OLTL Update Wednesday 9/16/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/16/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Commissioner Bo Buchanan is in his office reading the headline story in the Sun “LPD BUSTS LLANVIEW DRUG RING.  Security Guard Shaun Evans In Coma -- Chance Of Recovery Is Said To Be Small.”  An officer knocks on his door. Bo asks him everything is set.  The man says yes, but none of the men he is honoring will be there. Bo says he has it covered.  

Marty sits up in John’s bed and says that was better than she remembered it.  He tells her it was making up for lost time.  He tells her he can take the day off. She tells him she cannot, but she has a few hours before her first patient.  They go at it again. 

Cole tells Starr that Hope is asleep and asks if there is any chance that they can go back upstairs.  She tells him that Bo wants them to go to the station to give statements.  

Langston tells Dorian that she had a feeling Cole wasn’t really doing community service but is surprised to find out that he was working undercover for John.  Langston says the newspaper article she is reading doesn’t say how Cole’s cover was blown. She asks Dorian if she knows.  

Oliver Fish walks into the living room to find a framed copy of today’s newspaper and Cristian and Layla making him breakfast, congratulating him.  They tell him he is awesome.  He tells them he doesn’t deserve all this, especially not from Layla. She tells him to forget about all that.  She says Cristian got up at dawn to get the newspaper and she did the framing and the balloons.  They tell him they made a huge breakfast for him and he needs to eat before he goes to work. He informs her that he is taking his first day off since joining the force. She tells him Bo called and said Oliver has to come in today.  

Jessica reads the portion of article that mentions Brody to him in his hospital room. Charlie and Viki enter, Charlie continuing to read the part him rescuing Starr and Hope uninjured. Brody thanks them for coming to see them.  Viki tells him he knows how important Starr and Hope are to them, and he saved their lives. They tell him he is a hero. Viki tells him he looks well.  Jessica tells him it is too bad he couldn’t make it to the police station today because Bo asked them all to go there, but she doesn’t know why.  

In his office, Bo lines up four boxes on his desk.  David and his camera crew enter. Bo asks what he is doing there. David informs him that it is “Bring your kid to work day.”  Bo tells David that he has to leave and take his crew with him.  David tells him today is the day after a major drug bust and he wants to hear all about it from his dad, the hero.  Markko Ford and David clap. David begins the segment by telling the camera that Starr Manning and her baby are safe because of his father.  He says he has never been as proud of anyone as he is of his father right now.  Except for himself when he landed the reality TV gig.  Bo asks David how he got in there. David informs him that he has a permit issued by the mayor. Bo tells David that the permit is null and void now that the Mayor is in jail for corruption, illegal drug trafficking, and attempted murder.  David asks Bo if he can make an exception for his first-born son.  He tells his father that he finally has a chance to be somebody. Bo says yeah, somebody that should be locked up downstairs in the cell next to the mayor.  David says that is classic transference; he is mad at Matthew for suing him, so he is taking it out on David. Bo tells David that he is not mad at anyone, but David and his reality TV show have to go now. Ford and Markko go. David remains in Bo’s office and asks about the boxes on his desk. Bo tells him they are Medals of Honor. Bo lets David look at one.  Bo is upset when David takes it out of its box.  David tells his father that he knows he didn’t get one for himself, but he deserves one just as much as the people on the front-page of the paper. He pins the medal on Bo’s shirt, evoking a smile from his father.

At the Buenos Dias café, Roxy and Kyle are having breakfast together, reading the paper. Roxy says the cops did a great job. Kyle agrees.  Roxy tells Kyle she hasn’t seen him around lately; she figured that maybe he got back together with Fish. He tells her that is never going to happen. She tells him that’s too bad; Fish is a cutie.  Kyle tells Roxy that he is seeing a really great guy now and it is over between him and Fish.  

At their apartment, Fish tells Layla and Cristian that it is probably better that he goes into work today to take his mind off the fact that his parents are coming tomorrow expecting to meet his new girlfriend. Cristian tells Fish that he is a big hero now; his parents can’t ignore that.  Fish tells him that he could save a thousand mothers and their kids and his parents will still not accept that he is gay. Layla gives Fish the book that Cristian bought for him, “How to Tell Your Parents You’re Gay.” He asks if they think he should come out to his parents. Layla asks if he doesn’t.  

