OLTL Update Tuesday 9/8/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/8/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Brenda

Outside the courthouse, Greg tells Rachel he is not going away. She tells him that he needs to get back to the life of rich people, Vivian, and champagne and forget all about Rachel Gannon. She demands to know what he wants from her. She tells him to go away and leave her alone. Right then, he kisses her passionately. She kisses him back.

Nora and Téa are hauled to the same jail cell after the judge has cited them both for contempt of court. Téa tells Nora she need not worry about Rachel. Nora tells her that she will not discuss her daughter with Téa. She does tell Téa, however, that she knows that Téa is spending too much time with her “favorite client” Todd Manning and she is becoming just as disgusting as Todd is.

When Starr and Todd are in the house together, Sergei finds his way into the back patio door and pulls a gun on them. He tells them he knows that Cole is going to snitch him out. Todd informs him that Cole does not live there. Sergei tells him Cole’s girlfriend and baby do.

Marty goes to find Cole after she’s heard he may be in danger. She finds him in John’s office with Brody and demands to know what happened.

Viki and Mayor Lowell are going to have their mayor debate over television. David Vickers wants to put it on his new show. Natalie reminds David that he can’t do much for Viki's campaign since he is not even legally registered to vote in the state of PA. He then tells them that he can arrange to be able to vote and he has connections to get their campaign on the road. Dorian and Mayor Lowell enter. She tells them that his campaign does not care about television or advertisement or country club boards. This is a man who is unafraid to do his job, get down and dirty and do what is needed to make Llanview clean. All of Lowell’s supporters clap.

After Sergei pulls the gun on Todd and Starr, Todd tells Sergei he can take him but he must leave his daughter out of this. Sergei tells Todd that his daughter is the reason they are there, so Starr is coming with him and his people.

John goes to Mayor Lowell’s campaign headquarters and finds an employee is alone in the room. John demands to know what the mayor has done. The man tells John the mayor has gone to the debate.

Charlie and David Vickers tell the mayor that they can see that a strong and honorable woman like Mrs. Banks intimidates him. At that moment, for the benefit of the media, Lowell graciously tells them that he welcomes Mrs. Banks to participate in a clean campaign and shakes her hand. He tells her that if she is not elected, he will make certain that she can have future opportunities working for him. Viki tells the mayor that if he is voted out, he is out for good.

Marty tells Cole that she needs to know where John is. All she got was a message form him without details about what happened to Cole or what is going on. Cole realizes he does not know where John is or where Starr is.

At Dorian’s house, Sergei and his men knock Todd out. Todd tells them that whatever they are being paid, he can double it. They must just leave his daughter out of this.  Sergei reminds Todd that this is not about money. Todd protests that his daughter is just a kid. Sergei tells him he knows that she is a mommy and because Sergei is not “heartless,” when he takes Starr with him, the baby will come along, too.

In the jail cell, Nora tells Téa that she is behaving just like Todd. She put Rachel on the stand and ripped her apart. Téa tells Nora that she did that for the interest of her client. Nora reminds her that her client is Rachel’s brother And Matthew made it clear that he was not impressed by what Téa did to his sister. She asks Téa if she doesn’t Téa realize that dragging somebody who was once her friend through the mud and smearing her character in a courtroom is pushing it too far.  Exposing her as a drug addict and prostitute is reprehensible. Téa should know that what happened to Georgie Philips was an accident.  If Téa does this to her friend, Nora would not want to see what Téa does to her enemies.

Outside, Rachel tells Greg that he needs to stay away from her. Everything Téa said about her is true. She was a drug addict, a prostitute, and a murderer. He protests that he knows that she is worth so much more than her past.

Before the mayoral debate, David sits by Dorian. He tells her that being a celebrity is hard because everybody loves you and everybody hates you.  She tells him she will always love him.  Hearing that, he has Markko come over and film her repeating that statement. Right then, the speaker announces the debate between Viki and Lowell. He first asks Lowell how it is that he has failed to clean up the drug problem. Lowell responds that he admits he has had too much patience with the drug problem but he’s worked hard to get many programs overhauled, and when he is reelected, his first objective will be to clean house. He will boot Bo Buchanan as police commissioner. Hearing that, David exclaims that the mayor is talking about his father. Lowell tells the people that he realizes that Commissioner Buchanan comes from a rich and privileged family. Many people want to back him. The mayor says he supports the good people who work hard and earn their way in the world. He tells them that he knows that his opponent has committed many crimes in her life, but she was exonerated because of her family’s wealth and privilege. Dorian reminds them that they need not mention the many crimes that Viki has covered up for her brother, Todd.

Sergei and his assistant are ready to take Starr and Todd away. She pleads with them not to hurt her baby. They pull the phone out of the wall when it rings. She gets a call on her cell from Cole. Sergei reminds her that he would not be there if her “baby daddy” had died when he was supposed to. Todd then tells Sergei that he will give him any money he wants and not tell anybody that they were there. They just need to go away and leave his daughter and granddaughter alone. Sergei is ready to pull a gun on Todd and shoot him dead.

In John’s office, Marty tells Cole and Brody that they had better tell her what is really going on. Her son was almost killed because of this undercover drug operation. Cole then answers that John put him in jail to protect him from somebody who wants him dead. Marty asks who that is. Cole replies it’s the mayor.

