OLTL Update Wednesday 9/9/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/9/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Nora and Téa are released from lockup after being cited for contempt of court.  Téa looks at her divorce decree.  She says goodbye to the absent Ross Rayburn and that it was worth every cent it cost her to get rid of him forever.  

Ross and Blair are on an airplane returning to Llanview.  He suggests they get to know each other during their twelve-hour flight.  She tells him she already knows everything she is interested to know about him

In a warehouse with Sergei and two henchmen, Starr is bound to a chair with a gun trained on her.  The gunman is holding baby Hope.  Starr’s cell phone rings and she asks if it is Cole.  She tells Sergei that Cole will only keep calling, so he should let her talk to him and tell him she is ok.  Sergei tells her that she would be lying because she and her brat are far from ok.  Starr tells him not to hurt her baby.  Sergei’s henchman tells him that no one can see them or their guards from the street.  Starr tells Sergei that her father and her aunt own half this town and her uncle is the police chief.  Sergei tells her that they are important, but they have no way to find her. 

At the police station, Matthew asks Nora if she is ok; he was afraid she would be locked up all night.  Nora tells him the judge decided she had learned her lesson and let her go.  She asks Matthew if she has seen Rachel. He says no.  Nora tells him that she got a message from Rachel, and she seemed calmer.  Matthew tells his mother that he would like to find his sister and apologize to her.  Nora tells him that Rachel said she has something to do, so she is probably not home.

Rachel enters Todd’s house.  Téa is there and tells Rachel she knows she is upset about what happened in court.  Rachel calls Téa a self-serving bitch and informs her that she is not there to see her; she is looking for Shaun.

John McBain enters Dorian’s house to find Shaun in the foyer, on the floor in a pool of blood.  McBain tells Officer Fish to call it in.  He informs Fish that Shaun has a pulse but is not breathing. Fish radios in for backup and an ambulance for a shooting victim.

At the police station, Matthew apologizes to his mother for what his lawyer did to Rachel.  He tells Nora that he didn’t know Téa was going to go off on her; Rachel wasn’t even supposed to be a witness.  He assures his mother that he would never do such a thing.  She tells him she knows he wouldn’t, but he hired a shark of a lawyer who would.  Nora offers Matthew a ride home, but he declines and tells her he will meet her there.  Matthew and Destiny leave and Nora calls Clint to tell him she is out of jail and will be home soon.  While she is on the phone, Commissioner Buchannan enters with a police officer and a handcuffed Mayor Lowell.  Nora tells Clint she has some things to take care of at the police station before she comes home.  Bo tells the officer to start the paperwork.  Nora hangs up the phone and observes to Bo that he has arrested the Mayor.  Bo tells her it has been on the news.  She reminds him that she has been in lockup.  She asks him if he got him on drug trafficking or racketeering.  He confirms both and adds attempted murder.  He tells her that Lowell sent a dirty cop to murder Cole when he was in lockup, but John was there to stop him.  Nora tells the Mayor that it will be her pleasure to put him away.  Cole and Marty enter.  Cole tells Bo that John said he arrested the mayor.  Bo confirms it and shows Cole where the mayor is being processed.  Cole starts toward the mayor, but Marty stops him, telling him it is not worth it; the mayor is going to jail.  Cole agrees and says he can go back to his own life now – if he can find Starr.

In the warehouse, Sergei checks the entrances.  Starr’s phone rings in Sergei’s hand.  He tells her it is Cole.  He tells her he thought something was wrong with Cole.  He asks if she helped Cole spy on him.  She asks to hold Hope.  He tells her he can get the baby to be quiet.  Starr protests that Hope is just a baby; she didn’t do anything wrong.  She tells him that she can quiet the baby.  He tells her she will not move. 

At Todd’s house, Téa offers to give Shaun a message.  Rachel tells her she needs to speak to Shaun in person.  Téa says Rachel is welcome to wait.  She tells Rachel the questioning in court was not personal.  Rachel protests that Téa used intimate details of her life that she only knew about because Rachel as a stupid junkie, though Téa was a friend.  Téa tells her that she would do anything to help her client.  Téa tells Rachel that it is her fault; she started it when she jumped up in the middle of Greg Evans’ testimony.  She demands to know why Rachel would do that. 