In Brody’s hospital room, Viki proudly tells Brody that they heard Bo offered him a position at the Police Department. He says yes, because of his experience with the navy SEALs and his work on the bust last night, but he made a deal with Jessica; if she is not comfortable with it, he will drop out.  Jessica tells him she just wants him to be happy.  Viki tells Brody she had no idea that he was working undercover. He tells her that was kind of the point. They laugh. Jessica tells them that Brody had to pretend to be strung out on drugs to make it appear that Cole was selling to him. Brody says he wishes he could have prevented Cole’s cover from being blown. Jessica tells her mother that someone told the mayor about Cole. Viki says that person should be in jail right next to the mayor.  

At La Boulaie, Dorian tells Starr she must have been traumatized by the experience.  Starr admits that it was horrible, but everyone is ok now except Shaun. Langston asks her mother if she thinks Shaun will wake up from the coma. Dorian says there is no way to know for certain, but the prognosis is not good.  Langston asks Cole how his cover got blown. He replies that someone told the mayor.  Starr says it is her fault because she told her dad because he thought Cole was selling drugs.  Langston concludes that Starr’s dad is responsible.  Dorian tells her no, as much as she likes to blame Todd for everything, this is her fault; she told the mayor about Cole.  Starr asks Dorian if she put her, Cole, and Hope in danger so she could suck up to the mayor and his jerk son. Dorian says she humbly apologizes and asks for their forgiveness.  

John and Marty are still in bed. She tells him she thinks her issues with trust have been effectively dealt with. She tells him he tossed and turned all night. She tells him that if he is thinking about Shaun, he must know that Shaun’s condition is not his fault; he was shot by criminals. She tells John that if he hadn’t found Shaun, he might be dead by now. She tells him the creep that blew Cole’s cover is to blame.  

At La Boulaie, Dorian tells Starr she would never knowingly do anything to hurt her. Cole tells her that the mayor was on the verge of finding out about him anyway. He tells her that they all know that she didn’t intend for anyone to get hurt.  

In Brody’s hospital room, he tells Charlie that he heard Charlie is Viki’s campaign manager.  Viki says he is very good at it. Charlie says that now that Lowell is locked up the election should be a piece of cake.  Viki tells them they should not take it for granted; it is still early. Brody asks if she thinks someone else will join the race. She says it is a possibility but also, the mayor refuses to drop out of the race. Charlie wonders if Dorian has anything to do with it.  

At La Boulaie, Cole says he blames Lowell; if he could have gotten away with it, he would not have cared if they all died. Langston cannot believe he is not resigning and wonders what kind of head-trip he is on. Dorian says the mayor is an arrogant narcissist who has never been held responsible for anything. Langston asks what they mayor said when Dorian quit. Dorian tells her she has not had time yet, but right now, she is going find the mayor. Then she will quit after she has convinced him to resign.   

At John’s place, he and Marty are dressing.  She tells him it is not like him to take the day off. He tells her he is rethinking it because he doesn’t want to waste a day off staring at the walls alone. She tells him he should go to work today anyway. He asks if she knows something that she isn’t telling him. John opens the door to get the newspaper and David and his crew is standing there waiting for him. David sees Marty inside and tells John it looks like he got lucky; saving Marty’s grandbaby really paid off for him.  

At Buenos Dias, Roxy asks Kyle if the new guy is a keeper.  Kyle says he is a great enough guy for him to try to straighten up his act. Roxy says Natalie and Jared dropping the charges must have helped. He says yes, and he talked to the Dean of the med school and managed to get readmitted and to get his record expunged so it looks like he is going to graduate this year. Roxy says she has faith in him, and now that Michael is gone, they are going to need a new doctor in Angel Square.  He says a part of him wishes he could tell Oliver about it. He tells her that Oliver told the new guy that Kyle was a loser. Roxy asks if Oliver is jealous.  Kyle says Oliver wouldn’t know it if he was; he is so deep in the closet that he thinks he has a girlfriend.  

At the apartment, Layla Cristian and Fish talk about the book Cris gave to Fish. Cris tells him that his mom thought it was his. Oliver asks how that worked out. Cris says she was bummed when he told her he wasn’t gay because she thought it explained everything about him.  Oliver hopes they didn’t tell her it was for him. Cris assures him that they did not. Layla asks if Oliver really wants to keep it a secret. He tells Layla that it is probably a great book, but no matter how he says it, his parents are going to go off the minute they hear the word “gay.”  Layla says she is sorry. Oliver says he is too. He thanks them for the book and goes to get ready for work.  Cris says he has to go meet his mother at the diner.  

