OLTL Update Thursday 9/10/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/10/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Dorian’s, Todd and Téa awaken and he’s ready to leave without her. But she tells him that his worries are her worries. She notices that a cleaning crew is cleaning up the crime scene. Todd does not admit that he is worried about not only his daughter and granddaughter but also Blair.

Blair and Ross return to the house from the outside patio. He tells her that now that she is home, he wants to know where his new room is. She tells him that the only place he can sleep is the cabana so that nobody can see him. But he tells her that in order for him to stick to his end of the bargain, he has to stay in the big house with the rich people.

At John’s office, Cole talks to his mother about Starr and the baby. She assures her son that she knows that John will get them home safe.

Bo and John inform Brody that Sergei, the drug lord who he met with Cole undercover has kidnapped Starr Manning and the baby because he found out that Cole was onto him and he couldn’t manage to kill Cole. Bo tells Brody that they can really use his Navy SEAL training to find a way to get into the place where Sergei is hiding Starr and Hope and get them out without getting himself killed or injured. They know that both Todd and Shaun were unsuccessful in saving them.

At the hospital, Rachel talks to Shaun’s parents. They tell her that their son never brags about himself nor his achievements and puts his life on the line every day to protect other people. Destiny sits with Matthew and they appear to be getting closer after what has happened to her brother.

IN Shaun’s room, Greg talks to the doctor about the condition of his brother. The doctor tells Greg that Shaun is in serious condition. Maybe Greg should wait. But Greg protests that that is his brother. The doctor tells Greg that until Shawn awakens, he is not out of the woods. They then observe an unconscious Shaun in his hospital bed with tubes.

Rex and Gigi are talking about what to do regarding Stacy and the doctor’s appointment. They wonder why it is that Stacy has cancelled and is not asking Rex to come with her. And they decide that he has to contact her and find out what is up if that is in fact his baby.

Meanwhile, Stacy and Kim are talking about what they are going to do. She has only slept with Officer Fish once so she may not be pregnant. But Kim tells her there is only one way to find out and gives her a home pregnancy test. And Kim encourages her not to give up.

Rex and Gigi talk about how odd it is that Stacy is avoiding having the doctor check her out. And Gigi suggests that it could mean that Stacy is not pregnant after all.

Stacy tells Kim that she does not know how she’s going to get pregnant. Time is running out. And she has to somehow “stall” Rex about the doctor’s appointment for a pregnancy that doesn’t exist.

At the station, the cops bring Asher in. Cole runs up to physically attack him. Asher reminds Cole that they are supposed to work together and be brothers. But Cole tells him that Sergei have kidnapped Starr and his baby. And Asher better tell him what he knows. Yet, Asher may not.

Blair tells Ross that she knows that Todd will blow a gasket when he finds out that Téa has been lying to him from the get go. Ross then reminds her that she must wait before going through with her plan. But she reminds him that if he tries anything funny, she can report him to John McBain for his illegal actions

Todd tells Téa that he has to call Bo. Sergei and his boys had no problem shooting him and Shaun and could kill his daughter and granddaughter.

Greg tells his unconscious brother that their parents are there with Destiny and Rachel. They have been there all day. He reminds him of how their mom used to take care of them when they were kids. And she’s going to make certain that no harm comes to Shaun. At that point, Shaun awakens and asks what happened to Starr and baby Hope.

After Todd calls Bo, he informs John and Brody that Manning does not trust them to do their jobs. But they admit that they are not certain who the other guys were with Sergei. Right then, Sergei calls them and tells them he does not like waiting. He asks Bo if he has the plane ready for him. OR is he(Sergei) going to kill the teenage mommy and her baby? Bo informs him that a plane is being prepped at Llantano airport. Sergei makes more demands. But Bo reminds him that if any harm comes to Starr or baby Hope, then Sergei won’t get what he wants from them.

