that she is a well known distinguished member of Llanview and being a public servant is something she can easily do. Viki asks her what she thinks she is doing. Dorian tells Viki that she(Viki) is in for the fight of her life. Someone asks Dorian what qualifications she has. She replies that she is a doctor and member of the hospital board. And most importantly, she has been an ambassador to a well known country. Viki and Charlie listen very annoyed. Dorian announces that she wants to be th mayor of Llanview because she wants change. Hearing that, Viki asks Dorian just how she can say that she wants change when only a day ago, she was ready to get mayor Lowell reelected. This is a man who perpetrated drug trafficking and murder.

Fish tells Layla that he knows so many people have it so easy. There are guys who can easily be honest with their parents. Kyle’s parents were totally ok with it. In fact, he was not the one to tell them. They told him They knew since he was a child and imitated for him to date boys when he was young. But she tells him she thinks it would be great for him to have no more secrets from his family. He tells her that would be great if he could do that. But he can’t. She tells him that he still has a day before they are in town.

At Buenos Dias, Mr. and Mrs. Fish talk to Cristian and mention that their son has told them all about him. Mrs. Fish remarks that she can notice his muscles. Cristian makes effort to tell them that his roommate, their son has dirty clothes to clean up and attempts to stall them. But they tell him that they do not want to wait any longer to see their boy.

When Todd and Téa enter Dorian’s home, Jack asks why she is there. Todd tells his son that she has a name. It’s Téa. And Jack needs to respect her. They greet Starr and are ok that she and Cole and Hope are ok but unfortunately they do not know the verdict for Shaun. Todd then announces to his daughter that he and Téa have something to tell them. She smiles and asks them if they are getting married.

Outside by the pool, Blair asks Ross just how she is going to explain to her kids if they find him. And right then, Jack enters and answers that question by telling his mom he guesses they are about to find out.

Téa asks Starr what she thinks about her and Todd getting married. Starr smiles but admits that it’s kind of overwhelming. Todd asks her if she does not like Téa. Starr tells her father of course. He asks her if she does not want her old man to be happy. She tells him if it’s possible. She then tells the two of them that she gives them her blessing. She will do that as soon as she gets engaged to Cole. But she asks her dad what will happen as soon as her mom finds out. They tell her that Blair already has found out.

Jack enters and asks his mom who this strange guy is. Ross asks Jack if he does not remember him. They met when Jack was really little. He is ready to reveal his real name to Jack. But Blair tells her son that his name is Randy Abner. Jack tells his mom he knows that this guy is her “friend” just like half naked lady is daddy’s “friend”. But Blair knows that if she lets her son go inside, he will reveal that Ross is there. She then goes after Jack to make certain he doesn’t tell all.

Clint tells Natalie and Jared that he knows that some strange man is out there stalking them. Right then, a messenger comes to deliver an envelope for them.

Dorian announces to the press that he does not want any mudslinging. She wants a clean campaign This is politics. Nothing will change. But there is one thing that will change. If the people of Llanview vote for Dorian Lord, she can promise that she will always uphold the principles of American democracy. Viki tells Charlie that Dorian will dig her own grave and they need not do anything to get her to lose. Dorian comes by and smirks to Viki telling her that she must realize she (Viki) is going to lose. But Viki tells Dorian that as soon as the public knows about her (Dorian’s) record and al the trouble she’s gotten into, nobody will have to make any effort to get her defeated. Right then, David Vickers rushes over and indicates that he knows all about Dorian’s shady past. Right then, Viki remarks that she rests her case.

Layla tells Fish that she is no longer angry with him for deceiving her about his sexuality. And maybe what he can do now is help himself by no longer hiding the truth from his parents. Hearing that, he asks her just how she suggests he does that. Right then, Cristian walks in with Fish’s parents while they announce a surprise visit. They tell their son that they want to take him and Cristian and Layla out to dinner, They ask where she is, unaware that they are looking at her. Fish tells them she’s right here in the room.. When they see her, they make it clear that they are less than excited because she is “black”.

Viki tells David Vickers that she is really happy he is there. She could use a man like him on her staff. But he tells her he would rather be a paid celebrity endorsement. She tells David she thinks this would be right up his alley. She needs somebody to do opponent research. And who better than Dorian’s ex husband?