Outside John McBain’s door, David says to the camera, “meet Detective John “make my day” McBain whose black duds only add to his renegade image.” He says John is a man of few words, but his actions speak much louder.  John grabs David and pushes him down the hall. David tells him to be careful with his suit; it cost more than John’s salary.  David tells John he shouldn’t push him; his dad is John’s boss.  Ford and Markko assure John that the recording equipment is off. John goes back into his room.  Markko says he has to leave now because he is not missing his first college class. Ford tells David that this is where they part ways because the budget is gone. Markko says that’s a bummer and wishes them luck as he goes. Ford says that’s a wrap, they are done. Ford leaves David standing in the hallway outside of McBain’s room.  

Inside his room, John asks Marty to remind him why he should go to work today. She asks him to promise that he will go.  He says he will go.  

At La Boulaie, Starr adjusts Cole’s tie. He asks her why he has to dress up just to go to the station. She tells him that they no longer have to pretend to be anything other that what they are and she wants to make an entrance as a family.  Langston brings Hope in, having dressed her up as well. When Cole goes outside to put the baby seat in the car, Starr tells Langston that Cole has no idea.  Langston hands the baby to Starr and tells her that she will watch her on TV. 

Dorian enters the Bo Buchanans office at the police station and comments on all the media.  She asks if it has anything to do with the mayor. Bo asks Dorian if she is there to put a spin on her candidate’s illegal activities.  She says no, she is there to tell him that she is withdrawing her support.  Bo tells her that is a good move.  She asks what the brouhaha is about, if not the mayor. He says he has no idea, unless maybe they heard that she blew Cole Thornhart’s cover. Then he tells her he is kidding, nobody cares about that or about anything they mayor has to say unless he is announcing his resignation.  He suggests that he take Dorian downstairs where the mayor is. Dorian tells Bo that her telling the mayor about Cole was an honest mistake. She says he is not going to lock her up in a cell too, is he? He tells her not to tempt him.  Bo and Dorian exit his office.  

In Brody’s hospital room, Jessica asks her mother why the mayor is not resigning. Charlie tells her the mayor says he is innocent until proven guilty. Brody surmises that the mayor thinks he can beat the rap. Jessica protests that the mayor was on tape telling a cop to kill Cole. He is the reason Shaun Evans is in a coma; He put every cop on the force in danger; Brody is lucky to be alive; he was dealing with drug dealers that kidnapped Starr and Chloe.  She corrects herself and says that just slipped out; she meant to say Hope. She says she knows she is not her baby, bur when she was in danger it just felt awful and she was so scared. Viki tells her that of course she was scared, she loves her; they all love her.  Brody tells Jessica that when he was in the warehouse, he thought about how scared she would be, knowing that the baby was in that kind of danger regardless of who her parents are now.  He tells her that he didn’t care what happened; he had to get the baby out of there for Jessica. Viki tells him that he did it.  

Markko arrives at La Boulaie. Langston tells him she is glad he is there for this. He reminds her that he is just stopping by.  He tells it is his first day of classes so he doesn’t have time to hang out. She tells him he has time for this:  Cole is going to be on TV.  He asks her not to talk to him about people being on TV. She promises he will love it. 

Cole, Starr, and Hope arrive at the police station.  Bo greets them and welcomes baby Hope to the Llanview Police Station. He asks Cole and Starr if they got any sleep last night. Cole tells him that they got a little and asks what is up with all of the press. Bo tells him that everybody wants to know about the drug bust. Cole asks where Bo wants them to go to give their statements. Bo tells them they should wait until after the press conference and points them to a place to wait.  John McBain enters the station.  Bo asks where he is going. John says he is going to the office, away from the crowd.  Bo asks him to stick around to make sure Bo gets all of his facts straight.  John tells Bo he doesn’t need him for that.  Fish and Layla arrive. Fish asks Bo why he wanted to see him. He asks if Bo has a special assignment. Bo tells him you could say that.    Marty comes up behind John.  John asks her what she is doing there, telling her that he thought she had to work. She tells him she lied.   Bo tells a press member that all of her questions will be answered. Bo goes and stands behind the lectern and tells John, Fish, and Cole to stay right where they are.  

In Brody’s hospital room, Jessica turns the TV on.  Brody says it’s nice just to talk; he doesn’t need the TV on. Jessica says she does; she promised Bo she would watch his press conference.   

