OLTL Update Friday 9/11/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/11/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

John and Bo tell Sergei over the phone that they cannot do anything for him until he gives them the baby. At that point, Sergei asks them if they really want the baby and he fires a shot. Hearing that, they are horrified.

In the hospital lab, Shaun’s doctor shows Greg the scans of his brother’s gunshot wound. While it looks like Shaun will be okay, Greg discovers that the bullet is only about a millimeter from Shaun’s skull. If it moves, it could blow up his skull and kill him. Shaun’s doctor admits that it was his mistake to miss that and tells Greg that only a good neurosurgeon can remove the bullet and save Shaun’s life. At that point, Greg appears to know what he needs to do.

In Shaun’s hospital room, it appears everybody is encouraged that he will be okay yet haven’t a clue what Greg has just discovered.

Todd goes to the police station even though Blair tells him he needs to let the cops do their jobs. He tells them that he does not trust John McBain to save Starr and the baby. He must take matters into his own hands before it’s too late.

Sergei and his men gag Starr while she’s tied to the chair. They tell John and Bo that they have her and can do whatever they want. John tells him that he must first hear Starr’s voice right now. If he does not have proof that she is alive, he will kill Sergei and the whole operation will fail. At that point, they remove the gag from Starr’s mouth and she screams. Sergei tells John that if they don’t get the jet for him to go where he wants, then he will shoot a bullet into this teenage mommy’s brain.

Rex waits in the Ob-Gyn clinic with Stacy and Kim. He tells Kim that he doesn’t want her there and doesn’t trust her. He has the right to be there because this baby “could” be his. Kim protests that at least she cares about the baby’s mother which is more than he does. He then tells her that he’s tired of hearing about this terrible hardship for Stacy.

Gigi takes the home pregnancy test kit she found in Stacy’s trash to Rodi’s and holds it up at the bar. Schuyler enters and tells her that he needed to talk to her. At that point, she indicates that she really needs to see Schuyler and hopes he is not leaving town.

Sergei tells John that he expects to have the jet ready in 29 minutes or else the negotiation is over. At that point, Bo knows that they have to move.

Sergei tells Starr that John McBain is at his mercy. She tells him that if John believes that either she or Hope are in danger, they can come in and shoot Sergei and his men. At that moment, baby Hope cries. Starr then pleads with Sergei to please let her feed her baby. She promises that they will both be quiet. They then untie her and bring Hope for her to hold. Sergei tells her now she must shut up and keep that baby quiet or else they will make them quiet. Starr is horrified. Sergei and two of his men leave. The third one is alone with Starr. Sergei’s men tell him that they don’t like having the baby there screaming and causing them stress and don’t trust that the cops will do what Sergei expects. He tells them they will. Her family is rich and will give them what they need. Sergei tells them that their bargaining chip for getting out of the country and escaping the charges is to take these two girls with them. After they no longer need them, then he can sell them off to whomever has the most money to give them.

At Rodi’s, Schuyler asks Gigi if she does not want him to leave. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to if the reason is because Rex told him to do it. He then confirms to her that he is staying. She is really happy and asks what convinced him to stay. He admits that she did.

At the clinic, Rex tells Stacy and Kim that he will stay in the building until the test results are final. In the other room, Kim reminds Stacy that she has to come up with a plan fast before Rex finds out that she is not pregnant.

At the hospital, Greg asks Rachel how Shaun is. She tells him his brother is good and cracking jokes. She wants to know what he was talking to Shaun’s doctor about. Greg tells her that Shaun is in trouble. He needs another operation and needs it now.

At the police station, Bo, John, Fish, and Brody are ready to go on their mission to do what Sergei wants in an attempt to save Starr. Todd comes in and demands to know what is going on. John tells him that Starr and the baby are fine. But the kidnappers are getting “edgy.” So they have to go on their mission. Todd sighs and indicates he does not trust them.