Greg Evans is at the hospital.  Vivian enters and asks him how his testimony in Matthew Buchannan’s case went.  He tells her it was a circus.  She tells him that a 15-year-old suing his parents was bound to get ugly.  He tells her that Rachel Gannon got shredded for no good reason.

Téa tells Rachel that it is obvious that she and Greg have a thing.  Rachel corrects her that there is no thing between her and Greg.  She assures her that there is nothing romantic between them.

Vivian tells Greg it must have been awful.  Greg confirms that it was.  Vivian tells him that she was right about Rachel.  She knows that Greg cares about Rachel a lot more than he lets on.  Greg flashes back to the kiss he and Rachel shared earlier that day.

Téa tells Rachel that she never said there was anything romantic. Rachel tells Téa that she doesn’t know anything about it.  Téa says she wouldn’t assume to know anything about it.  She asks Rachel if she isn’t dating Shaun.

At Dorian’s house, John McBain is performing CPR on Shaun.  Fish comes downstairs and informs McBain that the rest of the house is clear, no other bodies, no signs of forced entry.  John informs Fish that Shaun is now breathing and asks Fish to apply pressure to Shaun’s wound.  They hear a noise; Fish goes to investigate.  He finds Todd in a closet bound, gagged, and badly beaten.

On the plane, Blair tells Ross he should stop drinking because she needs him sober.  She tells him that they need to have everything together when they land because there cannot be any surprises except for the one they have in store for Téa.

At Todd’s house, Rachel tells Téa that her relationship with Todd is none of her business.  Téa tells Rachel that Greg’s testimony was not about her, and asks her why she made it about her.  Rachel reminds Téa that she is not on the witness stand.  Téa tells Rachel that she is sorry that she had to be so hard on her.  She tells her that she did not choose to make Rachel the issue; Rachel did that, and Rachel needs to own that.  Rachel tells Téa she does.  Téa tells Rachel that she can tell that something else is bothering her.  She reminds her that they used to be friends; she misses that.  Rachel tells her she has a funny way of showing it.  She says that maybe she needed today to happen to shake her up and show her what she was doing -- playing it safe.  Téa tells her that she wasn’t playing it safe in court today.  Rachel agrees and says that because of it, her relationship with Shaun is trashed.

At Dorian’s house, Shaun is on a gurney.  Fish asks the medic if Shaun will make it.  The EMT tells Fish that Shaun has a collapsed lung and has lost a lot of blood.  Todd tells John not to worry about him; they must find Starr and Hope.  John asks how many assailants were there.  Todd tells him there were three men with accents.  John surmises that it was Sergei. Todd confirms that he heard that name.  John asks Todd if he is sure they took Starr and the baby.  Todd tells him he was passed out on the floor when it happened, and doesn’t know what happened until he came to in the closet.  Todd tells McBain that he put his kid in danger when he put Cole undercover, and the mayor is going to have his job for this.  McBain informs Todd that the mayor was arrested because he was the inside contact of the whole operation.  Todd says, “oh, no” and puts his hand over his eyes.  Todd reveals that he tipped the mayor off about Cole.  McBain tells Todd that was not smart, but the mayor already knew; someone else tipped the mayor off before Todd did.  Todd says he gave up Starr and Hope’s location.  John tells Todd to go to the hospital to have his gunshot wound treated.  Todd tells John that he must wait there for the kidnapper’s call.

At the police station, Cole informs Marty that Starr is still not answering her phone.  Marty tells him not to panic; John said he was on the way.  Nora tells Mayor Lowell that his lawyer is on the way.  He tells her not to expect him to thank her because he has the right to an attorney.  Nora tells him not to worry; they will do everything by the book to ensure that he rote in prison for all of his crimes.  He tells her it is all just a terrible misunderstanding.  He smugly tells her he will not sue her for wrongful prosecution since she is under stress but assures her that he will not do one day of time.  Bo takes Nora aside and tells her that he has heard from John.  He tells her that Sergei and a couple of other men broke into Dorian’s house and shot Shaun.  She asks about everyone else.  He tells her that Dorian and Blair were not there but they beat up Manning and they took Starr and Hope.  Overhearing that, Cole demands to know where they took them.  Bo admits he does not know.