Bo’s press conference is broadcast live on television from the Llanview police station.  He introduces himself as the Commissioner of the Llanview PD and says he has never felt more pride in the police department than he feels today.  As you know, last night the Llanview PD made a sizable drug bust.  We had a special task force working on this case.  

A reporter interrupts and asks if the commissioner can talk about the mayor’s involvement. Bo says no, they are still putting it together. Another reporter asks about the man who was seriously injured.  Bo says that man was a security guard who put his life on the line and now is on life support.  Bo says he would like to take a moment for everyone to send their thoughts and prayers to him and his family.   

Markko and Langston are watching on the television at La Boulaie. Cristian, Roxy, and Kyle are watching the broadcast from the Buenos Dias café.    

After a brief silence, Bo continues his speech saying today we are here to pay tribute to the heroic efforts of the people who worked on this case, but first would like to acknowledge some heroic women who helped get Cole Thornhart, Officer Oliver Fish, and Detective John McBain here today.  He says they are stubborn men who would rather barge into a warehouse full of armed criminals than to be part of a ceremony that is held in their honor; that is why he needed to get some expert help to get them here today.  Bo says one of his men, Brody Lovett is unable to be here, but Bo knows he is watching from his hospital bed where he is recuperating from injuries that he received at that warehouse.  Bo looks directly into the camera and says to Brody that they all wish he were here today.  Addressing the press again, Bo says these men risked their lives to make Llanview a safer place for everyone and to put a corrupt mayor behind bars. Bo says he knows that these men don’t expect any special thanks, but he is asking them to accept his gratitude and the appreciation of all the citizens in Llanview.  Bo says these men could have seen the danger involved in them going into that building, and they could have bailed out, but they didn’t.  Bo says he has been told that courage tastes of blood, but these brave heroes never flinched. They never tried to get that taste out of their mouths. They went beyond the call of duty to save Starr and Hope Manning and to take Llanview back from drug pushers.    

Bo asks Cole to step up to the lectern. The audience applauds as Cole approaches the lectern and Bo pins a medal on him. Starr proudly watches from the audience. Langston and Markko watch from home. Next, he calls Officer Fish to receive his medal. Kyle watches affectionately from Buenos Dias. Finally, he calls John McBain. He quietly asks John if he is having fun as he pins the medal on his lapel. Starr and Marty smile at each other.  Jessica smiles as she and Brody watch from Brody’s hospital bed.  

After the ceremony, John approaches Bo. Bo tells him not to start. John says he doesn’t need a medal for doing his job. Bo says he got one anyway. Bo tells John to get out of there; take the day off. Marty says it turns out that she has no patients today. Bo smiles and walks away. Marty suggest they get out of there. Layla comes up to John and tells him she needs his signature on a bunch of paperwork. He says he is taking the day off and she may do likewise. John and Marty leave.  

Viki and Charlie enter the police station. Viki says they must have left. Dorian pushes past Viki and Charlie toward the lectern where the press conference had occurred. She tells the press that she has an important announcement to make about Mayor Lowell.  She introduces herself and says that as his campaign manager, she felt it was incumbent upon her to convince him that the reign of corruption had to end. She says that when the news came out last night they were all terribly shocked. She says her own family was deeply traumatized. She had to convince the mayor to protect his son from any further embarrassment or hurt and that most of all, all of Llanview had to begin to heal. She says that luckily he listened to her.  Holding up a paper, she says effectively immediately, she has Mayor Lowell’s letter of resignation. The press applauds. Viki mouths something silently to Charlie.   

David and Ford enter the Buenos Dias café, David asking what Ford means when he says the show is over. He says it can’t be over; he hasn’t met Roxanne Balsam, as he takes Roxy’s hand. He tells Ford that Roxy is a little scene-stealer; Roxy giggles. He says, “What a train wreck.” Roxy stops smiling. He tells Ford “The Osbournes” was good, but Roxy is better. He tells Ford that Roxy kidnapped his cousin Natalie Buchanan at birth and raised her in a trailer park. Roxy storms out.  Davis points to Cristian Vega and says he was once brainwashed and he speaks Spanish.  David reminds Ford that there is a whole Latin market out there and says he should get him to talk about when he was in prison. Ford says, “No thanks.” Cristian walks away. David tells Ford to stick with him. He says he has a new title:  Viva la Vida Vickers. He tells Ford that there is gold to be mined in this town. Ford asserts that the show is leaving Llanview and tells David to deal with it.  David says a location change is excellent and asks where they are going. Ford tells David he is not coming.   

