OLTL Update Monday 9/14/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 9/14/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Brody rescues Starr and baby Hope out of the warehouse and they are unseen. They take the baby down the ladder to the river docks. Starr is ready to paddle away in an inflatable raft. Right when it appears everything is okay, Brody gets in a struggle with Sergei’s assistant. John is nearby with his gun. He enters a dark room that appears empty. Unknown to John, Sergei is hiding and waiting for him. He comes up behind John with a gun. He tells John he has now changed the deal. He will kill the little girls while John watches. Then he will kill John.

In the hospital waiting room, Matthew asks Destiny how she is holding up while Shaun is ready for surgery. She tells him that she knows her brother is a fighter and will be okay. Nora then comes by. Rachel informs her that Greg just found out there was a bullet fragment in Shaun’s brain that could kill him if it is not operated on immediately. Although, Greg is going to save his brother’s life. At that point, they look at Matthew.

Shaun is in the OR and ready to be put out. He counts backwards, and they put him under.

At Rodi’s, Gigi tells Schuyler that it may be crazy to assume that Stacy would be lying that she is pregnant and having a home pregnancy test in an attempt to get pregnant and have everybody believing that it’s Rex’s child. Natalie enters and asks Gigi what is up. Gigi replies that Rex is going with Stacy to her first Ob-Gyn visit.

Meanwhile, the doctor informs Stacy that she is a couple days pregnant.

Clint talks to Jessica about how he can see that Natalie is now married and Viki has informed him that Jessica has been seeing Brody. Clint asks her, however, why it is that Brody is no longer in the police academy. Jessica then informs her father that Brody is now helping the cops with an undercover drug bust. She is very proud of Brody.

At that moment, Sergei’s assistant manages to stab Brody, and he falls to the ground at the desperate mercy of the assailant.

Sergei demands that John puts his gun down and now John is helplessly at Sergei’s mercy. John informs him, however, that the minute he pulls that trigger, the SWAT team will blow his brains out. They get into a struggle. Brody then manages to get back to his feet. But when Bo enters with his gun, Brody is back lying on the ground in a helpless position.

Jessica tells Clint that she is really proud and confident that Brody will be excellent as a police officer. He has a clean bill of health from St. Anne’s and the Navy SEAL training to really be an asset to Bo and John. She believes she has a really bright future with her daughter and her new boyfriend.

Gigi tells Schuyler and Natalie that she finds it very odd that Stacy is “stalling” about her doctor’s appointments while she is pregnant. She tells them that when she was pregnant, she never missed an appointment. Yet, Stacy wants to have Rex’s baby without even following through with the medical care she should have. Natalie then responds to that, by assuring Gigi that Rex only loves her, and Stacy will never come between them, pregnant or not. She leaves. It appears that Schuyler is not okay to hear that Rex and Gigi have a future.

Rex demands that the doctors give him some information about the pregnancy. Stacy and Kim stall him. He asks all about the trimester she is in and seems to want to know all the details from the doctor.

Mr. and Mrs. Evans tell Nora that they know that their daughter may have kind of “caused trouble” for her and Matthew’s father. She is very outspoken and determined to help all people she cares about. Nora smiles and acknowledges that Destiny is a nice girl and a good friend to Matthew. Destiny talks to Matthew about her two brothers.

In the OR, the other doctor tells Greg that because Shaun is his brother, he cannot do this surgery and be impartial. If he hesitates or has any emotions in the way, his brother could die. Greg tells her he is the only neurosurgeon qualified to do this surgery and his "relationship” to the patient is of no relevance. He knows if his brother does not get the surgery he will die. He casually goes over and plays an old rock song by Stevie Wonder and says they will now see what is going on “in his brother’s head.” He talks to his unconscious brother the way he did throughout their history while the music plays.

In the waiting room, Mrs. Evans shows Nora pictures of her sons as boys. Nora smiles but then goes to find Rachel and asks her how she is. She knows that after she took the stand and Téa interrogated her about her history, she was very upset. Rachel admits to her mother that she has some complicated issues with Greg and with Shaun. She admits that Greg told her that she is going through her life wanting to be safe and afraid to take risks. Nora asks her daughter where Greg gets off. Rachel admits that maybe Greg has a point. She tells her that David Vickers’ camera crew caught her and Greg on the floor together. It looked like they were doing something. She realizes that there are sparks between her and Greg. So she concluded that maybe it’s not right to continue seeing Shaun. She didn’t have the heart to tell him, however, after he got shot. She is filling Shaun with false hopes. Nora tells her daughter that there are no false hopes when Shaun is fighting for his life, and sometimes lies are better than truth.

Rex tells Stacy’s doctor that he knows when the baby was conceived and so he’d like the information and to schedule an amnio. The doctor tells him he cannot without Stacy’s consent. Stacy tells him that she knows that he wants to believe that the baby is not his. He doesn’t care about anything else.

Gigi asks Schuyler if he thinks that she should tell Rex what she just told him about Stacy. He tells her maybe she should. Although, she knows that it might not go well if she does that.

