OLTL Update Tuesday 9/15/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/15/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Todd, Blair, Marty and Cole are at the station waiting for Starr and Hope to arrive back safely. When John brings them back, Cole rushes to them.

While Shaun’s family and friends are waiting outside the O.R., Greg comes out revealing that he is worried. Destiny urges her brother to tell her that it’s alright and that he saved Shaun. But he cannot tell her that. When he says nothing, she tells him that he is going to go in and see for herself. She wants to be there when he wakes up. But Greg tells his sister that their brother will not wake up. He is so sorry.

While Brody is also in surgery after being stabbed, the doctor warns Jessica that Brody suffered a serious injury. But he is pretty confident that Brody will be ok.

Starr tells Cole that she as very worried what could have happened to her baby when she was tied up to a chair. She was afraid to fall asleep. And she could see that these are not people she could reason with. She is distraught to know that these men came into the house and beat Todd unconscious and shot Shaun. She asks what has happened to Shaun. Is he going to be ok?

Destiny tells Greg that he promised that Shaun would be ok. She demands to know what happened. Their parents ask Greg what has happened and what type of problem they encountered in surgery. Destiny asks if Greg is trying to tell her that Shaun is dead. Did he kill him in surgery?

Jessica admits to Brody that she was so scared when she remembered how Nash died when he was similarly taken to the O.R. after an injury. She cries and tells him she was afraid she would lose him the same way. He tells her that he is fine and ready to continue at the police academy. But he can tell that Jessica is not ok with his becoming a cop. Right then, Clint, Bo and Natalie enter and praise Brody. Bo tells him that he heroically risked his life to save the life of Starr and Hope. His training in the military has served him well. And Bo tells Brody he wants to offer him a job for the Llanview police department.

At the police station, Todd tells John that this is his entire fault. What was he thinking have a teenage kid who’s barely recovered from his own drug habit going undercover and risking his life because John can’t do his own job? And Starr and Hope could have been killed because of John. Marty then comes to John’s defense.

Greg affirms to his parents and sister that Shaun is not dead. Hearing that, his mother tells him that he scared her half to death. Destiny says she knew that he’d be ok. Their father asks what happened. Greg then admits that he discovered a bullet fragment after it was too late. And if he had not removed it immediately, Shaun could have died. But because Shaun was hurt so badly from the gunshot wounds, removing it may have caused permanent brain damage and Shaun could remain in a permanent vegetative state. Destiny demands to know how it is that this could have happened when Greg is the best surgeon there is. She demands that he answers her. She struggles and cries and Greg holds his sister not knowing what to tell her. She tells him that she has to go in and see Shaun. Everything was fine. Shaun is the strongest person she knows. He took tons of bullets and made it through surgery. And then Greg had to ruin everything. Their mother tells Destiny she must know that Greg did the best he could Right then, they go to see an unconscious Shaun.

Natalie and Clint stand by Brody’s bedside remarking how impressed they are that he has been working undercover to bust the drug operation and is now a hero. But Jessica is silent and appears worried. Clint tells his daughter he thinks she has a keeper here. He tells Brody that he is eternally grateful for all he has done for Jessica in the last year. He admits that he believes that the miracles he’s been praying for has now been answered. And he tells Brody he regrets that he never got to know Jessica’s grandfather. He believes that his pa would have really liked Brody. He believes Brody is now part of the family and Starr’s Manning’s baby whom he saved was once their baby, she was Jessica’s. Clint and Natalie then go off to let Jessica talk to Brody alone.

Todd tells John he’s(John) responsible for almost having his(Todd’s) daughter and granddaughter as well as his granddaughter’s father killed. And he could have killed Shaun as well.