Blair asks Ross what it’s going to be. Is he going to jail or is he going to stay in the cabana where she wants him to stay? He tells her that he wants to eat a good meal. She then tells him he’s a poor baby and tells him she will make him something to eat after she goes in and sees her kids.

Inside, Téa tells Todd she realizes that he is scared. But he’s not helping matters any by going down to the police station. He goes upstairs. Blair enters and demands to know where her kids are. Téa answers that the boys are with Blair’s mom in NY. Blair asks Téa if she has moved in with Todd. Right then, Todd walks down the stairs. Noticing that his face is bloody and bruised and he’s limping, Blair asks what happened. He tells her that something has happened.

Matthew and Destiny talk about Shaun and Greg wile they are inside the hospital room. Inside, Greg tells his brother that he knows that their parents are talking to Rachel and definitely approve of her. In the waiting room, Mr. and Mrs. Evans admit to Rachel that their son has told them all about her and she’s the first woman he’s been serious with. Right then, Greg enters and tells them that Shaun is now awake. They can go in and see him but they can’t stay for long. They go in with Destiny and Matthew. But Rachel stays outside. They ask her why she doesn’t want to join them. She tells them that she will let his family see him first. Alone with Greg, Rachel admits that she’s not comfortable facing Shaun knowing that right before he got shot he as planning a date with her and she was “busy” and ready to break up with him.

Gigi asks Rex if he is really certain that Stacy is not lying about being pregnant. He reminds her that the doctor confirmed it after she went to the hospital. But GIgi knows that her sister is very capable of lying about many things including this.

Right then, Stacy and Kim look at the blue stick and wait to get the results.

Ross waits outside while Blair goes in. She asks Todd what they need to do in order to get Starr and Hope back. Do the kidnappers want money? Todd and Téa explain that it’s not so much money. Cole went undercover to bust the drug dealers and they found him out. They tried and failed to kill him. So now they have targeted Starr and Hope in order to get to Cole. Todd tells Blair and Téa that John McBain is responsible for what has happened to his daughter and granddaughter. And if anything happens to them, that idiot will be sorry. He asks Blair where she was for the last week. She does not want to answer that so she replies that she went on a business trip. But it does not matter. She asks Todd what types of foolish behavior he did. Téa protests that Todd put his life on the line to protect Starr and got shot in the process. Hearing that, Blair is shocked and worried that Todd could have been killed.

IN Shaun’s’ hospital room, his parents tells their son that he has been a hero throughout his life. But he tells them that this time he tried and failed to protect a young girl and a baby form drug dealer and has no clue what happened to them.

At the station, Cole demands that Asher tells him where Starr and the baby are. If he doesn’t give it up, Cole will kill him. But Asher admits that Sergei did not tell him anything about kidnapping them.

Destiny comes out of Shaun’s room and tells Rachel that she really needs to go in and see him.

Blair asks Todd what John is doing to get their daughter back. They both admit they are very worried and Téa observes them together looking as though they might be getting back together in this time of crises.

Asher tells the cops that he knows of some places where Sergei goes and admits he might have a clue where he could have taken Starr and Hope.

Stacy tells Kim she has given up on trying getting Rex back. But right then, he appears outside the door, knocks and impatiently asks her if she is ready to go. Stacy panics and asks Kim what she’s going to do now. Rex attempts to open the door and enter with Gigi when nobody answers the door. But Kim tells them they cannot come in while Stacy rushes into the bathroom. Gigi asks Kim if she doesn’t have better things to do with her time than “help” Stacy. Maybe Kim should get a job. She knows that they are lying about something. And so does Rex.

Inside, Stacy tells Kim she is very worried and doesn’t know what to do. But Kim tells her that sometimes you have to “think out of the box”. Stacy asks her what she means by that.