Clint talks to Jessica and Natalie about his recent wedding and how he never has any time with Nora. They haven’t even had a chance for a honeymoon. There is a lot going on with Matthew’s case and Rachel's personal life. He admits that he has less time with Nora now that they are married than before they were.

John manages to get Sergei to fall over and he is apparently dead. John is now able to go away with Starr and Hope safely out of there, but Brody has been seriously injured.

Alone with Schuyler, Gigi tells him she really hasn’t a clue what is up with Stacy. She knows that her sister is a real nut job. At that moment, Schuyler remembers Stacy drugging him and wanting to have sex with him while he was out. He says nothing but remembers what Stacy did. He then tells Gigi he has somewhere to go.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Rex, Stacy, and Kim that she has to go off and deliver a baby. Stacy tells Rex that she has scheduled an appointment and asks if he will be there. He tells her yes. Kim then takes her out the door before Rex asks more questions. He then looks at a brochure about expectant fathers and stares coldly at it.

Greg plays the music and casually leads the team in Shaun’s surgery.

In the waiting room, everybody awaits the results. A nurse then comes out to announce that it’s not over yet, but Greg is ready to go through with it. Destiny is confident that there’s nothing her brother can’t do. Nora then goes off and faces Matthew. She finds she cannot say anything to him. At that moment, they wheel Brody in on a stretcher.

Natalie, Jessica, and Clint look at the wedding photos and remember Dorian being drunk and all that happened. They remember Uncle Bo giving his best man speech. They are all happy. Jessica gets a call from Bo informing her that Brody has been injured. At that point, she is very worried.

Rex meets Gigi at Rodi’s. She kisses him and asks how it went. He told her that he’s going to deal with the situation. She then asks him if she should dare tell him “something.” Rex replies by reminding her that they promised never to keep any secrets from each other. She then shows him the home pregnancy kit that she found in Stacy’s trash. She asks him why an already pregnant woman would have one of these. But Rex tells her that they both know that Stacy is already pregnant. They haven’t a clue where that thing came from or how long ago it was used, and it could be Kim’s. They know nothing about it. Gigi then admits to Rex that she discussed the matter with Schuyler. He told her he is staying in Llanview whether Rex likes it or not.

Schuyler goes and finds Stacy and tells her he’d like to ask her a question. He notices Kim with Stacy and tells the two of them that he remembers that Kim contacted him and urged him to go and talk to Stacy again. At that point, Stacy came over. The next thing he knew, he was drugged and passed out after she gave him a “drink.” He asks Stacy if, while he was "out” did they have sex. He is beginning to put two and two together.

Jessica rushes to the hospital and asks Bo what happened to Brody. How bad is it? Bo admits to his niece that it’s pretty bad.

John comes by and introduces himself to Shaun’s parents. They shake his hand and acknowledge that he is the cop who found their son before he bled to death and saved his life.

In the OR Greg admits that he is having difficulty. He is worried if he doesn't do what he needs to do, he could cripple Shaun’s respiratory cardiac system.

Stacy asks Schuyler why he is asking her now if they had sex on “that day.” He tells her that he’d just like to know. She then replies that first of all, he was all wiped out and upset over Gigi and the whole situation. They were both miserable and tempted to comfort each other, but no, they did not have sex. Kim then tells Stacy they have to get out of there. She takes her out the door and tells her that she needn’t worry about anything. She can pull off the belief that she is having Rex’s baby and it doesn’t matter if it’s from having sex with Schuyler or with the gay guy or with anybody.

Rex asks Gigi what she is suspecting about Stacy. He would like nothing more than to believe that she is pregnant by somebody else or not pregnant at all and lying. But he has no choice except to be the “father." He can’t get a paternity test until she has the baby. He realizes that Gigi is alone. Marcy is no longer in the area. Schuyler is her friend. He may not be comfortable with her “friendship” with Schuyler, but he won’t prevent her from talking to Schuyler. Rex then goes over to a table and pulls out the brochure.

At the hospital, Bo tells Clint and Nora that Brody has been a hero after finding Jessica when she was on the run and nobody else could. He saved Starr and her baby’s life. Jessica and Clint admit that it’s little comfort after what has happened to Brody.

John tells Mr. and Mrs. Evans that he thinks very highly of Shaun and is confident he will be okay.

At that moment, they rush to save Brody. It seems that they can’t save him. Jessica watches from outside the window distraught, and she cries unable to deal with losing another man she loves again. Natalie huddles with Clint, and they both know that Jessica can’t take this.

Greg is determined to save Shaun no matter what any of the other doctors tell him.

Jessica tells Brody that he can’t leave her.

Music plays while everybody awaits the outcome of the critical surgery for both Shaun and for Brody. It looks like Shaun is suffering cardiac arrest, but Greg won’t give up. The machine beeps and it looks like he’s dying.

It appears that they have now stabilized Brody and he will be okay. Jessica rushes to be with him while he awakens.

In the waiting room, Mrs. Evans tells the others that she is going to prepare all of the food for her baby boy when he gets out of there. They are all happy. Greg comes out with a look of despair and cannot say the words to admit what just happened. 

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