At the warehouse, Hope is crying and one of Sergei’s henchmen yells to Starr to shut her kid up.  She tells him that Hope is tired and hungry, and if they will just give her to Starr, she will be quite.  Sergei asks her what trouble she will make if he gives her the baby.  Starr promises that she would never do anything to put her baby in danger.  He tells her he can keep her tied to the chair.  Sergei tells her she annoys him and then tells his goon to give her the baby.  Sergei tells Starr that she and Hope are his ticket out of there.

At the police station, Bo asks Mayor Lowell where Starr and Hope are.  The mayor says he does not know.  Bo asks if they should add kidnapping to his list of charges.  Nora tells him she is going to crucify him in court.  Lowell insists that he does not know.  Fish plays a recording of Sergei talking to the mayor about Cole’s girlfriend and baby, and the mayor disclosing their location at his campaign manager’s house.  Lowell still insists that he does not know.  Officer Fish takes Bo aside and tells him that the mayor may be telling the truth because he left his office two minutes after the recorded conversation.  Fish tells Bo that they had a tail on the mayor that confirms he went straight to the debate.  Cole is angry that no one knows where Starr and the baby are, and he insists that they have to find them. 

At the warehouse, Hope is still crying.  Starr tells Sergei that the baby doesn’t like strangers.  Sergei concludes to her that they all must become friends.  Starr asks Sergei what he intends to do to them.  He does not answer, but asks his henchman to give him Starr’s phone.

As Matthew is about to enter his home, Destiny asks him if he is going to say goodnight to her, as he has not said ten words to her since they left the police station.  She tells him she knows that he is still bugged about Rachel but reminds him that his mother told him that his sister is ok.  Matthew wonders where Rachel is.  Destiny remembers that Rachel and Shaun have a big date tonight.  She bets Rachel is getting ready for the date.

At Todd’s house, Téa asks Rachel if she is breaking up with Shaun.  Rachel says that she and Shaun aren’t even that serious.  Téa asks if Rachel is not serious or if Shaun is not serious.   Rachel admits that Shaun wants more, but she can’t give it to him.  Rachel gets up to leave and asks Téa to tell him that she was looking for him.  Téa tells Rachel that since Shaun works for Todd, Todd may know where he is.  Téa calls Todd, and he informs her about the drug dealers taking Starr and the baby.  She asks if he is ok.  He tells her he was shot, but he is ok.  He tells her that Shaun was also shot and is on his way to the hospital.  Téa tells Todd she will be right there and hangs up.  She tells Rachel about Shaun and they both leave.   

At the hospital, Vivian asks Greg about him and Rachel. She asks if Rachel has broken up with Shaun.  He tells her it is not like that.  He says that Rachel has a lot going on in her life, things that Shaun doesn’t understand.  Vivian tells him she doesn’t understand either, but if he and Rachel are not an item, then maybe Vivian and Greg can get together sometime.  The emergency team burst in announcing that they have a gunshot wound.  When they wheel the victim in, Greg recognizes his brother.

In the Llanview Hospital emergency room, Greg looks on as the attending surgeon takes care of Shaun.  The doctor tells his staff to get blood ready and let Radiology know they will be up for chest x-rays.  The surgeon urges them to hurry because the patient doesn’t have much time.  He orders two more IV lines to get more blood into him.  He tells them they need volume or they will lose the patient.  The surgeon tells the staff to find a family member so they can get the patient’s history. On the verge of tears, Greg tells him he is the patient’s brother.  The surgeon asks Greg if Shaun has any allergies or other medical conditions he should know about.  Greg says he does not.  With that information, the surgeon orders 1 gram of Cefazolin and tells a nurse to find out what is happening with the blood.  The doctor says they need more hands in there. Vivian tells Greg not him.  The surgeon agrees. Greg asks how bad it is.  The surgeon tells him he is not sure yet; it could go either way.

Rachel enters the hospital and asks a nurse about patient Shaun Evans.  The nurse tells her that he is in cubicle 2, but she cannot go in there.  Rachel sees Shaun on the table and hears the surgeon say they need to get Shaun up to the operating room.  Greg says he is Shaun’s next of kin and can sign for him.  The surgeon says it is a trauma; they don’t need consent.