Greg attempts to explain to his parents that he thought it was a simple operation to remove the fragment. But it was tiny. And seeing it and removing it are two different things. He asks his mother if she remembers when he and Shaun were kids and got splinters. Sometimes she couldn’t remove them right away and had to dig deeper. She then asks him if he did not just dig deeper and get all the pieces. But he tells her that a brain is a lot more delicate than a foot. And there was also the surgery and the trauma. And once the brain swells, there are so many complications. Especially after trauma. She asks why it is that he’s done this surgery hundreds of times and has succeeded. So why did this have to happen to his brother today? He tells her that he wishes he had the answers. He cries and tells them there are so many variables and Shaun had already been through so much. Greg then concludes that he has failed Shaun and failed all of them. They try to assure Greg that he did the best that he could. But Greg yells and runs off. Nora then goes with Mr. and Mrs. Evans to recovery while Rachel stays back

Matthew finds Destiny alone in the chapel crying. He asks her if she wants to be alone. He brings her some Kleenex that he got from the nurses’ station. She tells him she cannot believe that Greg could do this to Shaun. Matthew tells her that maybe this is not Greg’s’ fault. Shaun was shot and maybe there were circumstances beyond anybody’s controlled involved in this.

At the station, Todd blames John. But Starr tells Todd that he also made a tragic error going to the Mayor to inform him that Cole was going undercover. She knows she made a serious mistake trusting her father with that information. Marty then tells them all that whoever did what, everybody just did what they thought was in their best interest in order to protect their children. And she, for one, is grateful that her son and Starr and the baby are ok and the drug dealers cannot get to them anymore. Blair then admits that Marty is right, for once. So maybe they all need to stop arguing and be grateful that nobody was hurt any more than they were. Right then, Bo enters and informs them that Nora called to inform him that Shaun was taken to surgery. He is now in a coma and may not come out of it.

Destiny cries and tells Matthew that Shaun was going to be fine. But because of Greg’s negligence, he went into cardiac arrest. But he tells her that maybe it wasn’t Greg’s fault. Maybe it was the fault of the thug who shot Shaun. And he believes that Greg had no choice except to remove the bullet before it killed Shaun or even worse. Hearing that, she asks what Matthew means by worse. He then clarifies that it could have paralyzed Shaun. But she wonders what could possibly be worse than this. She can’t talk to Shaun and tell him how sorry she is. Hearing that, Matthew asks her what she would be sorry to her brother for.

Greg tells Rachel that he keeps going over it and over it. Everything looked good. He spotted the fragment and tried to do as little damage as possible to remove it. And Vivian warned him that he was going in too deep. But he did not listen. She then tells him that he may have had no choice. And if he had not gone in an removed the bullet fragment, it could have killed Shaun. He concludes that now his brother is in a coma. And he knows that Shaun would rather be dead.

As Brody observes that Jessica may not want him to be a cop, he tells her that he doesn’t want her to have to live in fear and he can find other things to do. But she tells him she does not want him to miss out on his dream.

After Bo informs Starr, Blair and Todd that Shaun has been shot and is in a coma, Starr tells him that she feels responsible for that. IF she hadn’t demanded that Shaun go up and save baby Hope, Sergei wouldn’t have gotten to him and shot him. But Blair tells her daughter that it is not her fault. Shaun was just doing his job. Starr tells Bo that she talked to Shaun not long before the drug dealers broke into their home. He told her about a big date he had planned with Rachel. Blair remarks that Shaun seems like such a big guy and so indestructible. Blair and Todd take Starr, Cole and baby Hope home. Marty stays with John and Bo. But at that point, she decides to get on her coat and go out the door.

After Matthew asks Destiny what she did to Shaun that she owes an apology for, she tells him that earlier today when Shaun was staying with the kids, she called him Gary Poppins. Hearing that, Matthew chuckles. But she protests that it’s not funny. He tells her he knows that Shaun knew she was just joking with him. But she tells him no. She said that to her brother to make him feel bad. She explains to Matthew that she and Shaun had an argument about Greg where he told her that she had a mistaken idea that Greg is some hero. And she told Shaun that Greg is a superstar whereas he(Shaun) is just a Gary Poppins. And then, Shaun had to get himself shot. She cries and tells Matthew she can’t bear that fact that it’s too late for her to tell him that she didn’t mean it.