In the debate, Viki informs the people that the mayor has wasted much of the city’s money when he railroaded Bo Buchanan and John McBain out of their jobs. He put Lee Ramsey in Bo’s position and Ramsey got jewels stolen and got people killed. She talks about all of the dishonorable things that the mayor has done. Many people clap.  They wonder where Todd and Starr are.

Sergei and his assistant are ready to kill Todd but Shaun enters and shoots the assistant who falls to the ground.

Rachel tells Greg that they need to have no more contact with one another. They have only been pressing each other’s buttons the whole while. He admits that that is what has been happening but he’d like o start over. He can see that they are attracted to each other. She protests that she is attracted to many things that she needs to stay away from. That’s what her disease is all about. She tells him that the main reason she needs to stay away from him is his brother, Shaun.

Nora asks Téa if she really is Rachel’s friend. Just how often has she contacted Rachel? Téa admits that she’s been very busy with work. What she did on the witness stand had to be done for her client. Nora tells Téa that she has no regard for ethics. Téa asks Nora if she cared about ethics the night when she kissed her ex-husband right before her wedding. Nora tells Téa that she may make mistakes and do some crazy things but she’s a lawyer who practices ethics, and most importantly, she’s a mother. That is something Téa could never understand.

Shaun knocks out Sergei. Todd is injured and Starr tells Shaun that they have sent somebody upstairs to get Hope. Shaun must save her before it’s too late. Meanwhile, a man enters the baby’s room.

The mayor announces in the debate that as far as he’s concerned, John McBain is responsible for Powell Lord’s escape from a mental institution and almost killing many people. We all know that Mrs. Banks would like to give him a break. He used to date her daughter. If that is not special interest, he does not know what is. Right then, John walks in to interrupt the debate and place Mayor Lowell under arrest.

The man walks slowly into Hope’s room. Downstairs, Starr urges Shaun to go up and save her baby. Shaun enters Hope’s room, pulls the gun, and tells the man if he touches that baby, he will put a hole through him. Downstairs, Todd hobbles to get up and get out of the house.  Starr tells him they cannot go anywhere until they make sure that Hope and Shaun are ok. Sergei gets up and grabs Starr. Shaun is confident that he has saved the baby but Sergei’s other associate comes up behind him and shoots him. Then he goes down the stairs and attempts to kill Todd.  Starr screams and panics unable to do anything.

Rachel tells Greg that Shaun does not deserve this and they both know it. He protests that it is not as if they planned it. She tells him that his brother is a wonderful man, kind, caring, and loyal. He’s just not the one for her. Because of both of their mistakes and bad judgment, Shaun is now the one who has to pay the price.

Shaun is lying on the floor after being shot when Sergei’s assistant steps over him and takes baby Hope.

Cole and Brody explain to Marty that John had to take Cole off the undercover drug assignment and put him in jail in order to protect him from the mayor, but then a dirty cop went in to attempt to kill him. John shot the cop and prevented him from doing that, yet they still know that it’s not over.

Starr struggles helplessly with Sergei and his men while her father and Shaun are both unconscious and on the floor. They take baby Hope down the stairs and nobody can do anything.

After John arrests and handcuffs Mayor Lowell, Lowell protests that John can’t accept the consequences for causing the drug trafficking. In response to that, John asks Fish to play what they have found out about the mayor. Fish then turns on the speaker so that everybody can hear the mayor telling Keaton that he is to find out if Cole knows anything that can incriminate the mayor.

Nora asks Téa if she knows what it was like for her to watch Téa rip Rachel apart. Rachel is her child and she wants to protect her. Matthew is still her little baby. She remembers holding him in her arms as an infant and promising to protect him. Téa then tells Nora she is sorry and believe it or not, she knows how Nora feels. Nora asks her how she could know how it feels to watch her child suffer at someone else’s hands.

Rachel tells Greg she has to go. Shaun has a big date planned for her with fireworks. He has gone all out to prove that he is worthy of her, but the truth is, she does not deserve him

After Lowell is taken away, David and his camera crew talk about all they’ve heard about him. Viki tells John she is stunned to hear that the mayor was behind the drug trafficking. She wonders why he wants Cole killed. John replies it’s because Cole could have ratted him out since he went undercover. Lowell tells John that nobody will testify against him, especially not that Thornhart brat. In fact, Cole might be “seeing the light” right now.  John calls Cole to inform him that they have picked up the mayor but he still needs to sit tight. They have both tried and failed to reach Starr. She didn’t answer her phone. John tells Cole he will go over there right now but Cole has to stay where he is.

Sergei and his men take Starr and Hope while Todd and Shaun can’t do anything.

Téa answers to Nora that she is human and can certainly understand what she put Rachel through on the witness stand, but she can’t do anything until they let them out of there. Nora tells her that when people do what Téa did to her kids, they are dead to her.

At the debate, cameras and reporters follow Dorian and ask her if she knows about the mayor’s involvement in drugs. She eludes them and tells them no comment. In the other corner, Charlie, Jessica, Natalie, and David all congratulate Viki and are confident she will be the next mayor.

Rachel tells Greg that she is not going to leave Shaun to start something up with him. She has to think about Shaun and his feelings first.

John and the cops enter Dorian’s empty house and see Shaun passed out in a pool of blood. Starr and the baby are gone.

Cole, Marty, and Brody are concerned what might have happened to Starr.

Sergei and his people tie Starr to a chair in an empty warehouse. One of the men is holding Hope. Cole calls but they won’t let her talk to him.

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