Todd is sitting on the floor at Dorian’s house trying to fix the phone jack that Sergei broke.  He wonders how the thug expects to call him when he has knocked out all of the phones.  Téa arrives, sees the puddle of blood on the floor, and calls out to Todd.  Todd answers from the parlor so she goes to him.  She sees his wound and asks how he can call it little.  She gets some ice to put on his wound.  She tells him that she can’t believe drug dealers busted in there and Cole was working undercover.  Todd tells her John McBain is a moron for bringing an 18-year-old kid into a bunch of drug dealers to try to bust them up.  Téa tells him it looks like it worked.  He tells her it apparently went all the way up to the mayor.  She asks if that is why the mayor was arrested.  She asks if he has heard anything since she called earlier.  He says no, but it would help if he could get a dial tone.  Finally, the phone jack is fixed, and Todd gets up from the floor.  Téa says Blair must be freaking out.  Todd tells her that Blair doesn’t know about it.  Téa tells him he has to tell Blair.  He says Blair is on a business trip and he cannot reach her.  Téa tells him he must try.  He tells Téa to give him her cell phone because he cannot tie up his own line.

On the airplane, Ross asks Blair why he has to stay completely out of sight when they get to Llanview.  She reminds him that he is a fugitive.  He reminds her that she said she was going to work on that.  She assures him that she will, but they have to be careful.  She says she was thinking about putting him in the Palace under an assumed name, but his mini-bar bill would break her.  He tells her she is a hell of woman.  She tells him she is immune to flattery.  She tells him she knows how to work the situation.  She tells him that she is a Cramer woman; that is what they do best.

In the warehouse, Sergei tells Starr that all of the windows are sealed and the doors are locked.  He tells her if she does what he says then she will live.  Starr clutches Hope to her chest.

At the police station, Bo tells the officers to take Lowell to holding.  Mayor Lowell tells Bo this is malicious prosecution.  Nora tells the mayor that this is justice.  Nora goes with the mayor and the officers.  Bo asks John and Fish what they know about Sergei that is not in the file.  John says not much, he mostly worked big cities before this.  Bo asks John if he thinks Sergei went underground on Philadelphia or New York. John says he doesn’t think Sergei had enough time.  He tells the commissioner that they put out an APB so every road out of town should be covered.  John tells Cole to think about anything Sergei may have said about safe houses or any place in town he liked to go. Cole says no, but he does remember Sergei getting in a black SUV with tinted windows, but he did not see the license plate.  Cole’s phone rings.  It is Starr.  Cole asks if she is alright.  Sergei takes the phone from her.  Cole tells Sergei to let Hope and the baby go.  He says that Sergei can take Cole as a hostage.  Sergei tells Cole he is not as pretty; perhaps nobody cares to bring him home.  Sergei asks Cole if he is still at the police station.  Cole confirms that he is.  Sergei asks if grownups are listening.  Bo takes the phone from Cole and introduces himself as Commissioner Buchannan.  Sergei asks Bo if he is John McBain’s boss.  Bo says yes, and now that Mayor Lowell has been arrested, he is the boss of about everybody, so Sergei will deal with him.  He tells Sergei that Mayor Lowell can no longer help him.  Sergei tells Bo that he helps himself and informs Bo that he has something he wants, so Bo will do what Sergei wants.

At Dorian’s house, Todd is on the phone leaving a message for Blair.  He demands that she needs to stop playing games and call him back because it is about Starr and the baby.  Téa brings Todd a cup of decaf and tells him she has spoken to his doctor who is calling in a prescription for antibiotics.  Todd tells her that the EMTs gave him something.  Téa asks him what else she can so.  He says look at him; he has money and power, newspapers and websites, politicians in his back pocket, but he can’t do anything to get his daughter and her baby back.