At the hospital, Greg tells Rachel that if that bullet moves within an inch of Shaun’s brain stem, it will kill him. She asks if that is likely to happen. He tells her it could if Shaun so much as coughs or moves his head the wrong way. She then asks why they can’t just remove it. He replies that the hospital needs authorization. She asks why they’d need to get permission in order to save Shaun’s life. He replies that they need a qualified neurosurgeon. She then tells them she’s sure they can find one. He tells her that they already have one. It’s himself.

At Rodi’s, Gigi tells Schuyler he must know that he cannot just stay in town because of her. He tells her that he did not mean it like that. But she did help him to realize that he has a lot to stay for. She admits that she is happy. Neither can clarify whether she means she’s happy for him or for herself. They both know that it’s not “good” for Rex. She tells Schuyler he need not worry about Rex. He is right now with Stacy at her Ob-Gyn appointment as they speak.

While Rex is in the waiting room talking to an expectant couple, Kim and Stacy are in the empty exam room. Kim tells her she must never give up.

Todd, Blair, and Marty wait in the station while Bo, John, Fish, and Brody go and attempt to save Starr and baby Hope.

While they are en route, Fish shows Bo and John how he’s been able to find the warehouse. Brody and his team are ready to use their guns. But Bo tells them that if they don’t act fast, it could be too late. It appears that Sergei and his men know that the cops might be lying to them and really intend to shoot them. They explore their options for how to get out of the building by which doors. At that moment, Brody is moving into the building. Fish is showing Bo and John the computer map of where they are. Brody then manages to get into the building. Sergei’s men know that something is happening. Bo and John are wondering if Asher might have given them inaccurate information about the warehouse.

Brody finds a way to swim through the river by the docks and enter the building through a manhole unseen with his Navy SEAL training. When he gets there he calls John and Bo.

At the hospital, Rachel tells Greg that maybe he should not be the neurosurgeon who operates on his brother. He might not be able to be objective. He tells her that he cannot trust anybody else to do it either and tells her she must know that he has done this surgery many times before. He tells her that he can do this surgery in his sleep. But she reminds him that he has his brother’s life literally in his hands.

In Shaun’s’ hospital room, Mr. and Mrs. Evans talk to Matthew and Destiny about Shaun’s recovery while he rests, having no fear of anything. Right then Greg enters to admit to his brother that he has some bad news.

In Stacy’s exam room, Kim tells her that they can have Rex believing that she just had a miscarriage. Stacy asks her what good that will do. Rex will have the perfect excuse to wash his hands of her. But Kim reminds her that only hours before she lost the baby, her sister had the gall to show up and pay her off to have an abortion. At that point, Stacy was a total wreck and became physically sick. She may have had some bleeding but didn’t assume there was anything abnormal. She felt “better” the next day. She had no clue that there was anything wrong until now. At that point, Stacy smiles and tells Kim that that works. Kim then tells her that it gives her some “points” as well as making her sister looking like a witch that Rex might not appreciate. But Stacy asks Kim just how they are going to pull it off so that everybody buys what they are saying. Kim then goes out the door and sees Rex. She tells him she’s not letting him inside.

At Rodi’s, Gigi asks Schuyler what she is going to do if Stacy is still “playing Rex.” He asks her just what she means by that. She then reminds him that she lied about the stem cells and is capable of lying about more.

Rex asks Kim why she is guarding the door. She replies that Stacy is having a pelvic. He asks her if that is “part of the process.” She replies it’s not for him. She knows that he does not want to share in the experience with Stacy, and clearly, he could care less about her. So why should Stacy “expose herself” to him?

At Rodi’s, after Gigi indicates that Stacy may be lying about something, he asks her just what she thinks might be going on. She then holds up the empty home pregnancy test kit and replies that it’s this.

When Stacy’s gynecologist enters and Stacy assumes that she’s discovered that she could no longer be pregnant, the doctor informs her that the test shows that she is a few days pregnant.