Fish enters Buenos Dias. Cristian greets him as “Superstar” and compliments hid medal.  He asks if that is why that is why Bo called him in today.  Fish tells him yes. He tells Cris that he is meeting a bunch of guys to celebrate. Cris tells Fish that his money is no good here today.  

Kyle stands up and congratulates Fish. Fish asks Kyle if he saw it. Kyle says it is in the paper and on the TV; you can’t miss it. He tells Fish that he is proud of him. Fish thanks him. Kyle says he bets Oliver’s girlfriend is proud too.  Oliver admits that she is not his girlfriend anymore. Kyle asks what happened. Oliver tells Kyle that he is sure he has a theory about it.  Kyle’s cell phone rings. He tells Oliver that he has to take it; it is his boyfriend. Kyle goes outside to talk while Oliver remains inside looking disappointed. Cris asks him if he is ok.  Oliver says he thinks he is going to skip the celebration.  Cristian asks if that is because of Kyle. Cristian tells Fish he must hang in there. He asks Fish if he can’t be proud of himself for 5 seconds. Oliver says he would like to.  

At the police station Bo, Charlie and Viki are standing together. Charlie says that for once, Dorian has used her powers for good. Viki adds that she managed to steal the spotlight at the same time.  Bo says Dorian just saw the writing on the wall. Bo asks Viki how Brody is doing. Viki tells him that considering what he went through, he is doing beautifully.  Viki tells Bo that it was lovely of him to honor Brody and the others.  Bo tells her he could have lost all of them so this is the least he could do. Bo tells them he has to go as he taps the box in his hand containing Brody’s medal. He tells Viki that she has congratulations coming too. She asks why. He kisses her cheek and tells her because she is in line to be the new mayor of Llanview.  Charlie tells her he likes the sound of “Mayor Victoria Banks.” Dorian, surrounded by reporters behind Viki, says she wouldn’t count on that.  

At the Buenos Dias Café, David tells Ford that he cannot fire him from his show; he is the show. Ford tells him not anymore; he is done chasing people who won’t sign release forms and sleeping in a barn with horses because they can’t afford a hotel.  Ford reminds David that they are broke because David used their entire budget to bankroll his brother’s lawsuit.  Ford tells David the deal is off.  David reminds Ford that he signed a contract in which he agreed to produce a reality show starring David. Ford tells David that the contract says he will produce a show about a man named David Vickers, and he isn’t the only David Vickers in the world.  David asks Ford if he is replacing him with another David Vickers. Ford reveals that he is, and the replacement plays a better David Vickers than David does. Ford leaves.   

Back at La Boulaie with Cole, Langston, and Markko, Starr says that when she and Hope were in the warehouse, she thought about what it would be like if the four of them were never together again.  Cole tells her that they are, but now with Hope they are five. They have a group hug.  

Bo arrives at Brody’s hospital room and tells Brody he has something for him. Brody tells him that he doesn’t have to do that. Bo says yes, he does; it’s for both of them.  He won’t feel right until he gives it to him.  Bo takes the medal out of the box. He tells Brody that he presents him with this Medal of Honor for his bravery, valor, and commitment to the Llanview Police Department.  He pins the medal to Brody’s hospital gown and salutes him. Jessica proudly smiles.  

Oliver Fish returns to the apartment and sees the framed newspaper displayed on the bookshelf.  

At the Buenos Dias Café, Cristian brings David his to-go order of a cheese enchilada with extra cheese.  David tells him it is comfort food.  

A middle-aged couple comes into the Buenos Dias. Cristian greets them with “Two for breakfast?”  The woman tells him that they are a little lost. He asks where they are headed. She hands him a piece of paper and tells him that they are trying to surprise their son. 

At the apartment, Fish looks at the “How To Tell Your Parents You’re Gay” book.  

Cristian tells the couple that the information on the paper she gave him is his address. He asks if they are Mr. and Mrs. Fish. The man confirms that he is George Fish and she is his wife Barbara.  She says they are Oliver’s proud parents. 

At the police station, Viki tries to stop Charlie from engaging in conversation with Dorian. He goes up to her anyway and tells Dorian that whatever she did to get the mayor to resign, she has to know that it practically guaranteed a win for Viki. He says he doesn’t expect Dorian to be happy about it, but she should face the fact that Viki is going to be Llanview’s next mayor. Dorian tells him she doesn’t think so. Charlie reminds Dorian that Viki is running unopposed. Dorian says no, she is not. Viki asks Dorian who is running against her, and Dorian reveals that she is.

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