In the warehouse, one of Sergei’s cohorts gags Starr.  Sergei tells the commissioner to listen carefully.  Fish connects a cord to Cole’s cell phone.  Marty asks John what it is.  John explains that Starr’s phone is equipped with GPS, so they can track it.  Bo asks Sergei what he wants.  Sergei says he wants one million dollars cash in unmarked, non-sequential bills and a plane with pilot, at least G4 range.  Bo tells him that it will take a little while to get a million dollars and a private jet.  Sergei tells Bo the baby has very rich grandparents.  He tells him to make it happen.  He tells him to get the money on the plane at Llanview airfield then he will fly away with Starr and Hope.  Once they are safe, the pilot will fly home with the girls.  Sergei tells Bo to get to work or it is Dos be Dania to the little girls.  He asks if Bo understands.  Bo says he does; Sergei hangs up. Bo says Sergei was timing the call; they missed the trace by about 15 seconds.  Fish says that is true with a straight signal, but the USB should buy them about 45 seconds.  They will know in about a minute.

Matthew asks Destiny about Shaun and Rachel.  He asks her to tell him if Shaun is a good guy.  He tells her Shaun is the best guy she knows.  Better than Greg, Matthew asks. She tells him that Shaun and Greg are very different but Shaun is her rock; he is always there for her.  Matthew asks Destiny if she thinks Shaun and Rachel are good together.  She says yes, they were friends first.  She says that is how it works; people are friends and then it turns into something else. 

At the Llanview Hospital emergency room, Greg says he will scrub in.  The surgeon tells him no.  Greg screams that is his brother.  Vivian pulls Greg away and tells him to let the attending staff handle it.  Greg breaks down and cries.  Outside the ER, Rachel calls Matthew.  He tells her he is glad she called because he wants to apologize.  She tells him not now, and asks if he knows where Destiny is.  He says yes and asks why she wants to know.  Matthew thanks his sister and hangs up.  Destiny tells Matthew that Rachel should be thinking about her date with Shaun.  Matthew takes Destiny’s hand.  She asks him what is wrong.

At the hospital, the staff wheels Shaun to an operating room.  Greg asks the surgeon to save his brother.  Rachel cries.

On the airplane, Blair sleeps with her head on Ross’s shoulder.  She awakes and asks Ross how long they have been flying.  He tells her they have nine and a half hours left to go.  He tells her it has been a long time since he has set foot in the USA.  Blair laughs and tells him that is why it will be such a big surprise.  Téa will never see it coming. 

At Dorian’s house, Todd says he is going to go find Starr and Hope.  Téa tells him he is not going anywhere and asks him if he wants to blow whatever the cops are doing.  Todd asks what the cops are doing.  She tells him she does not know and neither does he; that is why he could blow it.  She tells him to sit there and she will tell him about her day at court.  She tells him it was an exciting day, and that Shaun’s brother was quite good on the stand.  She asks him what the hospital said.  He tells her they wouldn’t tell him anything because he isn’t family.  He asks her if she is here with him now.  She asks him if he thinks she has plans that are more important.  He looks at her bare hand.  She shows him that the ring is on a chain around her neck.  When she starts unhooking the clasp, he asks if she is giving it back to him.  She chuckles and puts the ring on her finger.  She tells her she is with him now and forever.

At the police station, Cole asks his mother if she can get her hands on any cash.  She says yes, if that is what they should do.  Cole tells her that of course they should.  Bo tells Cole that it doesn’t work that way.  Cole tells the commissioner that Sergei doesn’t want to keep Starr and the baby.  If they give him the cash, he will let them go.  John says that if they get on that plane, they are never coming back.  Fish says he got Sergei’s exact location including the address and aerial photo and street-level view. 

 In the warehouse, one of Sergei’s associates asks him if they are just going to wait.  Sergei tells him they will give them time to get the money and plane.  The other associate tells Sergei that they police will not comply.  Sergei says they will if they want to see the little girls again.

At the police station, Bo, John, and Fish look at the blueprint of the warehouse property.  Bo observes that there are several buildings and they don’t know which one they are in.  John says they can take enough units to check them all.  Bo tells John that if they do that, the crooks might see them coming, and there is no telling what they may do.  Cole tells Bo he wants to go with them; Starr and Hope in there.  Bo tells Marty that he needs her and Cole to step back.  Cole protests that it is his child.  Marty tries to convince Cole to let the police handle it.  They are professionals; it is their job.  Bo asks Fish to get them situated comfortably in the commissioner’s office.  He assures Marty that he will keep them posted.  John tells Cole they will not let anything happen to Starr and Hope; they will bring them home.  Cole asks how. 

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