Blair can sense that Todd is not ok. He admits that he blames himself for what happened to Shaun. Were it not for, Shaun would be out on the town with his girlfriend. In the other room, Starr and Cole are talking about what happened. Todd tells Blair that he was careless and had to get involved in something he had no business getting involved in. But she tells him he needs to know that a low life shot Shaun is the one to blame. Shaun was a security guard. That was his job and he loved it. But he tells her that never appreciated Shaun and treated him like a man servant. Hearing that, Blair tells Todd that maybe he annoyed Shaun at times. But that’s the way Todd is and Shaun knew that.

Jessica tells Brody she will not let him give up an opportunity like this. But eh tells her that he’s seen plenty of action overseas. What he wants more than anything is to have a family, to fall in love and to have kids. But she tells him that she knows that he will regret that. She won’t let him give up the job he loves just because she’s afraid. Nash fell through a skylight. Nobody could have predicted that. But at least, with what he is doing, she will be prepared. The nurse then comes in to announce that they will be taking Brody to the E.R. in a few minutes.

Matthew tells Destiny that Shaun knows she loves him. She tells him but she did not respect him. She tells him that Greg may save lives. But so does Shaun. He tells her this is not a contest. She tells him but it is. Her two brothers have been going head to head ever since Shaun was born. She made her brother feel bad for never going to college and for being a blue collar guy. Matthew then tells her the way he sees it is that there are two kinds of people; the career people like Greg and the ones who work and are all about their family and friends like Shaun. Destiny tells Matthew that Shaun was always there for her when she had personal problems, to tell her to get over herself when she had strong opinions or to tell her that he loved her and that she would be ok. Why couldn’t she do that for him? Why did she have to make him feel bad? Matthew replies because she is a cheerleader. She encourages everybody aspire for more. And Shaun knows that she loves him. But Destiny cries and tells him that she cannot accept what happened to her brother. She needs Shaun to wake up so that she can tell him that she loves him. And she breaks down crying.

Greg tells Rachel it was his entire fault. He had to be the egotistical super doctor and save the day. He wouldn’t listen to the other doctors who maybe knew what they were talking about as much as he did. But she tells him that he did what he had to do. If he had not removed that fragment, Shaun could have died. Given the situation, he may or may not wake up. But at least he has a chance. Greg tells her he regrets that he let his brother trust him with the surgery. And why should she defend him or believe he’s qualified to operate on his brother when she didn’t want him to operate on her brother? But she tells him that’s different. Matthew is a minor. He had no choice except to do what he did with Shaun. He tells her that he let his brother and his sister down. She then tells him that she thinks he needs to admit to what is really going on with him. He asks her to lay it on him and calls her the counselor She tells him that she thinks that he is very scared and worried that he could lose his brother. And it’s breaking his heart. At that point, Greg cries, knocks over tables and chairs and storms out the door.

Marty goes to see John. He tells her he feels responsible for what happened to Shaun. She tells him that he took down a corrupted administration and uncovered a drug operation. He also saved her son and her granddaughter and her granddaughter’s mother. She’s not going to let him forget that. And she’s staying the night whether he likes it or not.

Todd tells Blair he has to go. Téa is waiting for him. While alone, she appears empty. Right then, we hear music while Starr and Cole are happily together with their baby daughter. John and Marty spend the night together. While Bo is alone in his office working late, Nora comes by with his lunch. They smile at each other. Jessica lies beside Brody in his hospital bed and cries while they hold each other. Rachel cries alone while Greg has gone off. Destiny gets down on the floor crying. Matthew is determined to do something. SO he manages to slid out of his wheelchair and sit on the floor so that he can comfort her.

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