Bo and John demands that Asher tells them what he knows about Sergei and his “safe house”. Asher protests that he really doesn’t have a clue. John informs him that Lowell is downstairs in a jail cell and can no longer help him. Asher tells them he refuses to say anything without a lawyer. John then invites Brody in and asks Asher if he remembers him. He must know that Brody was another “snitch” and is going to help the cops put him away for a long time. Brody then physically picks up Asher and pulls him by the collar and tells him that a young girl and her baby are in danger. Asher tells him that he is not talking without a lawyer. John then tells Asher that either Brody can beat it out of him or he can have him thrown in prison for dealing.. SO it’s up to him. Asher then tells John that he and Sergei sometimes hang out at this warehouse. And he considers telling them Sergei’s secrets.

While Blair is inside and distracted talking to Todd and Téa about what they’re going to do to get Starr and Hope back safely, Ross sneaks inside. Téa notices him and turns around to see him sneak in and then out.

Greg tells his parents that he is confident that Shaun will make a full recovery. But Greg tells them that the other doctor has really saved Shaun’s life. Right then the doctor asks Greg to come in and look at the scans. Destiny and Matthew enter. Mr. and Mrs. Evans let Matthew know that they know all about Greg’s plan to make him walk again because Destiny has talked almost as much about him as Shaun has told them about Rachel.

Rachel goes into Shaun’s room and he tells her that he is going to get out of the hospital and get ready for the “date” he promised her. But she tells him she just wants him to get better. IN the other room, Greg and the other doctor talk about the results of Shaun’s test. At first everything looks ok. But Greg realizes that there is a serious problem.

Outside Rex’s old apartment, Rex tells Gigi that he is so grateful to her for all she has done for him She tells him that they are in this together and she love shim. Stacy then enters and tells Rex that there is no way Gigi is coming with her. Stacy asks why she needs to be there. Rex tells her that Gigi is coming whether she likes it or not. Stacy then tells Rex that she will pick up a carton of cigarettes and a six pack. Rex asks her if she would od that to “their baby”. She tells him she will not let Gigi come to her doctor’s appointment. Only Kim is coming with her and Rex. Gigi then announces that she really doesn’t think she should attend. She will stay behind. Rex and Stacy need to be there alone.

Asher admits to Bo, John and Fish that he can find Starr and the baby at Sergei’s warehouse. He apologizes and tells them that he had no clue about the kidnapping. Fish then takes him away. He asks John what will happen to him. John replies that he will be joining his buddy, Lowell, in the cell downstairs. Right then, they get a call from Sergei who reminds them that the clock is ticking. Bo tells him he wants to make certain that Starr and the baby are ok. And what Sergei needs to do is give them one of the hostages. He can leave with Starr but needs to give them the baby. But obviously, Sergei only wants to play games with them.

Gigi tells Rex that he may go with Stacy and Kim. She will call Rodi’s and see if she can get an early start on her shift since she is already late. But as soon as they are gone, she has a plan. She goes inside the empty apartment to see what she can find and instantly discovers the pregnancy test kit in the trash.

Over the phone, Sergei tells Bo, John, Fish and Brody that he knows that they are trying to stop him. And perhaps they have forgotten what his friends did to the “big man” who last tried to stop them. At that point, remembering what happened to Shaun, they are frozen.

Destiny and Greg talk to Shaun in his hospital room. They tell him he is their hero and he rocks. Yet Rachel appears uncomfortable.

In the other room, Greg and the other doctor discover that if they don’t take immediate action right now, Shaun could die.

Téa notices that “somebody” is outside but does not see Ross. He hides and observes her unseen form the bushes. Not seeing anyone, she goes back in. She replies that she will see him soon enough. At that point, she has an uneasy feeling.

Todd and Blair go to the station worried about Starr. Cole tells them he wishes it were him instead of Starr. Hearing that, Todd tells him that makes two of them. But Marty and Blair tell Todd that he can’t do this now. He must let John do his job and know that John knows what he is doing.

IN the other room, Bo tells Sergei that they need him to give them the baby. He replies that he can “give” them the baby. But he fires a shot. They are all horrified.

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