At Rodi’s, after Gigi holds up the pregnancy test but says nothing about it to Schuyler, he asks if she is telling him that she is pregnant. She tells him no way. She and Rex have enough to handle without another kid. She found the test in Stacy’s garbage. Why would a pregnant woman need a home pregnancy test. It could mean that she is not really pregnant.

After the doctor informs Stacy that she is “a few days” pregnant, Stacy tells her that couldn’t possibly be. She took a home pregnancy test. But the doctor tells her she could get a false negative with one of those…especially this early on. At that point, Stacy knows it must have been from sleeping with Fish. At that point, she suddenly becomes elated with happiness.

When it appears that Sergei and his men are afraid that they might not be able to escape the way they want, they argue what to do.

Brody tells Bo and John that he has found them and must remain unseen. It looks like they are ready to leave. Bo tells Brody he has to move fast. John knows that he has to take matters into his own hands. It appears that Sergei now has another target. John walks unarmed down the street and calls to Sergei.

Greg tells Shaun that if the bullet fragment moves so much as a millimeter, it could blow up his brain. He could die. So the fragment must be removed ASAP. Yes, there are risks. He could wait and “try” to live the normal life, or, maybe, one day, he could turn his neck the wrong way. He reminds them if this fragment moves so much as a millimeter, it could kill him. He knows what he is talking about. At that point, he tells them that he is the qualified neurosurgeon to do the surgery. He tells his parents that he knows that he went to medical school and abandoned his family. But now that he has this gift, there may be a good reason why he is back. He can do this surgery, but Shaun has to trust him. Hearing that, Shaun tells his brother he does not think so. Destiny urges him to know that their brother is the best. Greg tells his brother he does not blame him but swears he would not take this on if he did not think he could do that. Shaun’s doctor announces that they will approve if Shaun and his family can sign a waiver. They are all encouraged. Shaun appears suspicious.

Stacy tells her doctor that she needs to talk to Kim before Rex can come in although Rex demands to know what is going on. Kim rushes in and Stacy delivers the “joyous news” to her that she is pregnant. They don’t need to lie about anything anymore. Fish did the trick. They are both really happy. Kim reminds her that they still have some work to do. Rex will still wonder what is up if he finds out she is only a few days pregnant. She tells her in that case, they must keep him in the dark.

John walks down the street and makes himself visible through the window to Sergei. He announces that he is unarmed and if Sergei wants him, he can make that happen. Yet, Sergei is suspicious. John enters the building and Sergei opens the door asking him why he’s come without an invitation. At that moment, Brody aims his gun unseen. John attempts to distract Sergei by telling him that he will give him a way to escape, but he needs to see Starr and the baby first. Right when Sergei is distracted, Brody comes in, knocks out Sergei, unties Starr, and gets her down the stairs. Sergei fires shots. John announces that gunshots are being fired. Bo then rushes in with John and they aim their guns to make certain that they do not get shot first. They notice one man on the floor but have not found Brody, Star, or the baby.

Schuyler tells Gigi that she does not know that this is a pregnancy test of Stacy’s that she took recently. He then remembers the night when Stacy drugs him and seduced him while he was unconscious.

When Rex enters the room and Stacy and Kim distract him from knowing what has happened, the doctor gives her some prenatal vitamins. He tells the doctor he has some questions of his own that he’d like to ask.

Greg and the medical team are getting ready to do the surgery while Shaun is waiting. His parents and Destiny tell him that he’s going to be fine and they are all counting on him. He tells Rachel that right before he got shot, he declared to Starr that he was in love with her. So if Rachel is ready to get dazzled, they will plan their date. They take him away, and Rachel does not know what to do.

Brody gets Starr and baby Hope out of the building and makes sure they are okay. He then meets with Sergei’s assistant and struggles while Starr paddles an inflatable raft with her baby. John then enters the empty building with his gun. Sergei corners him and tells him that he will change the deal by killing the girls while John watches, and then he will kill John. 

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