The security officer talks to Clint, Natalie and Jared about the suspicious mail and assures them he can detect what is safe and what is not. But right then, they hear and see a man with a dubbed voice and blackened face from the computer screen telling Jared that he is responsible for the death of Nash Brennan and will pay.

Todd and Téa tells Starr that they have informed Blair about their engagement, she tells them she finds that hard to believe. She knows if her mother heard that, she would not be ok. But they tell her that Blair knows all about it and is at peace with it. Both Starr and Jack are very surprised to hear that Blair is not fighting it nor appearing upset. Jack tells Todd that he cannot marry her. What about mom? She just married McPain and then divorced him. Blair tells Jack that his father wants Téa and it’s not their job to see if he’s thought it through or not. And they’ve been married before. SHe attempts to be ok with it. Téa reminds Blair how many husbands she’s(Blair) had and how many times she’s been married.

The security guard tells Clint, Natalie and Jared that they are stepping up their surveillance footage. Natalie asks what they do in the meantime to project themselves. He is not certain but knows that David Vickers is now a member of their family.

After Vii tells David that maybe he could help with her campaign, he asks Charlie what he thinks about that. Charlie admits that he might have reservations. Dorian is outraged that David would want to help Viki. But he tells her hat he really has nothing else left to do. His own father will not even speak to him just because he’s blown all of his money on his little brother’s medical bills. He needs work. Viki is offering him a job. He does not hear any other offers. Dorian then tells him he may join her. David can be her campaign manager. She doubts that Viki could match what Dorian will pay him. That is, unless, of course, she wants to part with her beloved Charlie.

After Mr. and Mrs. Fish raise objections that Layla is African American, Fish asks why they have a problem with that. They act as though they are ok and tell them they want to all go to dinner together. They want Layla to tell them everything like what church she belongs to and how their son met his girlfriend. At that point, Fish interjects and tells his parents that she is not his girlfriend. He adds that they broke up.

Blair asks Todd and Téa just when the big day is. She appears ok with it and tells them she’d like to attend. But they do not trust that. Jack tells them he believes that this bites and he walks away. Starr then tells them she must go and check on Hope and bids them congratulations. Todd goes out to find Jack. Alone with Téa, Blair indicates that she has been plotting a scheme to make certain that Téa does not do what she intends to do and she talks about an island that she knows about. Todd then goes and tells Jack that he was rude to Téa. Jack tells his father he does not dislike her but is not ok with his dad marrying her. He knows that his mom is not either.

After Fish and Layla tells his parents that they have broken up, they ask why they were not informed about it and how it happened. She replies that she thinks very highly of their son. But he’s not the “right” person for her. Both she and Cristian talk about how Fish performed a heroic act and put his life on the line to save a young girl and her baby and uncovered a drug operation. They should be very proud of their son. Layla tells them that she believes whomever their son ends up with will be very lucky to have him. Hearing that, Mrs. Fish asks her why, they she(Layla) would not want to be the “lucky one”.

Viki admits to David that she is sorry. But everybody on her campaign is a volunteer. But, Dorian tells David she can pay him really well. VIki tells him that there are opportunities for growth even though not monetary. Dorian tells David that the only growth he will get will be calluses on his hands. And David is torn between the two offers of the two competing women. He then announces to both of them that he has made his decision. He tells VIki he’s terribly sorry. She tells she understands. He tells Viki she is his very best friend in the entire world.. He goes off with Dorian. When Charlie is alone with VIki, he tells her he had no clue that she would want Vickers on their team. She tells him that she is completely ok with having David working with Dorian. In no time, they will be at each other’s throats. And right then, we can hear David demanding a private jet and may things that outrage Dorian to hear him demanding. Charlie smiles at his wife and tells her hat he knows she is brilliant.

Fish tells his parents that there is a little more that Layla has not told them. He asked her not to. There are some things he did not want to tell them because it might change their opinion of him. He then sits them down and is ready to tell them. And right then, his father discovers the book on the couch about gay men coming out.

Téa tells Blair that Todd may believe that she is ok with their engagement. But she is not buying it. She knows that Blair has a scheme. So Blair needs to tell her what is really going on. Blair then tells Téa she will do just that.

Right then, Todd goes out to the pool to catch Ross. But Ross rushes into the cabana and closes the door.

Natalie is headed to the hospital. Jared is alone in his office. And right then, somebody attacks him from behind.

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